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What To Bring On A Disney Trip


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Tonie Fogel


Tips for Packing for Your Disney Trip

Preparing for a Disney trip can be both exciting and overwhelming. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, it’s important to pack wisely. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when packing for your Disney adventure:

  1. Research the weather: Check the weather forecast for the duration of your trip and pack accordingly. Florida’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s recommended to bring a mix of lightweight and layered clothing.
  2. Create a checklist: Make a list of essential items you’ll need, such as clothing, toiletries, and medications. This will help you stay organized and avoid forgetting anything important.
  3. Pack comfortable shoes: A Disney trip involves a lot of walking, so be sure to pack comfortable and supportive footwear. Opt for sneakers or closed-toe sandals that will keep your feet happy throughout the day.
  4. Bring reusable water bottles: Staying hydrated is crucial during a Disney trip, especially in the Florida heat. Bring along reusable water bottles to refill throughout the day and save money on purchasing drinks.
  5. Pack a day bag: Prepare a small backpack or tote bag to use during the day. Include essentials like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, a hat, sunglasses, snacks, and a lightweight rain poncho.
  6. Organize your belongings: Use packing cubes or small travel bags to keep your belongings neat and easily accessible. This will help you save time when unpacking and searching for specific items.
  7. Consider laundry options: If you’re planning an extended Disney trip, it may be worth considering doing laundry during your stay. Packing a few travel-sized detergent packets can help you freshen up your clothes without overpacking.
  8. Label your belongings: Disney theme parks can be crowded, and it’s easy for personal items to get misplaced. Label your bags and belongings with your name and contact information to increase the chances of them being returned if lost.
  9. Plan for theme park security: Familiarize yourself with the security policies at Disney parks. Avoid bringing prohibited items like glass containers, selfie sticks, or weapons to prevent any inconvenience during security checks.
  10. Leave room for souvenirs: It’s hard to resist the temptation of bringing home some Disney magic. Leave some space in your luggage for souvenirs or consider packing a collapsible bag to bring back extra items.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your Disney trip and can focus on making unforgettable memories. Happy packing!


Essential Clothing Items for a Disney Trip

When it comes to clothing for your Disney trip, comfort and practicality should be your top priorities. Here are some essential clothing items to pack for a magical and comfortable experience:

  1. T-shirts and Tops: Pack lightweight and breathable t-shirts or tops that will keep you cool during the day. Opt for Disney-themed shirts to embrace the spirit of the park.
  2. Shorts and Pants: Depending on the weather and your personal preference, pack a combination of shorts and lightweight pants. This will give you the flexibility to adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day or evening.
  3. Swimsuit: If you plan on visiting one of Disney’s water parks or enjoying a dip in the hotel pool, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit.
  4. Comfortable Shoes: As mentioned before, comfortable shoes are a must for a Disney trip. Opt for closed-toe sneakers or walking shoes that provide good support and cushioning for hours of walking.
  5. Socks and Underwear: Don’t forget to pack enough socks and underwear to last for the duration of your trip. Consider moisture-wicking materials to keep your feet dry and prevent discomfort.
  6. Lightweight Jacket or Sweater: Even though Florida is known for its warm weather, evenings can sometimes get chilly. Pack a lightweight jacket or sweater to keep you cozy during nighttime activities or if the temperature unexpectedly drops.
  7. Rain Gear: Florida weather is notorious for sudden rain showers. Be prepared by packing a compact rain poncho or a waterproof jacket to keep you dry if the skies open up.
  8. Hats and Sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun by packing a wide-brimmed hat or a baseball cap to shield your face and eyes. Sunglasses are also essential to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  9. Comfortable Sleepwear: After a long day of fun and excitement, you’ll want to have comfy sleepwear to relax and recharge for the next day’s adventures.

Remember to pack clothing that reflects your style and comfort preferences. Dressing appropriately for the weather will ensure a pleasant experience at the Disney parks. So, get ready to make magical memories while looking and feeling great!


Must-Have Accessories for a Disney Trip

Accessories can add a touch of magic and functionality to your Disney trip. Here are some must-have accessories to consider packing for a truly enchanting experience:

  1. Backpack or Day Bag: A backpack or day bag is essential for carrying your belongings throughout the day. Look for a bag with multiple compartments and comfortable straps to keep your essentials organized and accessible.
  2. MagicBand or Park Ticket Holder: MagicBands are a convenient way to access your park tickets, FastPasses, and other amenities within the Disney parks. If you prefer not to use a MagicBand, consider a park ticket holder or lanyard to keep your tickets easily accessible.
  3. Portable Charger: Keep your devices charged all day with a portable charger. With all the photo-taking and app usage, having a reliable power source will ensure you don’t miss any magical moments.
  4. Autograph Book and Pen: If meeting Disney characters is on your agenda, don’t forget to pack an autograph book and a pen. Getting character autographs is a cherished keepsake of your Disney experience.
  5. Camera or Smartphone with Extra Memory: Capture magical moments with a camera or smartphone. Make sure to bring extra memory cards or ensure ample storage space to save all the wonderful memories.
  6. Sunscreen and Lip Balm: Protect your skin from the Florida sun by packing sunscreen with a high SPF and lip balm with SPF. Reapply regularly to avoid sunburn and keep your skin moisturized.
  7. Reusable Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout the day by bringing a reusable water bottle. There are plenty of water fountains available for refills throughout the parks.
  8. Snacks: Pack some snacks like granola bars, trail mix, or fruit snacks to keep your energy levels up between meals or while waiting in line for attractions.
  9. Blanket or Towel: If you plan on watching parades, fireworks, or the Fantasmic! nighttime show, bring a small blanket or towel to sit on for added comfort.
  10. Poncho or Umbrella: Unexpected rain showers can happen, so it’s wise to pack a poncho or a small umbrella to stay dry while you enjoy the parks.

These accessories will enhance your Disney experience and help you stay organized, connected, and prepared for any situation. Don’t forget to pack them along with your other essentials and get ready for a magical adventure!


Important Documents and Money Essentials

When preparing for your Disney trip, it’s important to have all the necessary documents and money essentials in order. Here are some items you should bring to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience:

  1. Valid Identification: Be sure to bring a valid form of identification for each member of your party. This can be a driver’s license, passport, or any other government-issued ID.
  2. Park Tickets: Keep your park tickets in a safe and easily accessible place. If you’ve purchased them online, make sure to print or download the e-tickets before your trip.
  3. Confirmation and Reservation Details: If you’ve made any dining reservations, FastPass selections, or special event bookings, it’s essential to have the confirmation details handy. It’s also a good idea to have a copy of your hotel reservation.
  4. Credit and Debit Cards: Bring your credit and debit cards for easy payments throughout the Disney parks and resorts. Make sure to notify your bank about your travel plans to avoid any issues with international transactions.
  5. Cash: While credit and debit cards are widely accepted, it’s a good idea to carry some cash for smaller purchases, tips, or situations where card payment may not be available.
  6. Travel Insurance Information: If you’ve purchased travel insurance, keep a copy of the policy details and emergency contact information with you. This will come in handy in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Emergency Contact Information: Write down the contact information of a trusted family member or friend in case of emergencies. Keep this information easily accessible, either in your wallet or saved on your phone.
  8. Medical Information and Prescriptions: If you have any medical conditions or allergies, it’s important to carry pertinent medical information and prescriptions with you. This will ensure that you receive appropriate care if needed.
  9. Travel Documents: If you’re traveling from another country, don’t forget to bring your passport, visa, and any other required travel documents.
  10. Phone and Charger: Your smartphone is a valuable tool during your Disney trip for navigation, communication, and accessing park apps. Don’t forget to bring your phone charger or a portable battery pack to keep your device powered.

By organizing and keeping these important documents and money essentials secure, you’ll have peace of mind and be well-prepared for a hassle-free Disney adventure.


Practical Items for a Disney Trip

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable Disney trip, it’s important to pack practical items that will make your experience more convenient and comfortable. Here are some practical items to consider including in your packing list:

  1. Reusable Shopping Bags: Disney offers a range of merchandise, and having reusable shopping bags can make it easier to carry your purchases throughout the day.
  2. Travel-Sized Toiletries: Opt for travel-sized toiletries to save space in your luggage. Remember to pack essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and any specific personal care items you need.
  3. Medications: If you take any prescription medications, make sure to pack enough for the duration of your trip. It’s also a good idea to bring a small first aid kit with basic supplies like band-aids, pain relievers, and motion sickness medication.
  4. Sun Protection: Apart from sunscreen and lip balm, consider bringing a hat, sunglasses, and a sunshade or umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. This is particularly important in the hotter months or if you have sensitive skin.
  5. Tissues and Wet Wipes: Bring along a small pack of tissues and wet wipes for quick clean-ups, spills, or refreshing wipes during the day.
  6. Portable Fan: If you’re visiting in the warmer months, a portable fan can provide some relief from the heat. Opt for a handheld or battery-operated fan that you can easily carry with you.
  7. Extra Ziploc Bags: Ziploc bags can be incredibly useful for storing wet clothes, keeping snacks fresh, or protecting electronics from water rides or unexpected rain showers.
  8. Zip Ties or Twist Ties: Having a few zip ties or twist ties can come in handy for securing bags or temporarily fixing broken items.
  9. Travel Adapter and Power Strip: If you’re traveling from another country, consider bringing a travel adapter for your electronics. A power strip can also be useful to charge multiple devices if you have limited access to outlets in your accommodation.
  10. Portable Stain Remover: Accidents happen, so it’s great to have a small portable stain remover or stain remover pen on hand to tackle any spills or stains.

By including these practical items in your packing list, you’ll be well-prepared for any situation and enjoy a more convenient and comfortable Disney trip.


Entertainment and Comfort Items for a Disney Trip

While a Disney trip is incredibly thrilling, there may be moments where you’ll need some entertainment and comfort items to enhance your experience. Here are some suggestions to consider packing:

  1. Snacks and Drinks: Bring along your favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy during the day. This can help keep hunger at bay and save you some money between meals.
  2. Portable Phone/Tablet Stand: To watch shows or videos on your phone or tablet hands-free, pack a portable stand. It will come in handy while waiting in lines or relaxing in designated areas.
  3. Books or E-books: If you enjoy reading, bring a book or load up your e-reader with some novels, magazines, or comics to enjoy during downtime.
  4. Portable Gaming Devices: If you or your kids enjoy gaming, consider packing a handheld gaming device or portable game console to keep entertained during waits or rest breaks.
  5. Travel Board Games or Card Games: Bring along compact board games or card games for some family-friendly fun while waiting in lines or relaxing in your hotel room.
  6. Headphones or Earphones: A pair of headphones or earphones can provide personal entertainment and help create a more immersive experience, especially when enjoying Disney music or audio guides.
  7. Travel Pillow and Blanket: For long journeys or mid-day naps, a travel pillow and blanket will ensure you can rest comfortably and recharge.
  8. Travel-sized Handheld Fan or Misting Fan: Keep cool in the Florida heat by using a travel-sized handheld fan or misting fan. It’ll provide instant relief and refreshment during long, hot days.
  9. Comfortable Cushion or Seat Pad: Standing in lines for attractions can be tiring. A comfortable cushion or seat pad can provide some extra cushioning for your backside during extended waits.
  10. Portable Speaker: If you want to have a mini dance party or enjoy music together with your travel companions, pack a small portable speaker to amplify the fun.

These entertainment and comfort items will add an extra level of enjoyment to your Disney trip. Whether it’s relaxing with a good book or having a impromptu game night, these items will help you create memorable experiences and make the most of your time in the parks.


Snacks and Drinks for a Disney Trip

One thing that is sure to work up an appetite during a Disney trip is all the excitement and walking. While the parks offer a variety of food options, bringing your own snacks and drinks can help keep hunger at bay and save you some money. Here are some suggestions for snacks and drinks to pack for your Disney adventure:

  1. Granola Bars or Energy Bars: These compact and nutrient-filled bars are perfect for a quick energy boost between meals or while waiting in lines.
  2. Trail Mix or Nuts: A mix of nuts, dried fruit, and maybe even some chocolate can provide a satisfying and filling snack during your park adventures.
  3. Pre-cut Fruit and Veggie Sticks: Pack some pre-cut fruits like apples, grapes, or carrot sticks for a refreshing and healthy snack option.
  4. Pretzels or Crackers: Grab a bag of pretzels or your favorite crackers to munch on when hunger strikes. These snacks are easy to carry and make for a satisfying savory treat.
  5. Cheese Sticks or Babybel Cheese: Cheese sticks or individually wrapped Babybel cheeses are portable and provide a good source of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.
  6. Yogurt Cups or Pouches: If you’re a fan of yogurt, consider packing single-serve cups or pouches for a quick and refreshing snack.
  7. Individual Packs of Snack Cookies or Crackers: Individually packed cookies or crackers not only satisfy your sweet or savory cravings but are also easy to share or save for later.
  8. Reusable Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is important, especially during a day at the Disney parks. Bring reusable water bottles to refill at water fountains and stay refreshed throughout the day.
  9. Juice Boxes or Pouches: If you prefer something other than water, consider packing juice boxes or pouches for a flavorful and refreshing drink.
  10. Electrolyte Packets or Sports Drinks: Electrolyte packets or sports drinks can help replenish your electrolytes and keep you hydrated, especially on hot and sweaty days.
  11. Instant Coffee Packets or Tea Bags: If you’re a coffee or tea lover, bring along some instant coffee packets or tea bags to enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage on the go.

Remember to pack your snacks and drinks in a secure and accessible bag or backpack. Bringing your own snacks and drinks not only saves you money but also ensures that you have something readily available when hunger strikes. Enjoy your delicious snacks while making magical memories at the Disney parks!


Safety and Health Essentials for a Disney Trip

Ensuring your safety and well-being during your Disney trip is a top priority. To have a worry-free and healthy experience, it’s important to pack some safety and health essentials. Here are some items to consider including in your packing list:

  1. Face Masks: In light of current circumstances, it’s vital to pack an ample supply of face masks for each member of your party. Make sure they are comfortable and follow the guidelines set by the park.
  2. Hand Sanitizer: Keep a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for regular use. It’s a convenient way to ensure your hands stay clean even when handwashing facilities are not readily available.
  3. Basic First Aid Kit: Pack a small first aid kit with essentials such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications. It’s always better to be prepared for minor bumps and scrapes.
  4. Sunscreen and Bug Repellent: Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sunscreen regularly. Additionally, consider packing bug repellent to ward off any pesky insects in outdoor areas.
  5. Allergy Medications: If you or anyone in your group has allergies, bring necessary medications such as antihistamines or an EpiPen, and inform your travel companions and Disney cast members about any allergies or medical conditions.
  6. Reusable Straws and Utensils: If you prefer using your own straws or utensils for cleanliness or sustainability reasons, pack some reusable ones to use with your snacks or drinks.
  7. Emergency Contact Information: Carry a card or note with emergency contact information for each member of your party. Include names, phone numbers, and any pertinent medical information.
  8. Waterproof Phone Pouch or Case: Protect your phone from water rides or unexpected rain showers by using a waterproof phone pouch or a waterproof phone case.
  9. Pain Relievers and Antacids: Keep a small supply of pain relievers and antacids on hand for headaches, muscle aches, or any gastric discomfort that may arise during your trip.
  10. Travel Insurance Information: If you’ve purchased travel insurance, keep a copy of the policy details and contact information readily accessible in case you need to seek medical assistance or file a claim.

By packing these safety and health essentials, you’ll be well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances and able to fully enjoy your Disney adventure with peace of mind. Stay safe, well, and have an unforgettable time in the parks!


Miscellaneous Items to Bring on a Disney Trip

Aside from the essential items, there are a few miscellaneous items that can add convenience and enhance your overall Disney experience. Here are some suggestions to consider packing:

  1. Park Maps and Guidebooks: Although digital maps are readily available, having a physical park map and guidebook can be helpful for navigating the parks and planning your itinerary.
  2. Autograph Book and Pens: If meeting Disney characters is on your agenda, bring an autograph book and colorful pens to collect signatures from your favorite characters.
  3. Disney-themed Clothing or Accessories: Show off your love for Disney by packing some Disney-themed clothing, accessories, or even Mickey ears. Dressing up can enhance the magical experience.
  4. Pins for Pin Trading: If you’re into pin trading, bring some Disney trading pins to exchange with cast members or other pin traders you encounter during your visit.
  5. Reusable Shopping Bags: Bringing reusable shopping bags not only helps reduce waste but also makes it easier to carry any merchandise you purchase throughout the parks.
  6. Snack Containers or Ziploc Bags: To keep snacks fresh and prevent spills, pack some snack containers or ziploc bags for portioning out snacks throughout the day.
  7. MagicBands or Park Ticket Holders: MagicBands are a convenient way to access park tickets, FastPasses, and other amenities. If you prefer not to use a MagicBand, consider a park ticket holder or lanyard to keep your tickets easily accessible.
  8. Travel-sized Sewing Kit: A small travel-sized sewing kit can be handy for quick repairs or fixing any clothing mishaps that may occur during your trip.
  9. Packable Rain Poncho: Even if the weather forecast doesn’t call for rain, it’s always a good idea to have a packable rain poncho on hand for unexpected downpours or water rides.
  10. Portable Travel Fan: Stay cool in the Florida heat by bringing along a portable travel fan. It can provide some relief during long waits or hot outdoor shows.

These miscellaneous items can add convenience, fun, and personalization to your Disney trip. Consider which ones would enhance your experience the most and make your visit even more magical!


Packing Tips for a Disney Trip

When it comes to packing for a Disney trip, being organized and strategic can make all the difference. Here are some valuable packing tips to help you make the most of your space and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Create a Packing List: Start by making a comprehensive packing list of all the items you’ll need for your Disney trip. This will help you stay organized and ensure you don’t forget any essential items.
  2. Check the Weather: Before packing your clothes, check the weather forecast for the duration of your trip. This will help you choose the appropriate clothing and footwear for the expected conditions.
  3. Layer Your Clothing: Florida’s weather can be unpredictable, so packing layered clothing is a smart choice. This allows you to adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day.
  4. Utilize Packing Cubes or Compression Bags: Packing cubes or compression bags can help maximize space in your luggage and keep your belongings organized. Group similar items together, such as clothing, accessories, and toiletries.
  5. Roll Your Clothes: Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can save space and minimize wrinkles. This technique also allows for easier identification of items within your suitcase.
  6. Choose Versatile and Mix-and-Match Clothing: Select clothing items that can be easily mixed and matched. This ensures that you have a variety of outfits with fewer pieces, saving space in your luggage.
  7. Wear Comfortable Shoes: Opt for your most comfortable pair of shoes for your Disney trip. Your feet will thank you after long days of walking and standing. Consider packing moleskin or blister band-aids in case of any discomfort.
  8. Bring Travel-sized Toiletries: Packing travel-sized toiletries can save space and comply with airline regulations if you’re flying. If your hotel offers complimentary toiletries, take advantage of them to further minimize your packing needs.
  9. Leave Room for Souvenirs: If you plan on bringing back souvenirs, leave some extra space in your luggage or consider packing a collapsible bag to accommodate your purchases. Alternatively, you can ship your souvenirs directly to your home.
  10. Don’t Forget Your Chargers and Adapters: Remember to pack your phone charger, camera charger, and any other electronic device chargers you may need. Additionally, if you’re traveling internationally, don’t forget to bring the necessary adapters for your devices.
  11. Pack Valuables and Important Documents in Your Carry-On: Keep important documents, like IDs, tickets, and travel insurance information, as well as any valuable items, in your carry-on luggage. This will ensure they are safe and easily accessible during your journey.

By following these packing tips, you’ll be well-prepared and organized for your Disney trip. Remember to pack only what you need and focus on comfort and convenience. Happy travels and enjoy your magical adventure at the Disney parks!