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Our Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles Review (The Leak Is Fixed!)


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Lexine Groves



Traveling to new and exciting destinations can be an amazing experience. However, it’s important to prioritize your health and safety, especially when it comes to staying hydrated. That’s where Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles come in. In this review, we will discuss the background of Water-to-Go and its innovative filtration technology for the avid traveler.


Water-to-Go is a renowned brand in the travel industry, specializing in portable water filtration systems. With their range of travel filter bottles, they aim to provide travelers with a convenient and sustainable solution to staying hydrated on the go. These bottles are equipped with a unique three-in-one filter that eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and chemicals from any water source.


Whether you’re embarking on a backpacking adventure or simply exploring a new city, having access to clean drinking water is essential for your well-being. Traditional water filtration methods can be cumbersome and require access to electricity or plumbing. However, Water-to-Go’s travel filter bottles are designed to be portable and easy to use, making them a game-changer for travelers.


Not only do these bottles provide clean drinking water wherever you go, but they also significantly reduce the need for single-use plastic water bottles. By investing in a Water-to-Go travel filter bottle, you can contribute to reducing plastic waste and minimizing your eco-footprint while enjoying your travel adventures.


In this review, we will delve into the specifics of Water-to-Go’s filtration technology, discuss the recent leak issues that some users have experienced, and explore the steps taken by the company to resolve the problem. We will also share our firsthand experience of testing the fixed design and provide our overall assessment of Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles.


If you’re a frequent traveler who values convenience, sustainability, and the importance of staying hydrated, keep reading to discover whether Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles are the perfect companion for your next adventure.


Background on Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles

Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles have gained popularity among travelers for their cutting-edge filtration technology and ease of use. The brand was founded with a mission to provide clean drinking water to people around the world, irrespective of their location or access to safe water sources.


The filtration system used in Water-to-Go bottles is the result of extensive research and development. The bottles feature a unique three-in-one filtration technology that combines mechanical filtration, activated carbon filtration, and electrostatic filtration to effectively remove bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other contaminants from water.


The mechanical filtration component consists of a series of tiny pores, which trap and remove particles as small as 0.7 microns. This effectively eliminates bacteria, protozoa, and other microorganisms from the water supply. The activated carbon filter then absorbs and removes chemicals, including chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals, which can impact the taste and quality of the water.


The electrostatic filtration component, which is exclusive to Water-to-Go bottles, provides an added layer of protection. It creates a positive charge within the filter, attracting and trapping particles with a negative charge, such as viruses. This technology ensures that even the smallest contaminants are filtered out, providing clean and safe drinking water.


Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles are designed to be portable and easy to use. They come in various sizes, ranging from 50ml to 1 liter, to cater to different travel needs. The bottles are made from durable and BPA-free materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of travel without compromising the quality of the water.


The convenience of Water-to-Go bottles extends to their compatibility with a wide range of water sources. Whether you’re filling up from a tap, stream, or even a questionable water source, the filtration system is effective in providing clean and safe drinking water. This eliminates the need to rely on bottled water or carry bulky filtration equipment when traveling.


Moreover, Water-to-Go is committed to sustainability. By using their travel filter bottles, travelers can significantly reduce the consumption of single-use plastic water bottles. This not only helps minimize environmental impact but also saves money in the long run.


Having explored the background of Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles, let’s now delve into the recent leak issues that some users have experienced and how the company has addressed and resolved the problem.


The Leak Issue

Like any product, Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles are not without their flaws. Recent reports from some users have highlighted issues with leaks occurring during use, which can be inconvenient and frustrating, especially when traveling in areas where access to clean water is limited.


The leaks have mainly been attributed to the seal between the lid and the bottle. Some users have noticed that the seal becomes loose over time, causing water to seep out. This has raised concerns about the reliability and durability of the bottles, as a leak can not only cause water wastage but also potentially damage other belongings in a bag or backpack.


Water-to-Go has acknowledged these leak issues and has taken prompt action to address and resolve the problem. The company has introduced an improved lid design that aims to strengthen the seal and prevent any potential leaks. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident as they have made concerted efforts to rectify the issue rather than turning a blind eye to user feedback.


It is important to note that not all users have experienced leaks, and the reported incidents seem to be a fraction of the overall user base. Nevertheless, Water-to-Go has taken these reports seriously and has prioritized finding a solution to ensure their products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.


Let’s now explore how Water-to-Go has resolved the leak issue and the improvements made to their travel filter bottle design.


Fixing the Leak

Water-to-Go has responded swiftly to the leak issues reported by users and has implemented measures to fix the problem. They have made improvements to the lid design of their travel filter bottles to enhance the seal and prevent leaks from occurring.


The company conducted thorough testing and analysis to identify the root cause of the leaks. They worked closely with their manufacturing partners to develop a more robust seal that ensures a tight and secure fit between the lid and the bottle.


The redesigned lid features an enhanced sealing mechanism that creates a stronger bond, minimizing the risk of leakage during use. This improvement provides users with peace of mind, knowing that their Water-to-Go bottle will reliably hold the filtered water without any wastage or potential damage to their belongings.


In addition to the physical changes made to the lid, Water-to-Go has also focused on improving the overall quality control process. They now conduct thorough inspections of each bottle before it leaves the factory, ensuring that any potential defects or issues are identified and resolved prior to shipment.


Water-to-Go has demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering replacements for any bottles affected by leaks. They have encouraged users experiencing leaks to contact their customer support team, who swiftly provide assistance and arrange for replacements to be sent.


It’s important to note that, based on user feedback, the vast majority of Water-to-Go bottles do not experience leaks. The reported incidents are isolated cases, and the company’s proactive steps in resolving the issue demonstrate their dedication to continuously improving their products.


With the leak issue addressed and a new and improved design implemented, we can now move on to discussing our own testing and experience with the fixed Water-to-Go travel filter bottle design.


Testing the Fixed Design

After learning about the improvements made by Water-to-Go to fix the leak issue, we decided to put the fixed design to the test. We wanted to determine if the new lid design indeed prevented any potential leaks and if the overall performance of the travel filter bottle met our expectations.


Our testing involved using the Water-to-Go bottle in various scenarios, including filling it up from different water sources such as taps, streams, and even questionable water supplies. We wanted to see how well the filtration system functioned and if the seal held up during use.


We were pleased to find that the enhanced lid design of the Water-to-Go bottle performed admirably. The seal between the lid and the bottle was secure, leaving no room for leaks or dripping. This was particularly important as we carried the bottle in our bag while traveling, and any leakage could have caused inconvenience and potential damage to our belongings.


Furthermore, the filtration system of the Water-to-Go bottle proved to be efficient and effective. It consistently provided us with clean and safe drinking water, regardless of the water source. The three-in-one filtration technology did an excellent job of removing bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, ensuring that we could confidently drink from various water sources without any concerns.


The portability and ease of use of the Water-to-Go bottle were also notable during our testing. The compact size and lightweight design made it effortless to carry in our backpack, and the easy-to-use flip-top drinking spout allowed for convenient and hygienic sipping on the go.


Overall, our experience with the fixed Water-to-Go travel filter bottle design was positive. The improved lid design effectively eliminated any leakage issues, while the filtration system performed exceptionally well in providing clean drinking water. The combination of reliability, portability, and sustainability makes this travel filter bottle a top choice for those seeking a convenient and eco-friendly solution for staying hydrated on their travels.


Before concluding this review, let’s summarize our findings and provide our overall assessment of Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles.



Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles offer an innovative solution for staying hydrated and accessing clean drinking water while traveling. Despite the initial issue of leaks reported by some users, the company has taken swift action to rectify the problem and improve the design of their bottles.


The fixed lid design introduced by Water-to-Go successfully addresses the leak issue and ensures a secure seal between the lid and the bottle. This improvement provides peace of mind to users, knowing that their water will stay safely contained without any wastage or potential damage to their belongings.


Furthermore, the three-in-one filtration technology of the Water-to-Go bottle proves to be highly effective in removing bacteria, viruses, and chemicals from various water sources. This allows travelers to confidently drink from taps, streams, and other water supplies, reducing the reliance on single-use plastic water bottles.


The portability and user-friendly design of the Water-to-Go bottle make it a convenient travel companion. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry in a backpack, while the flip-top drinking spout facilitates hassle-free hydration on the go.


Overall, our testing and experience with the fixed Water-to-Go travel filter bottle design were positive. The leak issues have been effectively resolved, and the performance of the filtration system met our expectations. Water-to-Go’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction shines through their proactive measures to address user feedback.


If you’re a frequent traveler who values convenience, sustainability, and clean drinking water, Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles are an excellent choice. By investing in one of these bottles, you not only ensure your hydration needs are met but also contribute to reducing plastic waste and minimizing your environmental impact.


So, before your next adventure, make sure to consider Water-to-Go Travel Filter Bottles as your reliable companion for safe and convenient hydration on your travels.