Best Snorkeling Gear For Every Beach Holiday

Snorkel gear for snorkeling
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Do you love snorkeling?


If so, that’s awesome because we are going to cover snorkeling, snorkeling gears, and why snorkeling is essential for camping or any other activity.


So you like visiting the sea very often, then this is the article you need to keep in your pocket.


Why Snorkeling Gear Is Important?


While diving, having a snorkeling gear can significantly improve your experience. Snorkeling helps your body relax perfectly and enjoy underwater activities. In this section, we will take a look at the best snorkeling gears and how to get a perfect fit for yourself.


Let’s jump right into it…


Snorkeling Mask


Let’s start with the mask. Don’t go for that “$10” mask that has all that amazing features and benefits, and it will last 5+ years. We both know this ain’t happening. Be realistic and choose a real diving mask rather than a cheap option that will get flooded on your first dive.


While choosing a mask, select one with a small volume, in which the air capacity located inside the mask isn’t more extensive than necessary. This will enable you to clear water effortlessly when your mask is flooded, which would rarely happen depending on your choice of snorkel mask.


How to know if the snorkel mask is a good fit for your face?


Follow these essential steps to secure a great fit:

Firstly, place the mask on your face without rolling the strain around your head.

Take a slight breath

Release the mask


What’s the bottom line?


If the mask is still on your face, that means the vacuum did its job correctly, and this mask might be an excellent fit for you.

Finally, wear the mask for a couple of minutes and take note where it feels uncomfortable on your face. The lesser the inconveniences, the better fit the mask will be.


Here are some of the best masks we recommend:



ScubaPro Spectra 2 Window Scuba/Snorkel Mask



Snorkel mask for snorkeling
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What’s good about this mask is that it has a compact 2-window design, it has tempered glass lenses, and likewise swivel buckles are available for effortless adjustment. It’s quite expensive, but it’s an excellent option.


Buy ScubaPro Spectra 2 Window Scuba/Snorkel Mask from Amazon 


2. Seac Sub Unica Full Face Snorkel


Snorkel mask for snorkeling


Seac Sub Unica is a full face mask with a fantastic viewing. Breathing through your nose and mouth simultaneously is something that not all masks can provide, but with this mask it is achievable. The snorkel is removable and uses anti-fog technology. The size of the mask is significant, and it isn’t made for diving underwater.


Get Seac Sub Unica Full Face Mask from Amazon.


Next, on our way are…




Not a lot of people snorkel in cold water, right? If yes then full-heel fins are the best option for you.


And to those who do not snorkel in cold water – our suggestion would be to wear booties (an open-heel fin is an excellent choice).


If your intentions are to do only basic snorkeling, you might want to consider shorter fins since they are easier to pack. If you are doing breath-hold diving, then traditional freediving fins which are also longer than shorter fins will be a better option for you.


Check some of our best recommendations



Aqua Lung Express Full Foot Fins

Great Fins for snorkeling
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These fins prove a fantastic power for scuba divers since their blade is created of 2 different substances that work amazing together in order to provide flexibility and efficiency. Yet, this isn’t designed for any underwater sports rather than diving and snorkeling.


Buy Aqua Lung Express Full Foot Fins from Amazon



ScubaPro Go Travel Fins Review

Fins for snorkeling
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These are compact and lightweight, making them perfect for traveling. Another great benefit is that they are really durable, made of 100% Monoprene. There is a slight disadvantage regarding their toughness. It can be a little hard on the feet while swimming. So you might want to put a shoe underneath to prevent scraping your skin.


Buy ScubaPro Go Travel Fins from Amazon



Not much to say here. It’s pretty straightforward. Longer the snorkel, the harder it will be to breathe in and out. A good medium-length snorkel will do the job perfectly.


Some of our preferred options would be



Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel

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This snorkel provides you with incredible comfort. Splashguard is also available along with it. It might be one of the best snorkels in the market. 


Buy Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel from Amazon



Aqua Lung Nautilus Foldable Travel Snorkel

Great snorkel gear
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This is the best option for travelers. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to pack. It’s flexible and a great choice for beginners. The airway of this snorkel has a chance to be blocked by sand and dust if not cleared properly.


Buy Aqua Lung Nautilus Foldable Travel Snorkel from Amazon


All You Need To Know About Snorkeling Gears

Snorkeling represents the process of swimming through a body of water while equipped with a diving (snorkeling) mask and fins that help you increase your swimming speed.


It’s an everyday activity at tropical resorts and scuba diving locations. The main advantage why a lot of people go for snorkeling is that they can explore underwater life without any complicated in-depth equipment.


There is an archaeological testimonial that shows snorkeling has been prevalent for quite a long time. Sponge farmers in Crete are the earliest “divers” that used hollow reeds to breathe underwater. Pretty cool, right?


Snorkeling can be a really satisfying and worthwhile activity. Just grab a mask, that’s all you need to right away begin your underwater journey. Fins are even not necessary. Though they are just a personal preference. Moving more easily and freeing your hands from any movement-focused actions is only possible through fins. Another significant advantage of fins is that they help you cover larger areas underwater for a shorter period.


You are probably all familiar with the snorkel mask, it’s the basic equipment. The snorkel is wired(in most scenarios) to the mask. It represents a curved tube from where you are able to take a breath so you can continuously dive underwater. Other equipment as we mentioned before is the fins, which allow you to speed up the swimming process. A wetsuit is optional. In some cases, it’s good to have this type of suit, especially in cold waters. The suit provides you with thermal insulation, which keeps you warm and unaffected of the surrounding water temperature.


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