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Where Is The Cruise Port In Bermuda


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Corinna Kayser



Welcome to the beautiful island of Bermuda! With its stunning pink sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant culture, Bermuda has become a popular destination for travelers from around the world. If you’re planning a cruise to Bermuda, one of the first things you’ll need to know is where the cruise port is located.


Bermuda offers a unique cruising experience, with its convenient location in the Atlantic Ocean, just a few hundred miles off the east coast of the United States. The island boasts a range of attractions, from historical landmarks and charming towns to pristine nature reserves and world-class golf courses. Whether you’re a history buff, an adventure seeker, or simply someone looking to relax and unwind, Bermuda has something for everyone.


When it comes to cruise ports, Bermuda offers a variety of options to cater to different itineraries and preferences. From the bustling Royal Naval Dockyard to the picturesque St. George’s Harbor, each port has its own charm and attractions.


In this article, we’ll provide you with an overview of the cruise ports in Bermuda and their locations. We’ll also guide you on how to get to the cruise port from various points on the island and highlight the facilities and amenities available at each port. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to some of the popular cruise lines that operate in Bermuda.


So, if you’re planning a cruise to Bermuda and want to know where the cruise port is situated and what to expect, read on! We’ll help you navigate your way through the ports and ensure you have an unforgettable cruise experience in this slice of paradise.


Overview of Bermuda

Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a British overseas territory known for its natural beauty, colorful architecture, and warm hospitality. Despite its name, Bermuda is not a single island but a collection of 181 islands and islets. However, most of the major activities and attractions are concentrated on the main island.


Bermuda is famous for its stunning pink sand beaches, a result of the coral reefs that surround the island. The unique blend of turquoise waters and pink sand creates a picturesque setting that is truly one-of-a-kind. In addition to its natural beauty, Bermuda offers a rich history and cultural heritage, stemming from its colonial past.


When exploring the island, visitors will find a mix of charming towns and villages, each with its own distinct character. The capital city, Hamilton, boasts a vibrant atmosphere with its bustling waterfront, high-end shopping, and diverse dining options. St. George’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a step back in time, with its narrow streets and well-preserved colonial architecture.


Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Bermuda. From snorkeling and diving in the crystal-clear waters to kayaking and paddleboarding along the coastline, there are endless opportunities to explore the island’s marine environment. If you prefer to stay on land, hiking trails meander through lush forests and scenic coastal cliffs, offering breathtaking views and the chance to spot unique wildlife.


Bermuda is also home to a thriving arts and cultural scene. The island hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating local music, art, and culinary traditions. Visit the Bermuda National Gallery to admire the works of local and international artists, or attend a performance at a historic theater, showcasing Bermuda’s strong cultural heritage.


With its close proximity to the United States and its subtropical climate, Bermuda offers a year-round destination for cruise travelers. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beaches, exploring historical sites, or enjoying outdoor adventures, Bermuda has something to captivate every visitor.


Now that you have a taste of what Bermuda has to offer, let’s delve into the details of its cruise ports and explore where your adventure will begin!


Importance of Cruise Ports

Cruise ports play a crucial role in the tourism industry, serving as gateways for travelers to explore new destinations. They are vital not only for the local economy but also for the overall growth of the tourism sector. In the case of Bermuda, the cruise ports are essential for the island’s thriving tourism industry.


One of the key benefits of cruise ports is their ability to attract tourists from different parts of the world. With the convenience and ease of cruising, travelers can visit multiple destinations within a single trip, making it an ideal choice for those who want to maximize their vacation time. Cruise ships offer a wide range of amenities and activities on board, ensuring that passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout their journey.


For a destination like Bermuda, the presence of cruise ports allows the island to showcase its unique attractions and culture to a diverse audience. It provides an opportunity for tourists to experience the beauty of Bermuda’s pink sand beaches, explore its historical landmarks, and indulge in the local cuisine and traditions. Cruise ports also promote economic growth by supporting local businesses, such as shops, restaurants, and tour operators, who cater to the needs of cruise ship passengers.


Cruise ports provide a continuous flow of tourists, bringing in a steady stream of revenue for the local economy. The arrival of cruise ships creates opportunities for job creation, from port workers and tour guides to hospitality staff and transportation services. Additionally, the influx of visitors stimulates the demand for goods and services, benefiting various sectors such as retail, entertainment, and transportation.


Furthermore, cruise ports have a positive impact on the development of infrastructure and facilities in the surrounding areas. To accommodate larger cruise ships and meet the needs of passengers, ports often undergo renovations and expansions. This includes the construction of new terminals, enhancement of transportation networks, and improvement of amenities such as shops, restaurants, and recreational areas. These developments not only benefit cruise passengers but also contribute to the overall enhancement of the destination’s tourism infrastructure.


In summary, cruise ports play a vital role in driving tourism, promoting economic growth, and showcasing the unique attractions of a destination like Bermuda. By attracting cruise ships and providing a seamless experience for travelers, cruise ports contribute to the development and sustainability of the local tourism industry.


Now that we understand the importance of cruise ports, let’s dive into the specifics of the cruise port locations in Bermuda.


Bermuda Cruise Port Information

When it comes to cruising to Bermuda, there are three primary cruise ports that accommodate passengers: the Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton, and St. George’s. Each port offers a unique experience and proximity to different attractions on the island.


The Royal Naval Dockyard, located in the western part of Bermuda, is the primary cruise port on the island. It is a hub of activity and serves as the gateway for most cruise ships arriving in Bermuda. This historic site, originally built in the early 19th century, offers a wealth of attractions, including art galleries, shops, restaurants, and Bermuda’s National Museum. Visitors can also explore the impressive fortress, see the iconic Clocktower Mall, or even take a swim with dolphins at Dolphin Quest.


The city of Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, also has a small cruise port that occasionally accommodates smaller ships. It is conveniently located in the heart of the island, making it an ideal base for exploring the rest of Bermuda. Hamilton is known for its vibrant waterfront, where visitors can find a variety of shops, eateries, and cultural attractions. From the port, you can easily explore the city’s charming streets, visit the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, or take a scenic stroll along Front Street.


St. George’s, located in the northeastern part of Bermuda, is another popular cruise port. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a step back in time with its well-preserved colonial architecture and narrow cobblestone streets. Exploring St. George’s offers a glimpse into Bermuda’s rich history, with attractions such as St. Peter’s Church, the Deliverance replica ship, and the Bermuda National Trust Museum. The port provides easy access to these historic sites and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s fascinating past.


It’s important to note that while the Royal Naval Dockyard is the main cruise port in Bermuda, some smaller cruise lines may use different ports or anchor off the coast and tender passengers ashore. It’s best to check with your cruise line for specific information on the port of call during your Bermuda cruise.


Each cruise port in Bermuda offers its own unique charm and access to different attractions. Whether you prefer exploring historical landmarks, shopping for local crafts, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the island, Bermuda’s cruise ports provide a convenient starting point for your adventure.


Now that we know about the different cruise ports in Bermuda, let’s discover how to get to these ports from various points on the island.


Location of the Bermuda Cruise Port

The Bermuda cruise ports are strategically situated across the island, providing easy access to various attractions and activities. Let’s take a closer look at the locations of the main cruise ports in Bermuda.


The Royal Naval Dockyard, located in the western part of Bermuda, is approximately 14 miles away from the capital city of Hamilton. It is situated on Ireland Island, at the tip of Bermuda’s western peninsula. This area was historically used as a British naval base and has been transformed into a vibrant hub for tourists and locals alike. The Royal Naval Dockyard is easily accessible by land and sea, with multiple transportation options available, including taxis, buses, ferries, and scooters.


Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, has a small cruise port conveniently located in the city center. The port is situated on Front Street, just steps away from the city’s bustling waterfront and main shopping district. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll or explore the city’s narrow streets filled with shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. From Hamilton, you can easily access other parts of Bermuda using public transportation options such as buses and ferries.


St. George’s, the easternmost settlement on the island, also has a cruise port that provides access to this charming and historic town. The port is located near King’s Square, the heart of St. George’s, where you can find the town hall, the visitor information center, and various shops and eateries. Exploring St. George’s on foot is a popular option, as most of the town’s attractions are within walking distance from the port. Additionally, taxis and buses are available for those who wish to venture further into the island.


It’s important to note that Bermuda is a relatively small island, measuring about 21 square miles in total. This makes it easy to navigate between the different cruise ports and explore the rest of the island during your visit. Whether you choose to stay close to the port or venture out to other parts of Bermuda, transportation options such as buses, taxis, and rental scooters are readily available to help you explore at your own pace.


Now that we know where the cruise ports are located in Bermuda, let’s discover the different ways to get to these ports from various points on the island.


How to Get to the Bermuda Cruise Port

Getting to the Bermuda cruise ports is relatively straightforward, thanks to the island’s efficient transportation system. Whether you’re arriving by air or already on the island, here are the various ways to reach the cruise ports in Bermuda:


If you’re arriving at the L.F. Wade International Airport, you can easily reach the cruise ports using taxis or pre-arranged transportation services. Taxis are readily available at the airport and can take you directly to your desired port. It’s advisable to check the taxi fares and confirm them with the driver before starting the journey.


Another popular option for reaching the cruise ports is by using public transportation. Bermuda has an extensive bus and ferry network that connects major points on the island, including the cruise ports. The bus system is convenient, affordable, and operates from early morning until late evening. The main bus terminal in Hamilton serves as a hub, allowing you to transfer to buses heading towards the Royal Naval Dockyard or St. George’s. Ferry services are also available from Hamilton, providing a scenic way to reach the various ports.


If you’re already on the island and staying at a hotel or resort, many accommodations offer shuttle services to the cruise ports for their guests. It’s recommended to inquire about these services when making your booking or upon check-in. This can be a convenient and hassle-free option, eliminating the need to find transportation on your own.


For those who prefer to have more flexibility and independence, renting a scooter or moped is a popular choice in Bermuda. Rental agencies can be found across the island, and scooters provide a convenient way to explore at your own pace. Just be sure to follow the local traffic regulations and wear appropriate safety gear.


Lastly, some cruise lines provide their guests with transportation to the cruise ports as part of their package. Be sure to check with your cruise line to see if this service is available and how to arrange it.


Regardless of how you choose to get to the Bermuda cruise ports, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and allow sufficient time for travel. Be mindful of any specific check-in requirements or embarkation procedures specified by your cruise line, and aim to arrive at the port with ample time to spare.


Now that we have explored the different ways to get to the cruise ports, let’s take a look at the cruise lines that operate in Bermuda.


Cruise Lines Operating in Bermuda

Bermuda is a coveted destination among cruise lines, attracting a variety of reputable companies that offer unforgettable voyages to the island. Whether you’re seeking a luxury experience, family-friendly activities, or a unique itinerary, here are some of the top cruise lines that operate in Bermuda:


1. Royal Caribbean International: Known for its innovative ships and wide range of onboard amenities, Royal Caribbean offers multiple itineraries to Bermuda. Their ships often dock at the Royal Naval Dockyard, allowing passengers to explore the island’s beauty and history. From water parks and Broadway-style shows to adventurous shore excursions, Royal Caribbean provides a diverse experience for passengers of all ages.


2. Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line, or NCL, offers a variety of Bermuda itineraries departing from various ports along the East Coast of the United States. NCL often includes multiple nights in Bermuda, giving passengers ample time to explore the island’s attractions. Onboard, you can enjoy freestyle dining, exciting entertainment, and a wide range of activities tailored to your preferences.


3. Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity Cruises offers a sophisticated and upscale experience, with ships that visit Bermuda during the cruise season. Expect exquisite dining options, luxurious accommodations, and a range of entertainment choices onboard. Celebrity Cruises also provides unique shore excursions that allow you to explore the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.


4. Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Line offers a fun and vibrant atmosphere, appealing to families and travelers looking for a lively vacation experience. Their Bermuda itineraries often include visits to the Royal Naval Dockyard, where passengers can enjoy the fun-filled attractions and explore the island’s captivating history.


5. Princess Cruises: Princess Cruises offers a range of itineraries to Bermuda, allowing passengers to experience the island’s charm and natural beauty. From the moment you step onboard their ships, you’ll be immersed in a world of elegance and impeccable service. Princess Cruises provides a variety of dining options, entertainment choices, and shore excursions tailored to your interests.


These are just a few examples of the cruise lines that operate in Bermuda. Other companies, such as Holland America Line, Crystal Cruises, and Disney Cruise Line, also offer occasional voyages to the island. Be sure to research the different cruise lines and their itineraries to find the one that suits your preferences and travel dates.


Now that we’ve explored the cruise lines operating in Bermuda, let’s move on to the facilities and amenities available at the cruise ports.


Facilities and Amenities at the Cruise Port

The cruise ports in Bermuda are equipped with a range of facilities and amenities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for passengers during their time on the island. Let’s take a look at what you can expect at each of the main cruise ports:


Royal Naval Dockyard: As the primary cruise port in Bermuda, the Royal Naval Dockyard offers a plethora of facilities and amenities for visitors. The port has a modern cruise terminal equipped with duty-free shops, boutiques, and souvenir stores where you can find a variety of local crafts, jewelry, and Bermuda-inspired merchandise. You’ll also find a selection of restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of cuisine, from casual snacks to fine dining options. The Royal Naval Dockyard is home to attractions such as the National Museum of Bermuda, Dolphin Quest, and the Bermuda Arts Centre, providing ample opportunities for exploration and entertainment.


Hamilton: While the cruise port in Hamilton is smaller in size, it offers essential facilities and amenities for visitors. You’ll find a welcoming terminal building with information desks to assist you with any inquiries and provide maps and brochures of the area. Within walking distance of the port, you’ll find a variety of shops, boutiques, and restaurants where you can indulge in local cuisine and find unique souvenirs. Hamilton’s port area serves as a hub for public transportation, including buses and ferries, allowing you to easily explore other parts of the island.


St. George’s: The cruise port in St. George’s offers a charming and historical setting for visitors. The terminal building provides useful visitor information and maps to help you navigate the area. St. George’s is known for its quaint streets filled with shops and restaurants, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture and heritage. Explore historic landmarks such as St. Peter’s Church, Tobacco Bay Beach, or visit the Bermuda National Trust Museum to learn more about the island’s fascinating history.


At all three ports, you’ll find clean and well-maintained facilities, including restrooms and seating areas, where you can relax and soak in the atmosphere of the island. The ports prioritize the safety and security of their visitors, with trained staff and security personnel available to assist and address any concerns.


Transportation services such as taxis, buses, and rental vehicles are easily accessible from the cruise ports, allowing you to explore the island at your own pace. Additionally, various tour operators offer shore excursions that provide guided visits to popular attractions and activities in Bermuda.


It’s important to note that each port may have specific regulations and guidelines in place, so it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with these before disembarking from your cruise ship. Be sure to check the embarkation and disembarkation procedures provided by your cruise line to ensure a smooth transition from ship to shore.


Now that we’ve explored the facilities and amenities at the cruise ports, let’s dive into the exciting things to do near the Bermuda cruise ports.


Things to Do near the Bermuda Cruise Port

Bermuda’s cruise ports are strategically located near a plethora of attractions and activities, ensuring that visitors have plenty to explore during their time on the island. Here are some of the top things to do near the Bermuda cruise ports:


Royal Naval Dockyard: The Royal Naval Dockyard itself is a vibrant and bustling destination with numerous attractions to enjoy. Explore the National Museum of Bermuda, housed in a historic fortress, to learn about the island’s rich maritime history. Immerse yourself in local art at the Bermuda Arts Centre, which features a variety of exhibitions and workshops. For a unique experience, swim with dolphins at Dolphin Quest or take a thrilling jet ski tour around the island’s coastline. You can also relax and unwind on the stunning beaches nearby, such as Snorkel Park Beach or Horseshoe Bay Beach, known for its pink sand.


Hamilton: As Bermuda’s capital city, Hamilton offers a wide array of activities and attractions within walking distance of the cruise port. Stroll along Front Street, the city’s main thoroughfare, lined with charming shops, boutiques, and cafes. Explore the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute to discover the island’s fascinating marine ecosystem through interactive exhibits. Visit the Bermuda National Gallery to view a collection of local and international artwork. Take a scenic harbor tour on a glass-bottom boat or indulge in a delicious meal at one of the waterfront restaurants while admiring the picturesque views.


St. George’s: St. George’s is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a rich blend of history and natural beauty. Explore the town’s narrow streets and admire the well-preserved colonial architecture. Visit St. Peter’s Church, one of the oldest Anglican churches in the Western Hemisphere. Check out the replica ship, Deliverance, which played a significant role in Bermuda’s history, at the Deliverance Replica and Museum. Enjoy snorkeling or lounging on the picturesque Tobacco Bay Beach. And be sure to wander through King’s Square, the heart of St. George’s, where you can find shops, cafes, and historic landmarks.


Regardless of which port you’re near, you’ll find an abundance of activities and sights to explore on the island. Bermuda also offers an array of outdoor adventures, such as exploring the underground Crystal Caves, kayaking in the mangroves of the Western Nature Reserve, or playing a round of golf on one of the world-class courses.


For those seeking relaxation, you can simply unwind on the pink sand beaches, take a leisurely bike ride along the scenic Railway Trail, or indulge in a spa treatment at one of the island’s luxurious resorts.


Don’t forget to sample the local cuisine during your visit to Bermuda. From fresh seafood dishes and traditional Bermudian fish chowder to sweet treats like the famous Bermuda rum cake, you’ll discover a range of flavors to tantalize your taste buds.


With so much to see and do near the Bermuda cruise ports, you’ll have no shortage of options to create lasting memories and make the most of your time on this beautiful island.


Now that we’ve explored the exciting activities near the cruise ports, let’s wrap up our article.



In conclusion, Bermuda serves as a captivating destination for cruise travelers, offering a wealth of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and thrilling activities. Whether you embark from the bustling Royal Naval Dockyard, the picturesque Hamilton, or the charming St. George’s, you’ll find yourself immersed in Bermuda’s unique charm and hospitality.


From the stunning pink sand beaches to the historic landmarks and vibrant towns, Bermuda has something to captivate every visitor. The convenient location of the cruise ports allows for easy access to various attractions and activities on the island.


Throughout your cruise journey, you’ll find well-equipped facilities and amenities at the cruise ports, ensuring a comfortable experience. Duty-free shops, boutiques, and souvenir stores offer a range of local crafts and mementos to take back home. Restaurants and cafes provide delicious cuisine, and clean restrooms and seating areas are available for relaxation.


Once you step off the ship, a world of exploration awaits near the cruise ports. Discover the captivating history of St. George’s, indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of Hamilton, or immerse yourself in the many attractions of the Royal Naval Dockyard. Venture further and explore the island’s natural wonders, outdoor adventures, and picturesque beaches.


Bermuda’s cruise ports are serviced by renowned cruise lines, offering a variety of itineraries and experiences to suit every traveler’s preferences. Whether you seek luxury, family-friendly fun, or an adventurous journey, the cruise lines operating in Bermuda have you covered.


As you plan your Bermuda cruise, be sure to familiarize yourself with transportation options to reach the ports, whether it be taxis, buses, ferries, or rental vehicles. Consider taking advantage of shore excursions offered by the cruise lines or explore independently to make the most of your time in Bermuda.


In summary, Bermuda’s cruise ports provide the perfect gateway to a world of beauty, culture, and adventure. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, history, outdoor exploration, or all of the above, Bermuda has it all. Embark on your journey to this enchanting island and create memories that will last a lifetime.