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Travel Apps That Work Fine Without Mobile Data


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Vivette Kajal

Travel app with no mobile data
© Bruce Mars on Pexels

When you’re travelling, mobile data is one of the most important things you need (along with your passport, money and ID),  particularly if you’re someone that uses your phone for everything.


So, for the beginners out there, wondering what is mobile data? And why is it so important? The short answer is, without a connection to the internet, you cannot go online at all. No surprises there!


Similarly, without it, you lose access to anything stored on the web, your flight information, hotel bookings, travel itinerary, maps, and language translation tools. In the worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to contact your friends and family in case of an emergency.


If you’re fed up of asking “where can I get mobile data?”, “how much data do I need?” or “how do I get unlimited data without joining someone’s mobile hotspot?”, choosing the right travel apps that don’t even need phone data can be an easy way to get around this.


They will also save you from crying out in defeat: “my mobile data is on but not working!”


Here are a few of the best travel apps that don’t require mobile data at all. These travel apps could quite possibly save your life (or at least save you from a crisis situation). 


The 5 Best Travel Apps That Don’t Require Data Usage







Travel Expert – For City And Travel Guides

Travel app with no mobile data

© Matthew Henry from Burst


With this top travel app, you can completely forget about data plans, data usage or even buying the right data package for whichever new country you’re visiting. To put it simply, you don’t even require to get SIM cards loaded with data, each time you cross a border.


Download Travel Expert while you’re still at home and get a list of city travel guides to keep you informed about places to visit during your adventures. You can browse the best things to see and do at your destination.


Also, you can check where you are on the map, and get directions to wherever you want to go – all without the need for phone data.


This app also has another cool feature. It has the main review page, where users can rate a restaurant, hotel, activity or point of interest from one to five stars.


You can read up on any activity you’re planning to do, browse photos and even check out where it’s located. Another interesting feature of this app is that you can add any preferred item to your list of favourites.



TripIt – Store All Your Travel Itineraries In One Place

Travel apps with no mobile data

© Enrique Alarcon, Unsplash


If you’re constantly losing paper boarding passes or forgetting where you have put your printed pages of things you want to do, TripIt is the app for you.


This super handy travel app collects and stores all your plans, flight info, hotel booking confirmations and car rental details in one place. Bear in mind that this app functions without any phone data.


If you’re fed up of trying to find confirmation emails at the last minute, TripIt will save you a lot of stress and hassle.


The app even lets you sync your itinerary with your calendar and make changes to your plans easily, whenever and wherever you want. If you’re running out of mobile data, but still need to access your boarding pass – TripIt has you covered.



Triposo – Complete Travel Guide And Essential Travel Tools

Looking for a fantastic all-round travel guide with a wide range of features? Triposo lets you discover the best hotels, restaurants, activities and more in over 50,000 destinations across the world!


The app also has a whole host of useful features such as language phrasebooks, insider info on different places worldwide and a currency converter – so you know how much you’re really spending in any foreign currency.


This is the perfect app for people who don’t have unlimited data or data plans because it can be used offline, so you don’t even need to worry about purchasing mobile data when you travel.


Just download your travel pack when you’re home (you will need data to do this) and access it offline later.



ICE Contact – Personal Safety App In Case Of Emergencies

Smartphone and bag

© Pixabay


Whenever you’re travelling, and especially if you’re venturing off the beaten path or flying solo, ICE Contact is a must-have app to ensure your safety and your family’s peace of mind.


The app allows you to notify friends and family members in case of an emergency, send out instant messages or create a delayed message to let your loved ones know where you’ll be going. It can send out these messages without the need for phone data or signal.


The messages can be sent in-app, via text or email, so there’s no need for your contact to download the app. If you’ve set up a delayed message, it will arrive even if your phone dies or if you lose connection.


You can also enable GPS tracking to track your journey from start to finish and send your current whereabouts to your loved ones – just to make sure you cover all your bases.



Pocket App – Collect All The Articles You Want To Read And Read Them Later – Offline!

How many times have you bookmarked or tried to take notes from a travel article about all the things you want to do at your destination, only to forget about it or lose your travel journal notes later? 


With Pocket, you can save articles from the web that you would want to read later. It helps you save time.


You can even sync your devices so that you can search and save on your laptop and read on your phone. Also, you don’t have to worry about the data usage if there is no unlimited data, as everything can be accessed easily offline.


So Worry Less And Download These Travel Apps!

Laptop and Brochures

© Ptra on Pixabay


Instead of trying to open 10 tabs on your phone with interesting articles to keep you entertained for your long-haul flight, you can simply open this app in flight mode and find your favourite reads with no hassle at all.


I hope this list of the top travel apps that don’t require data usage or data plans has been useful to you!


Downloading all these apps and organising your travel plans as well as documents only takes a few minutes but can save you big time if you run out of phone data. You’ll still have access to all your travel information and essentials – even if your mobile data is on but not working, so you’ll be able to enjoy your trip stress-free.


When you rely on the internet and data usage for information while travelling, not having access to mobile data or running out of data, when you need it quickly can be a turn-off! So honestly, why risk it?


What is your favourite travel app that doesn’t require a data plan? Do you currently use any of these travel apps, or have any favourites that we missed out? Let us know in the comments below, and safe travels!