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Meeting Fellow Female Travelers With Bumble BFF


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Hephzibah Stott



Traveling is a wonderful way to explore new cultures, experience breathtaking landscapes, and create lifelong memories. However, for many female travelers, there can be certain safety concerns and a desire for companionship while on the road. That’s where Bumble BFF comes in.


Bumble BFF provides a unique platform for women to connect with like-minded individuals, including other female travelers, who are looking for companionship during their adventures. Whether you’re seeking a travel buddy to explore a new destination or simply want to meet other travelers in your area, Bumble BFF offers a safe and convenient way to make connections.


With its user-friendly interface and strict verification process, Bumble BFF ensures a secure environment for women to connect with one another. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler or embarking on your very first trip, Bumble BFF can help you meet fellow female travelers to share incredible experiences and create lasting friendships.


In this article, we will explore the features of Bumble BFF that make it a great platform for female travelers, how it works, tips for creating an appealing Bumble BFF profile, and advice on initiating conversations with potential travel buddies. Additionally, we will discuss important safety tips for meeting fellow female travelers and share inspiring success stories of women who have found their perfect travel companions on Bumble BFF.


What is Bumble BFF?

Bumble BFF is a branch of the popular dating app Bumble, designed specifically for individuals looking to make platonic friendships. It provides a platform for users to connect with like-minded people, including fellow female travelers, to share common interests, activities, and experiences.


Unlike traditional social networking platforms, Bumble BFF emphasizes the importance of building genuine connections rather than simply accumulating a high number of online friends. The app aims to create a community where users can find companionship, support, and friendship.


Bumble BFF stands out from other friendship apps for its unique approach to connecting individuals. In order to prioritize women’s safety, Bumble BFF allows women to make the first move when matching with potential friends. This eliminates any unwanted attention or unsolicited messages that can occur on other platforms.


One of the key features of Bumble BFF is its extensive profile customization options. Users can showcase their interests, hobbies, and preferences, allowing them to find compatible friends who have similar passions or are looking for the same type of travel experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventure buddies, food enthusiasts, or cultural explorers, Bumble BFF enables you to connect with individuals who share your interests.


Additionally, Bumble BFF employs a strict verification process to ensure that users are genuine and committed to building meaningful connections. By linking the app to your Facebook or phone number, Bumble BFF verifies the authenticity of each profile, creating a safe and reliable environment for women to connect and form friendships.


In summary, Bumble BFF is a unique and empowering platform that provides female travelers with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and create lasting friendships. Its emphasis on user safety, customization options, and genuine connections make it an ideal choice for women looking to meet fellow female travelers and enhance their travel experiences.


Why is Bumble BFF great for female travelers?

Bumble BFF is a fantastic tool for female travelers for several reasons. Here are some key reasons why Bumble BFF is a great choice for connecting with fellow female travelers:

  1. Safety: Bumble BFF puts safety at the forefront. Women have the power to initiate conversations and decide who to connect with, providing a sense of security when meeting new people.
  2. Community: Bumble BFF has built a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are supportive, adventurous, and open to making new connections. Female travelers can find companions who understand their love for exploration and share their passion for travel.
  3. Shared Interests: Bumble BFF allows users to customize their profiles and specify their interests, making it easier to find travel buddies who have similar hobbies, such as hiking, photography, or trying local cuisine.
  4. Local Insights: Connecting with fellow female travelers on Bumble BFF can provide valuable local insights. They can recommend hidden gems, local customs, and must-see attractions, enhancing your travel experience by giving you a deeper cultural understanding.
  5. Flexibility: Bumble BFF allows users to set their preferences for meeting fellow female travelers, such as location, age range, and interests. This flexibility gives you the freedom to find travel buddies who align with your travel plans and preferences.
  6. Friendship Opportunities: Meeting fellow female travelers on Bumble BFF can lead to lifelong friendships. Exploring new destinations with someone who shares your sense of adventure can create amazing memories and form deep connections.
  7. Support System: Bumble BFF offers more than just travel buddies. It provides a support system where you can share travel tips, advice, and experiences with fellow female travelers who understand the joys and challenges of exploring the world.

For female travelers, Bumble BFF provides a safe and empowering platform to connect with like-minded individuals, find travel companions, and build lasting friendships. Whether you’re seeking adventure, cultural exchanges, or simply some company while exploring new destinations, Bumble BFF offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your travel experiences and create meaningful connections along the way.


How does it work?

Bumble BFF operates on a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for female travelers to connect with fellow adventurers. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how Bumble BFF works:

  1. Download the App: Start by downloading the Bumble app from your mobile device’s app store. Bumble is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Create an Account: Once the app is installed, create a Bumble BFF account by signing up with your Facebook account or your phone number. This step ensures the authenticity of users and enhances safety.
  3. Set up your Profile: After creating your account, it’s time to set up your Bumble BFF profile. Use this opportunity to showcase your personality, interests, and travel preferences. Upload some captivating photos and include a bio that highlights your love for travel and what you’re looking for in a travel buddy.
  4. Set Preferences: Bumble BFF allows you to set your preferences for meeting fellow female travelers. You can select your desired age range, location, and distance. These preferences will help narrow down your potential matches.
  5. Swipe and Match: Once your profile is complete, you can start swiping through potential matches. Swipe right if you’re interested in connecting with someone, and swipe left if you’re not. If both users swipe right, it’s a match!
  6. Initiate a Conversation: As a female user, you have the power to initiate the conversation. Once you’ve matched with another female traveler, you have 24 hours to send the first message. Be creative, friendly, and authentic when starting a conversation.
  7. Plan your Adventure: Once you’ve established a connection, it’s time to plan your adventure together. Discuss your travel plans, share ideas, and decide on a destination or activity that excites both of you.
  8. Meet in Person: When you feel comfortable and ready, arrange a meeting in a public place. Make sure to prioritize your safety by letting someone know about your plans and meeting in a well-lit, crowded area.
  9. Enjoy your Travel Experience: Once you meet your fellow female traveler, embrace the journey, and enjoy your travel experience together. Make memories, explore new destinations, and form a bond that can last a lifetime.

Bumble BFF’s user-friendly interface and streamlined approach make it easy and enjoyable for female travelers to connect with like-minded individuals. By following these steps, you can navigate through the app, find potential travel buddies, and embark on incredible adventures together.


Creating a Bumble BFF profile

Your Bumble BFF profile is your opportunity to showcase your personality, interests, and what you’re looking for in a travel buddy. Here are some tips to create an appealing Bumble BFF profile:

  1. Choose a Captivating Photo: Select photos that highlight your adventurous side and reflect your travel interests. Include a mix of solo shots and pictures that show you engaging in activities you enjoy. Remember, your photos should be clear and represent your true self.
  2. Write an Engaging Bio: Your bio is where you can let your personality shine. Share your passions, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a travel companion. Mention any specific travel destinations or experiences you’re interested in. Be authentic and positive, and use humor if it aligns with your personality.
  3. Showcase Your Interests: Take advantage of the profile customization options to include your interests and hobbies. Mention activities you enjoy, such as hiking, exploring local markets, or trying new cuisines. This will help you find like-minded travel buddies who share your passions.
  4. Be Specific: Use your profile to express your travel preferences. Are you a budget traveler? Do you enjoy luxury accommodations? Mention your travel style and what you’re looking for in a travel buddy, whether it’s someone who likes to relax on the beach or someone who loves adventure sports.
  5. Be Positive and Approachable: Avoid negative or sarcastic comments in your profile. Instead, focus on creating a positive and friendly vibe. Highlight your open-mindedness and willingness to explore new cultures and experiences.
  6. Be Yourself: It’s important to be authentic when creating your Bumble BFF profile. Let your true personality shine through so that potential travel buddies can get a sense of who you are. Remember, true connections are built on genuine interactions.

By following these tips and putting effort into your Bumble BFF profile, you will increase your chances of attracting like-minded individuals and finding the perfect travel companion. Remember to regularly update your profile, adding new photos and experiences to keep it fresh and interesting.


Setting Preferences for Meeting Fellow Female Travelers

When using Bumble BFF to meet fellow female travelers, it’s important to set your preferences to ensure you find compatible travel buddies. Here are some tips for setting your preferences:

  1. Location: Specify the location or locations where you would like to meet fellow female travelers. You can choose a specific city or widen the radius to include nearby areas. This will help you connect with individuals who are in or planning to visit the same destination.
  2. Age Range: Determine the age range of the individuals you’re interested in meeting. Consider your own age and travel preferences. Whether you prefer exploring with someone in a similar age group or enjoy the perspectives of different generations, setting an age range can help you find compatible travel buddies.
  3. Interests: Bumble BFF allows you to set preferences based on interests. Consider the activities you enjoy while traveling and select corresponding interests. Whether it’s hiking, photography, food, or art, choosing the right interests will help you match with individuals who share your passions.
  4. Travel Style: Think about your preferred travel style and select preferences that align with it. Are you an adventure seeker who enjoys off-the-beaten-path experiences, or do you prefer a more relaxed and luxurious travel experience? By setting your travel style preferences, you can find travel buddies who have similar travel preferences and priorities.
  5. Language: If language compatibility is important to you, consider setting language preferences. This will help you find individuals who speak the same language or have knowledge of the languages you would like to communicate in while traveling.

By setting your preferences on Bumble BFF, you narrow down your potential matches to individuals who are more likely to align with your travel goals and interests. However, it’s essential to keep an open mind and be willing to step outside of your preferences if a potential match seems promising. Remember, a great travel companion can come from unexpected connections!


Initiating Conversations with Potential Travel Buddies

Once you’ve matched with a potential travel buddy on Bumble BFF, it’s time to initiate a conversation and start building a connection. Here are some tips for initiating conversations with potential travel buddies:

  1. Personalize Your Message: Avoid generic opening lines and take the time to personalize your message. Referencing something from their profile or asking a specific question shows that you have taken an interest in getting to know them better.
  2. Find Common Ground: Use your shared interests or travel experiences as a conversation starter. Mention a destination you’ve both visited or an activity you both enjoy. This can spark a conversation and create a bond right from the start.
  3. Share Your Travel Plans: Let your potential travel buddy know about your upcoming travel plans or destinations you’re interested in. This can give them an idea of what you’re looking for in a travel companion and help in gauging their interest and compatibility.
  4. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Encourage conversation by asking open-ended questions that require more than just a simple yes or no answer. This will prompt your potential travel buddy to share more about themselves and their travel experiences.
  5. Show Genuine Interest: Show genuine interest in getting to know your potential travel buddy. Ask follow-up questions, listen actively, and engage in meaningful conversation. This will help in building rapport and establishing a connection.
  6. Suggest a Meetup: If the conversation is going well and you’re comfortable, suggest meeting up in a public place for a coffee or a casual activity. This can be an opportunity to further assess your compatibility and plan future travels together.
  7. Be Positive and Friendly: Maintain a positive and friendly tone throughout your conversation. Avoid controversial or negative topics and focus on creating a pleasant experience for both of you.
  8. Take It Slow: Remember, building a connection takes time. Take it slow and allow the conversation to develop naturally. Don’t rush into making concrete travel plans until you’re both comfortable and confident in your compatibility.

By following these tips, you can initiate conversations with potential travel buddies on Bumble BFF in a warm and engaging way. Remember to be yourself and have fun getting to know your matches. Genuine connections often lead to unforgettable travel experiences.


Safety Tips for Meeting Fellow Female Travelers

Meeting new people, including fellow female travelers, can be a wonderful experience, but it’s important to prioritize safety. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Get to know them first: Take the time to have meaningful conversations and get to know your potential travel buddy before meeting in person. Trust your instincts and only proceed with meeting if you feel comfortable.
  2. Meet in a public place: When meeting your potential travel buddy for the first time, choose a public location, such as a café or a park. This provides a safe and neutral environment for both of you.
  3. Let someone know: Inform a close friend or family member about your plans to meet a fellow traveler. Share information about the person you’re meeting, including their name, contact details, and where you will be meeting. It’s always a good idea to have someone back home aware of your whereabouts.
  4. Arrange your own transportation: When meeting your travel buddy, make sure to arrange your own transportation to and from the meetup location. This gives you control over your travel plans and ensures your safety.
  5. Set boundaries: Establish personal boundaries and communicate them clearly to your potential travel buddy. Respect each other’s comfort levels and ensure there is mutual understanding and agreement on travel plans and expectations.
  6. Research travel destinations: Before embarking on a trip with someone, research the destination together. Familiarize yourself with local customs, laws, and any potential safety concerns. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions and stay safe while traveling.
  7. Trust your intuition: Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right or you’re uncomfortable in any way, listen to your gut and prioritize your safety above all else. It’s better to cancel plans or end a trip if you feel uneasy.
  8. Stay connected: While traveling with your chosen travel buddy, stay connected with friends or family members back home. Regularly check in and share updates about your whereabouts and well-being.
  9. Be cautious with personal information: Be mindful of sharing personal information, such as your address or full itinerary, with someone you’ve recently met. Protect your privacy and disclose information gradually as trust develops.

Remember, personal safety is paramount when meeting fellow female travelers. By following these safety tips and being mindful of your own well-being, you can enjoy meeting new travel buddies while minimizing potential risks.


Success Stories of Women Meeting Travel Buddies on Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF has played a significant role in connecting women from around the world who have gone on to form incredible friendships and embark on memorable travel adventures together. Here are a couple of success stories shared by women who found their travel buddies on Bumble BFF:


“I had always dreamt of traveling to Japan, but I was hesitant to go alone. That’s when I decided to give Bumble BFF a try. I matched with Sarah, another solo female traveler, who shared my passion for exploring new cultures. We quickly struck up a conversation and discovered that Japan was our dream destination. We decided to plan our trip together, and it turned out to be the most amazing experience. From exploring bustling Tokyo to hiking in breathtaking nature spots, we created incredible memories together. Thanks to Bumble BFF, I not only found a travel buddy but also a lifelong friend who shares my love for adventure.”


“Being a frequent traveler, I often found it challenging to meet fellow female travelers who shared my travel style and interests. That’s when I discovered Bumble BFF. I matched with Emily, a solo traveler with a passion for photography, just like me. We connected instantly and planned a trip to Iceland, a destination we had both dreamed of exploring. During our trip, we hiked through stunning landscapes, witnessed the Northern Lights, and shared countless laughter-filled moments. Our friendship grew stronger, and we continued to explore more destinations together. Bumble BFF has not only given me incredible travel buddies but has also introduced me to a supportive community of adventurous women.”


These success stories demonstrate that Bumble BFF has empowered women to connect with like-minded individuals, form deep bonds, and embark on unforgettable journeys together. Whether it’s exploring iconic landmarks, immersing in local cultures, or supporting each other through the challenges of travel, Bumble BFF continues to be a platform where amazing travel friendships are born.


So, if you’re a female traveler seeking a companion for your next adventure, consider giving Bumble BFF a try. You never know, your own success story could be just a swipe away!



Bumble BFF has revolutionized the way female travelers connect with each other, providing a safe and empowering platform for building meaningful friendships. Whether you’re seeking a travel buddy for a specific trip or looking to expand your network of fellow female travelers, Bumble BFF offers a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share your love for exploration and adventure.


With its user-friendly interface, customization options, and strict verification process, Bumble BFF prioritizes safety and fosters a supportive community of women travelers. The ability to set preferences, initiate conversations, and plan adventures together makes Bumble BFF an essential tool for women looking to enhance their travel experiences.


Through Bumble BFF, women have found travel companions who have become lifelong friends. They have embarked on incredible journeys, explored new destinations, and created cherished memories together. The success stories shared by women who have found their travel buddies on Bumble BFF serve as a testament to the power of this platform.


As you navigate the world of female travel, remember to prioritize your safety by following the recommended precautions. Take the time to develop connections, communicate openly, and trust your instincts. Bumble BFF serves as a valuable resource, connecting you with individuals who share your interests, travel preferences, and desire for adventure.


So, whether you’re dreaming of exploring ancient ruins, trekking through pristine forests, or simply seeking a companion for your next city excursion, Bumble BFF is there to help you find your perfect travel buddy. Embrace the opportunities, expand your horizons, and create lasting friendships that will make your travel experiences even more enriching and rewarding.