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What Cruise Ships Are All-Inclusive


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Georgianne Bussell



Embarking on a cruise vacation is an exciting and memorable experience. The allure of exploring different destinations while enjoying luxurious amenities and first-class service is irresistible. When planning a cruise, one of the key considerations is whether to opt for an all-inclusive package.


All-inclusive cruise ships offer a hassle-free vacation experience, where almost everything you need is included in the upfront cost. From accommodation and meals to entertainment and activities, these packages aim to provide convenience and value for money. However, it is essential to understand what exactly is covered in an all-inclusive cruise ship package to ensure you make an informed decision.


In this article, we will delve into the world of all-inclusive cruise ships, exploring their benefits, what is typically included and excluded in these packages, and factors to consider when choosing the right cruise ship for your vacation. Additionally, we will highlight some of the top all-inclusive cruise ship options available.


Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of all-inclusive cruise ships, enabling you to make the most of your vacation while enjoying a stress-free and unforgettable experience.


Understanding All-Inclusive Cruise Ships

All-inclusive cruise ships are a popular choice among travelers looking for a seamless and inclusive vacation experience. These ships offer a wide range of amenities, services, and activities that are bundled into a single upfront price. Understanding the concept of all-inclusive cruise ships is essential to fully grasp the value they provide.


Unlike traditional cruises where additional charges may apply for various onboard amenities and services, all-inclusive cruise ships aim to provide a comprehensive package that covers the majority of your onboard expenses. This means that once you step foot on the ship, you can indulge in a plethora of activities without having to worry about constantly reaching for your wallet.


One of the primary advantages of all-inclusive cruise ships is the convenience they offer. With most of your key expenses already paid for, you can relax and enjoy your vacation without constantly thinking about budgeting or planning for additional costs. This hassle-free approach allows you to truly unwind and immerse yourself in the activities and offerings available onboard.


Another benefit of all-inclusive cruise ships is the potential for cost savings. By bundling various services and amenities into a single price, cruise lines can often offer competitive rates compared to purchasing everything separately. This can be particularly advantageous if you plan on taking advantage of the onboard activities and amenities extensively.


It is important to note that while all-inclusive cruise ships provide a wide range of inclusions, there may still be certain items or services that are not covered. These can vary depending on the cruise line and specific package you choose, so it is essential to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions before booking.


Overall, all-inclusive cruise ships provide a convenient and cost-effective way to experience a luxurious vacation at sea. With a clear understanding of what to expect from these ships, you can embark on your cruise with peace of mind, knowing that most of your onboard expenses are already taken care of.


Benefits of All-Inclusive Cruise Ships

Opting for an all-inclusive cruise ship package can offer a myriad of benefits that enhance your overall vacation experience. From financial savings to convenience and peace of mind, here are some of the key advantages of choosing an all-inclusive cruise:

Financial Savings:

One of the most significant benefits of an all-inclusive cruise ship package is the potential for cost savings. By bundling your accommodations, meals, and various onboard amenities into a single price, you can often secure a better overall value compared to paying for each item separately. This can be especially beneficial if you plan on taking advantage of the available activities and dining options extensively.


With an all-inclusive cruise ship package, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation experience. Once you are on board, most of your expenses are covered, allowing you to relax and indulge in the ship’s amenities without constantly worrying about additional charges. From world-class dining options to onboard entertainment and activities, everything is conveniently accessible and included in your upfront payment.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that the majority of your onboard expenses are already taken care of can provide a sense of peace and tranquility during your cruise. You can fully immerse yourself in the onboard experience, without having to constantly monitor your spending or worry about unexpected bills. This peace of mind allows you to focus more on enjoying your vacation and creating lasting memories.

Variety of Activities and Amenities:

All-inclusive cruise ships often offer a wide array of activities and amenities that cater to various interests and preferences. From luxurious spas and fitness centers to engaging entertainment options and enrichment programs, there is something for everyone on board. With a comprehensive package, you can explore and indulge in these offerings without the need to budget separately for each activity.

Value for Money:

By availing an all-inclusive cruise ship package, you can maximize the value you receive from your vacation. These packages typically include a range of benefits, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, beach towel service, onboard credit, and more. These added extras can enhance your experience and provide excellent value for the money you have invested in your cruise.


With these compelling benefits, it’s no wonder that all-inclusive cruise ships continue to attract travelers seeking convenience, value, and an unforgettable vacation experience. By opting for an all-inclusive package, you can make the most of your time at sea while enjoying a range of perks and amenities that elevate your overall cruise experience.


What’s Included in All-Inclusive Cruise Ship Packages

All-inclusive cruise ship packages can vary depending on the cruise line and specific package you choose. However, there are several common inclusions that you can expect to find in these packages. Here are some of the key components typically included in all-inclusive cruise ship packages:


Your all-inclusive cruise ship package will generally include your choice of accommodation, ranging from cozy interior cabins to spacious suites with private balconies. The cost of your room, as well as the associated amenities and services, will usually be included in the upfront price.

Meals and Dining Options:

Most all-inclusive cruise ship packages cover meals and offer a variety of dining options. From elegant main dining rooms and specialty restaurants to casual buffets and cafes, you can indulge in a wide range of culinary delights throughout your cruise. Some packages may also include 24-hour room service, allowing you to satisfy your cravings at any time.


In many all-inclusive cruise ship packages, certain beverages are included, such as water, coffee, tea, and select non-alcoholic beverages. Some packages may also include alcoholic beverages, ranging from house wines and beers to signature cocktails and spirits. However, it is important to note that premium brands and specialty drinks may incur additional charges.

Entertainment and Activities:

All-inclusive cruise ships offer a wealth of onboard entertainment and activities to keep you entertained throughout your voyage. This can include Broadway-style shows, live music performances, comedy acts, themed parties, and enrichment programs. Additionally, you can take advantage of the ship’s facilities such as pools, fitness centers, sports courts, and more.

Tips and Service Charges:

In many all-inclusive cruise ship packages, tips and service charges are typically included within the upfront price. This means that you won’t need to worry about tipping individual staff members unless you feel that their service exceeded expectations and want to acknowledge it personally.

Port Taxes and Fees:

Port taxes and fees, which are associated with docking and disembarking in different ports of call, are usually included in all-inclusive cruise ship packages. These charges can vary depending on the destinations visited and the duration of your cruise.


While these inclusions are common, it’s important to carefully review the specific details of your chosen all-inclusive cruise ship package, as there may be slight variations. Understanding what’s included in your package will help you make the most of your cruise and minimize any potential additional expenses.


Common Exclusions in All-Inclusive Cruise Ship Packages

While all-inclusive cruise ship packages aim to cover a wide range of amenities and services, there are typically certain items that are not included in these packages. It’s important to be aware of these common exclusions to avoid any surprises and effectively plan your budget for additional expenses. Here are some of the common exclusions you may encounter in all-inclusive cruise ship packages:

Alcoholic Beverages and Specialty Drinks:

While some all-inclusive packages include a selection of alcoholic beverages, premium brands, specialty drinks, and cocktails may incur additional charges. If you have specific preferences or enjoy indulging in high-end drinks, it’s recommended to check if these are covered or if there will be extra costs.

Alternative Dining Venues:

While many all-inclusive packages offer a wide variety of dining options, some specialty restaurants or themed dining experiences may have additional fees. These venues usually offer a more intimate or exclusive dining experience, and dining in these venues may incur an extra cost.

Spa and Salon Services:

Indulging in rejuvenating spa treatments or getting pampered at the onboard salon can be a relaxing experience. However, these services often come at an additional cost and are usually not included in all-inclusive cruise ship packages. It’s advisable to check the pricing and availability of these services if you are interested in such offerings.

Wi-Fi and Internet Access:

While some cruise lines now offer complimentary Wi-Fi as part of their all-inclusive packages, this is not always the case. Internet access for browsing or staying connected with loved ones may require an additional fee or the purchase of an internet package.

Shore Excursions:

Exploring ports of call and participating in shore excursions is one of the highlights of a cruise vacation. However, these excursions are generally not included in all-inclusive packages and often come with an extra cost. It’s important to budget separately for these activities if you plan on participating in them.

Gratuities for Exceptional Service:

While tips and service charges are typically included in all-inclusive packages, it is common to encounter situations where you may want to show appreciation for exceptional service from specific staff members. In these instances, it’s customary to provide an additional gratuity as a token of gratitude.


Understanding the common exclusions in all-inclusive cruise ship packages helps you plan your expenses and avoid any unexpected costs. Be sure to review the details of your chosen package carefully and budget accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable cruise experience.


Different Types of All-Inclusive Cruise Ships

All-inclusive cruise ships come in various forms, catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly experience, a luxurious getaway, or an adventure-packed voyage, there is an all-inclusive cruise ship to suit your needs. Here are some of the different types of all-inclusive cruise ships:

Luxury Cruise Ships:

Luxury all-inclusive cruise ships offer the epitome of elegance, exclusivity, and personalized service. These ships are known for their lavish accommodations, gourmet dining experiences, and top-notch amenities. With a focus on attention to detail and a high staff-to-guest ratio, luxury cruise ships provide a truly indulgent experience for discerning travelers.

Family-Friendly Cruise Ships:

Family-friendly all-inclusive cruise ships are designed to cater to the needs and preferences of all members of the family, from kids to grandparents. These ships offer a wide range of age-appropriate activities, entertainment options, and dedicated kids’ clubs. Family-friendly cruises often include child-friendly dining options, splash pools, water parks, and even supervised excursions for the little ones.

River Cruise Ships:

All-inclusive river cruise ships provide a unique and intimate way to explore inland waterways and visit charming cities, towns, and villages along the rivers. These ships offer a more intimate and immersive experience, with smaller passenger capacities and a focus on cultural enrichment. River cruises often include guided shore excursions, onboard lectures, and regional cuisine, allowing passengers to discover hidden gems and picturesque landscapes.

Adventure and Expedition Cruise Ships:

For those seeking thrilling and off-the-beaten-path adventures, all-inclusive adventure and expedition cruise ships are a perfect choice. These ships are designed to explore remote and rugged destinations, such as the polar regions, Galapagos Islands, or the Amazon rainforest. Adventure cruises often include expert-led excursions, wildlife encounters, and activities like kayaking, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Themed Cruise Ships:

Themed all-inclusive cruise ships cater to specific interests or hobbies, providing a unique and immersive experience. From music-themed cruises featuring live performances by renowned artists to wellness cruises with yoga and meditation classes, there is a themed cruise ship to suit every passion. Themed cruise ships often offer specialized activities, workshops, and entertainment related to the specific theme.


These are just a few examples of the different types of all-inclusive cruise ships available. It’s important to research and choose a ship that aligns with your preferences, interests, and budget. Whether you seek luxury, family fun, cultural immersion, adventure, or a themed experience, the variety of all-inclusive cruise ships ensures there is something for everyone.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an All-Inclusive Cruise Ship

When selecting an all-inclusive cruise ship for your vacation, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you choose the right option that aligns with your preferences and needs. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

Destination and Itinerary:

The destination and itinerary of the cruise are crucial factors to consider. Determine which regions or specific ports of call you are interested in visiting and ensure that the cruise ship you choose offers these destinations in their itinerary. Consider whether you prefer tropical destinations, cultural experiences, wildlife encounters, or a combination of different experiences.

Onboard Amenities and Activities:

Take into account the amenities and activities available onboard the cruise ship. Do you prefer relaxed days by the pool, indulging in spa treatments, or engaging in high-energy activities like rock climbing or water sports? Consider the entertainment options, fitness facilities, dining options, and any specific amenities that you prioritize for your vacation experience.

Cruise Line Reputation and Reviews:

Research the reputation of the cruise line you are considering. Read reviews from past passengers to gain insights into the quality of service, cleanliness, and overall experience. Consider the cruise line’s level of experience, safety records, and customer satisfaction to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Stateroom Options:

Examine the variety of stateroom categories available on the cruise ship. Determine whether you prefer an interior cabin, ocean-view cabin, or a suite with a balcony. Consider the size and amenities of the stateroom, as well as the location on the ship. Factors such as proximity to elevators or noise levels may influence your decision.

Budget and Value:

Consider your budget and evaluate the value you will receive from the all-inclusive cruise ship package. Compare the inclusions, amenities, and services provided by different cruise lines to ensure you are getting the most for your money. Take into account any additional expenses that may arise, such as optional excursions, specialty dining, or spa treatments.

Travel Dates and Availability:

Check the availability and travel dates for the cruise ship you are interested in. Consider whether you have flexibility in your travel dates and whether you prefer to travel during peak or off-peak seasons. Keep in mind that popular cruise ships and itineraries may have limited availability, so it’s advisable to book in advance to secure your desired dates.


By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the all-inclusive cruise ship that best suits your preferences and requirements. Taking the time to research and evaluate your options will help ensure a memorable and enjoyable vacation experience at sea.


Top All-Inclusive Cruise Ship Options

When it comes to choosing an all-inclusive cruise ship, there are several standout options that consistently rank among the best in the industry. These cruise lines offer exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, a wide range of amenities, and a memorable onboard experience. Here are some of the top all-inclusive cruise ship options:

Regent Seven Seas Cruises:

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is known for its all-inclusive luxury experience, offering spacious suites, exquisite dining options, and personalized service. Their ships boast elegant décor, world-class spas, and enriching onboard activities. Regent’s all-inclusive packages include unlimited shore excursions, pre-paid gratuities, unlimited Wi-Fi, and a selection of fine wines and spirits.

Crystal Cruises:

Crystal Cruises is renowned for its commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Their all-inclusive ships provide a sophisticated atmosphere, exceptional dining options, and a variety of onboard activities. Crystal’s all-inclusive packages include unlimited fine wines, premium spirits, gratuities, and complimentary specialty dining.

Seabourn Cruise Line:

Seabourn Cruise Line offers intimate and luxurious all-inclusive cruises. Their ships provide spacious suites, personalized service, and gourmet dining experiences. Seabourn’s all-inclusive packages include open bars throughout the ship, complimentary fine wines at lunch and dinner, gratuities, and exclusive shore experiences.

Silversea Cruises:

Silversea Cruises is known for its small, intimate ships and all-inclusive luxury experience. The line offers spacious suites, personalized service, and exquisite dining options. Silversea’s all-inclusive packages include butler service in every suite, complimentary beverages, gratuities, and a selection of suite categories with inclusive onboard spending credit.

Paul Gauguin Cruises:

Paul Gauguin Cruises specializes in all-inclusive voyages to the beautiful islands of French Polynesia and the South Pacific. The line’s ship, the m/s Paul Gauguin, offers spacious cabins, excellent dining options, and a focus on relaxation and natural beauty. Paul Gauguin’s all-inclusive packages include all onboard meals and beverages, gratuities, and access to their private beach in Bora Bora.


These are just a few examples of the top all-inclusive cruise ship options available. Each offers a unique experience, but all share a commitment to luxury, exceptional service, and an all-inclusive package that provides convenience and value for money. Consider your preferences, desired destinations, and budget to choose the all-inclusive cruise ship that best matches your vacation dreams.


Tips for Maximizing Your All-Inclusive Cruise Ship Experience

Embarking on an all-inclusive cruise ship vacation provides a fantastic opportunity to relax, explore, and indulge in a variety of onboard amenities and services. To make the most of your experience, consider these tips for maximizing your all-inclusive cruise ship adventure:

Research and Choose the Right Ship:

Take the time to research different cruise lines and their all-inclusive offerings. Consider the ship’s amenities, onboard activities, and dining options to ensure they align with your interests and preferences. By choosing the right ship, you can tailor your experience to best suit your vacation desires.

Plan in Advance:

Prioritize your preferences and plan your activities ahead of time. Research the onboard entertainment schedule, dining options, and available excursions in the ports of call. Pre-booking popular specialty dining venues, spa treatments, and shore excursions can help you secure your preferred choices and avoid disappointment.

Make Use of Onboard Amenities:

Take advantage of the all-inclusive amenities onboard. Indulge in the spa facilities, relax by the pool, and participate in onboard activities such as fitness classes or enrichment programs. These amenities are part of your all-inclusive package, so enjoy them to the fullest.

Try Specialty Dining:

Although the main dining options are usually part of the all-inclusive package, consider trying the specialty dining venues for a memorable culinary experience. Specialty restaurants often offer unique menus and gourmet cuisine, providing a chance to treat yourself to exceptional meals during your cruise.

Explore the Destinations:

While enjoying the onboard amenities is enticing, don’t forget to explore the destinations you will be visiting. Take advantage of the included shore excursions, or venture out on your own to discover local attractions and immerse yourself in the culture and experiences of each port of call.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water while onboard to stay hydrated throughout your cruise. While some beverages may be included in your all-inclusive package, it’s crucial to stay properly hydrated, especially in warm climates or during active excursions.

Engage with the Staff:

The crew members onboard are there to provide exceptional service and ensure your comfort and enjoyment. Engage with the staff, ask for recommendations, and let them assist you in making your cruise experience even more memorable. Show appreciation for exceptional service as you see fit.

Take Advantage of Onboard Entertainment:

Immerse yourself in the onboard entertainment options. Attend live shows, performances, and themed parties to fully embrace the lively atmosphere of the ship. These entertaining events are included in your all-inclusive package and provide a memorable experience during your cruise.


By following these tips, you can maximize your all-inclusive cruise ship experience and create lasting memories. Take full advantage of the amenities, activities, and services included in your package, and make the most of your time both on the ship and in the fascinating destinations you visit along the way.



All-inclusive cruise ships offer a convenient, value-packed, and memorable vacation experience. Understanding what is included in these packages and considering factors such as destination, amenities, and budget can help you choose the right ship for your needs. Whether you opt for a luxury cruise, a family-friendly adventure, or a themed voyage, you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation where most of your expenses are already covered.


By taking advantage of the all-inclusive amenities and activities onboard, planning ahead, and exploring the destinations you visit, you can make the most of your cruise experience. Trying specialty dining options, engaging with the crew, staying hydrated, and enjoying the onboard entertainment are just a few tips to enhance your cruise adventure.


From the top-notch service of Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Crystal Cruises to the intimacy of Seabourn Cruise Line and river cruises, there is an all-inclusive ship to suit every preference and budget. Each cruise line offers its unique blend of luxury, comfort, and inclusive packages to ensure a satisfying and enjoyable vacation at sea.


Ultimately, choosing an all-inclusive cruise ship allows you to indulge in a stress-free and enriching vacation, where the focus is on creating lasting memories rather than worrying about additional costs. Whether you’re exploring exotic destinations, enjoying world-class cuisine, or basking in onboard entertainment, an all-inclusive cruise ship provides an exceptional travel experience that caters to your every need.


So, set sail on an all-inclusive cruise ship, immerse yourself in the luxury and convenience of these packages, and embark on an unforgettable voyage that combines relaxation, discovery, and exceptional service.