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The 5 Best Hotels Near Dulles International Airport


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Monica Horak

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Dulles Airport is the main international airport for Washington, D.C. The airport has been in operation just after World War II and was the first U.S. airport to accommodate commercial jets. Nowadays, 36 million passengers travel through Dulles International Airport every year. It has 135 gates and hosts 36 international airline companies. On average, there are 67 flights a day departing from Dulles to locations around the globe. 


There is not yet a direct line to Dulles with the Washington D.C. metro. There is an ongoing project to address this, but until then, getting to and from Dulles can be complicated. Because of the inconvenience, people with an early departure or a late arrival may want to consider staying at one of the hotels near Dulles airport. Maybe you only thought that hotels near the airport were only for people who had trouble with their flight, but that is not necessarily the case! In fact, there are many logical reasons why staying in an airport hotel is better than staying in the centre of town, at least for a night or two.


Why Stay In An Airport Hotel?

It is true that many guests at an airport hotel are probably dealing with a cancelled flight or an inconvenient layover. However, there are many other reasons why staying in one of the hotels near Dulles airport may make sense.


Reduce The Stress Of Travel

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Photo by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay


If you will be arriving late, staying in one of the hotels near Dulles airport for the first night can take the stress out of navigating into Washington D.C. after hours. It can also be a relaxing first night to recover from jet lag and get a good night’s sleep. A hotel near the airport starts to look even more appealing when you have a lot of luggage. Instead of dragging your belongings through public transport after a long flight, you can easily take a complimentary airport hotel shuttle directly to your doorstep.

Another time when you might want to stay at one of the hotels near Dulles airport is when you have a very early flight. With early flight departures comes the stress of traffic, finding a cab, or dealing with public transport early in the morning. Save yourself this stress by staying in one of the hotels near Dulles airport on the last night of your trip. Hotels near Dulles airport offer 24-hour shuttle services directly to the terminal at any time of day.


Airport Hotels Are Usually Budget-Friendly

Hotels near Dulles airport tend to run much cheaper than the hotels in the centre of Washington D.C. It might even save costs to stay at an airport hotel and take public transportation into downtown Washington D.C. to do your sightseeing.


Familiarity With International Guests

An Airport Terminal and Airport Hotel

Photo by by Wilhelm Eder from Pixabay


If you are visiting from a foreign country, you will have the best chance of finding someone who speaks your language at an airport hotel. By default, the staff at the Dulles International Airport hotels are familiar with dealing with international guests.


The Best Hotels Near Dulles Airport

As you can see, some people choose to stay in an airport hotel if their flight times require it. Reduce the stress of an early departure by staying in a hotel near Dulles airport. Or, get a good night’s sleep on your first night in an airport hotel and wake up fresh for your vacation the following morning. 


If you are curious about what an airport hotel can offer while visiting Washington D.C., read on for a list of the best airport hotels near Dulles Airport.



Experience A Guest Favorite At The Staybridge Suites Herndon-Dulles 

Guest entering a hotel room

Photo by ming dai from Pixabay


Staybridge Suites Herndon-Dulles makes the top of the list for multiple reasons. Out of many Dulles Airport hotels, it has the best ratings across hotels.com, booking.com, and TripAdvisor. The Staybridge Suites hosts an evening reception every Monday through Wednesday where they offer their guests complimentary beer and wine.


The Staybridge Suites are only 4 miles (6.44 km) from Dulles International Airport and 25 miles (ca. 40 km) from downtown Washington D.C. The hotel offers free shuttles to Dulles airport and anywhere else within a 5 miles radius from the hotel. They also offer regular free service to the Wiehle Reston Metro station which will take you to all the sights in Washington D.C.


A few more ways that they stand out from other hotels is by offering a complimentary guest laundry and complimentary hot breakfast. They also offer free Dulles airport parking, an outdoor swimming pool, basketball sport court, and a fitness centre. There is even the option to book a room with a full kitchen.



A Perfect Connection To Washington, D.C. At The Embassy Suites Hilton Dulles Airport

This is another hotel that has excellent ratings across the major hotel booking websites. It’s just 3 miles away from Dulles airport. Like most airport hotels, it offers complimentary shuttles to the terminals as well as to Wiehle Reston East Metro Station. 


The Embassy Suites features an indoor pool and modern fitness center, complimentary made to order breakfast, and free Dulles airport parking.



Business And Holiday Favorite: Hampton Inn And Suites 

Interior of a hotel room

Photo by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Hampton Inn and Suites is a solid choice, consistently earning top marks on review sites like booking.com and TripAdvisor. They offer complimentary airport shuttle as well as a free shuttle to businesses within a 3-mile radius. They offer free hot breakfast to their guests, a fitness centre, pool, and 24-hour business centre.



Full Range Of Amenities At The Hyatt House Sterling


The Hyatt House Sterling is a traveller-friendly hotel that offers rooms with full kitchens. They are also pet-friendly and offer a full fitness centre. They consistently earn great feedback from guests for their stellar hospitality, cleanliness, and amenities. As should be expected of an airport hotel, they offer free shuttles to the terminals.


Business Friendly At The Washington Dulles Marriott Suites



interior of a hotel room

Photo by bottlein from Pixabay


One of the longest-serving hotels in the Washington, Dulles area, the Marriott Suites offers consistent great service to their guests. They offer free shuttle rides, fitness centre, and free Dulles airport parking. Business travellers love this hotel because of their great meeting event space which is perfectly suited for meetings. The hotel also offers Netflix and Hulu in the room for when you just want to relax after a long day of travel.