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How To Get A Hotel Room Upgrade (without Begging)


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Ardene Marty



When it comes to travel, one of the ultimate luxuries is scoring a hotel room upgrade. Imagine checking into a standard room and being upgraded to a spacious suite with stunning views and VIP amenities. It can make your trip even more memorable and enjoyable without breaking the bank.


Many travelers assume that getting a hotel room upgrade requires begging, tipping extravagantly, or having elite status with a loyalty program. However, there are other strategies and techniques you can employ to increase your chances of receiving an upgrade.


In this article, we will explore some insider tips and tricks that can help you secure a hotel room upgrade without resorting to begging or emptying your wallet. From being a loyal customer to timing your request just right, these strategies will increase the likelihood of enjoying a more luxurious stay at no additional cost.


So, whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, read on to discover how to enhance your hotel experience without having to beg for that coveted room upgrade.


Know the Right Time to Ask

Timing is key when it comes to asking for a hotel room upgrade. While it’s tempting to make your request at check-in, this is not always the most opportune moment. The front desk staff may be overwhelmed with other guests and their requests, making it harder for them to accommodate your upgrade.


Instead, try reaching out to the hotel a few days prior to your arrival. This can be done through a phone call or email. By contacting the hotel in advance, you allow them time to consider your request and make the necessary arrangements.


It’s also important to consider the hotel’s occupancy rate. If the hotel is fully booked or experiencing high demand, your chances of receiving an upgrade may be slim. On the other hand, if the hotel has low occupancy or is in a slower period of the year, they may be more willing to accommodate your request.


Additionally, it’s worth knowing that certain times of the day may be more favorable for making an upgrade request. Avoid busy check-in times, such as late afternoon or early evening, as the front desk staff may be preoccupied with handling incoming guests. Instead, opt for less busy times like early morning or late evening when they have more availability and the staff is more relaxed and receptive to requests.


By strategically timing your request, you increase the likelihood of catching the hotel staff at a more opportune and accommodating moment, thereby improving your chances of securing that coveted room upgrade.


Be a Loyal Customer

Hotel loyalty programs can be your ticket to a room upgrade. By consistently choosing to stay at the same hotel brand and enrolling in their loyalty program, you demonstrate your loyalty and commitment as a customer. This can significantly increase your chances of being rewarded with a room upgrade.


When you are a member of a hotel loyalty program, you not only accumulate points that can be redeemed for free stays or upgrades, but you also gain access to exclusive member benefits. These benefits can include priority check-in, late check-out, complimentary amenities, and, of course, room upgrades.


To make the most of your loyalty program membership, it’s essential to actively engage with the program. This means booking directly with the hotel instead of through third-party websites, as this ensures that your loyalty status is recognized by the hotel. Additionally, take advantage of any promotional offers or bonuses provided exclusively to loyalty members.


Another way to showcase your loyalty is by providing feedback and reviews of your previous stays. Positive reviews and testimonials can demonstrate your satisfaction as a guest and may incentivize the hotel to go the extra mile to ensure your future stays are just as enjoyable.


Remember, loyalty is a two-way street. Hotels appreciate their loyal customers and are often willing to reward them with perks, including room upgrades.


Book Directly with the Hotel

Booking your hotel room directly with the hotel can increase your chances of securing a room upgrade. When you book through third-party websites, such as travel agencies or online travel platforms, the hotel may have limited control over the room assignments and upgrade opportunities.


On the other hand, when you book directly with the hotel, you establish a direct line of communication with their staff. This allows you to express your preferences and special requests, including the desire for a room upgrade.


Furthermore, hotels often prioritize their direct booking customers, as they generate higher revenue for the property. By booking directly, you demonstrate your commitment to staying at their hotel and potentially incentivize them to provide you with a room upgrade as a gesture of appreciation.


In addition, booking directly with the hotel allows you to take advantage of any exclusive promotions or discounts they may offer to direct customers. These discounts can make your stay more affordable or even free up funds for a potential room upgrade.


So, be sure to visit the hotel’s official website or call their reservations department to book your stay directly. By doing so, you not only have a better chance of receiving a room upgrade, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy other benefits and perks that come with booking directly with the hotel.


Mention Special Occasions or Celebrations

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, don’t be shy about mentioning it to the hotel staff. Hotels often strive to make their guests’ celebrations memorable, and mentioning your special occasion can increase your chances of receiving a room upgrade.


When you make your booking or check-in, politely inform the staff about the reason for your stay and the special occasion you are celebrating. This gives them an opportunity to provide you with a room upgrade as a gesture of goodwill and to enhance your celebratory experience.


Hotels appreciate the opportunity to add that extra touch of magic to their guests’ special moments. Whether it’s a room with a breathtaking view, a bottle of champagne, or a personalized welcome amenity, they want to ensure your celebration is exceptional.


Be sure to mention any specific preferences or requests that would make the occasion more memorable. For example, if you’re celebrating an anniversary, you can request a room with a romantic ambiance or inquire about any special packages or services available for couples.


Remember, hotels want you to have a memorable and enjoyable stay, especially when you’re celebrating a special milestone. By mentioning your special occasion, you provide the hotel with an opportunity to make your experience even more extraordinary.


Showcase Your Loyalty Program Status

If you are a member of a hotel loyalty program and have achieved a certain status, be sure to showcase it when checking in. Loyalty program status, such as gold, platinum, or diamond, indicates your level of loyalty and can significantly increase your chances of receiving a room upgrade.


When you check-in, politely provide the front desk staff with your loyalty program membership number or card. This signals to them that you are a valued customer and that you have reached a certain level of loyalty within their program.


Hotels often have specific policies and benefits in place for their loyal customers, ranging from room upgrades to access to exclusive lounges and amenities. By highlighting your loyalty program status, you increase the likelihood of being recognized as a special guest and receiving preferential treatment.


Additionally, if you have accumulated a significant number of points within the loyalty program, you may have the option to redeem those points for a room upgrade. Check with the hotel or the loyalty program’s website for any available redemption options.


Remember, loyalty programs are designed to reward and value their members. By showcasing your loyalty program status, you provide the hotel with a strong incentive to prioritize your needs and potentially grant you a room upgrade.


Arrive Early and Dress Well

Arriving early at the hotel can work to your advantage when it comes to requesting a room upgrade. By arriving before the check-in time or in the early afternoon, you increase the chances of the hotel having more availability and flexibility in room assignments.


When the hotel is still in the process of preparing rooms for the day, they may have more room options available, giving you a better chance of securing an upgrade. Additionally, arriving early allows you to engage with the front desk staff when they are less busy and more likely to have the time to accommodate special requests, such as a room upgrade.


In addition to arriving early, dressing well can also leave a positive impression on the hotel staff. While you don’t need to wear formal attire, dressing neatly and presentably demonstrates respect and professionalism. It shows that you value the hotel and its services, and this may subconsciously influence the staff’s perception of you as a deserving candidate for a room upgrade.


First impressions matter, and by arriving early and dressing well, you create a favorable impression on the hotel staff, potentially increasing your chances of receiving a room upgrade.


Be Polite and Friendly to the Front Desk Staff

One of the most important factors when requesting a room upgrade is how you interact with the front desk staff. Being polite, friendly, and respectful can go a long way in increasing your chances of receiving a room upgrade.


Remember to greet the front desk staff with a warm smile and a friendly demeanor. Engage in pleasant small talk, such as asking about their day or complimenting the hotel’s amenities. Establishing a positive rapport can make the staff more inclined to assist you and cater to your requests.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that the front desk staff interact with numerous guests every day, and being patient and understanding can set you apart from others. If there is a delay or issue during check-in, maintain a calm and composed attitude. Rather than becoming frustrated or confrontational, politely ask for assistance or offer your understanding.


Furthermore, addressing the staff by their names, if they provide it, can create a more personalized and friendly connection. People are naturally more inclined to help those they feel a connection with.


By treating the front desk staff with kindness, respect, and appreciation, you create a positive impression and improve your chances of receiving excellent service, including a potential room upgrade.


Use Flattery Effectively

Flattery can be a powerful tool when it comes to securing a room upgrade. By expressing genuine compliments and appreciation for the hotel and its services, you can create a positive impression on the staff and increase your chances of receiving preferential treatment.


When you check-in, take a moment to express your admiration for the hotel’s stunning design, exceptional customer service, or renowned reputation. Let the front desk staff know how excited you are to be staying at their property.


However, it’s important to be sincere in your compliments and avoid excessive or insincere flattery. Staff members are adept at recognizing genuine appreciation versus empty flattery. Be specific in your compliments, highlighting specific aspects of the hotel that you genuinely appreciate.


For instance, you could mention how impressed you were by the positive reviews you read online or by the hotel’s commitment to sustainability. By showcasing your knowledge and appreciation for the hotel, you demonstrate a genuine interest and may increase your chances of being considered for a room upgrade.


Remember, flattery works best when it is genuine and targeted. Use your admiration for the hotel as a way to connect with the staff on a positive level and potentially influence their decision regarding room assignments.


Mention Issues or Inconveniences

While it may seem counterintuitive, mentioning any issues or inconveniences you encounter during your stay can sometimes work in your favor when it comes to securing a room upgrade. Hotels strive to ensure guest satisfaction, and addressing any concerns you have allows them an opportunity to rectify the situation and potentially upgrade your room as a gesture of goodwill.


If you encounter any problems or inconveniences during your stay, such as a maintenance issue in your current room or noisy neighbors, don’t hesitate to bring it to the attention of the front desk staff. However, it’s important to do so in a polite and constructive manner. Avoid being overly demanding or confrontational, as this can hinder your chances of receiving a positive response.


When communicating the issue, be specific and provide details about the inconvenience you experienced and its impact on your stay. This will help the staff understand the severity of the situation and the potential value of upgrading your room to rectify the problem.


By addressing any concerns and allowing the hotel staff the opportunity to improve your experience, you may find that they are more willing to go the extra mile and provide you with a room upgrade as a gesture of apology or to ensure your future satisfaction.


Remember, hotels strive to create a positive and enjoyable experience for their guests. By bringing any issues to their attention, you give them the chance to address the problem and potentially reward you with a room upgrade as a way of ensuring your continued satisfaction.


Show Interest in Upgraded Amenities

If you’re hoping for a room upgrade, it can be advantageous to express interest in the upgraded amenities that come with a higher room category. By demonstrating your appreciation for these amenities, you may increase your chances of being offered a room upgrade.


When checking in or during your stay, ask the front desk staff about the enhanced features and amenities that come with the upgraded rooms. Show genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for things like a private balcony, a larger bathroom, or access to exclusive lounges or facilities.


Expressing interest in these upgraded amenities serves two purposes. Firstly, it signals to the staff that you have knowledge about and appreciate the added benefits of a higher room category. Secondly, it may create a perception that you would fully utilize and enjoy the amenities, making you a more deserving candidate for a room upgrade.


Remember to be respectful and understanding if a room upgrade is not available. By showing genuine interest in the upgraded amenities, you leave a positive impression on the hotel staff and may increase your chances of being considered for an upgrade on future stays.


Keep in mind that expressing interest in upgraded amenities is most effective when done in a genuine and polite manner. Avoid sounding entitled or demanding, and instead focus on your appreciation for the hotel’s offerings.


By demonstrating your interest in the upgraded amenities, you not only increase your chances of being offered a room upgrade, but you also show that you value and appreciate the unique features and experiences that the hotel has to offer.


Offer to Pay for an Upgrade

If you’re looking for a room upgrade and don’t mind spending a little more, offering to pay for an upgrade can be a straightforward way to secure a better room. By indicating your willingness to invest in a higher room category, you increase the chances of receiving an upgraded room.


When checking in, politely inquire about the possibility of upgrading your room and ask about the cost associated with it. Express your interest in enjoying a more luxurious or spacious accommodation and let the staff know that you are open to paying for the upgrade.


Keep in mind that the availability and cost of upgrades can vary based on factors such as hotel occupancy and room availability. In some cases, hotels may offer discounted upgrade rates or promotional offers that can make the upgrade more affordable.


Offering to pay for an upgrade not only demonstrates your desire for an enhanced experience but also signals to the hotel that you are a valued customer who is willing to invest in a better stay. This can make you a more attractive candidate for a room upgrade, especially if there are limited upgrade options available.


Be prepared to negotiate and discuss the upgrade options with the staff. They may have different room categories available at varying price points, and a friendly conversation can help you find the best option that fits your budget and preferences.


Remember, offering to pay for an upgrade is not a guarantee, but it can significantly increase your chances of securing a better room. By showing your willingness to invest in a superior accommodation, you demonstrate your commitment to having a more enjoyable and enhanced stay.


Utilize Social Media and Review Platforms

Social media and review platforms play a significant role in the hospitality industry, and leveraging these platforms can work in your favor when it comes to securing a room upgrade. Hotels are aware of the impact of online reviews and customer satisfaction, and they are often keen to ensure positive feedback and guest satisfaction.


Before your stay, take the time to research and follow the hotel’s official social media accounts. Engage with their posts by liking, commenting, and sharing. This shows your genuine interest in their property and can help you establish a connection with the hotel’s social media team.


Prior to or during your stay, consider posting about the hotel on your own social media accounts. Share your excitement about your upcoming trip, tag the hotel, and mention any special occasions or celebrations. This can draw the attention of the hotel’s social media team, and they may be more inclined to provide you with a room upgrade or other special surprises to ensure your experience is worth sharing with your followers.


In addition to social media, review platforms also provide an opportunity to enhance your chances of a room upgrade. After your stay, make sure to leave a positive review on platforms like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, or Yelp. Highlight the aspects you appreciated about the hotel, such as excellent service, beautiful decor, or outstanding amenities.


In your review, you can subtly mention that you would love to return and experience an upgraded room on your next visit. This showcases your positive experience as a guest and can make the hotel more inclined to offer you a room upgrade to enhance your future stay and potentially secure a positive review.


Hotels value positive online presence and guest satisfaction, and by utilizing social media and review platforms, you increase your chances of being considered for a room upgrade. Your engagement and positive feedback can demonstrate your enthusiasm for the property, making you a more compelling candidate for an upgraded room.



Securing a hotel room upgrade doesn’t have to be an arduous task. By employing strategic tactics and displaying the right attitude, you can increase your chances of enjoying a more luxurious stay without breaking the bank.


Timing is crucial when it comes to requesting an upgrade. Contact the hotel in advance and choose the right moment to make your request. Consider the hotel’s occupancy rate and try to arrive early when there may be more room availability. Dressing well and being polite and friendly to the front desk staff can leave a positive impression and improve your chances.


It’s also important to leverage your loyalty and express interest in upgraded amenities. Mentioning special occasions or celebrations can create a memorable experience and increase the likelihood of an upgrade. Additionally, offering to pay for an upgrade or utilizing social media and review platforms can enhance your chances of securing a room upgrade.


Remember, while these tactics can improve your prospects, there is no guarantee of a room upgrade. Hotels have limited availability and other factors to consider. However, by implementing these strategies, you increase the likelihood of enjoying a more luxurious and memorable hotel stay.


So, the next time you check into a hotel, put these tips into action and see if you can score that coveted room upgrade. Happy travels!