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Where To Buy Houses In Dubai


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Cherin Ng

eslam tawakol TqouW9u0qmk unsplash 1200x700 - Where To Buy Houses In Dubai
Aerial shot of a beautiful villa neighbourhood in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed countries in the world, and the country’s real estate market surprises with a variety of apartments and penthouses. Recently, however, a private villa in Dubai for sale with its garden and swimming pool, as well as townhouses in Dubai, have been in great demand. Dubai is one of the most sought-after cities for real estate sales. This is a vast metropolis, the developed territory of which is increasing every year.


Where is the Best Place To Buy Property in Dubai

The choice of the area where you can buy villas in Dubai is extensive. From the suburbs to the city and coastal regions, you can find your dream home in Dubai. 

In almost every part of the city, there is a sector with private cottages, each of which has its garden. You can also find closed communities where you will find peace and privacy. Some places are built among the famous skyscrapers, which are familiar to many from guidebooks. This accommodation option is convenient for any city nomads who wish to dwell in the heart of the metropolis. Also, Dubai is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Hence, real estate located by the sea is profitable to acquire for the rental business.

Considering size, accessibility, and the environment, our top 3 picks for the best areas in Dubai to buy a house are:

  • Arabian Ranches;
  • Dubai Hills Estate;
  • Springs;

Arabian Ranches

This area of Dubai was one of the first to enter the international market. Set in the metropolis, Arabian Ranches is a club-type village ideal for families with children. With over 4,000 low-rise buildings, you can choose from a range of comfortably-sized houses to huge villas with private pools.  If you are looking to start a family or a retiree, this area might just be your cup of tea. Moreover, it is not a popular tourist destination. This means you will be granted silence and peace amidst the high comfort of living.


Arabian Ranches consist of three large clusters with barbecue areas, playgrounds, and parks for recreation. People who prefer an active lifestyle will find tennis courts and a golf club here. Furthermore, this is a pet-friendly district which means all furry friends are more than welcome.  


Buying a house here will also guarantee personal parking spaces and great accessibility to amenities. Several grocery stores, educational institutions, clinics, and pharmacies are all within walking distance. 


Dubai Hills Estate

Another prestigious project built that you should look out for is the new luxury district of Dubai Hills Estate. Currently, it boasts an expansive land area of 11 million m2 with more than 3,000 houses. You can choose from elite cottages to luxurious townhouses and magnificent apartments. They offer spacious residences with 3 to 7 bedrooms. But most importantly, if you are looking for a scenic view and great accessibility, this estate has it all. 


You can expect various sports and recreation spaces. There is even a skate park and a golf club ready for you to enjoy. Not to mention the large shopping center, Dubai Hills Mall which has many cafes and restaurants, a supermarket, and a cinema.


Additionally, you can find available playgrounds for children of different ages. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and pharmacies are located close to the neighborhood.



This is a cottage village divided into 15 segments. Because of its tranquility and security, it is especially suitable for families or those who wish to start one. Likewise, Springs is greatly adorned with social and entertainment facilities. Each residential sector has swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball courts, places for picnics and barbecues, and tennis courts. The landscape also surprises the imagination: it’s hard to believe that this place used to be a desert because now there are a lot of trees and ponds. Springs has an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility: in this quiet green area, there is no fuss of the tourist metropolis.

From the point of view of urban planning, the houses are made in a colorful Arabic style. Springs has about 5,000 luxury cottages with swimming pools and private gardens, and car owners will be happy with their parking spaces.

For the highest comfort, a grocery hypermarket and a shopping gallery with non-food products operate on the community’s territory. A school and a kindergarten are located nearby, just a 15-minute drive. According to analysts, the growth in demand for sales of
villas in the community will reach 23%, which confirms the high quality of life in the community.


AX Capital Will Help You Choose a Villa in the Best Area of Dubai

Is it worth buying a villa in Dubai, or is it better to buy a townhouse – the decision is yours.  AX CAPITAL will help you stay aware of the abundance of offers and prices: competent employees will tell you in which of the districts the best properties are presented, and they will help with the selection and registration of the acquisition. By investing in villas in Dubai or properties for sale off the plan in Dubai, you are securing a potentially profitable and steadily increasing return on investment. The company will tell you where to find apartments for sale in Dubai by sea for yourself or investment. Start your villa search now to get the best offer!