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What Cruise Ships Have 5 Person Rooms


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Idalina Clark



When it comes to planning a cruise vacation for a family or a group of friends, finding suitable accommodations can be a challenge. Most standard cruise ship cabins are designed to accommodate 2-4 people, leaving larger groups with limited options. However, there are cruise lines that offer 5 person rooms, providing a convenient and comfortable solution for those traveling in larger parties.


In this article, we will explore which cruise ships have 5 person rooms and delve into the criteria for these rooms. We will also discuss the different cruise lines that offer such accommodations, the room categories and features that can be expected, as well as any additional amenities and services specifically catered to guests staying in these rooms. Lastly, we will provide some useful tips for booking 5 person rooms on cruise ships.


With the information provided, you’ll be equipped to plan your cruise vacation with peace of mind, knowing that your entire group can stay together in a comfortable and spacious 5 person room. So let’s dive in!


Criteria for 5 Person Rooms on Cruise Ships

When looking for 5 person rooms on cruise ships, there are a few important criteria to consider. These criteria ensure that the room can comfortably accommodate all guests and provide a pleasant experience for everyone onboard. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Size and Layout: 5 person rooms typically have a larger size and are designed with a layout that maximizes space. They often include additional beds or pull-out sofas to accommodate the extra guests.
  2. Sleeping Arrangements: The room should provide appropriate sleeping arrangements for all guests, whether it’s a combination of double beds, single beds, or convertible sofas. Ensuring that everyone has a comfortable place to sleep is essential.
  3. Amenities: Look for rooms that offer amenities such as a private bathroom, storage space for belongings, a seating area, and a small refrigerator. These amenities are important for convenience and ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.
  4. Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of the room, especially if there are elderly or mobility-impaired individuals in your group. Look for rooms that are easily accessible and have appropriate facilities to meet their needs.
  5. Location: The location of the 5 person room on the cruise ship is also important. Some guests may prefer rooms closer to amenities and activities, while others may prefer a quieter location away from the noise. Choose a room location that suits your preferences and needs.

It’s important to note that the availability of 5 person rooms can vary depending on the cruise ship and itinerary. Some ships may have limited options, so it’s advisable to book early or consult with a travel agent to secure the desired accommodations.


Now that we’ve covered the criteria for 5 person rooms, let’s explore the cruise lines that offer these accommodations.


Cruise Lines Offering 5 Person Rooms

Several cruise lines recognize the need for larger accommodations and offer 5 person rooms to accommodate families and larger groups. Here are some cruise lines that provide these rooms:

  1. Royal Caribbean International: Royal Caribbean is known for its family-friendly amenities, and they offer 5 person rooms on many of their ships. Their spacious cabins are designed to comfortably accommodate everyone, with options like bunk beds, pull-out sofas, and additional storage space.
  2. Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line has a variety of ships that feature 5 person rooms. Their rooms are designed with flexibility in mind, including fold-down beds and pull-out sofas to maintain comfort and maximize space. They also offer interconnecting cabins, which can be ideal for larger groups traveling together.
  3. Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Line offers 5 person rooms on their ships, designed with families in mind. These spacious cabins feature various sleeping arrangements, including pull-down beds and bunk beds. Carnival also provides many family-friendly amenities and activities throughout the ship.
  4. Disney Cruise Line: Disney Cruise Line is renowned for its exceptional family entertainment, and they offer 5 person rooms on their ships. These rooms are well-appointed and include thoughtful Disney-themed touches. Disney Cruise Line also offers exclusive activities and entertainment for guests of all ages.
  5. MSC Cruises: MSC Cruises offers 5 person rooms on their family-friendly ships. These rooms are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, providing ample space for families to relax. MSC Cruises also offers a range of activities and amenities to keep passengers entertained throughout their voyage.

It’s important to check with each cruise line for specific information on the availability and pricing of 5 person rooms. Additionally, some luxury and boutique cruise lines may also have options for larger accommodations, although they may be limited. Consulting with a travel agent can be helpful in finding the best cruise line that suits your group’s needs.


Now that we are familiar with the cruise lines that offer 5 person rooms, let’s explore the different room categories and features that can be expected.


Room Categories and Features

When booking a 5 person room on a cruise ship, there are typically a few different room categories to choose from. These categories offer varying sizes, layouts, and features. Here are some common room categories and features you can expect:

  1. Standard Family Room: This is the most common type of 5 person room on a cruise ship. It usually consists of a larger cabin with multiple beds, including double beds, single beds, or pull-out sofas. These rooms may also include a private bathroom, storage space, and a seating area.
  2. Suite: Some cruise lines offer suite accommodations that can comfortably accommodate 5 guests. Suites provide a more luxurious and spacious experience, with separate sleeping and living areas. They may also come with additional amenities such as a private balcony, butler service, and exclusive access to certain areas of the ship.
  3. Interconnecting Cabins: To accommodate larger groups, some cruise lines offer the option of booking multiple cabins with connecting doors. This allows families or friends to stay close while still having their own individual spaces.
  4. Accessible Rooms: Cruise lines also have accessible 5 person rooms available for guests with disabilities or mobility restrictions. These rooms are specifically designed to meet accessibility requirements, with features such as wider doorways, accessible bathrooms, and modified furniture layouts.

In addition to the room categories, there are certain features that may be included in 5 person rooms on some cruise ships. These features can enhance the comfort and convenience of your stay. Some common features include:

  • Storage space for luggage and personal belongings
  • A small refrigerator or mini-bar
  • A flat-screen TV with a selection of channels and movies
  • Comfortable bedding and linens
  • In-room safes to store valuables
  • A desk or seating area for relaxation
  • Climate control settings for individual comfort
  • A private bathroom with toiletries provided

It’s important to note that the specific room categories and features can vary depending on the cruise line, ship, and even the itinerary. Therefore, it’s advisable to check with the cruise line or consult a travel agent to ensure you have the correct information before making a booking.


Now that we have explored the room categories and features, let’s discuss any additional amenities and services specifically catered to guests staying in 5 person rooms.


Additional Amenities and Services for 5 Person Rooms

When booking a 5 person room on a cruise ship, there are often additional amenities and services that are specifically catered to guests staying in these rooms. Cruise lines strive to ensure that families and larger groups have a comfortable and enjoyable experience onboard. Here are some additional amenities and services you can expect:

  1. Dedicated Concierge: Some cruise lines provide a dedicated concierge service for guests staying in 5 person rooms. This personalized service can assist with any special requests or needs, including making reservations for dining, entertainment, or spa treatments.
  2. Priority Embarkation and Debarkation: Guests staying in 5 person rooms may receive priority embarkation and debarkation, allowing them to skip long lines and enjoy a smoother and more efficient check-in and check-out process.
  3. Access to Exclusive Areas: Certain cruise ships have exclusive areas or lounges reserved for guests staying in suites or 5 person rooms. These areas offer a more private and relaxed atmosphere along with additional perks such as complimentary drinks and snacks.
  4. Special Kids’ Activities: Cruise lines often provide a variety of supervised activities and clubs specifically designed for children and teenagers. This gives younger guests staying in 5 person rooms the opportunity to socialize, make new friends, and participate in age-appropriate activities while under the supervision of trained staff.
  5. Flexible Dining Options: Cruise lines understand that families and larger groups may have different dining preferences and schedules. Therefore, they often offer flexible dining options, including early or late seating, buffet-style dining, and specialty dining venues, allowing guests to choose the dining experience that best suits their needs.
  6. In-Room Dining: 5 person rooms may offer the convenience of in-room dining, allowing guests to enjoy meals and snacks in the privacy of their cabin. This can be particularly useful for families with young children or for those who prefer to dine in a more intimate setting.
  7. Complimentary Wi-Fi: Some cruise lines provide complimentary or discounted Wi-Fi packages for guests staying in 5 person rooms. This allows guests to stay connected with loved ones back home or share their vacation experiences on social media.

It’s important to note that the availability of these amenities and services can vary depending on the cruise line, ship, and itinerary. It is advisable to check with the cruise line or consult a travel agent to confirm the specific perks and privileges included in your booking.


Now that we have covered the additional amenities and services for 5 person rooms, let’s move on to some tips for booking these rooms on cruise ships.


Tips for Booking 5 Person Rooms on Cruise Ships

Booking a 5 person room on a cruise ship requires some careful consideration to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when booking these rooms:

  1. Plan and book early: 5 person rooms tend to fill up quickly, so it’s best to plan and book your cruise well in advance. This will give you a better chance of securing the desired accommodations and getting the best available rates.
  2. Consult with a travel agent: Consider consulting with a travel agent who specializes in cruises. They can help you navigate through the various cruise lines, ships, and itineraries to find the best options that suit your group’s preferences and budget.
  3. Consider the cabin location: Think about the location of the 5 person room on the ship. If you prefer a quieter setting, consider choosing a cabin away from entertainment venues and high-traffic areas. However, if you want easy access to amenities, a cabin closer to the ship’s central areas may be more suitable.
  4. Compare room configurations and amenities: Different cruise lines may offer different configurations and amenities in their 5 person rooms. Compare the options available to find a room that best meets your group’s needs, including the number and size of beds, bathroom facilities, storage space, and additional features.
  5. Consider interconnecting cabins: If a single 5 person room is not available, consider booking interconnecting cabins. This allows your group to stay close while still having separate cabins, providing more space and privacy.
  6. Check for promotions and deals: Keep an eye out for any promotions or deals offered by the cruise lines. They may have special offers for 5 person rooms, such as discounted rates, onboard credits, or complimentary upgrades that can enhance your cruise experience.
  7. Read reviews and seek recommendations: Before finalizing your booking, take the time to read reviews and seek recommendations from other travelers who have stayed in 5 person rooms on similar cruise ships. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.
  8. Communicate special needs or requests: If you have any special needs or requests, such as accessible accommodations, dietary restrictions, or allergies, be sure to communicate them to the cruise line when booking your 5 person room. This will ensure that necessary arrangements are made to accommodate your group’s specific requirements.

By considering these tips, you can increase the chances of securing the perfect 5 person room for your group and enjoy a memorable and comfortable cruise vacation.


With that, we have covered the tips for booking 5 person rooms on cruise ships. Let’s conclude our article.



Booking a 5 person room on a cruise ship allows families and larger groups to enjoy a memorable vacation together. With the criteria, cruise lines, room categories, additional amenities, and booking tips discussed in this article, you are now well-equipped to find the perfect accommodations for your group.


Remember to consider the size, layout, and amenities offered in 5 person rooms. Research the cruise lines that offer these rooms, such as Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, and MSC Cruises. Explore the different room categories available, such as standard family rooms, suites, and interconnecting cabins. Take note of additional amenities and services catered to guests in 5 person rooms, such as dedicated concierge services, exclusive access, and special activities for children.


When booking, plan and book early, consult with a travel agent, compare room configurations and amenities, and consider interconnecting cabins if needed. Check for promotions and deals, read reviews, and communicate any special needs or requests to ensure a seamless experience for your group.


By following these tips, you can secure a comfortable and enjoyable 5 person room on a cruise ship, allowing your group to make lifelong memories while cruising the open seas.


So, start planning your cruise vacation today and embark on an adventure that will create cherished moments for everyone onboard!