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How To Book A Cruise For A Family Of 6


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Daphne Binns



Booking a cruise for a family of 6 can be an exciting and memorable experience. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, celebrating a special occasion, or simply looking to spend quality time together, a cruise offers something for everyone. From endless onboard activities to exploring exotic destinations, a cruise provides a hassle-free vacation option that caters to the needs and preferences of all family members.


However, with so many cruise options available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the choices and find the right fit for your family. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you book the perfect cruise for your family of 6. From selecting the right cruise line to planning excursions and activities, we’ll walk you through the entire process step by step.


Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-timer, taking the time to plan and research will ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation for your family. By considering factors such as the cruise line, ship amenities, itinerary, cabin options, and family-friendly activities, you can make informed decisions that will cater to the unique needs and interests of your family members, both young and old.


So, let’s embark on this journey together and discover how to book a cruise that will create lasting memories for your family of 6.


Step 1: Choosing the Right Cruise Line

Choosing the right cruise line is the first and most important step in booking a cruise for your family of 6. Each cruise line has its own unique atmosphere, amenities, and target audience, so it’s essential to find one that aligns with your family’s interests and preferences.


Start by researching different cruise lines and reading reviews to get a sense of their reputation and offerings. Consider factors such as the onboard activities, dining options, entertainment, and overall ambiance. Some cruise lines cater more towards families with young children, while others focus on providing a luxury experience or catering to specific interests like adventure or culture.


Additionally, consider the size and layout of the ships. Larger ships may have more amenities and entertainment options, while smaller ships may offer a more intimate and personalized experience. Depending on your family’s preferences, you can choose a ship that provides the right balance of activities and relaxation.


Another crucial consideration is the destinations and itineraries offered by the cruise line. Decide whether you want to explore tropical beaches, historical sites, or bustling cities. Some cruise lines specialize in certain regions, so make sure to choose one that offers itineraries that align with your family’s interests.


Lastly, take into account the cruise line’s policies and services for families. Are there dedicated kids’ clubs and activities for children of different age groups? Can the cruise line accommodate dietary restrictions or special needs? These are important factors to consider to ensure that all members of your family are comfortable and well-catered to during the cruise.


By doing thorough research and considering these factors, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and find the cruise line that offers the best experience for your family of 6. Once you have chosen the right cruise line, you can move on to the next step in the booking process: selecting the right ship.


Step 2: Selecting the Right Ship

After choosing the cruise line that suits your family’s preferences, the next step in booking a cruise for your family of 6 is selecting the right ship. Each ship within a cruise line offers its own unique features, amenities, and overall experience, so it’s important to consider these factors when making your decision.


Start by looking at the size of the ship. Larger ships generally offer a wider array of onboard activities, multiple dining options, and extensive entertainment. They may also have more spacious cabins, giving your family room to spread out and relax. On the other hand, smaller ships often provide a more intimate and personalized experience, with a smaller number of passengers and a greater sense of community.


Consider the family-friendly amenities available on the ship. Look for features such as swimming pools, water parks, sports courts, and kids’ clubs that cater to different age groups. Having dedicated spaces and activities for children will ensure that they stay entertained and engaged throughout the cruise.


Research the dining options on the ship. Are there multiple restaurants and cuisines to choose from? Are there options for special dietary needs or picky eaters? Having a variety of dining choices will give your family the flexibility to enjoy meals that suit everyone’s tastes.


Take note of the onboard entertainment and shows. Are there Broadway-style productions, live music, or comedy shows? Having a diverse range of entertainment options will keep the whole family entertained during the evenings or on sea days.


Consider the cabin options available on the ship. Some ships offer family-sized cabins or suites that can accommodate larger groups, ensuring that everyone has a comfortable place to sleep and relax. Check for amenities like connecting rooms or cots for infants if needed.


Finally, take into account the overall ambiance and theme of the ship. Some ships focus on providing a laid-back and casual atmosphere, while others offer a more formal or themed experience. Choose a ship that aligns with your family’s style and preferences to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


By considering these factors and researching different ships within your chosen cruise line, you can select a ship that offers the right balance of amenities, entertainment, and comfort for your family of 6. With the ship chosen, you can now move on to the next step: determining the ideal itinerary for your cruise vacation.


Step 3: Determining the Ideal Itinerary

Once you have chosen the cruise line and ship, the next step in booking a cruise for your family of 6 is determining the ideal itinerary. A cruise itinerary dictates the destinations and ports of call that the ship will visit during the voyage. It’s essential to consider the interests and preferences of your family members when selecting the itinerary.


Start by thinking about the type of destinations you want to explore. Do your family members prefer relaxing on tropical beaches, exploring historical landmarks, or immersing themselves in vibrant cities? Consider the variety of destinations offered by the cruise line and choose an itinerary that aligns with your family’s interests.


Take into account the duration of the cruise and the number of port days versus sea days. Some families prefer a more laid-back vacation with more sea days to enjoy the onboard amenities, while others prefer a port-intensive itinerary to explore multiple destinations. Consider the balance that suits your family’s preferences and energy levels.


Research the excursions and activities available at each port of call. Look for family-friendly options such as snorkeling trips, guided city tours, or wildlife encounters. Excursions can enhance the overall experience and provide unique opportunities for your family to create lasting memories.


Consider the time of year and weather conditions in the destinations you will be visiting. Make sure to choose an itinerary that offers favorable weather for the activities and experiences you have in mind. Taking into account school schedules and work commitments can also help ensure that the chosen itinerary works well for your family.


Think about the pace of the itinerary. Some cruises offer longer stays at each port, allowing for more in-depth exploration, while others have shorter port visits with a focus on maximizing the number of destinations visited. Choose an itinerary that strikes the right balance for your family’s preferred pace of travel.


By carefully considering these factors and doing thorough research on the itinerary options available, you can select the ideal itinerary for your family of 6. A well-planned and thought-out itinerary will provide a balance of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration for everyone to enjoy during the cruise.


Once you have determined the ideal itinerary, the next step is to move on to Step 4: Understanding Cabin Options, where we will explore the different types of cabins available for your family to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay onboard.


Step 4: Understanding Cabin Options

When booking a cruise for your family of 6, understanding the cabin options available is crucial to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay onboard. Cruise ships offer a variety of cabin types to suit different needs, budgets, and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the right cabin for your family.


Firstly, consider the size and layout of the cabins. Depending on your cruise line and ship, you may have the option of choosing from interior cabins, oceanview cabins, balcony cabins, or even suites. Larger cabins or suites can provide more space for your family to relax and move around comfortably.


Next, think about the sleeping arrangements. Some cabins offer bunk beds or pull-out sofas to accommodate a larger number of guests. This can be a great option for families with children, allowing everyone to have their own bed without needing additional cabins.


Another important consideration is the cabin’s location. Cabins located in the middle or lower decks of the ship tend to experience less motion, which can be advantageous for those prone to seasickness. Additionally, choosing a cabin closer to the elevators or common areas can make it easier to access amenities and activities onboard.


Take into account the views and natural lighting offered by different cabin types. Oceanview cabins and balcony cabins allow you to enjoy scenic views and natural light, creating a more open and airy atmosphere. However, if budget is a concern, interior cabins can be a cost-effective option while still providing a comfortable place to rest.


Consider the amenities and features included in the cabin. Some cabins may offer mini-fridges, televisions, and even private balconies. These additional features can enhance your family’s comfort and enjoyment during the cruise.


Finally, be sure to check the maximum occupancy limit of each cabin type. Ensure that the cabin you choose can comfortably accommodate your family of 6 without overcrowding, and that it complies with the ship’s safety regulations.


By understanding the different cabin options available and considering factors such as size, layout, sleeping arrangements, location, views, amenities, and occupancy limits, you can select a cabin that meets the needs and preferences of your family. With the cabin chosen, you can move on to Step 5: Checking for Family-friendly Amenities, where we will explore the onboard facilities and activities designed for families to enjoy together.


Step 5: Checking for Family-friendly Amenities

When booking a cruise for your family of 6, it’s important to check for family-friendly amenities offered by the cruise line. Family-friendly amenities can enhance the overall experience and ensure that everyone in your family, from the youngest to the oldest, has a fantastic time onboard.


Start by looking for dedicated kids’ clubs and activities. Many cruise lines offer supervised programs for different age groups, ranging from toddlers to teenagers, providing a safe and engaging environment for kids to socialize and have fun. Check for age-appropriate activities, games, and entertainment options that cater to the interests of your children.


Consider the availability of family-friendly dining options. Some cruise lines offer special menus, buffet stations, or designated dining areas for families with young children. Having a variety of food choices that suit different tastes and dietary needs within close proximity can make mealtime more enjoyable for the whole family.


Check if the cruise ship offers babysitting services or in-cabin childcare options. This can be especially helpful for parents who want some alone time or wish to explore adult-only areas of the ship. Knowing that your children are in safe hands allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation.


Look for onboard amenities that cater to different age groups. Are there water parks or swimming pools specifically designed for kids? Are there sports courts or mini-golf for older children and teenagers? Having diverse recreational activities onboard ensures that there’s something for everyone in your family to enjoy.


Consider the presence of family-friendly entertainment options. Look for live shows, movies, or themed parties that the whole family can attend together. Interactive game shows or trivia competitions can also provide a fun bonding experience for everyone.


Take note of any special events or themed cruises that may be happening during your travel dates. These events can offer unique experiences and additional entertainment tailored to families, such as character meet and greets or themed parties.


Lastly, check if the cruise line offers amenities and services for infants and toddlers, such as cribs, high chairs, or baby-sitting services. Having these conveniences available can make traveling with young children much easier and more comfortable.


By checking for family-friendly amenities and considering factors such as kids’ clubs, dining options, childcare services, recreational activities, entertainment, special events, and amenities for infants and toddlers, you can ensure that your family will have a memorable and enjoyable experience onboard. With the amenities checked, it’s time to move on to Step 6: Comparing Prices and Deals, where we will explore ways to find the best prices and discounts for your cruise booking.


Step 6: Comparing Prices and Deals

When booking a cruise for your family of 6, it’s essential to compare prices and deals to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Here are some tips to help you find the most competitive prices and take advantage of any available deals.


Start by researching different travel agencies and booking websites that offer cruise deals. Make a list of reputable sources and compare the prices they offer for the same cruise itinerary and cabin category. Sometimes, different agencies may have exclusive promotions or discounts that can result in significant savings.


Look for last-minute deals or promotions. Cruises often offer discounted rates for cabins that have not been booked close to the departure date. Keep an eye out for these deals if you have a flexible schedule and don’t mind booking closer to the sailing date.


Consider booking during shoulder seasons or off-peak times. Prices tend to be lower during these periods as demand is typically lower. Additionally, if you have more flexibility with your travel dates, you may be able to find better deals.


Check for package deals that include airfare, transfers, and pre or post-cruise hotel stays. Bundling these elements can often result in additional savings compared to booking them separately.


Join loyalty programs or frequent cruiser clubs. Cruise lines often offer perks and discounts to their loyal customers. By joining these programs, you may be eligible for exclusive discounts or onboard credits that can further reduce the overall cost of the cruise.


Consider booking a group cruise. Many cruise lines offer special group rates and incentives for booking a certain number of cabins. If you’re traveling with a group of friends or multiple families, this can be a great way to save on the cost of the cruise.


Keep an eye out for special promotions and discounts specifically for families. Some cruise lines offer kids sail free promotions or reduced rates for children sharing a cabin with their parents. Take advantage of these family-specific deals to maximize savings.


Compare the included amenities and perks offered by different cruise lines. Some cruise lines may include additional benefits like complimentary drink packages, onboard credits, or specialty dining vouchers, which can add value to your overall cruise experience.


Remember to factor in any additional expenses such as gratuities, onboard activities, excursions, and specialty dining when comparing prices. While a lower upfront price may seem appealing, it’s important to consider the overall value and potential extra costs associated with your cruise.


By taking the time to compare prices, research deals, and consider the overall value, you can find the best prices and discounts for your family cruise. With the prices and deals compared, it’s time to move on to Step 7: Making the Reservation, where we will guide you through the process of securing your booking.


Step 7: Making the Reservation

Once you have chosen the cruise, compared prices, and found the best deal, it’s time to make the reservation for your family cruise. Making a reservation can be a straightforward process if you follow these steps:


1. Contact the cruise line or travel agency: Reach out to the cruise line directly or the chosen travel agency to initiate the booking process. Provide them with all the necessary information, including the sailing date, cabin category, number of guests, and any special requirements or preferences.


2. Review the terms and conditions: Take the time to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the booking. It’s vital to be aware of any cancellation policies, payment schedules, and other important details before proceeding with the reservation.


3. Provide personal information: Be prepared to provide personal information for each member of your family, including full names, dates of birth, contact information, and passport details if applicable. Accuracy is essential to ensure smooth processing and compliance with immigration requirements.


4. Make the deposit: Most cruise lines require a deposit to secure your reservation. The amount will vary depending on the cruise line and length of the cruise. Ensure that you are clear on the deposit amount and payment deadlines to avoid any cancellation penalties.


5. Choose additional services: At this point, you may have the opportunity to add any additional services to your reservation, such as dining packages, beverage packages, or spa treatments. Consider the needs and preferences of your family to determine if any of these extras would enhance your cruise experience.


6. Review the booking confirmation: Once you have provided all the necessary information and made the deposit, you should receive a booking confirmation. Review it carefully to ensure that all the details, including the sailing date, cabin category, and guest information, are correct.


7. Make final payments: Typically, the remaining balance of your cruise fare is due a few months before the sailing date. Set a reminder to make the final payment on time to avoid any cancellation penalties or loss of your reservation.


8. Sign any required documents: Depending on the cruise line, you may need to sign additional documents, such as a passenger contract or liability waiver. Read through these documents carefully and sign as required to complete the reservation process.


9. Obtain travel insurance: While not mandatory, it’s highly recommended to purchase travel insurance to protect your investment in case of unexpected events or emergencies. Look for a policy that provides adequate coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, and trip interruption.


10. Keep copies of all documents: Once your reservation is confirmed, make copies of all the booking-related documents, including the confirmation, payment receipts, and any additional services or insurance policies. Keep them in a safe place and bring them with you when you embark on your cruise.


By following these steps, you can successfully make a reservation for your family cruise. Making the reservation is an important milestone in your planning process, and it brings you one step closer to enjoying a memorable vacation with your loved ones.


With the reservation made, it’s time to move on to Step 8: Planning for Excursions and Activities, where we will guide you on how to make the most of your time in port and onboard.


Step 8: Planning for Excursions and Activities

Planning for excursions and activities is an important step in maximizing your family’s cruise experience. By carefully selecting and organizing your activities both onshore and onboard, you can create memorable moments for everyone in your family. Here are some tips to help you plan for excursions and activities:


1. Research the ports of call: Start by researching the destinations that your cruise will visit. Look for popular attractions, landmarks, and activities that are suitable for your family’s interests and preferences. Consider whether you want to explore the destination independently or book organized shore excursions through the cruise line or third-party companies.


2. Book shore excursions in advance: If you decide to book organized shore excursions, it’s advisable to make your reservations in advance. Some popular excursions may have limited availability and can sell out quickly. Booking early also allows you to secure the activities and attractions that are most appealing to your family.


3. Consider the interests and ages of your family members: Select activities that cater to the varied interests and ages of your family members. For example, if you have young children, look for excursions that offer kid-friendly experiences like interactive museums or wildlife encounters.


4. Allow for flexibility: While planning excursions, leave some room for flexibility in your schedule. This allows for spontaneous exploration or relaxation if desired. It also helps avoid a rushed and overly packed itinerary, allowing you to enjoy the destination at a more leisurely pace.


5. Take advantage of onboard activities: Cruise ships offer a wide range of onboard activities and entertainment options. Research and take note of the daily activity schedule to identify events and shows that are of interest to your family. From live performances to children’s clubs and sports tournaments, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


6. Coordinate with other families or friends: If you are traveling with other families or friends, coordinate your excursion and activity choices. This allows for shared experiences, group discounts, and makes the planning process more streamlined. Collaborate and decide on activities that everyone can enjoy together.


7. Allocate free time for relaxation and exploration: While it’s important to plan and book activities, also allocate some free time for relaxation and exploration. Use this time to soak in the onboard amenities, explore the ship, or simply relax by the pool. Balancing scheduled activities with downtime ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable cruise vacation.


8. Check for onboard activity reservations: Some cruise lines require reservations for certain onboard activities, such as specialty dining, spa treatments, or shows. Check if any of these require advance reservations to secure your preferred time slots and avoid disappointment.


9. Consider cultural experiences: When planning excursions, consider incorporating cultural experiences that provide insights into the local traditions and customs of the destinations you will be visiting. This can include activities such as visiting local markets, participating in cooking classes, or attending cultural performances.


10. Keep safety in mind: While planning for excursions and activities, prioritize safety for your family. Research the reputation and safety record of the tour operators and excursions you are considering. Follow any guidelines or recommendations provided by the cruise line to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


By following these tips, you can effectively plan for excursions and activities that cater to your family’s interests and preferences. Taking the time to plan ahead ensures that you make the most of your time both onshore and onboard. With your excursions and activities planned, it’s time to move on to Step 9: Preparing for the Cruise, where we will guide you on what to do before embarking on your family cruise.


Step 9: Preparing for the Cruise

As your family cruise approaches, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prepare for your upcoming adventure. By planning and organizing beforehand, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for your family. Here are some essential tips to help you prepare for the cruise:


1. Check travel documentation: Ensure that all members of your family have the necessary travel documents, including passports, visas, and any additional identification required for the cruise. Check the validity of these documents to avoid any last-minute complications.


2. Pack smartly: Create a packing list for each family member to ensure you have everything you need for the cruise. Pack appropriate clothing for both onboard activities and excursions, including swimwear, comfortable shoes, and formal attire if required. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, medications, and any necessary toiletries.


3. Familiarize yourself with the cruise line’s policies: Take the time to review the cruise line’s policies and guidelines. Understand the onboard rules, dress codes, and dining protocols to ensure you and your family adhere to them. Pay attention to any specific policies related to children or enhanced health and safety measures.


4. Plan transportation and transfers: Make arrangements for transportation to and from the cruise port. If you’re flying, consider booking airport transfers or arranging for a rental car in advance. Research parking options if you plan to drive to the port and ensure you have clear directions.


5. Arrange pre or post-cruise accommodations: If you’re arriving a day or two before the cruise or staying after it ends, book accommodations accordingly. Look for hotels near the cruise port or in desirable areas of the destination to make the most of your pre or post-cruise stay.


6. Keep important contact information accessible: Save and store the emergency contact information provided by the cruise line. Additionally, carry a printed copy of your cruise reservation details, including embarkation details, cabin number, and any important phone numbers, in case of any technology or communication issues.


7. Purchase travel insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your family against unforeseen events, such as cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage. Compare different insurance plans and choose one that provides adequate coverage for your needs.


8. Plan for budget and expenses: Determine the budget for your cruise vacation and plan accordingly. Consider additional expenses, such as gratuities, specialty dining, onboard activities, and souvenirs. Make sure you have enough cash or credit cards for any personal expenses or emergencies.


9. Review health and safety measures: Familiarize yourself with the health and safety measures implemented by the cruise line. Stay updated on any vaccination or testing requirements and ensure you and your family comply with them. Prepare any necessary health-related documents or forms as required.


10. Share important details with family members: Communicate information about the cruise itinerary, embarkation details, and any other important information with all family members. Make sure everyone is aware of the scheduled activities, meeting points, and emergency procedures.


By following these preparation tips, you can ensure that your family cruise is organized and stress-free. Taking care of the necessary arrangements beforehand allows you to relax and focus on enjoying quality time with your loved ones during the cruise. With the preparations complete, it’s time to embark on your family cruise and create lasting memories together!



Booking a cruise for your family of 6 can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate through the process with ease and confidence. From choosing the right cruise line and ship to planning excursions and activities, each step plays a significant role in creating a memorable vacation for your family.


Starting with selecting the right cruise line that aligns with your family’s interests and preferences, you can ensure a cruise experience tailored to your needs. Choosing the right ship, understanding cabin options, and checking for family-friendly amenities contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of your family’s time onboard. Comparing prices and looking for deals ensures that you find the best value for your money.


Planning for excursions and activities allows you to make the most of the destinations you visit, while preparing for the cruise helps ensure a smooth experience from start to finish. By following these steps, you can minimize stress and maximize enjoyment for your entire family.


Remember to research, compare, and communicate with your family members throughout the process to ensure that everyone’s needs and preferences are taken into account. Flexibility and open-mindedness are key to adapting and making the most of your cruise vacation.


As you embark on this voyage with your family, create lasting memories and embrace the journey together. Cherish the shared experiences, explore new destinations, and enjoy the multitude of onboard activities and entertainment. A family cruise offers something for everyone, from young children to grandparents, providing quality time, relaxation, and adventure all in one unforgettable vacation.


So, set sail on your family cruise and create memories that will be treasured for years to come. Bon voyage!