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Best Crypto-Friendly Countries to Travel


Modified: January 3, 2024

by Simon

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Cryptocurrency is the future of the world economy. The era of crypto started in October 2008, and there has been a boom since then. The entire world has been talking about bitcoins and investment-related gains. From inflation protection to transactional speed, from cost-effective transactions to decentralization, the global currency has innumerable features. 


Experts have made a huge chunk of money through it, and everyday people have been inspired to try crypto trading. Starting with cryptos is straightforward, as long as you’re equipped with the right resources and expert advice. So, make sure to embark on a learning quest, reading about diversification of portfolio, research anecdotes, automated purchases, risk understanding, etc., in order to gain awareness around cryptocurrency trading. 


Apart from trading with digital currencies, traveling with them eliminates issues like carrying hard cash, cards, and currency exchange fees. The only thing that it requires is a safe, secure, and reliable digital wallet, such as Coinbase and Trust Wallets. It aids in hassle-free, quicker, and convenient transactions during travel.


Imagine not having to carry hard cash, no international currency, and no internationally accepted debit or credit cards. The only thing you need is your crypto wallet to explore the world. The future of traveling is here.


List of Crypto-Friendly Countries


Germany is a magnificent country to visit and is heaven for crypto nomads. A lot of German hotels, bars, restaurants, and apartments accept digital currency. Be it shopping, movie tickets, or your usual coffee run, here you can pay for everything via cryptocurrency.


Bike rentals make it a convenient option for explorers to visit attractions and tourist spots. And, guess what; you can pay for them in cryptocurrency. Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Hanover are a few cities that have welcomed cryptocurrency in a full-fledged way. 


German National Tourism Board has also announced that it accepts cryptocurrencies for all the services provided to tourists, making it the most crypto-friendly country in the world.

El Salvador

El Salvador is probably the world’s first Bitcoin-centered economy. The country has installed above 1500 Bitcoin ATMs after it accepted cryptocurrency as a legal tender. This is the third-largest number of crypto ATMs in the entire world.


El Salvador is home to El Zonte. It is popularly known as Bitcoin Beach and World Surfing Mecca. This beach resort became one of the first towns in the country to recognize and accept Bitcoin. Surfers and crypto players; EL Zonte awaits you!


Singapore is the most crypto-friendly South-Asian country. It is not only one of the world’s most stable economies but also a hub for fintech companies. 


Travelers can visit retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, and hotels and safely avail the facility of using cryptocurrencies as the payment mode. They can use their cryptocurrency travel cards for paying the public transport system and basic facilities. 


When you’re in Singapore, you should visit the famous Marina Bay Sands casino and try your luck. Did you know there is free entry at this casino? Are you ready for a Singaporean adventure?


Switzerland is famous for its Alpine landscape, luxury goods, cultural diversity, and sky-kissing buildings. Its inclination towards blockchain and cryptocurrency marked its name in the world economy and facilitated travelers. Swiss Banks were the initial ones to accept Bitcoins.


Its cities like Zug, Geneva, Ticino, and Zurich are well-renowned blockchain and crypto cities. Their efforts for opening more Bitcoin ATMs, allowing the purchase of train fares using Bitcoin, and making the companies understand to use cryptocurrencies for payment are unmissable.


Fulfill your dream of a Swiss holiday using cryptocurrency. Pay for your Euro Rail pass, hotel bookings, or restaurant bills using cryptocurrency and enjoy your days in Switzerland.  


Also known as the ‘Blockchain Island’, Malta is a crypto-friendly location that lets travelers enjoy the landscapes and explore its rich cultural heritage using cryptocurrencies. This tiny island has framed various policies and laws regarding the easy trading of cryptocurrency for more than a dozen of companies. 


Malta has become one of the top priorities of crypto enthusiasts in no time. Since most hotels, restaurants, and shopping complexes accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, travelers can do seamless transactions with full flexibility and high convenience.


Portugal has got fame lately due to its positive and strong stand on cryptocurrency. The government has legalized cryptocurrency and set up a regulatory framework to promote digital currency. It creates an ideal environment for digital nomads, eliminates the hassle of carrying hard cash, and encourages the use of cryptocurrencies. 


Portugal is a dominant surfing destination for its climate and beaches. It is one of the safest countries on the continent and provides scrumptious food options. 


This is savored by travelers despite high prices and surging rush. All these things coupled with a crypto-favoring environment magnetize travelers from all over the world.


If experiencing cherry blossom season, savoring sushi, and hiking Mount Fuji are on your list, Japan is all set to welcome you. Japan is one of the biggest nations that favor cryptocurrency and is trying to inculcate it in every sector possible.


Tokyo, the capital city, alone features over 100 crypto-friendly companies and more than a dozen Bitcoin ATMs. Travelers can locate numerous bars and restaurants that support cryptocurrency.

We strongly recommend exploring the cafes and bars in Kyoto. 


You will be amazed to see the mixology game in the pubs and lounges of Kyoto. Apart from these, the structures and Japanese temples here attract tourists from all over the world. 

Final Thoughts

The web of cryptocurrency has expanded in a short span and it still has a long way to go. Both big and small tourist destinations are preparing themselves for tourist influx by embracing Bitcoin in a surprising manner. This will promote crypto tourism and bring a boom in economies. 


A new way of traveling awaits you, are you ready for this adventure? Play and deal like a pro in cryptocurrency, and explore the world as you own it.