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Floral Fantasies and Floating Wonders: A Guide to Dubai’s Floral Paradise


by Sunny

Floral Fantasies and Floating Wonders- A Guide to Dubai's Floral Paradise

In the world of urban luxury and splendor, Dubai stands out for the special magnetism of its floral oases and architectural wonders, where the luxury of nature is combined with modern aesthetic splendor. In this metropolis, famous for its incredible architectural landmarks and innovative designs, flowers play an integral part in its unique character. Today we will tell you about flower shops where you can buy extraordinary tulips Dubai, and about gardens and parks.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden is one of the world’s largest floral gardens, and in just a few years of operation, it has captured the attention of the international community and become a popular tourist destination in Dubai. The Miracle Garden, located in the Arjan section of Dubailand, stands out not only for its impressive size but also for its remote location in the desert. Miracle Garden cannot be considered a regular botanical garden or greenhouse. It is a compilation of several examples of flower art.


The unveiling of this incredible botanical sculpture was planned to coincide with the celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2013. This coincidence became noteworthy since, at that point, the garden was known as the most romantic attraction not just in the UAE but across the Middle East. Since then, the complex has continuously changed shape, but the inclination to improve and the drive to develop have remained consistent. The 72 thousand m² complex houses over 45 million flowers of 70 kinds, a lake, and stunning floral sculptures built by virtuosos.


At Dubai Miracle Garden, visitors can buy flowers and other souvenirs. The shops located inside the park offer a wide range of souvenirs, including flower arrangements, seeds, souvenir cards, toys, and much more. A purchased bouquet can be an excellent gift if one of your loved ones has a holiday, and in Dubai, you can order helium balloons, which will be an excellent addition to a bouquet.

Double Jenya Flower Shop

Recently, an author’s floristry named Double Jenya Flower Shop (shortcut: DJflowers) opened its doors in Dubai.


As a high-end florist, they sell one-of-a-kind arrangements. Additionally, they can transport your purchase anywhere in Dubai. Evgenia Kostenko, the founder, started floristry as a pastime. Her passion for design, flowers, and conveying feelings via bouquets has blossomed into DJflowers, a distinctive floral business with a significant following.


You might be curious about the origin of this intriguing moniker. My spouse came up with the concept to turn a tiny pastime into a company. Everyone refers to this stunning duo as “Double Jenya” since they share the same name, Jenya for short. Since they were lifelong friends, the name was immediately associated with the brand.


They inspire lovers of floral aesthetics every day. You can see this for yourself by visiting their store or going to their website.

Butterfly Park in Dubai

Inside the Butterfly Park in Dubai, ideal humidity and a temperature of about +25 degrees are maintained. A riot of colors, lovely winged beauties flying from one plant to another, and fragrant flowers – all this creates a very relaxing atmosphere. You feel like you are in some kind of paradise.


By the way, before you reach the main pavilions, you will pass through a gallery that displays butterfly-inspired art. An important place in the collection is occupied by a painting of the ruling Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, made entirely of hundreds of painted butterflies. Then you have to go through special curtains that prevent insects from flying out. Well, behind them begins a beautiful kingdom: stretch out your hand, and if you are lucky, one of the winged wonders will land on it.


In the park, you can see 15,000 butterflies, including, for example, moths (or cutworms). With a wingspan of 25-45 millimeters, these butterflies are among the largest in the garden. Interesting fact: all the butterflies you see were brought to this park from all over the world as caterpillars. Therefore, in the Dubai Butterfly Park, you can also learn more about the wonderful metamorphosis during which caterpillars transform and acquire wings.

What is important to know before visiting the Butterfly Garden in Dubai

  • It is prohibited to bring drinks or any food into the park. It can attract ants and spiders, which prey on caterpillars and butterflies.
  • Don’t forget that butterflies are very fragile creatures. Don’t touch their wings. This is strictly monitored by park employees. Let’s preserve beauty together!
  • Butterflies can perch on paths and leaves. When moving around the park, do not forget to look at your feet so as not to accidentally step on them. Also, do not disturb the butterflies while they are feeding.