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How Many Ships Does Princess Cruise Line Operate?


by Elsey Shepherd



Welcome aboard the fascinating world of Princess Cruise Line! If you’re considering embarking on a memorable cruise vacation, you’re in for a treat. Princess Cruise Line, one of the most renowned and trusted names in the industry, offers a wide range of voyages to extraordinary destinations worldwide.


With a rich history dating back over five decades, Princess Cruise Line has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional service, top-notch accommodations, and unforgettable experiences at sea. From the moment you step onboard, you’ll be immersed in a world of luxury, comfort, and adventure.


Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to cruising, Princess Cruise Line caters to all types of passengers. From families seeking fun-filled activities to couples looking for a romantic getaway, there’s something for everyone on a Princess cruise.


With a fleet of stunning ships, Princess Cruise Line offers an impressive array of options for every taste and preference. From intimate vessels designed for a more exclusive experience to larger ships offering a variety of amenities and entertainment options, there’s a ship to suit every traveler’s needs.


Throughout this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Princess Cruise Line. We’ll explore the history of the company, take a closer look at their fleet of ships, discover the various ship categories, and highlight the incredible amenities and activities on board.


Moreover, we’ll delve into the itineraries and destinations that Princess Cruise Line covers, giving you a glimpse of the breathtaking places you can explore during your voyage. We’ll also touch on Princess Cruise Line’s reputation within the industry and why they are considered one of the leaders in the world of cruising.


So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a virtual journey through the world of Princess Cruise Line. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what makes Princess Cruise Line a top choice for cruise enthusiasts around the globe.


History of Princess Cruise Line

The story of Princess Cruise Line began in 1965 when founder Stanley McDonald chartered a ship named the “Princess Patricia” to sail from Los Angeles on a vacation cruise to Mexico. This marked the humble beginning of what would eventually become one of the leading cruise lines in the world.


Recognizing the potential of the cruise industry, Stanley McDonald continued to expand his fleet and offerings. In 1974, the company changed its name to Princess Cruises and became a subsidiary of the British shipping company P&O (Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company). This partnership allowed Princess Cruises to access additional resources and expand its operations.


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Princess Cruises became known for its unique approach to cruising. They introduced the concept of “Love Boats,” inspired by the popular television series of the same name. This innovative marketing strategy helped to elevate Princess Cruises’ brand awareness and attract a broader audience of travelers.


Throughout the following decades, Princess Cruises continued to invest in innovative ships and cutting-edge amenities. In 1998, they introduced the Grand Princess, the first of their groundbreaking Grand Class ships, which featured a unique design with a spacious atrium and a variety of onboard amenities.


Over the years, Princess Cruises has also solidified its commitment to environmental sustainability. They were one of the first cruise lines to install advanced wastewater treatment systems on their ships, reducing their environmental impact. They also implemented energy-saving initiatives and support various conservation and community development projects around the world.


In 2003, Princess Cruises became part of the Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest leisure travel company, which allowed for even greater investment and expansion. Today, Princess Cruises operates as one of the Carnival Corporation’s cruise line brands while maintaining its own unique identity and commitment to exceptional service and guest experiences.


With a rich history spanning over five decades, Princess Cruises has established itself as a leader in the cruise industry. Their dedication to providing unforgettable vacations, coupled with their commitment to innovation and sustainability, has earned them numerous awards and accolades over the years.


As we dive deeper into this article, we’ll uncover more about the impressive fleet of ships Princess Cruises has to offer, the incredible destinations they sail to, and the exciting onboard amenities and activities that await passengers. So, get ready to embark on a historical and adventurous journey with Princess Cruises!


Fleet Overview

Princess Cruise Line boasts an impressive fleet of ships, each offering its own unique charm and array of amenities. With a total of 18 ships in operation as of 2021, Princess Cruise Line provides a wide range of options to cater to various preferences and travel styles.


The fleet includes ships of different sizes and categories, from intimate vessels designed for a more exclusive and intimate experience to larger ships offering a broader range of entertainment options and amenities. No matter which ship you choose for your voyage, you can expect top-notch service, comfortable accommodations, and an unforgettable journey at sea.


Princess Cruise Line’s fleet includes iconic ships such as the Royal Princess, Regal Princess, and Majestic Princess, each known for their elegance and sophistication. These newer ships boast modern design elements and innovative features, creating a truly luxurious and memorable onboard experience.


For those seeking a more intimate and upscale atmosphere, the fleet also includes smaller ships like the Pacific Princess. With a capacity of fewer than 700 passengers, these ships offer a more immersive and personalized experience, allowing guests to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations that larger ships cannot access.


In addition to the main fleet, Princess Cruise Line also operates a fleet of river cruise ships known as “American Queen Steamboat Company.” These paddlewheel vessels offer unique river cruise experiences on iconic rivers such as the Mississippi, Ohio, and Columbia.


Princess Cruise Line’s commitment to innovation is showcased through their “Ocean Medallion” technology. This wearable device enhances the guest experience by providing personalized services, facilitating seamless embarkation and disembarkation, and offering a wide range of interactive features.


With such a diverse and modern fleet, Princess Cruise Line ensures that there is a ship to suit every traveler’s preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a large-scale ship with an array of entertainment options or a smaller vessel with a more intimate atmosphere, Princess Cruise Line has you covered.


Now that we have an overview of Princess Cruise Line’s fleet, let’s dive into a more detailed look at some of the specific ships in their lineup and explore their unique features and offerings.


Princess Cruise Line Ships

Princess Cruise Line’s fleet is comprised of a diverse range of ships, each offering its own distinct features and amenities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable ships in their lineup:

  • Royal Princess: This elegant and modern ship can accommodate over 3,500 passengers. It features luxurious amenities such as a stunning central atrium, a relaxing adults-only retreat, a variety of dining options, and a captivating art collection.
  • Regal Princess: Sister ship to the Royal Princess, the Regal Princess offers similar upscale features and amenities. This ship also boasts the impressive SeaWalk, a glass-bottomed walkway extending over the side of the ship, providing breathtaking ocean views.
  • Majestic Princess: As the largest ship in the Princess fleet, the Majestic Princess is designed to offer an immersive and luxurious experience. Passengers can enjoy a wide range of activities, including a beautifully designed indoor pool area, a variety of dining choices, and spacious staterooms.
  • Island Princess: This mid-sized ship is known for its intimate feel, making it perfect for those seeking a more relaxed and immersive cruising experience. The Island Princess features a stunning outdoor theater, specialty restaurants, and spacious suites with private balconies.
  • Pacific Princess: As one of the smallest ships in the fleet, the Pacific Princess offers a charming and intimate atmosphere. With its limited capacity, this ship provides an exclusive and personalized experience, perfect for those seeking a more off-the-beaten-path adventure.

These are just a few examples of the exceptional ships in Princess Cruise Line’s fleet. Each ship is carefully designed to provide comfort, luxury, and an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.


It’s important to note that Princess Cruise Line continues to innovate and enhance its fleet. They have plans to introduce new ships in the future, ensuring that passengers can always look forward to the latest advancements in cruising technology and amenities.


With a wide range of ships to choose from, Princess Cruise Line ensures that there is a perfect fit for every traveler. Whether you’re looking for a large and lively ship or a more intimate and tranquil experience, the fleet of Princess Cruise Line has something to offer for everyone.


Ship Categories

Princess Cruise Line offers a variety of ship categories to cater to different preferences and travel styles. From larger, amenity-rich vessels to smaller, more intimate ships, each category provides a unique onboard experience. Let’s explore the different ship categories offered by Princess Cruise Line:

  • Grand Class Ships: This category includes ships like the Royal Princess and Regal Princess. These ships are known for their spaciousness, luxurious amenities, and innovative features. Passengers can enjoy expansive atriums, multiple pools, a variety of dining options, and world-class entertainment.
  • Royal Class Ships: The Royal Class category includes ships like the Majestic Princess. These ships offer a blend of elegance, style, and innovative design. They feature impressive amenities such as expansive outdoor spaces, serene retreats, gourmet dining venues, and breathtaking entertainment options.
  • Mid-Sized Ships: The mid-sized ships, such as the Island Princess, provide a more intimate and relaxed cruising experience. With a capacity of around 2,000 passengers, these ships offer a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Passengers can enjoy an array of dining options, thoughtfully designed cabins, and unique onboard activities.
  • Small Ships: Princess Cruise Line’s small ships, like the Pacific Princess, offer a more intimate and immersive cruising experience. With a capacity of around 670 passengers, these ships can access smaller ports and hidden gems that larger ships cannot reach. Passengers can enjoy a more personalized service, unique itineraries, and a charming onboard atmosphere.

Each ship category provides a distinct experience, catering to different preferences and travel styles. Whether you prefer the excitement and range of amenities on larger ships or the intimacy and personalized service of smaller vessels, Princess Cruise Line has a ship category to suit your preferences.


It’s important to note that while the ships in each category share certain design elements and features, each ship within the category offers its own unique style and ambiance. From the décor and artwork to the dining options and entertainment choices, every ship has its own personality, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience with each voyage.


When selecting a ship category, consider factors such as the size and capacity of the ship, the onboard amenities and activities, and the type of cruising experience you desire. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant and lively atmosphere or a more intimate and serene setting, Princess Cruise Line has a ship category that will exceed your expectations.


Size and Capacity of Ships

Princess Cruise Line operates a fleet of ships that vary in size and capacity, allowing them to accommodate a wide range of passengers. Let’s explore the different sizes and capacities of the ships in the Princess fleet:

  • Large Ships: Princess Cruise Line’s large ships, such as the Royal Princess and Regal Princess, can accommodate over 3,500 passengers. These spacious vessels are designed to offer a vast array of amenities, including multiple dining options, entertainment venues, and recreational facilities. Despite their size, these ships provide a comfortable and luxurious experience for guests.
  • Mid-Sized Ships: The mid-sized ships, like the Island Princess, have a capacity of around 2,000 passengers. These ships provide a more intimate and relaxed setting compared to their larger counterparts. Passengers can enjoy a quieter and less crowded experience while still benefiting from a range of amenities, including specialty restaurants, pools, and entertainment options.
  • Small Ships: Princess Cruise Line’s small ships, such as the Pacific Princess, have a capacity of around 670 passengers. These intimate vessels offer a cozy and personalized experience, perfect for those seeking a more immersive and off-the-beaten-path adventure. With their smaller size, these ships can visit unique ports and destinations that larger ships cannot access.

It’s important to note that despite the varying sizes and capacities of the ships, each one is designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for passengers. Princess Cruise Line takes pride in ensuring that guests never feel overcrowded or overwhelmed, regardless of the ship’s size.


When choosing a ship, consider your preferences for onboard space and the atmosphere you desire. If you enjoy a more vibrant and lively ambiance, you may prefer the larger ships with their extensive range of amenities and entertainment options. Alternatively, if you prefer a more intimate and serene setting, the mid-sized or small ships would be a better fit.


Princess Cruise Line’s commitment to passenger comfort extends beyond the size and capacity of their ships. Each vessel is carefully designed with ample public spaces, spacious cabins, and thoughtful layout plans to ensure a seamless and enjoyable cruising experience for all passengers.


By offering ships of various sizes, Princess Cruise Line strives to meet the needs and preferences of a diverse range of travelers. Whether you prefer a larger ship with a bustling atmosphere or a smaller vessel with a more intimate feel, you can trust that Princess Cruise Line has the perfect option for you.


Itineraries and Destinations

Princess Cruise Line offers a wide range of itineraries and destinations to satisfy the wanderlust of every traveler. Whether you’re craving the beauty of the Caribbean, the awe-inspiring sights of Alaska, or the cultural gems of Europe, Princess Cruise Line has an itinerary to suit your desires.


Caribbean cruises with Princess are a popular choice for those seeking sunny beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant island culture. These itineraries often include stops in popular Caribbean destinations such as St. Thomas, Cozumel, Aruba, and Barbados.


For those looking to explore the majestic wilderness of Alaska, Princess offers thrilling itineraries through the Inside Passage. Passengers can marvel at towering glaciers, observe abundant wildlife, and visit charming Alaskan ports like Ketchikan, Skagway, and Juneau.


European voyages with Princess Cruise Line allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history and stunning beauty of the continent. Whether you desire the grandeur of the Mediterranean, the enchantment of the British Isles, or the romance of the Baltic Sea, Princess has numerous itinerary options to choose from.


Princess Cruise Line also offers voyages to exotic destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and South America. These itineraries provide a chance to explore vibrant cities, ancient ruins, and diverse landscapes, all while enjoying the comfort and luxury of your Princess ship.


Moreover, Princess Cruise Line understands that some travelers yearn for longer, more immersive experiences. That’s why they offer world cruises that span multiple continents and last for several months. These epic journeys take passengers on an unforgettable adventure, visiting iconic destinations and off-the-beaten-path gems along the way.


It’s worth noting that Princess Cruise Line makes it a priority to incorporate local culture and experiences into their itineraries. From offering authentic shore excursions led by knowledgeable guides to featuring local cuisine and entertainment onboard, Princess Cruise Line ensures that passengers have the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in each destination they visit.


With Princess Cruise Line, the world is your oyster. Whether you want to embark on a relaxing beach getaway, explore rugged wilderness, or discover ancient wonders, there’s an itinerary and destination waiting for you. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Princess Cruise Line.


Onboard Amenities and Activities

Princess Cruise Line is renowned for its impressive range of onboard amenities and activities, ensuring that passengers have a memorable and fulfilling experience throughout their voyage. From culinary delights to entertainment options, there is something for everyone on a Princess cruise.


One of the highlights of a Princess cruise is the exceptional dining experience. Passengers can indulge in a variety of gourmet cuisine options, ranging from international flavors to specialty restaurants curated by renowned chefs. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy steak, fresh seafood, or delectable desserts, the onboard dining options are sure to tantalize your taste buds.


In addition to exquisite dining, Princess offers a diverse array of entertainment choices to cater to every interest. From live Broadway-style shows and musical performances to comedy shows and movies under the stars, there is never a dull moment onboard. The Princess Theater, an impressive venue with state-of-the-art technology and Broadway-caliber productions, is a crowd favorite.


For relaxation and rejuvenation, passengers can indulge in the luxurious spa and wellness facilities. Unwind with a soothing massage, pamper yourself with a beauty treatment, or take a dip in the pool. Many ships also offer fitness centers equipped with the latest equipment and fitness classes, ensuring that wellness enthusiasts can stay active during their voyage.


Princess Cruise Line places great importance on family-friendly activities, making it an ideal choice for those traveling with children. Onboard youth and teen programs offer age-appropriate activities, supervised by trained staff, to keep young passengers entertained and happy. From arts and crafts to video games and sports tournaments, children of all ages can enjoy their own adventures while parents have time to relax and enjoy their vacation.


Furthermore, passengers can engage in enrichment activities that allow them to learn and discover new things while at sea. These activities may include destination-focused lectures, cooking or mixology classes, and art workshops. Such opportunities provide a deeper understanding of the regions being visited and add an educational element to the cruise experience.


Lastly, Princess Cruise Line ensures that guests have plenty of opportunities for leisure and socializing. From libraries and card rooms to lounges and bars, there are numerous spaces where passengers can relax with a book, meet new friends, or enjoy a cocktail while taking in the stunning ocean views.


With an impressive range of onboard amenities and activities, Princess Cruise Line offers an unforgettable experience for passengers of all ages and interests. Whether you prefer fine dining, exhilarating entertainment, relaxation and wellness, family fun, or enrichment opportunities, Princess has it all covered, ensuring that every moment of your cruise is filled with joy, relaxation, and lifelong memories.


Princess Cruise Line in the Industry

Princess Cruise Line holds a prominent position in the cruise industry, known for its exceptional service, innovative offerings, and commitment to providing unforgettable voyages for its guests. Here’s a closer look at Princess Cruise Line’s standing in the industry:


Innovation and Guest Experience: Princess Cruise Line continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation to enhance the guest experience. They were the pioneers of the “Love Boat” concept in the 1970s, which revolutionized and popularized cruising. Today, they continue to innovate with features like the Ocean Medallion technology, allowing for personalized and seamless onboard experiences.


Environmental Stewardship: Princess Cruise Line is committed to environmental sustainability. They have invested in advanced wastewater treatment systems, energy-efficient technologies, and responsible waste management practices. They continuously strive to reduce their environmental footprint and protect the pristine destinations they visit.


Industry Recognition: Princess Cruise Line’s dedication to excellence has earned them numerous awards and accolades over the years. They have been recognized for their exceptional service, onboard amenities, dining experiences, entertainment, and sustainability efforts. These accolades highlight their commitment to providing a memorable and extraordinary cruising experience.


Preferred Cruise Line: Princess Cruise Line is a preferred choice for many travelers around the world. Their reputation for delivering exceptional service, top-notch accommodations, and a wide variety of itineraries appeals to a broad range of passengers. Repeat guests and positive word-of-mouth recommendations contribute to their continued success in the industry.


Strong Partnership and Brand Identity: Princess Cruise Line is part of the Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest leisure travel company. This partnership provides Princess with resources and expertise to continuously innovate and improve their offerings. Despite being part of a larger corporation, Princess Cruise Line maintains its own unique brand identity and loyal following.


Shared Industry Expertise: As a member of the cruise industry, Princess Cruise Line actively collaborates with other cruise lines, industry organizations, and governing bodies to share best practices and contribute to the overall development and growth of the industry. They are committed to maintaining high standards and ethical practices, ensuring the well-being of both passengers and crew members.


Through a combination of exceptional service, innovative offerings, environmental stewardship, and industry recognition, Princess Cruise Line has established itself as a leader in the cruise industry. They continue to strive for excellence and provide guests with unparalleled cruising experiences, making them a preferred choice for those seeking unforgettable adventures at sea.



Princess Cruise Line has cemented its position as a leading player in the cruise industry, offering exceptional voyages and unforgettable experiences to passengers around the world. With a rich history, an impressive fleet of ships, and a commitment to excellence, Princess Cruise Line continues to captivate travelers with their exceptional service, innovative amenities, and diverse itineraries.


Throughout the years, Princess Cruise Line has demonstrated a dedication to delivering the highest quality cruising experience. From their inception as the “Love Boat” pioneers to their continued innovation with features like the Ocean Medallion, Princess Cruise Line has consistently pushed the boundaries to enhance the guest experience.


Their fleet of ships, ranging from large-scale vessels to smaller and more intimate ones, offers a variety of choices to cater to different preferences and travel styles. Passengers can indulge in gourmet dining, enjoy world-class entertainment, relax in luxurious spas, and participate in a wide range of onboard activities and enrichment programs.


Princess Cruise Line’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through their implementation of advanced technologies and responsible practices to minimize their impact on the environment. They also prioritize the preservation of the destinations they visit, ensuring that future generations can continue to appreciate their beauty.


Recognized for their excellence within the industry, Princess Cruise Line has received numerous awards and accolades for their service, amenities, and sustainability efforts. Their reputation as a preferred cruise line is bolstered by positive guest experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations.


As part of the Carnival Corporation, Princess Cruise Line benefits from a strong partnership and access to resources that allow for continuous innovation and improvement. However, they maintain their own unique brand identity and loyal following, appealing to a diverse range of passengers seeking memorable journeys at sea.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a cruise experience that combines luxury, adventure, and outstanding service, look no further than Princess Cruise Line. With their incredible fleet of ships, diverse itineraries, exceptional amenities, and commitment to guest satisfaction, Princess Cruise Line is a leader in the industry, promising an unforgettable journey and memories to last a lifetime.