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10 Luxury Resorts In Bali That’ll Take You To Paradise


Modified: December 27, 2023

by David Jefferson

Nusa Dua Bali Resort
©Photo by Mariamichelle on Pixabay

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious vacation, Bali resorts and beach clubs should be your next destinations. With many elegant and luxurious resorts in Bali, the only thing you need to decide on is where to stay. Well, worry no more because we’ve narrowed down the best Bali hotels and luxury resorts just for you.


Where to stay in Bali? Here’s a glimpse of our top picks:

Ayana Resort and Spa

The Ritz-Carlton Bali Hotel

Bulgari Resort Bali

St Regis Bali

Courtyard by Marriott Bali


Each hotel resort gives you a unique experience and a luxurious ambiance that you will forever cherish. Whether you’re on vacation with your group, family, or about to spend your honeymoon in Bali, you can find the perfect hotel for your Bali stay! Feel free to scroll down if you want to know more about our top 10 Luxury Bali Resorts.



Ayana Bali Resort and Spa

Ayana Resort Bali

©Official photo of Ayana Resort and Spa


The perfect luxury hotel for beach bums and couples. Moreover, the resort offers memberships for their loyal customers. So if you plan to go back, it’s best to sign up for it! Being one of their members has its perks. They offer member-exclusive rewards, packages, and deals.


Additionally, they also provide a smooth travel experience for their customers. Ayana Resort and Spa is also an all-inclusive hotel in Bali. From flight bundles, spa services, to wedding accommodations, they have it for you. Avail their Bali honeymoon packages and wedding services to make your wedding dreams come true!



The Ritz-Carlton Bali Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Bali Hotel

©Official photo of Ritz-Carlton Bali


An awarded Bali Luxury Hotel for its outstanding hospitality in the industry. The hotel aims to entertain guests of all ages, making it perfect for solo travelers, couples, and families! Whether you love serene surroundings or thrilling activities, they will fulfill your travel desires.


You can enjoy bathing under the sun, strolling on the shore, or immersing yourself in Bali’s diverse and well-preserved culture. You won’t have to worry about itineraries for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel offers Bali vacation packages that will introduce you to all wonders of the island!


Do you want to take your luxury hotel experience up a notch? Lucky you since they also offer an exquisite luxury holiday escape! Bond with your families with their family and kids package. And, of course, enjoy a romantic honeymoon with your partner with their luxury honeymoon package.


3. Bvlgari Resort Bali

Bulgari Bali Resort

©Official photo of Bulgari Resort Bali


The Bvlgari Resort Bali features a graceful Balinese pattern with a slight touch of Italian high fashion. Enjoy the atop cliff setup above the Indian Ocean. Imagine sleeping in a sound of waves and waking up with the beautiful sunrise out the window of your room—it’s honeymoon heaven.


Feed your eyes with mesmerizing ocean views of their rooms or relax in their superb spa. Then, fill in your stomach with delicious Indonesian meals. Plus, you can also chill at their grill restaurant or dive into their infinity pool.



St. Regis Bali Resort by Marriot

St. Regis Bali Resort by Marriot

©Official photo of St. Regis Bali Resort by Marriot


The St. Regis Bali Resort incorporates the true meaning of elegance and style. Every nook boasts excellence and beauty rolled into one place. As a result, it has become one of the most sophisticated and relaxed resorts in Bali.


Every Balinese-style suite and beautifully designed Beach Villa will give you the most luxurious accommodation of your life. Moreover, if you’re traveling with your kids, they would appreciate the Learning Center for children focusing on the arts.



Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua Resort by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott Bali

©Official photo of Courtyard by Marriott Bali


The Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua Resort comprises the perfect mix of marvelous service, delicious meals, appealing design, and convenient location. It’s about seven minutes’ walk to the beach so you’ll get closer to the dancing waves. It is also close to shops, bars, restaurants, and convenience stores—giving you everything you need while on vacation within a few steps.


Furthermore, the hotel has complete amenities, including a gym, pool, activity, area, and restaurants. The courtyard also offers a shuttle service that drops off guests going back and forth at two central locations in Seminyak for free. Above all, the check-in process is impressive and smooth sailing.



Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

©Official photo of Samabe Bali Suites & Villas


It’s one of the premier all-inclusive resorts in Bali. The Samabe Bali Suites & Villas is a super luxurious beachfront resort. It is at the top of a cliff and just a five-minute drive from central Nusa Dua. You’ll have the privilege of staying in elegant and stylish suites and villas. Each room exhibits a blend of contemporary and traditional Indonesian decor your eyes will adore.


You also can enjoy top-notch amenities. For each room, it has a balcony with a breathtaking ocean view. Additionally, they also offer an all-inclusive rate that covers everything—from free daily spa treatments, cultural tours to beachside yoga classes. On top of it, you can also access their infinity pools, private beach, spa, restaurants, and a Kid’s Club. 


7. Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

©Official photo of Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali


What makes this hotel extra special? It’s a beautiful cliff-top hotel set in Pecatu, the home of Pura Uluwatu, the sacred temple and one of the island’s core spiritual pillars. They say if you need some healing in any aspect of your life, Six Senses Uluwatu is the perfect place to go.


True enough, Six Senses will give you that freedom and a chance to breathe and reflect. Its 103 Balinese-inspired suites and villas offer maximum comfort. Relax your mind, body, and soul. Experience their specialty treatments, wellness programs, and complimentary morning yoga sessions.



Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay

©Official photo of Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay


It’s a luxurious all-villa enclave with direct access to the beach. Four Seasons Resort has 147 villas set with lush tropical gardens, a private plunge pool, and a terrace for the awesome view of the beach. The place will allow you to live on a local island and unwind with Four Seasons’ spa treatments. Try authentic Indonesian cuisines cooked to perfection.


Four Seasons Resort Bali has a private beach called the Coconut Grove Beach. The beach is at a raised plateau just a few steps above the sands of Jimbaran Bay. You can relax in those lounge chairs provided or be sun-kissed on the open-air gazebos with daybeds.




Amankila Bali Resort

©Official photo of Amankila


The Amankila offers an exceptional view of the sea. This exclusive hotel allows its guests to relax around their signature three-tiered pool. They also have a beach club with silver to black sand and turquoise waters. Located at Karangasem, it is one of Bali’s most traditional regencies where you can access the untouched rural countryside, and buy local crafts.


Furthermore, all villas at Amankila feature either a hillside view or an ocean view. Each room is remarkably spacious enough to fit two to six pax. It also comes with a lovely sitting area and a desk. Their other asset is their magnificent infinity pool. 



Hoshinoya Bali

Soka (Garden Pool Villa, Maisonette in Hoshinoya Resort

©Photo by official Hoshinoya homepage


Live with nature at Hoshinoya Bali. Located in the green hill near the artistic Ubud in Bali’s north-central mountains. It is where Japanese styles meet Bali. The place has private pools and a gracious spa for the ultimate relaxation. If you want more adventure, you can try their jungle trekking and wildlife-watching.


Taste their unique Japanese-Bali cuisine. Hoshinoya also offers Café Gazebo. It is an open-air dining pavilion that will make you feel like floating in the air. Hoshinoya Bali provides luxury accommodation putting serenity and leisure above all else.


Which Bali Resort to Pick?

Each Bali resort and hotel listed above has its specialty and unique features. It all boils down to your preference and your budget. In the end, you need accommodation that will give you that luxurious feeling. It is a place where you can have and get all your needs for your vacation.


For us, you should always look at the accessibility of the location. Compare the in-room amenities and other shared facilities. Is it near a beach or is it at the beachfront? Does it offer extra services? What are the activities that you can do? Most of all, ask yourself, is it worth it for its price? If the answer is yes then, you’ve just found a place to relax and unwind in Bali.


Final Words

Have you ever felt the urge to travel as well when you read their stories? Do you picture yourself immersed in their well-protected ancient culture? Or maybe you want to feel the ocean breeze and witness their healthy wildlife? If yes, then erase any hesitations and start planning your trip!


If you often visit social media sites and blogs, you’ll discover lots of photos or narratives of people that tell the story of their “unforgettable” trip to Bali. It’s quite inspiring to see them travel without worries and coming back home with their eyes and hearts fulfilled!


Bali, Indonesia is perfect for those who prefer a luxurious way of living. Hence, it’s no surprise why travelers and influencers talk about the place. The island, loaded with stunning beaches and temples, will capture every wanderer’s heart.