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Passport Photo Costs At Costco


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Bunnie Sauls



Planning for an upcoming trip abroad? One of the essential items you’ll need is a valid passport. And along with your passport application, you’ll also need to provide a recent passport photo. But where’s the best place to get your passport photo taken? Look no further than Costco! As a reputable member-only warehouse club, Costco offers passport photo services that are convenient, affordable, and of excellent quality.


With the convenience of having multiple locations across the country, Costco provides a one-stop solution for all your passport photo needs. Whether you’re renewing your passport or applying for one for the first time, Costco can help you capture the perfect image that meets all the requirements set by government authorities. Plus, with their competitive pricing and attention to detail, you can trust Costco to deliver exceptional service.


In this article, we’ll dive into the various aspects of getting your passport photos at Costco. We’ll explore the membership requirements, the services offered, pricing details, and additional services available to enhance your experience. Additionally, we’ll provide some useful tips to ensure that your passport photo meets the necessary standards. Finally, we’ll compare Costco’s offerings with those of other retailers, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of choosing Costco for your passport photo needs.


So, let’s explore the world of passport photo services at Costco and discover why it’s an excellent choice for all your travel documentation needs.


Costco Membership Requirements

Before you can take advantage of Costco’s passport photo services, you must be a member of the warehouse club. Costco offers two types of memberships: Gold Star and Executive. Gold Star membership costs $60 per year and is available to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of shopping at Costco. On the other hand, Executive membership costs $120 per year and includes additional perks such as annual cash-back rewards and exclusive offers.


Obtaining a Costco membership is relatively easy. You can apply online on Costco’s official website or visit a physical location near you. Additionally, Costco often runs promotions where you can find discounted membership offers or receive extras like Costco cash cards. Keep an eye out for these deals to maximize your savings.


It’s worth noting that Costco memberships are not limited to US residents. If you’re traveling to the US and require passport photos for your visa application, you can purchase a Costco membership as a non-US resident. This is particularly beneficial for frequent travelers who can take advantage of the other products and services available at Costco.


Once you become a Costco member, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including access to their passport photo services. So, whether you’re a frequent Costco shopper or simply looking for a reliable and cost-effective option for your passport photos, becoming a Costco member can be a worthwhile investment.


Passport Photo Services at Costco

When it comes to passport photo services, Costco stands out for its convenience and professionalism. At Costco, you can get your passport photos taken on the spot, making it easy and hassle-free. No appointment is necessary, so you can simply walk in and have your photo taken while you shop for other essentials.


Costco uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your passport photos meet the strict requirements set by government authorities. Their trained staff follows the guidelines for size, background color, and framing to ensure that your photo is accepted without any issues. This attention to detail guarantees that you won’t face any unnecessary delays or rejections in your passport application process.


Moreover, Costco offers a high level of flexibility when it comes to passport photo customization. Whether you need a digital copy or physical prints, Costco has you covered. They can provide you with the necessary digital files so you can upload them directly to your online application or email them to yourself. If you prefer physical prints, Costco offers various sizing options to meet different application requirements.


In addition to passport photos, Costco also provides photo ID services. If you need identification photos for a driver’s license, student ID, or any other official document, you can have them taken at Costco with the same level of professionalism and quality.


Overall, Costco’s passport photo services offer convenience, professionalism, and the flexibility to meet your specific needs. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust Costco to provide you with outstanding service that goes above and beyond.


Pricing for Passport Photos at Costco

One of the significant advantages of getting your passport photos at Costco is the competitive pricing. Costco offers affordable rates for their passport photo services, making it an appealing choice for budget-conscious travelers.


The standard cost for two passport photos at Costco is $4.99. This price is incredibly reasonable compared to many other retailers offering the same service. Costco consistently strives to provide their members with excellent value for their money.


It’s worth mentioning that the pricing for passport photos may vary slightly depending on your location. Some Costco locations may offer promotional deals or discounts for certain membership tiers, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local store to see if there are any current offers available.


When considering the price of your passport photos, it’s important to remember the exceptional quality and service that comes with Costco’s offering. The accuracy and attention to detail in meeting the strict requirements ensure that your photos will be accepted without any hiccups in the passport application process.


Overall, Costco’s pricing for passport photos is affordable and provides great value for the quality and convenience they offer. By choosing Costco for your passport photo needs, you can save money without compromising on the professionalism of your photos.


Additional Services and Fees

In addition to passport photo services, Costco offers a range of additional services to enhance your experience and provide you with all your travel documentation needs. Here are some of the additional services offered at Costco:

  • Visa Photos: If you’re traveling to a destination that requires a visa, Costco can assist you in obtaining the necessary visa photos. They can ensure that your visa photos adhere to the specific requirements of the country you’re visiting.
  • International Passport Photos: Costco can provide passport photos for various countries around the world, not just the United States. This is particularly useful if you’re a frequent international traveler and need passport photos for multiple countries.
  • Photo Printing: Apart from passport and visa photos, Costco offers photo printing services. You can bring in your digital files or even physical copies of your travel photos and have them professionally printed in various sizes and formats.
  • Photo Restoration: If you have old or damaged photos that you want to preserve or restore, Costco has experts who can assist in restoring them to their former glory. This service can be particularly valuable for those who want to cherish and share vintage travel photos.

As for fees associated with these additional services, it’s advisable to inquire with your local Costco store. The cost may vary depending on the specific requirements or complexity of the task. However, Costco always aims to provide competitive and transparent pricing to its members.


Whether you need just a passport photo or require additional services related to your travel photography needs, Costco has you covered. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their range of services make them a reliable choice for all your document and photo needs.


Tips for Getting Passport Photos at Costco

When visiting Costco to get your passport photos taken, it’s important to keep a few key tips in mind to ensure a smooth and successful experience. Here are some tips to help you get the best passport photos at Costco:

  1. Review the Requirements: Before heading to Costco, familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for passport photos set by government authorities. This includes guidelines on size, background color, and facial expressions. By knowing the requirements beforehand, you can make sure your photo meets all the necessary criteria.
  2. Be Well-Groomed: Ensure that you are well-groomed and presentable on the day of your photo session. Style your hair neatly and avoid excessive jewelry or accessories that may obscure your face. Remember, your passport photo should provide a clear and accurate representation of your appearance.
  3. Wear Appropriate Clothing: Stick to clothing choices that are suitable for passport photos. Avoid garments with busy patterns, logos, or slogans. Opt for solid-colored attire that contrasts well with the background. It’s also advised to avoid wearing glasses or headwear, unless required for religious reasons.
  4. Expression and Posture: Maintain a neutral facial expression and a natural posture in your passport photo. Keep your face centered and avoid tilting or turning your head. Ensure that your eyes are open and visible, with no glare or red-eye.
  5. Check for Quality: Once you receive your passport photos, carefully inspect them for any issues. Make sure the image is clear, well-focused, and meets all the requirements. Check for any shadows or blurriness that may affect the quality of the photo.

By following these tips, you can increase the chances of obtaining a high-quality and compliant passport photo at Costco. Remember, it’s essential to ensure that your photo aligns with official requirements to avoid any complications or delays in your passport application process.


Comparison to Other Retailers

When it comes to getting passport photos, there are several options available. It’s essential to compare Costco’s offerings with those of other retailers to make an informed decision. Here’s a comparison of Costco’s passport photo services with other popular retailers:


Costco vs. CVS: CVS is a well-known pharmacy chain that also offers passport photo services. While both Costco and CVS provide affordable passport photos, Costco’s pricing tends to be slightly lower. Additionally, Costco’s wide range of additional services and their dedication to quality make them a preferred choice for many.


Costco vs. Walgreens: Walgreens is another major retailer that offers passport photo services. In terms of convenience, both Costco and Walgreens have multiple locations where you can get your passport photos taken. However, Costco’s competitive pricing and reputation for customer satisfaction give them an edge in the market.


Costco vs. Walmart: Walmart is known for providing various services under one roof, including passport photos. While Walmart offers competitive pricing, some customers have reported inconsistencies in quality. Costco, on the other hand, is known for its attention to detail and commitment to meeting strict government requirements, ensuring reliable and high-quality passport photos.


When comparing Costco to other retailers, it’s important to consider factors such as pricing, convenience, and the level of professionalism. While other retailers may offer similar services, Costco’s combination of competitive pricing, convenient locations, and dedication to quality make them an excellent choice for your passport photo needs.


Ultimately, the decision of where to get your passport photos taken may depend on your personal preferences, location, and other factors. However, if you value affordability, convenience, and quality, Costco is likely to be a top contender.



When it comes to getting your passport photos taken, Costco proves to be a reliable and convenient option. With their affordable pricing, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, Costco provides an excellent passport photo service that meets the requirements set by government authorities.


By becoming a Costco member, you gain access to their passport photo services along with a range of additional benefits. The ease of the process, combined with the flexibility to customize your photos and obtain digital or physical copies, makes Costco a one-stop solution for all your passport photo needs.


Furthermore, Costco’s additional services, such as visa photos and photo printing, add further value and convenience for travelers. With their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, Costco ensures that you receive the highest level of service and professional results.


While there are other retailers offering passport photo services, Costco stands out for its competitive pricing and exceptional quality. The convenience of having multiple locations, the ease of obtaining a membership, and the range of services available make Costco an attractive choice.


In conclusion, if you’re in need of passport photos for your upcoming travels, Costco should be at the top of your list. Their affordable prices, convenience, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a trusted provider. Whether you’re renewing your passport, applying for the first time, or require photos for visas or other identification, Costco has you covered.


So, head to your nearest Costco location and let them capture the perfect image that will accompany you on your exciting adventures around the world!