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What To Pack For Hawaii Cruise


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Grier Mcewen



Embarking on a cruise to Hawaii is an exciting and fulfilling experience. With its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture, Hawaii offers endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure. To make the most of your trip, it’s essential to pack wisely, ensuring you have everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable cruise vacation.


When considering what to pack for a Hawaii cruise, it’s important to take into account the activities you plan to engage in both on and off the ship. From beach days and exploring local markets to dining in exquisite restaurants and attending evening shows, you’ll want to have the right attire and essentials in your suitcase. This article will guide you through the essentials you should consider packing, helping you prepare for an unforgettable Hawaiian cruise experience.


While it’s crucial to consider the specific activities and destinations of your cruise, there are several general items that are essential for any Hawaii cruise. These include clothing suitable for different occasions, versatile swimwear, comfortable footwear, essential accessories, toiletries, medications, electronics, and important travel documents. Additionally, specific items such as beach essentials, snorkeling gear, and entertainment options will enhance your experience and ensure you have everything you need for a memorable vacation.


By packing strategically and thoughtfully, you’ll be able to make the most of your Hawaii cruise and fully immerse yourself in the stunning beauty and unique culture of the islands. With that in mind, let’s delve into the details of what to pack for a Hawaii cruise, ensuring you have it all covered for your dream vacation.



When it comes to clothing for a Hawaii cruise, it’s important to strike a balance between comfort and style. The tropical climate calls for lightweight and breathable fabrics that will keep you cool throughout the day. Here are some essential clothing items to pack:

  • Lightweight Tops: Pack a variety of tank tops, t-shirts, and short-sleeved blouses that can be easily layered.
  • Shorts and Skirts: Opt for comfortable shorts and airy skirts that allow for easy movement.
  • Sundresses: Pack a few sundresses for both casual daytime wear and evening dinners.
  • Lightweight Pants: Bring along a couple of pairs of lightweight pants for cooler evenings or when visiting religious sites.
  • Lightweight Sweater or Cardigan: Evenings on the ship or in higher elevation areas can get cooler, so it’s wise to pack a lightweight sweater or cardigan.
  • Sarongs or Cover-Ups: These are essential for beach days or for covering up when going to and from the pool or spa.
  • Rain Jacket: While Hawaii is known for its beautiful weather, it’s always a good idea to pack a lightweight rain jacket for unexpected showers.

Remember to choose clothing in breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, as they will help keep you cool in the tropical climate. Also, pack a mix of neutral and vibrant colors to suit different occasions and moods. Don’t forget to consider the dress code of your cruise ship, as some may have formal nights that require dressier attire.


Lastly, Hawaii is a destination known for its laid-back vibe, so you can embrace a casual and relaxed style throughout your cruise. By packing a versatile selection of clothing, you’ll be prepared for any activity, whether it’s exploring the Hawaiian islands or enjoying the amenities on the ship.



When packing for a Hawaii cruise, swimwear is an essential item. With its crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches, Hawaii offers ample opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun. Here’s what you should consider packing for your swimwear:

  • Swimsuits: Pack at least two swimsuits so that you always have a dry one available. Opt for styles that make you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Cover-Ups: Don’t forget to pack a couple of stylish cover-ups to wear when walking to and from the pool or beach.
  • Rash Guard: If you plan on engaging in water activities like snorkeling or surfing, consider packing a rash guard to protect your skin from the sun and potential irritants.
  • Beach Towel: Some cruise lines provide beach towels, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach.
  • Sun Hat: Protect yourself from the sun’s rays by packing a wide-brimmed hat that provides shade for your face and neck.
  • Sunglasses: Essential for protecting your eyes from the bright sun, make sure to pack a sturdy pair of sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Waterproof Bag: To protect your valuables, consider bringing a waterproof bag or pouch to keep your phone, wallet, and other belongings safe and dry while you’re at the beach or pool.

By packing the right swimwear, you’ll be ready to dive into the beautiful waters of Hawaii and enjoy all the aquatic activities available. Whether you prefer lounging on the beach or exploring the vibrant marine life while snorkeling, having the appropriate swimwear will ensure you have a fantastic time on your Hawaii cruise.



Choosing the right footwear for your Hawaii cruise is essential as it will determine your comfort level during various activities. Here are some footwear options to consider when packing:

  • Sandals: Packing a few pairs of comfortable and breathable sandals is a must. Opt for styles with good arch support and cushioning for walking around the ship and exploring the ports of call.
  • Water Shoes: If you plan on snorkeling or participating in water sports, consider bringing a pair of water shoes with non-slip soles. They will protect your feet from rocks, coral, or any other underwater hazards.
  • Sneakers or Walking Shoes: If you plan on hiking or participating in active shore excursions, bring a pair of comfortable sneakers or walking shoes with good traction.
  • Dress Shoes: Depending on the dress code of your cruise ship, you may need to pack a pair of dressy or semi-formal shoes for evening events and dinners.
  • Flip-Flops: Flip-flops are perfect for lounging by the pool or wearing to the beach. Make sure to pack a pair with sturdy soles and good grip.

Remember to prioritize comfort and functionality when choosing footwear for your Hawaii cruise. It’s important to have options that align with different activities and settings, ensuring you can enjoy your vacation without any foot discomfort.


Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring along a few pairs of socks for any activities that require closed-toe shoes, such as hiking. Having the right footwear will not only protect your feet but also enhance your overall cruise experience as you explore the stunning landscapes and cultural attractions of Hawaii.



Accessorizing can add style and functionality to your outfits while on a Hawaii cruise. Here are some essential accessories to consider packing:

  • Sunscreen: Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is crucial. Pack a sunscreen with a high SPF and remember to apply it regularly, especially when spending time outdoors.
  • Hats: In addition to a wide-brimmed sun hat, consider packing a baseball hat or a floppy beach hat for added sun protection and style.
  • Sunglasses: A good pair of sunglasses with UV protection is a must to shield your eyes from the bright sun and glare.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important, especially in the tropical climate of Hawaii. Bring a reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day.
  • Waterproof Phone Case: To protect your phone from water damage and to capture stunning underwater photos, pack a waterproof phone case.
  • Travel Adapter: If you’re traveling from a different country, ensure you have a travel adapter to charge your devices and keep them powered up.
  • Beach Bag: A durable and spacious beach bag is essential for carrying your belongings to and from the beach or pool.
  • Snorkel Gear Bag: If you plan on bringing your own snorkeling gear, a dedicated bag will keep everything organized and allow for easy transport.
  • Money Belt or Travel Wallet: Keep your valuables secure with a money belt or travel wallet, especially when exploring ports of call.
  • Camera or GoPro: Capture the breathtaking moments of your Hawaii cruise by bringing along a camera or GoPro for high-quality photos and videos.

These accessories will enhance your experience on your Hawaii cruise, ensuring you’re prepared for the activities and excursions while keeping you protected and organized throughout your trip. Don’t forget to pack any additional accessories that are important to you, such as a fitness tracker, a portable charger, or a lightweight umbrella.


By being equipped with the right accessories, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your Hawaii cruise and create lasting memories in paradise.



When it comes to toiletries, it’s important to pack the essentials for your Hawaii cruise. While most cruise ships provide some basic toiletries, it’s always convenient to have your preferred products on hand. Here’s a list of toiletries to consider packing:

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste for maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: While cruises often provide these, if you have specific hair care preferences, it’s a good idea to bring travel-sized bottles of your preferred shampoo and conditioner.
  • Body Wash or Soap: If you prefer using your own body wash or soap, pack travel-sized bottles for convenience.
  • Face Cleanser: Keep your skin fresh and clean by bringing your preferred face cleanser, especially if you have specific skincare needs.
  • Moisturizer: The tropical climate can be drying, so ensure you have a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.
  • Sunscreen: While mentioned earlier in the accessories section, sunscreen is a vital toiletry to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Deodorant: Stay fresh throughout your cruise by packing your preferred deodorant.
  • Razors: If you prefer using your own razor, pack it along with any necessary shaving cream or gel.
  • Makeup and Makeup Remover: If you wear makeup, pack your essentials along with a makeup remover to cleanse your face at the end of the day.
  • Medications: Don’t forget to bring any necessary prescription medications or over-the-counter medications you may need during your cruise.

Additionally, consider packing items like a hairbrush or comb, hair ties or pins, contact lens solution, and any other personal care products that you use on a daily basis. Remember to pack these items in travel-sized containers to comply with airline regulations and to save space in your luggage.


By having your preferred toiletries with you, you’ll feel comfortable and refreshed throughout your Hawaii cruise, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable vacation experience.



Packing necessary medications for your Hawaii cruise is crucial to ensure your health and well-being during your trip. Here are some key considerations when it comes to medications:

  • Prescription Medications: If you take any prescription medications, make sure to bring an adequate supply for the duration of your cruise. It’s also advisable to carry a letter from your healthcare provider explaining the need for the medication, especially if it’s a controlled substance.
  • Over-the-Counter Medications: Alongside any prescription medications, it’s wise to pack some common over-the-counter medications for minor ailments. These may include pain relievers, antihistamines, motion sickness medication, and remedies for stomach upset.
  • First Aid Kit: A basic first aid kit with items like band-aids, antiseptic ointment, and blister cushions can come in handy for small injuries or minor ailments.
  • Sea Sickness Medications: If you are prone to motion sickness, consider packing seasickness medications or natural remedies like ginger pills or wristbands.

It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider or pharmacist before your trip to ensure you have all the necessary medications and to understand any special instructions or precautions. It’s advisable to keep your medications in their original packaging and carry them in your carry-on luggage, along with any necessary documentation.


In addition to medications, consider packing any necessary medical supplies, such as a glucometer for diabetics or an EpiPen for individuals with severe allergies. It’s always better to be prepared, especially when traveling to a remote location.


Finally, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the onboard medical facilities and services available on your cruise ship. Knowing what resources are available in case of a medical need can provide peace of mind during your vacation.


By packing your necessary medications and taking appropriate precautions, you can ensure a healthy and stress-free Hawaii cruise experience.



In the digital age, electronics have become essential for staying connected, capturing memories, and entertainment. Here are some electronics you may want to consider packing for your Hawaii cruise:

  • Smartphone: Your smartphone will serve as your primary device for communication, navigation, and capturing photos and videos.
  • Camera or Camcorder: If you prefer a dedicated device for capturing high-quality photos and videos, consider bringing a digital camera or camcorder.
  • Laptop or Tablet: If you need to work remotely or want to stay connected with loved ones, a laptop or tablet can be useful.
  • Portable Charger: To keep your devices powered up throughout the day, pack a portable charger or power bank.
  • Travel Adapter: Depending on your country of origin, you may need a travel adapter to charge your devices with the local electrical outlets.
  • E-Reader: If you’re an avid reader, consider bringing an e-reader to have a collection of books conveniently at your fingertips.
  • Headphones or Earphones: Enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or movies while on the go with a pair of comfortable headphones or earphones.
  • Waterproof Phone Case: For water activities or beach days, consider investing in a waterproof phone case to protect your smartphone from water damage.

Remember to pack the necessary cables and chargers for your electronics, considering the outlets and voltage requirements of the country you’re traveling from. It’s also wise to have a backup plan for storing and protecting your electronics, such as a padded bag or a waterproof case.


While electronics can enhance your Hawaii cruise experience, it’s also important to find a balance and detach from screens to fully immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings and activities that Hawaii has to offer.


By bringing along the right electronics and accessories, you’ll be able to capture and share your memories, stay connected, and enjoy entertainment options while enjoying your Hawaiian adventure.


Beach Essentials

When it comes to packing for a Hawaii cruise, beach essentials are a must. Hawaii is renowned for its stunning beaches, and you’ll want to make the most of your time in the sun and surf. Here’s a list of beach essentials to consider when preparing for your trip:

  • Beach Towel: While some cruise lines provide beach towels, it’s always a good idea to bring your own towel for maximum comfort.
  • Beach Blanket: If you plan on picnicking or lounging on the sand, a lightweight and portable beach blanket can be a useful addition.
  • Beach Umbrella or Tent: To shield yourself from the sun’s rays, bring a beach umbrella or a pop-up tent for shade and protection.
  • Beach Chairs or Loungers: If you prefer a more comfortable seating option, consider bringing folding beach chairs or loungers.
  • Cooler or Insulated Bag: Keep your drinks and snacks cool by packing a small cooler or insulated bag for your beach outings.
  • Snacks and Drinks: While there may be food options available near the beach, it’s always convenient to have some snacks and drinks on hand. Pack items like granola bars, fruits, and plenty of water.
  • Beach Games and Toys: If you’re traveling with family or friends, consider packing beach games or toys like frisbees, volleyballs, or sandcastle building kits for added fun.
  • Beach Bag: A spacious beach bag is essential for carrying all your beach essentials, including your towel, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks, and any other items you may need.

It’s important to prioritize sun protection when spending time at the beach. Besides sunscreen, also pack items like hats, sunglasses, and cover-ups to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Always follow proper sun safety practices, such as seeking shade during peak hours and reapplying sunscreen regularly.


By packing these beach essentials, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy the beautiful sandy shores of Hawaii, relax with your loved ones, and create wonderful memories under the sun.


Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Hawaii is an incredible experience that allows you to explore the vibrant underwater world. To fully enjoy this activity, it’s essential to pack the necessary snorkeling gear. Here are the items to consider:

  • Mask: Choose a snorkeling mask that fits well and provides a clear view underwater. Look for a mask with a comfortable silicone skirt and a proper seal.
  • Snorkel: A snorkel allows you to breathe while keeping your face in the water. Look for a snorkel with a comfortable mouthpiece and a splash guard to keep water out.
  • Fins: Fins provide greater propulsion and help you navigate the water more efficiently. Pick fins that fit snugly but comfortably on your feet, offering flexibility and stability.
  • Rash Guard or Wetsuit: Depending on the water temperature and your personal preference, consider packing a rash guard or a wetsuit to provide warmth and protection from the sun.
  • Snorkel Vest: If you’re not a confident swimmer or prefer some extra buoyancy, a snorkel vest can provide added safety and peace of mind.
  • Mesh Bag: A mesh bag is useful for storing and carrying your snorkeling gear. It allows items to dry and sand to sift out, keeping your gear organized and ready for your next snorkeling adventure.

If you prefer not to bring your own snorkeling gear, many tour operators and beachfront rental facilities in Hawaii offer gear rental services. However, using your own well-fitted gear can provide a more comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling experience.


Regardless of whether you bring your own gear or rent it, always remember to follow responsible snorkeling practices, such as respecting marine life, avoiding touching or damaging coral reefs, and being mindful of your surroundings.


By packing the necessary snorkeling gear, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the underwater wonders of Hawaii, discovering vibrant marine life and creating lifelong memories.



While a Hawaii cruise offers a plethora of beautiful sights and activities, it’s crucial to have entertainment options on hand for moments of relaxation and downtime. Here are some entertainment essentials to consider packing:

  • Books or E-Reader: If you enjoy reading, bring along your favorite books or load up your e-reader with a variety of titles to keep you entertained during quieter times on the ship or on the beach.
  • Portable Music Player: Pack your preferred music player or create a playlist on your smartphone to enjoy your favorite tunes while lounging by the pool or relaxing on the balcony.
  • Playing Cards or Travel Games: Compact and easy to pack, a deck of cards or travel-sized board games can provide hours of entertainment with family or friends during sea days or evenings on the ship.
  • Puzzle Books: Sudoku, crosswords, and word search books can keep you engaged and entertained while passing the time.
  • Journal or Sketchbook: Capture your thoughts, reflections, and memories of the cruise in a journal or unleash your creative side with a sketchbook.
  • Movies or TV Shows: Consider downloading some of your favorite movies or TV shows onto a tablet or laptop to watch during flights or when you want to unwind in the comfort of your cabin.
  • Binoculars: Binoculars are useful for observing wildlife, scanning the horizon for marine life, and taking in breathtaking vistas while on the ship or at lookout points.

In addition to these entertainment options, take advantage of the onboard amenities and activities provided by the cruise ship itself. Many ships offer live performances, movie screenings, fitness classes, and even educational lectures or workshops. Be sure to check the ship’s schedule to make the most of the entertainment offerings.


Remember, a Hawaii cruise is also an opportunity to disconnect and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the islands. While having entertainment options is important, be sure to balance it with mindful moments of simply enjoying the stunning scenery and experiencing the local culture.


By packing a variety of entertainment choices, you’ll be prepared to make the most of your downtime and ensure a fun-filled and enjoyable cruise vacation.


Travel Documents

When embarking on a Hawaii cruise, it’s crucial to have all the necessary travel documents to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey. Here is a checklist of essential travel documents to pack:

  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your planned departure. Check the expiration date well in advance and renew if needed.
  • Visa: Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa to enter the United States or other countries included on your itinerary. Research the visa requirements and apply well in advance if necessary.
  • Boarding Passes: Print or download your boarding passes before the trip. Check with your cruise line if they require boarding passes or if they have a mobile app for electronic boarding passes.
  • Cruise Line and Itinerary Documentation: Keep a copy of your cruise reservation confirmation, as well as any relevant documents provided by the cruise line, which may include your itinerary, excursion confirmations, and other important details.
  • Identification: In addition to your passport, carry an extra form of identification, such as a driver’s license or national ID card. It’s helpful to have a photocopy or a digital scan of your passport ID page as a backup.
  • Travel Insurance: Purchase travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances, such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage. Keep a copy of the insurance policy documents.
  • Credit Cards and Cash: Bring your credit cards for convenient and secure transactions. Also, carry some local currency in case you need cash for small expenses or places that don’t accept cards.
  • Health and Vaccination Records: While it may not be a requirement for all cruises, it’s a good idea to carry your health and vaccination records, especially if you have any specific health conditions or if you’ll be visiting countries with certain health requirements.

Before your trip, double-check the requirements and recommendations of the cruise line, the countries you’ll be visiting, and your home country’s regulations for travel documents. It’s also wise to keep digital copies of all important travel documents stored securely in the cloud or email them to yourself for easy access in case of loss or theft.


By ensuring you have all the necessary travel documents, you’ll be ready to embark on your Hawaii cruise with peace of mind, knowing that you have everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable journey.


Miscellaneous Items

In addition to the essential items mentioned earlier, there are some miscellaneous items that can enhance your Hawaii cruise experience. These items may not be necessities, but they can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some miscellaneous items to consider packing:

  • Travel Pillow and Blanket: A travel pillow and blanket can provide added comfort and a better sleep during long flights or bus transfers.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is vital, so having a reusable water bottle is not only environmentally friendly but also convenient for carrying water throughout the day.
  • Collapsible Daypack: A small, lightweight daypack is handy for carrying essentials during shore excursions or day trips.
  • Insect Repellent: Depending on the time of year and your itinerary, it’s wise to pack insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs.
  • Travel Alarm Clock: While most cruise ships have wake-up call services, having a travel alarm clock can provide an extra level of assurance for timely wake-ups and activities.
  • Travel Adapters and Chargers: Pack the necessary travel adapters and chargers to keep your electronic devices powered up throughout your trip.
  • Laundry Bag: A small laundry bag can help keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean ones and maintain organization in your luggage.
  • Travel-Sized Sewing Kit: A compact sewing kit can come in handy for minor clothing repairs, such as fixing loose buttons or small tears.
  • Travel-Sized Stain Remover: Accidents happen, so having a travel-sized stain remover can help treat stains on clothes before they set.
  • Extra Ziplock Bags: Ziplock bags are versatile for storing snacks, organizing toiletries, and keeping small items together.

Remember that space in your luggage may be limited, so prioritize the essentials and pack only what you think you’ll truly need. Consider the specific activities and destinations of your Hawaii cruise when deciding which miscellaneous items to bring.


By packing these miscellaneous items, you’ll be prepared for various situations and have the convenience and comfort you desire during your Hawaii cruise.



Preparing for a Hawaii cruise requires careful consideration of what to pack to ensure a memorable and enjoyable vacation. By packing strategically and thoughtfully, you’ll be well-equipped for the various activities and experiences that await you in the beautiful Hawaiian islands.


From clothing suitable for different occasions to swimwear for beach and water activities, footwear for comfort and exploration, and essential accessories to enhance your beach experience, each item serves a purpose in maximizing your enjoyment during the cruise.


Remember to also include toiletries, medications, and electronics to meet your personal needs and preferences while onboard. Additionally, having copies of important travel documents and the necessary paperwork ensures a hassle-free journey.


While packing, it’s important to strike a balance between being prepared and packing light. Consider the activities and destinations of your cruise, and pack accordingly. Prioritize comfort, versatility, and items that are essential for your enjoyment and safety.


Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of the amenities and activities offered onboard the cruise ship. Use your entertainment options wisely to relax and have fun during downtime moments.


By following the suggestions in this packing guide, you’ll be well-prepared for your Hawaiian adventure, ready to soak up the sun, explore the beautiful beaches, and create lasting memories in paradise.