How To Choose The Best Carry On Luggage?

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Travellers often face a situation where their luggage is all tattered or overweight. Sometimes it doesn’t even show up on the conveyer belt? Are you wondering how to put an end to such scenarios? Choose the best carry on luggage with the perfect size, shape, style and bid goodbye to all the unpleasant situations at the airport.


Why Carry On Luggage Is Every Traveller’s Favourite?

Carry on luggage is one piece of baggage (or more), that will stay handy during your travel. From precious items such as laptops and jewellery to facewash and toothbrush, you can keep everything inside it. 


How To Choose The Best Carry On Luggage?

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If invested rightly, buying luggage is an investment where you get to reap the benefits for a long time  So go for a carry on luggage that fits your requirements and style based on the below-mentioned factors.



You will definitely love a bag that’s cool to carry. Besides, also consider the purpose for which you may use this luggage. If you need to carry it for hiking, its always better to buy a backpack. Perhaps if you are travelling for an official meeting, always consider buying a carry on luggage that looks more professional.


Weight & Dimensions

Give more emphasis on the carry on luggage’s size or else you will end up shelling extra pennies. Make sure that your carry on luggage has adequate dimensions, weight, and capacity for your belongings. An ideal carry on luggage size is around 20-22”, while weight may always vary.


Handles and Shoulders strap

What do you prefer? Handles or shoulder straps? If you go for handles, make sure they are sturdy and comfortable. If you go for shoulder straps make sure it is also well designed. Ideally, you must have both, so that you have the freedom to switch from one option to another.


Hardshell or Softshell

Hardshell luggage will protect your items from damage, especially when the luggage is tossed multiple times during transit. Softshell, on the other hand, is a bit more flexible, and you can accommodate a few more items with some pressing and adjusting.


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If your carry on luggage is on the heavier side, it’s better to buy one with wheels. There are also two options to choose from, two-wheel luggage and four-wheel luggage. In fact, for extra ease, luggage with eight wheels (also known as the spinner) is even better. Your choice must, however, be dependent on your own comfort level.



Durability is a must, as your carry on luggage must have sufficient strength to carry your stuff from source to destination. Plus it will be surely embarrassing if your luggage breaks off, and your items fall out, scattered on the floor. Besides, more durable luggage will be value for money.


5 Best Carry On Luggage Available In the Market. Have A Look!



Calpak Astyll Spinner Luggage 

calpak luggage
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For a good looking and cool carry on luggage, Calpak has amazing options.


The Astyll range has a hard shell that will keep your items safe and damage free. The best part is that these are available in different colors and all look fabulous.


There are two size variants, 22” and 30”. The multidirectional spinner makes this luggage super easy to move around. So this piece of luggage will tick all the checkboxes for style and durability.



Roam Luggage

Carryon luggage by Roam
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If you are really style conscious, get the colourful pieces from Roam.


You’ll never face any problem of mixed luggage, as yours will stand out from the rest. The weight is around 6.6 pounds, and you can also customize it with a personalized monogram. How awesome is that?



Maxwell Scott Leather Carry on Luggage

Maxwell scott luggage
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Maxwell Scott’s luxury carry on luggage is another stunner in the market. The beautiful leather case gives it a complete professional look. Besides, its various compartments make it easier for you to place your files and other stuff without any confusion.


Here comes another awesome fact about it, you can get it personalized as well! How cool is that?



Deuter Transit 40

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The water-resistant luggage by Deuter is another awesome carry on luggage option. It has multiple compartments, so your laptop, files, shoes, and shirts, will all be packed with ease.


It also has special stabilizing straps, that make it really easy to carry by evenly distributing the weight.



Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22”

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This is a magnificent wheeled duffle bag that can be the best option for the lightweight carry on luggage seekers. This is also a good option if the regular wheeled suitcases are not your style. All you need to do is roll in your stuff and kick start your journey!


What You CAN And CANNOT Carry In Your Carry On Luggage?

The first piece of reference, for this question, is the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules and guidelines. TSA works under the US Department of Homeland Security and sets the carriage rules for airport transits.


Alcoholic beverages with less than 70% of alcohol are allowed, but alcohol content beyond 70% are prohibited. Other items that you may freely pack along are baby food, binoculars, blankets, books, curling irons, etc. But any ammunition, lighters, weapons, baseball bat, cooking spray, etc are NOT allowed in your carry on luggage.


TSA liquid rules should never be ignored since many of us carry beverages, cosmetics and other stuff while we travel. It states that passengers can carry only travel sized containers (around 100 millilitres). Also, they must fit in a small resealable bag. These restrictions are put in place to ensure the safety of all passengers. As some liquids may cause mid flight fire, or other health issues to fellow passengers, if not worse. You must check the TSA rules and confirm that the items you are carrying are permitted or not. 


If you do not oblige to these rules, you may end up paying an extra fee, or you might have to dump the restricted articles at the airport, or worst, you may also be taken into custody. Therefore, it is always better to adhere to these guidelines.


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So, are you all set to pack in your favourite carry on luggage and looking forward to travelling to your favourite destination?


Always ensure that you buy your luggage carefully and follow the TSA guidelines for liquids and other items, to not land into any trouble. Also, make sure that you get the right TSA locks to prevent your luggage from theft and robbery.  This is the best way to assure a safe journey for yourself and your fellow travellers. Bon voyage! 

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