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10 Best Things To Do In Zagreb, Croatia


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Julia R.

Best things to do in Zagreb
© David Holt, Flickr

Where is Zagreb? Croatia, one of the historical countries found at the crossroad of Southeast, and Central Europe is home to the world’s top-rated tourist destinations. With a population of less than 5 million, the natives in the capital of Croatia are friendly and welcoming. Its capital, Zagreb, bares a rich history from the ancient Roman. It started as a small free royal town in 1242. Since then, it has carried its rich history to present, and most tourists flock here annually to be part of this country’s rich diversity and create memories.


This article will take you through some of the best tourist destinations in Croatia that you cannot afford to miss when you visit Southern Europe. We also cover some unique and fascinating attractions and things to do in Zagreb and other places like Dubrovnik.



Visit The Unique Museums In Zagreb

Zagreb Croatia museum

Photo by Arvid Olson on Pixabay


The Museum Of Broken Relationships In Zagreb

Trust me. This place should be on your list of things to do in Zagreb. You cannot afford to leave Zagreb before visiting this historical destination. It is not just an ordinary museum in the capital city of Croatia. It is one of the most unique and controversial destinations in the country. The museum got established many years ago. It hosts some of the artifacts and items that individuals all over the world shared in their “broken” relationships. It is a brainchild of two famous Croatian artists that thought it wise to keep the items they had shared in their previous relationships.


This museum hosts hundreds of personal belongings collected from individuals all over the world that will tell you compelling silent stories of what people face when their relationships fail. The museum displays some unusual mementos that describe different stories of love. This museum won the Hudson award for standing out and challenging the role of museums in society.


Mimara Museum

Mimara Museum is one of the best places you must visit in Zagreb. Its name originates from the famous art collector, Ante Mimara. This museum hosts some of the best artifacts collected by Mimara during the Second World War. Also, by visiting this place, you can have a look at works done by famous people like Degas, Monet, and Canaletto.


Museum Of Illusions

Another place you must visit in Zagreb. The Museum of Illusion hosts historical pictures and objects that will remind you of the rich history and diversity of the country. It has illusion rooms that you can enjoy. It also has a puzzle and riddle room that will keep you entertained throughout the visit. Visiting this museum is just one of the many things to do in Zagreb.



Visit The Lakes And Parks In The Zagreb City 

Couples taking a walk in a park

Photo by Pixabay


As a visitor in Zagreb, you must have noticed the diversity here: the vibrant green lawns in the epicenter of the town and the cold Croatia weather. To forget about the heavy traffic in Zagreb, you can otherwise chill out in some of the parks found in the city. Park Maksimir and Park Zrinjevac are some places you can relax away from the traffic noise in Zagreb. Most festivals and concerts take place in these parks in the evening. You can, therefore, visit the parks weekly to attend the shows.


If you like jogging, you can walk some distance away from the crowded city to Park Maksimir to visit the Zoo in Zagreb. You will enjoy walking to this place because the environment here will make you feel relieved and ready to start your day. Otherwise, there are more lucrative places around here you can enjoy doing the same. Jarun Lake is another place you might want to visit in Zagreb. A seven-kilometer road surrounds the lake that you can go on a jog for by yourself. You can also have a coffee here to refreshen yourself while you enjoy the breeze from the lake and the unique sunset in the evening. You will not regret having this lake on your list of things to do in Zagreb.



Experience The Local Life At Dolac Market

If you are interested in witnessing the rich diversity of Zagreb, Croatia, then take your time to visit Dolac Market. Here you will feel like one of the natives as you buy some fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat. Hundreds of locals visit this market every day to do some shopping on their way home. Therefore, if you want to meet the locals here or buy a flower for your partner, then Dolac Market is the place to be. Its position sits some distance from the main square in the city.



Visit The Upper Town In Zagreb 

Also, known as Gornji Grad, the Upper Town is a beautiful place you can visit for a sightseeing tour in the city. Here you will visit some of the top-rated churches and museums in the country. You will also visit the parliament buildings and walk along the decorated Tkalciceva Street. Get to interact with the locals and be part of the rich diversity hidden in this city. Do not forget to visit the famous St. Mark’s Church for a view of the renowned Croatian sculptor and end your list of things to do in Zagreb.


This old city brings you closer to historic times whenever you visit some of the landmark destinations here. In your list of ten things to do in Zagreb, do not forget to visit Karlovac. Karlovac, also known as the “City Park” is some miles away from the city. It carries much of the city’s heritage you cannot go back home before seeing.



Solve “Escape Zagreb” Riddle

Girl wearing multicolored traditional dress sitting near the wall

Photo by Dani Aláez on Unsplash


If you are one of those people who hate visiting places, you can take part in the Escape Zagreb riddle and create your story about Zagreb. The interactive tour, however, will help you discover and explore more about this country.


This mind-blowing game enables you to interact fully with the locals here as you get to know every corner in the city. By the end of this tour, you will be exhausted and ready to narrate your story about the people, food, and climate in Zagreb. You will have the answer to where is Zagreb on the world map when you solve the “Escape Zagreb” puzzle. This experience should not miss making it to on your list of things to do in Zagreb.



Visit The Stone Gate 

It is another medieval structure found at the centre of Upper Town. When you visit Upper Town, you should make visiting the Stone Gate one of the things to do in Zagreb. Stone Gate is one of the historic gates found in Zagreb, Croatia. You will view the painting of Mary and Jesus that survived the fire outbreak in 1731. It is one of the historical places you should visit in Upper Town.



Quench Your Thirst With Crafted Beers

After a long walk in Zagreb, you can quench your thirst with a wide variety of Croatian craft beers. Any bar you visit in Zagreb will offer you a bottle of beer to help you relax your mind and enjoy the quality of their domestic drinks. The locals here have been brewing beer with a unique taste for the last two years. If you visit Opatovina Street, you will be lucky to buy some quality domestic beer to carry home. Trust me. Drinking local beer should be part of the things to do in Zagreb.



Go For Mountain Climbing In Medvednica Mountain


A lady climbing a mountain

Photo by Skeeze on Pixabay


If you want to feel nature and cold breeze away from the busy Zagreb city, you can go for mountain climbing in Medvednica Mountain. Here you will enjoy the high altitudes and view the city while at the top of the mountain. You can also see some of the birds and animals in their natural habitat. You can visit this mountain on foot, bike, or by public transport. Hiking should be one of the things to do in Zagreb before leaving.



Go Shopping

Now that your holiday is almost ending you should go shopping in some of the best shopping malls in Zagreb. Shopping is one of the things to do in Zagreb. You can, therefore, visit some of the busy streets in the city like Ilica and Flower Square to shop for some products you can only get in this country. Some of the most visited malls in the country like West Gate, Garden Mall, and Arena Centre will, however, provide everything on your shopping list.



Dance All Night

Night club partying in the Zagreb city

Photo by Joel Amissa on Unsplash


Do not leave the city before you visit some of the best nightclubs here. You will listen to the local music, interact with the locals, and learn some dance moves you can take home. With large nightclubs and different genres of music, the nightlife here is an experience you will not forget. Go out and have that crazy adventure of the city in the night from small clubs like Alcatraz to the largest ones like Opera Club. You can always carry your dance partner just in case you need someone to hold your hand and keep you company in the night. Croatia weather allows you to party the whole night and end your list of things to do in Zagreb comfortably.


All In All

Zagreb is not just an ordinary city but a special one. By visiting it, you will leave happy to have enjoyed the rich diversity and witnessed some of the historical sites here. The city hosts people from different parts of the world. The capital of Croatia is home to a variety of cultures, museums, physical features, flora, and fauna that you will enjoy visiting.


The list of things to do in Zagreb Croatia is inexhaustible. Some of the most toured destinations in the Zagreb city are all given in this article. Zagreb is in the southern part of Europe. No matter your location, you can always get here by a direct flight to Zagreb Airport, which is 10 kilometers away from the city.