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What To Wear On A Celebrity Cruise


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Cati Nelms



Embarking on a Celebrity Cruise is an exciting experience, filled with luxury, relaxation, and unforgettable memories. As you plan for your upcoming cruise, one essential aspect to consider is what to wear. The right attire can enhance your enjoyment of each onboard activity and ensure you feel stylish and comfortable throughout your journey.


Choosing what to wear on a Celebrity Cruise requires striking a balance between practicality, style, and adhering to the cruise line’s dress code guidelines. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, dining at a gourmet restaurant, or attending a glamorous evening event, having the appropriate outfits will make you feel like a true celebrity.


In this article, we will guide you through the different types of attire you should pack for your Celebrity Cruise, from daytime outfits to formal wear. We’ll also offer tips on how to accessorize and provide essential packing suggestions. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll be ready to hit the high seas in style!


Selecting the Perfect Outfits

When it comes to selecting outfits for your Celebrity Cruise, it’s important to consider both practicality and style. The key is to pack versatile garments that can be mixed and matched to create different looks throughout your trip. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect outfits:

  1. Research the cruise line: Before starting your packing, familiarize yourself with the dress code policy of the cruise line. Celebrity Cruises typically have a smart casual dress code during the day and more formal attire for evenings.
  2. Consider the destination: Take into account the climate and activities of your destination. If you’re sailing to a tropical paradise, pack lightweight fabrics, swimwear, and comfortable sandals. For colder destinations, bring layers, sweaters, and closed-toe shoes.
  3. Opt for versatile pieces: Choose items that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. A few classic staples like a black dress, tailored pants, and neutral-colored tops can be easily dressed up or down for various occasions.
  4. Pack according to the length of your cruise: If you’re going on a week-long cruise, plan for at least one outfit per day. For longer cruises, consider doing laundry onboard or packing lightweight garments that can be easily rinsed and dried.
  5. Don’t forget about comfort: Ensure your outfits are comfortable for walking, dining, and participating in onboard activities. Opt for breathable fabrics and shoes that you can comfortably wear for long periods.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have a well-rounded selection of outfits that meet the cruise line’s dress code guidelines and cater to your personal style and comfort.


Daytime Attire

During the day on your Celebrity Cruise, you’ll likely be enjoying various activities both onboard and onshore. Your daytime attire should be comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the activities you plan to partake in. Here are some suggestions for your daytime outfits:

  • Casual and relaxed: Opt for casual and relaxed outfits such as shorts, skirts, or lightweight pants paired with comfortable tops. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to stay cool in warm weather.
  • Swimwear and cover-ups: If you plan to spend time at the pool or engage in water activities, pack your favorite swimsuits and cover-ups. A stylish swim cover-up can also double as a lightweight dress for casual outings.
  • Activewear: If you’re planning to hit the gym, go for a jog on the ship’s deck, or participate in fitness classes, don’t forget to pack your activewear. This can include workout leggings, athletic tops, and supportive sneakers.
  • Comfortable footwear: For exploring onshore excursions or strolling around the ship, choose comfortable footwear like sandals or sneakers. Make sure to break in any new shoes before your cruise to prevent discomfort.
  • Hats and sunglasses: Shield yourself from the sun in style by packing a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses. These accessories not only protect you from the sun’s rays but also add a fashionable touch to your daytime outfits.

Keep in mind that even though the daytime dress code is generally more relaxed, there may be dining venues or activities that require a slightly more polished appearance. It’s always a good idea to have a few slightly dressier options on hand for these occasions.


With these daytime attire suggestions, you’ll be ready to explore and enjoy all the activities and amenities that your Celebrity Cruise has to offer.


Evening Attire

Evenings on a Celebrity Cruise offer a chance to dress up and indulge in the elegant atmosphere onboard. The dress code for the evening varies depending on the specific dining venues and activities planned for the night. Here are some recommendations for your evening attire:

  • Smart casual: For most evenings, the smart casual dress code is appropriate. This calls for stylish and polished attire such as slacks or skirts paired with blouses or dress shirts. Dresses and jumpsuits in sophisticated styles are also suitable options.
  • Consider the dining venues: The dress code may be slightly more formal for specialty dining venues or formal dining rooms. In these cases, opt for dressier outfits such as cocktail dresses, dress pants with a dressy top, or a suit for men.
  • Elegant accessories: Elevate your evening attire with elegant accessories like statement jewelry, a chic clutch, or a dashing tie for men. These small touches can transform your look and add a touch of glamour.
  • Comfortable footwear: While dressing up for the evening, don’t compromise on comfort. Choose dressy shoes that you can comfortably wear for extended periods, as you may be walking or dancing throughout the night.
  • Layers for cool evenings: If evenings tend to be cooler, especially if you’re cruising in a colder climate, bring along a stylish jacket or sweater to layer over your outfit. This will keep you warm without sacrificing style.

Remember to check your Celebrity Cruise itinerary for any designated formal nights or themed evenings. Formal nights call for more elegant attire, such as suits or tuxedos for men and formal gowns or cocktail dresses for women. Themed evenings, on the other hand, allow you to get creative and dress in accordance with the specified theme.


By selecting the appropriate evening attire, you’ll be ready to enjoy the enchanting nightlife and sophisticated ambiance of your Celebrity Cruise.


Formal Nights

Formal nights on a Celebrity Cruise provide an opportunity to dress up in your most elegant attire and truly embrace the glamour of the evening. These special occasions typically occur a few times throughout your cruise and require a more formal dress code. Here’s what you should consider for formal nights:

  • For men: Formal nights call for tuxedos, dinner jackets, or dark suits with a tie. Complete your look with polished dress shoes and formal accessories such as cufflinks and a pocket square.
  • For women: On formal nights, women can opt for sophisticated floor-length gowns, cocktail dresses, or dressy evening separates. Choose elegant fabrics and styles that make you feel like royalty. Enhance your outfit with glamorous heels and sparkling jewelry.
  • Consider the color palette: Classic colors like black, navy, and deep jewel tones are always a safe bet for formal attire. However, you can also make a statement with bolder hues or metallic accents to stand out in the crowd.
  • Hair and makeup: Complete your formal night look with a polished hairstyle and makeup. Consider an updo or elegant curls for your hair, and opt for a slightly more dramatic makeup look to complement your glamorous attire.
  • Capture the moment: Formal nights are the perfect opportunity for memorable photos. Take advantage of the ship’s professional photographers or gather your friends and family for a group picture in your stunning attire.

It’s important to note that while formal nights are a significant part of the cruise experience, participation is optional. If you prefer a more relaxed evening, other dining venues and entertainment options are available where a smart casual dress code is sufficient.


Formal nights offer a chance to indulge in a truly elegant atmosphere and showcase your sophisticated style. By embracing the dress code and putting your own personal touch on your formal attire, you’ll create unforgettable memories on your Celebrity Cruise.


Themed Parties and Events

One of the highlights of a Celebrity Cruise is the opportunity to attend themed parties and events, where you can let loose and have fun with your style. These themed nights add an extra element of excitement and allow you to showcase your creativity through your outfits. Here are some tips for dressing for themed parties and events:

  • Research the theme: Before your cruise, find out what themed parties and events are planned. This could include a Caribbean night, 80s disco party, or tropical luau. Understanding the theme will help you plan your outfit accordingly.
  • Get into character: Themed parties are a chance to embrace the spirit of the event and get into character. Consider how you can incorporate elements of the theme into your outfit, whether it’s through costumes, accessories, or makeup.
  • Shop or DIY: Depending on the theme, you may need to acquire specific items or costumes. You can either purchase them from specialty stores, borrow from friends, or get creative by DIY-ing your own unique costume or outfit.
  • Coordinate with your group: If you’re traveling with friends or family, coordinate your outfits to create a cohesive and fun group look. This can make for great photo opportunities and enhance the overall party experience.
  • Accessorize: Accessories are key in completing your themed look. Whether it’s a funky hat, statement jewelry, or props that align with the theme, they can add that extra touch of authenticity and fun to your outfit.

Themed parties and events are an opportunity to let your style shine and express your playful side. Don’t be afraid to go all out and fully immerse yourself in the theme. The more creative and enthusiastic you are with your outfit, the more enjoyable the experience will be.


Remember, participating in themed parties and events is optional, so if dressing up is not your thing, there are plenty of other activities and venues available where you can enjoy the cruise in your preferred attire.


Poolside Fashion

One of the most relaxing and enjoyable aspects of a Celebrity Cruise is spending time by the pool, soaking up the sun and taking refreshing dips in the water. When it comes to poolside fashion, comfort and style go hand in hand. Here are some tips for looking chic and comfortable at the pool:

  • Swimwear: Choose swimwear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Opt for styles that suit your body type and personal preference, whether it’s a bikini, tankini, or one-piece. Consider bringing multiple swimwear options to switch up your look throughout the cruise.
  • Cover-ups: Cover-ups are essential for moving between the pool and other areas of the ship. They provide some modesty while adding a stylish layer to your swimwear. Options include sarongs, kaftans, or lightweight dresses that can easily slip on and off.
  • Protection from the sun: Shield yourself from the sun’s rays with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. These not only add a fashionable touch to your poolside look but also protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Footwear: Wear comfortable and slip-resistant footwear around the pool area. Flip-flops or sandals with good traction are ideal, as they can easily be slipped on and off and provide protection for your feet.
  • Towels and accessories: Pack a stylish beach towel that reflects your personality and coordinates with your overall poolside look. Additionally, consider bringing a tote bag to carry your essentials, such as sunscreen, a book, and a water bottle.

Poolside fashion is all about embracing a relaxed and effortless style while still looking put-together. Choose fabrics that dry quickly and are comfortable to lounge in for extended periods. Don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin from sunburn.


With the right poolside fashion choices, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the sunshine and refreshing poolside atmosphere on your Celebrity Cruise.


Accessorizing for a Celebrity Cruise

Accessorizing plays a vital role in elevating your outfits and adding that extra touch of style to your overall look. As you pack for your Celebrity Cruise, don’t forget to include accessories that can enhance and complete your ensembles. Here are some tips for accessorizing on your cruise:

  • Jewelry: Pack a variety of jewelry pieces to suit different occasions. Statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can instantly transform a simple outfit into an elegant ensemble. Consider bringing both statement and dainty pieces to accommodate different outfits and activities.
  • Belts: Belts are versatile accessories that can cinch in loose dresses or add definition to a flowy top. Pack a few belts in different styles and colors to add a pop of detail and create flattering shapes.
  • Scarves and wraps: Scarves and wraps are not only practical for layering on cooler days but also add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Choose lightweight and colorful options that can be worn around your neck, draped over your shoulders, or even tied as a pareo for the beach.
  • Hats and headbands: Shield yourself from the sun and add a chic element to your outfit with a stylish hat or headband. Whether it’s a floppy sun hat, a trendy straw fedora, or a bohemian headband, these accessories can elevate your poolside or excursion look.
  • Bags: A well-chosen bag can be both functional and fashionable. Consider bringing a versatile crossbody bag for day excursions and a stylish clutch or small purse for evening events. Choose a design that complements your outfits and has enough room to carry your essentials.

Remember to pack accessories that reflect your personal style and enhance your confidence. Select items that are easy to mix and match with different outfits to maximize their versatility. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, colors, and styles to create unique and eye-catching ensembles.


By accessorizing thoughtfully, you can add the perfect finishing touch to your looks and exude style and confidence throughout your Celebrity Cruise.


Packing Tips and Essentials

When it comes to packing for your Celebrity Cruise, being prepared and organized can help ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential packing tips and must-have items to consider:

  • Check the weather: Before you start packing, check the weather forecast for your destination. This will help you determine the types of clothing and accessories you need to bring to accommodate the climate.
  • Create a checklist: Make a list of all the essential items you need to pack, including clothing, toiletries, medications, travel documents, and electronics. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you don’t forget anything important.
  • Roll your clothes: Instead of folding your clothes, roll them to save space in your suitcase and minimize wrinkles. This also makes it easier to see and access your clothing when you’re unpacking onboard.
  • Pack versatile items: Choose clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. This helps maximize your wardrobe options while minimizing the number of items you need to pack. Stick to neutral colors that can be easily paired with various pieces.
  • Don’t forget the essentials: Aside from clothing, make sure to pack travel essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, medications, and toiletries. Also, remember to bring important travel documents like passports, cruise tickets, and identification.
  • Consider the dress code: Keep in mind the dress code guidelines of the cruise line when packing your outfits. This includes considering both the casual daytime attire and the more formal evening dress code.
  • Organize with packing cubes or bags: Use packing cubes or bags to keep your belongings organized and separate different categories of items, such as clothing, accessories, and electronics. This makes it easier to find what you need without having to unpack your entire suitcase.
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes: While you’ll want to have stylish footwear for evenings and special events, don’t forget to pack comfortable walking shoes for shore excursions and exploring the ship.
  • Leave room for souvenirs: If you plan on shopping for souvenirs or bringing back mementos from your cruise, make sure to leave some extra space in your suitcase or consider bringing a foldable duffel bag for the trip back.

Lastly, remember to adhere to any luggage size and weight restrictions set by the cruise line to avoid extra charges or inconveniences. By following these packing tips and including essential items, you’ll be well-prepared for your Celebrity Cruise.



Preparing your wardrobe for a Celebrity Cruise is an exciting part of the journey, as it allows you to exude style and confidence while enjoying the luxurious amenities onboard. By following the tips and recommendations provided in this article, you can select the perfect outfits for each occasion and ensure you feel comfortable and fashionable throughout your cruise.


Remember to research the dress code policies of the cruise line, pack versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, and consider the activities and destinations of your cruise when selecting your wardrobe. Whether it’s daytime attire for lounging by the pool, elegant outfits for the evenings, or themed party costumes, be sure to embrace your personal style and have fun with your fashion choices.


In addition to clothing, don’t forget to accessorize thoughtfully, pack essential items, and organize your belongings efficiently. By doing so, you’ll be able to make the most of your cruise experience and enjoy every moment in style and comfort.


As you embark on your Celebrity Cruise, may your outfits reflect the elegance and excitement of the journey, and may you create lasting memories surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and the luxurious atmosphere of the ship.