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What Does It Mean To Be A Godmother Of A Cruise Ship


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Ivory Moya



Being chosen as the godmother of a cruise ship is a prestigious honor that comes with a range of responsibilities and privileges. The role of a godmother goes beyond simply breaking a bottle of champagne on the ship’s hull during the naming ceremony. It is a symbol of lifelong connection and support to the ship, its crew, and its passengers.


The godmother of a cruise ship is typically a prominent and respected figure, often a celebrity or public figure known for their achievements or charitable contributions. The selection process is carefully curated, ensuring that the godmother is a representative of the values and image of the cruise line.


Once chosen, the godmother takes on various responsibilities, including serving as an ambassador and fulfilling a public relations role for the cruise line. They are often involved in charity events, promotional activities, and special celebrations throughout the lifetime of the ship.


In this article, we will explore the responsibilities and privileges of being a godmother of a cruise ship, the selection process, the significance of the naming ceremony, the godmother’s public relations role, celebratory events, and the legacy and honors that come with this esteemed title.


Responsibilities of a Godmother

Being a godmother of a cruise ship comes with a range of responsibilities that extend far beyond the initial naming ceremony. The godmother serves as a symbolic figure and a representative of the ship and the cruise line, embodying their values, mission, and image. Here are some of the key responsibilities of a godmother:

  1. Ship Blessing: One of the primary responsibilities of a godmother is to bless the ship and its crew during the naming ceremony. This tradition dates back centuries and is believed to bring good luck and safe voyages.
  2. Crew Support: The godmother often maintains a relationship with the ship’s crew, providing support and encouragement. This may involve visiting the ship, engaging with crew members, and offering words of encouragement.
  3. Ambassadorship: A godmother serves as an ambassador for the cruise line, promoting its brand and values. They may participate in promotional events, charity initiatives, and public appearances to raise awareness and enhance the cruise line’s reputation.
  4. Public Relations Role: The godmother plays a crucial role in public relations, representing the ship and the cruise line in media interviews and events. They may be called upon to speak about the ship’s features, itineraries, and the unique experiences it offers.
  5. Charitable Endeavors: Many godmothers are known for their philanthropic efforts, and they often use their role to support charitable initiatives. They may participate in fundraising events, advocate for social causes, and use their platform to make a positive impact.
  6. Ship Anniversaries: The godmother may be involved in celebrating significant milestones or anniversaries of the ship. This can include attending commemorative events, dedicating new onboard facilities, or participating in special experiences for passengers.
  7. Maintaining Connection: Even after the initial naming ceremony, a godmother is expected to maintain a connection with the ship throughout its lifetime. This can involve attending anniversary celebrations, ship visits, and maintaining contact with the ship’s captain and crew.

The responsibilities of a godmother are as diverse as they are important. These individuals play an integral role in upholding the reputation and legacy of the cruise line, while also making a positive impact through their involvement in charitable endeavors and public relations efforts.


Selection Process

The selection process for the godmother of a cruise ship is a meticulous and thoughtful procedure. Cruise lines carefully consider various factors to ensure that the chosen godmother is a suitable representative of their brand and values. Here are some key aspects of the selection process:

  1. Prominence and Reputation: Cruise lines often look for individuals who are prominent and respected in their respective fields. This can include celebrities, public figures, accomplished professionals, or individuals with a significant influence and impact on society.
  2. Alignment with Brand Values: The godmother is expected to embody the cruise line’s brand values and image. Their character, achievements, and philanthropic endeavors should align with the cruise line’s mission and appeal to its target audience.
  3. Connection to the Cruise Line: In some cases, the selection of a godmother is influenced by their existing connection to the cruise line. This could be through previous collaborations, partnerships, or personal relationships with key individuals within the organization.
  4. Appeal to Passengers: Cruise lines aim to choose a godmother who will resonate with their passengers and create a sense of excitement and admiration. The godmother’s popularity, relatability, and ability to connect with a diverse audience play a crucial role in the selection process.
  5. Commitment and Availability: The godmother is expected to commit to their role and be available for various events and initiatives related to the ship. Cruise lines consider the potential godmother’s schedule, willingness to participate, and availability when making their selection.
  6. Historical Significance: Some cruise lines prioritize the historical significance of a potential godmother. They may choose individuals who have made significant contributions to the cruise industry, maritime heritage, or a specific region with a rich maritime history.

Ultimately, the selection process aims to find an individual who not only fits the criteria but also has the ability to inspire and captivate the imagination of both passengers and crew members. The chosen godmother becomes a source of pride and admiration for all associated with the cruise line, and their selection is seen as a significant honor.


Naming Ceremony

The naming ceremony is a significant event in the life of a cruise ship, and the godmother plays a central role in this momentous occasion. The ceremony, steeped in tradition and symbolism, marks the official christening and naming of the ship. Here are the key elements of a typical naming ceremony:

  1. Bottle Breaking: The godmother is traditionally tasked with breaking a bottle of champagne against the ship’s hull, symbolizing good luck and safe voyages for the ship and all who sail on it. This act is often met with cheers and applause from the gathered audience.
  2. Speech: The godmother may deliver a speech during the naming ceremony, sharing her thoughts, well wishes, and a message of support for the ship, its crew, and passengers. This speech serves to inspire and create a sense of connection with the audience.
  3. Blessing: An ordained clergy member or a representative from a relevant religious organization may conduct a blessing of the ship, invoking divine protection and safe journeys for those onboard.
  4. Entertainment: The naming ceremony often features live performances, music, and entertainment to engage and entertain the attendees. These performances add to the celebratory atmosphere and create lasting memories.
  5. Unveiling of the Ship’s Name: The ship’s official name is revealed during the naming ceremony, often accompanied by a grand unveiling of the ship’s exterior features, including its logo or emblem.
  6. Fireworks: Many naming ceremonies conclude with a dazzling display of fireworks, as a spectacular tribute to the ship and a symbol of the excitement surrounding its launch.

The naming ceremony is a joyous celebration that signifies the ship’s entry into service and its official identity. It is often attended by dignitaries, members of the cruise line’s management team, crew members, invited guests, and sometimes even the general public. The event is a reflection of the cruise line’s commitment to providing an extraordinary experience for its passengers, as well as a symbol of good fortune and success for the ship’s future journeys.


Public Relations Role

As the godmother of a cruise ship, one of the key responsibilities is to fulfill a public relations role for the cruise line. The godmother becomes a prominent representative and ambassador for the ship and the brand, playing an important role in shaping public perception and promoting the cruise line’s values. Here are some aspects of the godmother’s public relations role:

  1. Media Engagements: The godmother may participate in interviews, press conferences, and media appearances to discuss the ship and its unique features. These engagements help generate publicity and spread awareness about the cruise line to a wider audience.
  2. Brand Promotion: Through their various public engagements, the godmother promotes the cruise line’s brand and values. They may highlight the luxurious amenities, exceptional service, and the unique experiences that the ship offers.
  3. Social Media Presence: Many godmothers have a strong social media presence, and they utilize their platforms to generate excitement about the ship and share updates from their involvement with the cruise line. This allows for direct engagement with fans and potential passengers.
  4. Special Events and Partnerships: The godmother may participate in special events, collaborations, and partnerships that promote the cruise line. This can include attending trade shows, hosting charity galas, and representing the cruise line at industry events.
  5. Crisis Management: In the event of any crisis or negative publicity, the godmother may be called upon to provide support and reassurance. Their association with the cruise line can help mitigate negative perceptions and bolster public confidence in the brand.
  6. Community Engagement: Godmothers often engage with local communities and support charitable initiatives. They may participate in fundraising events, volunteer work, or use their platform to advocate for social causes, further enhancing the cruise line’s positive image.

By assuming a proactive public relations role, the godmother helps to cultivate a positive image of the cruise ship and the brand in the eyes of the public. They have the ability to influence and inspire potential passengers, creating a sense of trust and excitement around the cruise line and its offerings.


Celebratory Events

As a godmother of a cruise ship, one of the delightful aspects of the role is participating in various celebratory events throughout the ship’s lifetime. These events serve to commemorate milestones, anniversaries, and special moments, creating a sense of joy and shared experiences for passengers and crew members. Here are some notable celebratory events that a godmother might be involved in:

  1. Anniversary Celebrations: The godmother often takes part in anniversary celebrations, marking milestones such as the ship’s first year of sailing or its tenth anniversary. These events are an opportunity to reflect on the ship’s achievements, acknowledge the crew’s dedication, and celebrate the lasting impact of the vessel.
  2. Ship Launches: If the cruise line introduces new ships to their fleet, the godmother is often invited to participate in the ship’s launch events. This includes attending pre-launch ceremonies and being present for the ship’s inaugural sailings, symbolizing the beginning of a new era for the cruise line.
  3. Special Cruises: Godmothers may be invited to join select voyages as special guests, where they have the opportunity to interact with passengers and share their experiences. These cruises may include themed events, exclusive performances, or unique itineraries that showcase the ship’s distinctive features.
  4. Captain’s Dinners: On specific occasions, the godmother might be invited to attend captain’s dinners, a formal affair hosted by the ship’s captain to honor distinguished guests. This provides an opportunity for the godmother to engage with VIP passengers, share stories, and enhance their experience on the ship.
  5. Charity Galas: Many cruise lines organize charity galas and fundraising events, and the godmother is often present as a special guest. These galas aim to raise funds for various charitable organizations, and the godmother’s involvement helps bring attention to these initiatives and boost their success.
  6. Promotional Tours: From time to time, the godmother might join promotional tours, visiting different locations to raise awareness about the cruise line and its offerings. These tours often include press conferences, meet and greets with fans, and media engagements to generate excitement and attract potential passengers.

Participating in celebratory events allows the godmother to continue fostering connections with the ship, crew members, and passengers. It provides an opportunity to create lasting memories, celebrate achievements, and share in the joy of the cruise journey with those who have made the ship a memorable part of their lives.


Legacy and Honors

Being a godmother of a cruise ship leaves a lasting legacy and brings forth prestigious honors for those who hold the esteemed title. The role of a godmother goes well beyond the initial naming ceremony, and the impact of their involvement resonates throughout the ship’s lifetime. Here are some ways in which the godmother’s legacy is honored:

  1. Honorary Titles: The godmother may receive honorary titles bestowed by the cruise line or relevant maritime organizations. These titles recognize their contribution and serve as a permanent reminder of their association with the ship and the cruise line.
  2. Plaques or Dedication: Some cruise lines honor their godmothers by dedicating plaques or other commemorative items onboard the ship in their name. These plaques acknowledge the godmother’s role and provide a visible testament to their connection with the vessel.
  3. Godmother’s Suite: In select cases, cruise lines may have a designated suite onboard the ship reserved exclusively for the godmother. This special accommodation serves as a symbol of appreciation and provides a private space for the godmother to stay during their visits to the ship.
  4. Charitable Contributions: Many godmothers utilize their role to support charitable causes. Their involvement in charity events and initiatives contributes to making a positive impact in various communities. The godmother’s dedication to philanthropy creates a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity.
  5. Representation in Marketing Materials: The godmother is often featured prominently in marketing materials, including brochures, websites, and advertisements for the cruise line. This recognition helps to solidify their legacy, further enhancing their influence and association with the ship.
  6. Continued Relationship: The godmother’s connection with the cruise line and the ship continues beyond the initial ceremony. They may maintain a relationship with the captain, crew members, and the cruise line’s management, ensuring that their involvement remains a cherished part of the ship’s history.

The legacy and honors bestowed upon a godmother serve as a testament to their role as a significant figure in the ship’s history. Their contributions, both during the naming ceremony and throughout their ongoing involvement, leave an indelible mark on the ship, its crew, and the passengers who sail aboard.



Being chosen as the godmother of a cruise ship is a prestigious honor that comes with a range of responsibilities and privileges. The godmother serves as a symbol of connection and support, representing the cruise line’s values, mission, and image. From participating in the naming ceremony to fulfilling a public relations role, the godmother plays an integral part in shaping the ship’s legacy and creating memorable experiences for passengers and crew members.


Throughout the ship’s lifetime, the godmother’s responsibilities extend far beyond the initial ceremony. They attend celebratory events, engage in promotional activities, and maintain a positive public image of the cruise line. The godmother’s involvement in charitable endeavors and their ability to inspire others further enhances their influence and impact.


The selection process for a godmother is meticulous, considering factors such as prominence, reputation, alignment with brand values, and community involvement. The chosen godmother becomes a representative and ambassador for the ship, embodying the cruise line’s commitment to excellence and creating a sense of pride for all associated with the brand.


As time goes on, the godmother’s involvement is commemorated through various honors and legacies. Plaques, dedications, and honorary titles ensure that their role is forever remembered and celebrated. The godmother’s continued relationship with the ship, crew members, and the cruise line’s management solidifies their place in the ship’s history.


In conclusion, the role of a godmother of a cruise ship is not merely ceremonial. It is a position of influence, responsibility, and honor. The godmother serves as a vital link between the ship, its crew, and the passengers, leaving a lasting legacy and making a significant impact on the cruise line’s reputation. Through their involvement, the godmother creates a sense of connection, excitement, and admiration, elevating the cruise experience for all who are fortunate enough to sail on the ship.