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How To Buy Fuji Excursion Ticket


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Missie Gosnell



Are you planning a trip to Mount Fuji and looking for a convenient way to purchase your excursion tickets? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of buying Fuji Excursion tickets, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.


Mount Fuji, located in Japan, is a prominent and iconic symbol of the country. Its towering presence and majestic beauty make it a popular destination for tourists, hikers, and nature enthusiasts alike. The Fuji Excursion is a fantastic opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscape surrounding Mount Fuji, offering a range of activities, including hiking, sightseeing, and cultural experiences.


Before embarking on your Fuji Excursion, it’s essential to obtain your tickets in advance. This not only guarantees your spot but also allows you to plan your trip accordingly. While the ticket purchasing process may initially seem overwhelming, this guide will break it down into simple and manageable steps, ensuring a stress-free experience.


Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s delve into the details and discover how to buy your Fuji Excursion tickets!


Step 1: Researching the Fuji Excursion

Before purchasing your Fuji Excursion tickets, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research about the excursion. This step will help you understand the available options, the duration of the trip, and the activities included. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Start by exploring the official website: Begin your research by visiting the official website of the Fuji Excursion. Here, you’ll find detailed information about the various ticket types, itineraries, and additional services offered. Take your time to browse through the website and familiarize yourself with the options available.
  2. Read reviews and testimonials: Look for reviews and testimonials from individuals who have previously taken the Fuji Excursion. These first-hand experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality of the trip, the level of customer service, and overall satisfaction. Reading these reviews will help you make an informed decision about purchasing your tickets.
  3. Check travel forums and online communities: Engage with travel forums and online communities dedicated to Japan or Mount Fuji. These platforms are excellent sources of information, as fellow travelers often share their experiences, recommendations, and tips. You can ask specific questions about the Fuji Excursion and gather insights from those who have already embarked on the journey.
  4. Consider your preferences and interests: Reflect on your personal preferences and interests. Do you prefer a leisurely sightseeing experience or are you eager to take on a challenging hiking trail? Knowing what you want to get out of the Fuji Excursion will help you narrow down your options and choose the most suitable ticket type.

By thoroughly researching the Fuji Excursion, you will gain a better understanding of what to expect and be able to make an informed decision when purchasing your tickets. Take your time during this step to ensure that you select the most suitable option that aligns with your preferences and expectations.


Step 2: Choosing the Ticket Type

Once you have conducted your research on the Fuji Excursion, it’s time to choose the ticket type that best suits your needs and preferences. Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Standard vs. Premium: The Fuji Excursion typically offers both standard and premium ticket options. Standard tickets provide access to the essential activities and amenities, while premium tickets offer additional perks such as exclusive guided tours, priority boarding, or enhanced dining options. Consider your budget and desired level of comfort when choosing between the two.
  2. Duration of the Excursion: Determine how much time you want to spend on the Fuji Excursion. Some tickets offer full-day experiences, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Mount Fuji, while others offer half-day options for those with limited time. Choose a ticket type that aligns with your schedule and availability.
  3. Specific Activities or Attractions: Take note of any specific activities or attractions that you wish to experience during the Fuji Excursion. Some tickets may include guided hikes, visits to cultural sites, or even traditional tea ceremonies. Ensure that your chosen ticket type covers the activities that interest you the most.
  4. Group or Solo Travel: Consider if you are traveling solo or with a group. Some ticket options are specifically designed for solo travelers, while others offer discounted rates for larger groups. Take advantage of any group rates if you are traveling with family or friends.

By considering these factors, you can narrow down the available ticket types and choose the one that provides the best value and experience for your Fuji Excursion. Remember to take into account your preferences, budget, and desired activities, as this will greatly enhance your overall satisfaction with the trip.


Step 3: Checking Availability and Schedule

After selecting the ticket type for your Fuji Excursion, the next step is to check the availability and schedule of the excursion. Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Visit the official website: Go to the official website of the Fuji Excursion and navigate to the section where you can check availability and schedule. This information is usually provided in a calendar format or a dropdown menu.
  2. Choose your desired date: Select the date or dates on which you would like to embark on the Fuji Excursion. Keep in mind that popular dates may sell out quickly, so it’s recommended to have a few options in mind.
  3. Check the available time slots: Look for the available time slots for your chosen date(s). Some excursions may offer multiple departures throughout the day, while others may have limited availability. Consider your preferred departure time and select the slot that suits your schedule.
  4. Verify the number of tickets: Ensure that the desired number of tickets are available for your chosen date and time slot. If you are traveling with a group, make sure that there are enough tickets to accommodate everyone.

During this step, it’s essential to check the availability and schedule early to secure your preferred date and time for the Fuji Excursion. If your desired date is not available, consider exploring alternative options or adjusting your travel plans accordingly.


Once you have confirmed the availability and selected your preferred date and time, you can proceed to the next step of purchasing your Fuji Excursion tickets.


Step 4: Selecting the Departure Point

When planning your Fuji Excursion, it’s important to choose the departure point that is most convenient and accessible for you. The departure point determines where your journey will begin and where you will board the transportation provided for the excursion. Here’s how you can select the most suitable departure point:

  1. Evaluate proximity: Consider the proximity of each departure point to your accommodation or the location where you will be staying. Opting for a departure point that is closer to your starting location will save you time and effort in commuting.
  2. Transportation options: Take into account the transportation options available for each departure point. Some departure points may offer shuttle services or have easy access to public transportation, making it convenient for you to reach the starting point of the excursion.
  3. Scenic routes: Research the different routes provided by each departure point. Some departure points may take you through more scenic routes or offer picturesque views of Mount Fuji during the journey. If enjoying the scenery is important to you, choose a departure point that provides a scenic route.
  4. Special packages or attractions: Some departure points may offer special packages or additional attractions along with the Fuji Excursion. For instance, they might include a visit to a nearby hot spring or a cultural village. If you are interested in such add-ons, consider choosing a departure point that offers these extras.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting the departure point for your Fuji Excursion. It’s crucial to choose a departure point that aligns with your convenience, transportation needs, and desired experiences during the excursion.


Once you have finalized your departure point, you are one step closer to embarking on your Fuji Excursion adventure!


Step 5: Making the Purchase

After completing the previous steps and choosing your preferred departure point for the Fuji Excursion, it’s time to make the actual purchase of your tickets. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with the purchase:

  1. Visit the official website: Go to the official website of the Fuji Excursion or the authorized ticketing platform for the excursion.
  2. Select the ticket type: Choose the specific ticket type that you had previously decided upon during Step 2. Ensure that the selected ticket matches your desired experience and schedule.
  3. Enter the date and time: Enter the date and time for your desired excursion on the website. Double-check that the date and time align with your availability and chosen departure point.
  4. Enter the number of tickets: Specify the number of tickets you require for your group or party. Make sure to accurately input the number to avoid any complications during the purchasing process.
  5. Proceed to checkout: Once you have entered all the necessary information, proceed to the checkout page. Here, you will need to provide your personal details, including your name, contact information, and any additional information required for ticket delivery.
  6. Review and confirm your order: Take a moment to review your order details, including the ticket type, date, time, and number of tickets. Verify that everything is accurate and as desired before proceeding with the payment.
  7. Make the payment: Use the provided payment options to complete your purchase. It’s important to ensure that you provide secure and valid payment information to avoid any issues.
  8. Receive confirmation: After completing the payment, you should receive a confirmation of your ticket purchase. This confirmation may be sent to your email address or available for download on the website. Keep this confirmation handy for reference and ticket validation purposes.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully make the purchase for your Fuji Excursion tickets. Remember to double-check all the information before finalizing your order, and keep your confirmation details accessible throughout your journey.


Now that you have successfully purchased your tickets, it’s time to look forward to the exciting Fuji Excursion experience that awaits you!


Step 6: Ticket Confirmation and Delivery Options

After you have made the purchase for your Fuji Excursion tickets, it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary confirmation and understand the delivery options for your tickets. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Confirmation email: Shortly after completing your purchase, you should receive a confirmation email with the details of your Fuji Excursion tickets. This email serves as proof of your booking and contains important information such as the date, time, departure point, and any additional instructions or requirements.
  2. Printed or electronic tickets: Depending on the ticketing platform and the excursion’s policies, you may have the option to either print your tickets or present them electronically. If printing is required, ensure that you have access to a printer and that your tickets are clear and legible.
  3. Delivery options: In some cases, physical tickets may need to be delivered to your address. Check the delivery options available during the purchase process or within the confirmation email. Make sure to provide accurate delivery information if applicable.
  4. Will call or pickup: If physical delivery is not an option, there may be a will-call or pickup process. This typically requires you to collect your tickets in person at a designated location or ticket counter. Follow the provided instructions regarding when and where to pick up your tickets.
  5. Mobile ticketing: Many ticketing platforms now offer mobile ticketing options. This means you can download your ticket onto your smartphone or mobile device and present it digitally upon arrival. Check if this option is available and ensure that you have the necessary apps or tools to access your mobile tickets.

It’s essential to carefully review the ticket confirmation details and understand the delivery options to avoid any complications or confusion on the day of your Fuji Excursion. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the confirmation or delivery process, reach out to the ticketing platform or the excursion provider for clarification.


With your tickets confirmed and the delivery method understood, you can proceed with the necessary preparations for your upcoming adventure to Mount Fuji!


Step 7: Finalizing the Booking

As you near the date of your Fuji Excursion, it’s important to take the final steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s how you can finalize your booking:

  1. Check for any updates: In the days leading up to the excursion, regularly check the official website or any communication channels provided by the ticketing platform for any updates or changes to the schedule or itinerary. Stay informed to avoid any unexpected surprises.
  2. Review the requirements and restrictions: Familiarize yourself with any specific requirements or restrictions that may apply to the Fuji Excursion. This could include dress codes, age restrictions, or health guidelines. Ensure that you and your group meet all the necessary criteria.
  3. Prepare necessary documents: Gather all the necessary documents for the excursion, including your confirmation email, identification documents, and any additional paperwork that may be required. Keep these documents safe and easily accessible for the journey.
  4. Plan your transportation: Determine the best mode of transportation to reach the departure point of your Fuji Excursion. Consider public transportation options, taxi services, or car rentals, and plan your route accordingly. Leave ample time to account for any potential delays.
  5. Pack accordingly: Pack appropriate clothing, footwear, and essentials for the Fuji Excursion. Take into account the weather conditions, anticipated activities, and any specific items recommended by the excursion provider. Be sure to pack any necessary snacks, water, or medications as well.
  6. Arrive early: On the day of the excursion, aim to arrive at the departure point well in advance of the scheduled time. This allows for a stress-free check-in process, familiarization with the surroundings, and any additional preparations needed.
  7. Follow instructions and guidelines: Once at the departure point, carefully follow any instructions and guidelines provided by the excursion staff. Pay attention to safety briefings, group assignments, and any specific rules or protocols for the excursion.

By finalizing your booking and preparing for the excursion, you can ensure a seamless and memorable experience on your Fuji Excursion. Always stay updated, adhere to the guidelines, and be prepared to fully enjoy the stunning beauty and adventure that Mount Fuji has to offer.


Step 8: Preparing for the Excursion

As the day of your Fuji Excursion approaches, it’s crucial to make the necessary preparations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential steps to help you get ready for your excursion:

  1. Check the weather forecast: Stay informed about the weather conditions on the day of your Fuji Excursion. This will help you dress appropriately and pack any necessary items such as rain gear or sunscreen.
  2. Ensure physical fitness: Mount Fuji and its surrounding areas can involve physical activity, such as hiking or walking. Assess your physical fitness and prepare accordingly. Engage in exercises or activities that improve your stamina and endurance to fully enjoy the excursion.
  3. Pack essential items: Prepare a daypack with essential items such as snacks, water, a first aid kit, a camera, and any personal medications you may need. Additionally, bring comfortable clothing, suitable footwear, and extra layers in case of changing weather conditions.
  4. Stay hydrated and nourished: As you embark on your Fuji Excursion, remember to stay hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day. Carry a refillable water bottle to ensure a steady supply of fluids. Fuel your body with nutritious snacks and meals to maintain energy levels.
  5. Follow safety guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines provided by the excursion staff. This includes staying on designated paths, following any specific instructions, and adhering to any height or activity restrictions.
  6. Respect the environment: Mount Fuji is a sacred and protected natural site. Show respect to the environment by avoiding littering, staying on designated trails, and not disturbing the local flora and fauna. Leave only footprints and take beautiful memories with you.
  7. Carry necessary documents: On the day of the excursion, carry your confirmation email, identification documents, and any other required paperwork. Ensure that you have them easily accessible for check-in or any security checks.
  8. Embrace the experience: Finally, embrace the experience of the Fuji Excursion fully. Take in the breathtaking views, immerse yourself in the beauty of Mount Fuji, and engage with the cultural and natural wonders along the way. Enjoy every moment and create lasting memories.

By following these steps and adequately preparing for your Fuji Excursion, you can make the most of this remarkable journey. Stay safe, respect the environment, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty that awaits you on Mount Fuji.



Congratulations! You have successfully navigated the process of buying Fuji Excursion tickets and are now fully prepared for an unforgettable adventure on Mount Fuji. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you have ensured a smooth and hassle-free experience from the initial research to the final preparations.


The Fuji Excursion offers a unique opportunity to explore the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji and its surrounding areas. From hiking trails to cultural experiences, this excursion promises a memorable journey for travelers of all backgrounds and interests. By thoroughly researching the excursion, choosing the appropriate ticket type, and checking availability, you have made informed decisions that align with your preferences and schedule.


With your tickets secured, it’s important to review the confirmation details, understand the delivery options, and finalize your booking. Take note of any updates or changes, gather necessary documents, and plan your transportation accordingly. By preparing adequately for the excursion, including packing essential items and taking note of safety guidelines, you will set yourself up for a safe and enjoyable experience.


As the day of your Fuji Excursion approaches, remember to stay hydrated, nourished, and respect the environment. Follow the safety guidelines provided by the excursion staff and revel in the beauty of Mount Fuji and its surroundings. Capture memories, cherish the experience, and leave with a renewed appreciation for the natural wonders of Japan.


Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope that this comprehensive guide has been valuable in your quest to purchase Fuji Excursion tickets. We wish you an incredible time exploring Mount Fuji and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Safe travels!