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Top Things To Do In Johannesburg, South Africa


by Aleece Coats



Welcome to Johannesburg, the vibrant and bustling city at the heart of South Africa. Known as the “City of Gold,” Johannesburg is a melting pot of cultures, history, and natural beauty. From its captivating museums to its lively neighborhoods, there is no shortage of things to see and do in this dynamic metropolis.


Johannesburg has a rich history, from the era of apartheid to its modern-day transformation. It is a city that has faced challenges and overcome them, emerging as a thriving cultural and economic hub. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply an adventurer seeking new experiences, Johannesburg has something to offer.


This article will guide you through the top things to do in Johannesburg, highlighting the must-visit attractions that showcase the city’s diversity and unique character. From exploring museums and heritage sites to immersing yourself in vibrant neighborhoods and nature reserves, there is something for everyone in Johannesburg.


So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the fascinating city of Johannesburg. Let’s dive in and discover the best that this incredible destination has to offer!


Visit the Apartheid Museum

A visit to the Apartheid Museum is a must for anyone traveling to Johannesburg. This powerful museum provides a deep insight into the history of apartheid, the system of racial segregation and discrimination that prevailed in South Africa for decades.


As you explore the museum, you will be taken on a journey through the rise and fall of apartheid, gaining a profound understanding of the struggle for freedom and the resilience of the South African people. The exhibits feature photographs, artifacts, and interactive displays that depict the harsh realities of this dark time in the country’s history.


One of the most impactful experiences at the museum is the entrance, where visitors are randomly assigned a racial classification and have to enter through separate doors. This symbolizes the division and inequality that was at the core of apartheid.


The Apartheid Museum also showcases the stories of key figures such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, who played instrumental roles in the fight against apartheid. Their courageous acts of resistance and unwavering commitment to justice are immortalized within the museum’s walls.


This thought-provoking museum offers a profound educational experience. It not only sheds light on the past but also prompts visitors to reflect on the importance of unity, equality, and human rights. It serves as a reminder that the struggles of the past should never be forgotten and that we must actively work towards a more inclusive and harmonious future.


Visiting the Apartheid Museum is a truly humbling and enlightening experience, and it is an essential stop for anyone visiting Johannesburg. It provides a powerful and authentic glimpse into the turbulent history of South Africa and offers valuable lessons that we can all learn from.


Explore the Cradle of Humankind

Located just outside Johannesburg, the Cradle of Humankind is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most significant paleoanthropological sites in the world. This archaeological treasure trove offers a fascinating glimpse into the origins of humanity.


The Cradle of Humankind is home to around 40% of the world’s known human ancestor fossils, dating back millions of years. This prehistoric site has provided valuable insights into our evolutionary journey and has contributed greatly to our understanding of human history.


Visitors to the Cradle of Humankind can explore various caves and excavation sites, where important discoveries have been made. The Sterkfontein Caves, in particular, are renowned for their fossil finds, including the famous Mrs. Ples and Little Foot.


Guided tours take visitors on a journey through these ancient underground chambers, allowing them to witness firsthand the extraordinary work of paleoanthropologists and gain a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of our human origins.


In addition to the caves, the Cradle of Humankind offers several interactive museums and exhibitions that delve into the science and history of human evolution. These educational facilities provide an engaging and immersive experience, making complex concepts accessible to visitors of all ages.


Exploring the Cradle of Humankind is not only an intellectual adventure but also a chance to connect with our shared history. It is a reminder of the unity of humanity and the importance of preserving our heritage for future generations.


Whether you’re a science enthusiast, history buff, or simply curious about our origins, a visit to the Cradle of Humankind is a must-do when in Johannesburg. It is a truly unique and awe-inspiring experience that will leave you with a profound appreciation for our ancient ancestors and the incredible journey that has brought us to where we are today.


Experience the vibrant Maboneng Precinct

If you’re looking for a taste of Johannesburg’s thriving arts and culture scene, look no further than the Maboneng Precinct. This trendy neighborhood has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, evolving into a hub of creativity and urban rejuvenation.


The Maboneng Precinct is a vibrant mix of art galleries, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Its colorful streets are adorned with captivating street art, showcasing the city’s creative spirit and serving as a canvas for local and international artists.


A stroll through Maboneng is a sensory delight. The vibrant energy and buzzing atmosphere are contagious, making it a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. You’ll find an array of unique shops selling handmade crafts, designer clothing, and one-of-a-kind treasures.


Food enthusiasts will rejoice in the diverse culinary offerings available in Maboneng. From trendy cafes serving artisanal coffee to award-winning restaurants dishing up delicious international and local cuisine, there’s something to satisfy every palate.


In addition to its artistic and culinary offerings, the Maboneng Precinct also hosts regular markets, live music performances, and cultural events. These gatherings bring the community together and provide a platform for emerging artists and performers to showcase their talents.


One of the highlights of the Maboneng Precinct is the Arts on Main complex. This former industrial space has been transformed into a creative hub, housing art galleries, studios, and artisanal workshops. It’s a place where art enthusiasts can engage with the local art scene, attend exhibitions, and meet the talented artists behind the works.


Whether you’re an art lover, a foodie, or simply someone who appreciates the vibrant energy of a thriving neighborhood, the Maboneng Precinct is a must-visit destination in Johannesburg. Immerse yourself in the eclectic mix of art, culture, and culinary delights, and discover why Maboneng has become a hotspot for creativity and urban inspiration.


Take a trip to the Johannesburg Botanical Garden

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Johannesburg Botanical Garden. Located in Emmarentia, this stunning oasis spans over 125 hectares and offers a tranquil retreat for nature lovers.


The Johannesburg Botanical Garden is home to a diverse collection of indigenous plants and trees, making it a paradise for botany enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll through the well-manicured pathways and discover an array of colorful blooms, tranquil ponds, and lush greenery.


One of the highlights of the garden is the Shakespeare Garden, which features plants mentioned in the works of the famous playwright. It’s a charming spot to relax and soak up the peaceful atmosphere while surrounded by fragrant herbs and flowers.


The garden also boasts a picturesque rose garden, where you can admire a stunning variety of roses in full bloom. If you visit during spring, you’ll be greeted by an explosion of colors and intoxicating aromas as the roses put on a dazzling display.


For those seeking more adventure, the Johannesburg Botanical Garden offers walking trails and a beautiful dam where you can enjoy a picnic or feed the ducks. It’s a great place to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with family and friends.


In addition to its natural beauty, the garden hosts various events throughout the year, including music concerts, art exhibitions, and educational workshops. These events provide opportunities to engage with the local community and experience the garden in different ways.


Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys a peaceful outdoor setting, a trip to the Johannesburg Botanical Garden is a must. It’s a sanctuary in the heart of the city, offering a chance to connect with nature, relax, and rejuvenate.


Discover history at the Constitution Hill

For a profound journey through South Africa’s history and its struggle for democracy, a visit to Constitution Hill in Johannesburg is a must. This iconic site holds immense significance as it chronicles the country’s past, from colonialism and apartheid to the birth of democracy.


Constitution Hill is a former prison complex that once held political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, during the apartheid era. Today, it has been transformed into a world-class museum and heritage site that stands as a symbol of human rights and justice.


As you explore the various sections of Constitution Hill, you’ll gain insight into the harsh realities of life under apartheid. The Old Fort Prison Complex houses exhibitions that depict the brutal conditions endured by political prisoners and the struggles they faced in the fight against racial oppression.


One of the most poignant areas of Constitution Hill is the Women’s Gaol, where brave women were imprisoned for their political activities. The stories of these heroic women, such as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Albertina Sisulu, are honored, shedding light on their invaluable contributions to the liberation movement.


The Constitutional Court, which is located within the property, is a living testament to South Africa’s transformation. It is the highest court in the country and embodies the principles of equality and justice enshrined in the post-apartheid constitution.


Visitors can take guided tours of Constitution Hill, allowing for a deeper understanding of its historical significance and the impact it has had on shaping contemporary South Africa. The knowledgeable guides provide invaluable insights and personal stories that bring the site’s history to life.


As you walk through Constitution Hill, you’ll be struck by the resilience and determination of the individuals who fought for freedom and equality. It is a place to reflect on the triumphs and tribulations of the past, and to honor the progress made towards a more inclusive and just society.


A visit to Constitution Hill is an essential experience for anyone who wants to delve deeper into South Africa’s history and gain a greater appreciation for the struggles and sacrifices made to achieve a free and democratic society.


Enjoy panoramic views from the Carlton Centre Observation Deck

Rising high above the Johannesburg skyline, the Carlton Centre is a towering landmark that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Standing at an impressive 223 meters, it is the tallest building in South Africa and provides visitors with a unique vantage point to admire the urban sprawl below.


The highlight of the Carlton Centre is its Observation Deck, located on the 50th floor. Here, you can soak in the sweeping views of Johannesburg and its surrounding areas, stretching as far as the eye can see. On a clear day, you’ll be treated to a spectacular vista that showcases the city’s architectural diversity, lush green parks, and bustling streets.


As you step onto the Observation Deck, you’ll be greeted by floor-to-ceiling windows that offer uninterrupted views. The knowledgeable staff is on hand to provide information about the landmarks and neighborhoods that are visible from above, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the city’s layout and history.


For photography enthusiasts, the Carlton Centre Observation Deck is a dream come true. Capture stunning aerial shots of Johannesburg, capturing its vibrant energy and unique landscapes from a completely different perspective.


While the views are undoubtedly the star of the show, the Carlton Centre also houses a shopping mall, restaurants, and various retail outlets. After taking in the sights from above, you can explore the different levels of the center, indulge in some retail therapy, or enjoy a meal with a view in one of the restaurants.


Visiting the Carlton Centre Observation Deck is a memorable experience that encapsulates the ever-evolving spirit of Johannesburg. It allows you to witness the city’s growth and transformation from a bird’s-eye view, providing a new appreciation for its vibrancy and diversity.


Whether you’re a tourist looking for a unique perspective of Johannesburg or a local wanting to rediscover your city, the Carlton Centre Observation Deck is a must-visit attraction. Soaring above the cityscape, it offers a breathtaking experience that will leave you in awe of Johannesburg’s beauty.


Learn about South African art at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Johannesburg Art Gallery is a must-do when exploring the vibrant cultural scene of the city. As the largest gallery on the continent, it houses an extensive collection of South African and international art, providing a comprehensive overview of the country’s artistic heritage.


The Johannesburg Art Gallery, located in Joubert Park, showcases a diverse range of artworks spanning various mediums and styles. From traditional African art to contemporary pieces, the gallery boasts an impressive collection that reflects the rich cultural diversity of South Africa.


As you wander through the gallery’s halls, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the works of renowned South African artists such as Gerard Sekoto, Irma Stern, and William Kentridge. These artworks capture the essence of the country’s history, landscapes, and social dynamics.


In addition to the permanent collection, the Johannesburg Art Gallery hosts temporary exhibitions that highlight local and international artists, providing a platform for emerging talents to showcase their work. These exhibitions offer fresh perspectives and engage visitors in thought-provoking conversations.


The gallery also plays a vital role in art education and community outreach. It offers educational programs, guided tours, and workshops, allowing visitors of all ages to deepen their knowledge and appreciation for the arts.


One of the highlights of the Johannesburg Art Gallery is its impressive building, which dates back to 1910 and showcases stunning architectural elements. The grandeur of the space adds to the overall artistic experience, creating an ambiance that invites visitors to engage with the artworks on a deeper level.


Visiting the Johannesburg Art Gallery is more than just admiring art; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the stories, expressions, and creativity of South Africa. It’s a testament to the power of art to transcend cultural boundaries and ignite meaningful dialogue.


Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or simply someone with an appreciation for beauty and creativity, a visit to the Johannesburg Art Gallery is a captivating and inspiring experience. Explore the rich tapestry of South African art and let its expressive power leave a lasting impression on your soul.


Shop and dine at Sandton City

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy and gourmet delights, look no further than Sandton City. Located in the upscale Sandton district of Johannesburg, this premier shopping and dining destination offers a luxurious experience for visitors.


Sandton City is one of the largest shopping centers in Africa, boasting a vast array of international and local brands. From high-end fashion boutiques and designer labels to well-known department stores, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your shopping desires.


Stroll through the glamorous corridors of Sandton City and explore an enticing selection of stores, ranging from luxury brands to trendy fashion boutiques. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect designer handbag, the latest tech gadgets, or unique African-inspired souvenirs, Sandton City has it all.


But the shopping experience at Sandton City is not limited to fashion and accessories. The center also features specialty stores offering home goods, beauty products, jewelry, and much more. You’re sure to find something that catches your eye.


After a day of shopping, treat yourself to a culinary adventure at one of Sandton City’s many world-class restaurants and cafes. From fine dining establishments serving up exquisite cuisine to trendy eateries offering international flavors, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Whether you’re in the mood for local South African dishes, indulgent desserts, or international delicacies, Sandton City has a dining option to suit every palate. Relax, savor the flavors, and let the ambiance transport you to a world of culinary delights.


In addition to shopping and dining, Sandton City also houses entertainment options such as cinemas and a vibrant nightlife scene. Catch the latest blockbusters on the big screen or unwind with a drink at one of the trendy bars in the area.


With its upscale atmosphere, diverse retail offerings, and exquisite dining choices, Sandton City has established itself as a premier destination for luxury shopping and gourmet experiences in Johannesburg. It’s the perfect place to indulge yourself, find unique gifts, or simply enjoy the finer things in life.


So, make your way to Sandton City and immerse yourself in a world of high-end fashion, mouthwatering cuisine, and unparalleled sophistication. It’s a shopper’s paradise and a food lover’s dream come true.


Visit the Mandela House Museum

A visit to Johannesburg would not be complete without paying homage to the iconic figure of Nelson Mandela. The Mandela House museum, located in the historically significant suburb of Soweto, offers a glimpse into the life of the renowned statesman and his struggle against apartheid.


The Mandela House, also known as the Mandela Family Museum, was the former residence of Nelson Mandela and his family from 1946 to the early 1990s. Today, it stands as a powerful testament to Mandela’s unwavering dedication to justice and equality.


As you explore the museum, you’ll step back in time and gain insight into the living conditions and daily life of Nelson Mandela during his years of activism. The house has been preserved to reflect its original state, allowing visitors to see where Mandela and his family lived during one of the most challenging periods in South African history.


The museum showcases significant artifacts, photographs, and personal mementos that provide a glimpse into Mandela’s journey from prisoner to president. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of his remarkable life, sacrifices, and the impact he had on shaping the nation.


One of the most moving aspects of the Mandela House museum is the guided tour, which is often conducted by the Mandela family members or individuals who have a personal connection to the anti-apartheid movement. They offer unique insights and personal stories that make the experience even more poignant and meaningful.


Visiting the Mandela House museum not only allows you to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela and his family but also provides an opportunity to reflect on the broader struggle for human rights and social justice. It serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance, forgiveness, and the pursuit of a more equitable society.


Located in Soweto, a vibrant and historically significant township, a visit to the Mandela House museum offers a chance to immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of South Africa. Consider combining your visit with a tour of Soweto to gain a deeper understanding of its rich history and vibrant community.


The Mandela House museum is a place of remembrance and celebration, honoring Nelson Mandela’s enduring legacy and inspiring visitors to continue the pursuit of a more inclusive and just world.


Embark on a safari at the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply crave a thrilling adventure, a visit to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is a must-do when in Johannesburg. Located just outside the city, this expansive reserve offers an immersive safari experience and an opportunity to witness majestic African wildlife up close.


The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is home to an array of iconic African animals, including lions, rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, zebras, and giraffes. With over 1,600 hectares of pristine wilderness, the reserve provides a natural habitat for these incredible creatures.


Embarking on a safari drive through the reserve allows you to observe these magnificent animals in their natural environment. Accompanied by experienced guides, you’ll have the chance to spot herds grazing on the open plains, predators on the prowl, and perhaps even witness a thrilling hunt.


The reserve offers both guided game drives and self-drive options, catering to different preferences and budgets. Whichever option you choose, be prepared to be captivated by the extraordinary beauty of African wildlife as you navigate through stunning landscapes and witness unforgettable wildlife encounters.


In addition to the safari drives, the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve also offers other exciting activities. You can embark on a guided walking tour to learn about the reserve’s conservation efforts and get closer to smaller animal species and diverse flora.


For those seeking a unique experience, the reserve offers the opportunity to interact with predator ambassadors under the guidance and supervision of experienced handlers. This hands-on encounter provides invaluable insights into conservation efforts and the importance of protecting these magnificent animals.


The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is not just a sanctuary for wildlife; it is also a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The diverse range of bird species that call the reserve home makes it a paradise for birdwatching, offering ample opportunities to spot and observe these feathered beauties in their natural habitat.


A visit to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is an enriching and unforgettable experience, bringing you closer to the wonders of African wildlife. It’s a chance to appreciate the natural world, learn about conservation efforts, and create lasting memories of your time in Johannesburg.



Johannesburg, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, offers an array of experiences that will captivate and inspire visitors. From delving into the tumultuous past at the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill to exploring the origins of humanity at the Cradle of Humankind, the city offers a glimpse into the complex tapestry of South African history.


The Maboneng Precinct showcases the city’s creative spirit, with its vibrant art scene and eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. Meanwhile, the Johannesburg Botanical Garden provides a serene escape into nature. From the panoramic views at the Carlton Centre Observation Deck to the captivating South African art at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the city has something to offer every traveler’s taste.


Sandton City offers a luxurious shopping and dining experience, while the Mandela House museum serves as a powerful reminder of the fight for equality and justice. Lastly, the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve allows visitors to witness the magnificence of African wildlife through exhilarating safari drives.


As you explore Johannesburg, you will encounter a city that has overcome adversity and embraced its diverse heritage. Its museums, neighborhoods, and natural attractions offer a glimpse into South Africa’s past, present, and future.


Whether you’re interested in history, art, wildlife, or simply immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and energy of the city, Johannesburg has something for everyone. Its unique blend of modernity and tradition, coupled with warm hospitality, make it a destination that will leave a lasting impression.


So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to Johannesburg. Explore its multifaceted attractions, engage with its diverse communities, and immerse yourself in the spirit of this extraordinary city. Johannesburg is waiting to welcome you with open arms and to offer an unforgettable experience that will capture your heart and imagination.