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Airbnb Etiquette: 10 Tips For Guests


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Mollie Kimmel



When it comes to traveling, one of the most popular accommodation options nowadays is Airbnb. With its vast selection of unique and affordable listings, Airbnb offers travelers a chance to experience their destination in a more personalized and immersive way. However, being a responsible and considerate guest is essential to ensure a positive experience for both yourself and your hosts.


In this article, we will provide you with 10 tips for Airbnb etiquette as a guest. These tips will help you navigate your stay with confidence, leaving a positive impression on your hosts and making the most out of your Airbnb experience. Whether you are a seasoned Airbnb user or a first-timer, these tips will serve as a helpful guideline to ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay.


By following these Airbnb etiquette tips, you will not only enhance your own experience as a guest but also contribute to the thriving Airbnb community. So, let’s dive in and explore how to be the best Airbnb guest you can be!


Tip 1: Communicate with your host

Effective communication is key to a successful Airbnb experience. Before your arrival, take the time to reach out to your host and establish a rapport. Ask any questions you may have about the listing, amenities, or local area. It’s important to be clear about your expectations and needs to avoid any misunderstandings during your stay.


During your stay, maintain open lines of communication with your host. If any issues arise or if you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. They will appreciate your proactive approach and will be more inclined to assist you in a timely manner.


Additionally, be mindful of your communication etiquette. Respond to messages from your host promptly, even if it’s just to acknowledge receipt. Being responsive shows respect and consideration for your host’s time and effort in managing their Airbnb listing.


Lastly, if you had an enjoyable stay, don’t forget to thank your host and express your appreciation. Leaving a positive review is not only a great way to show your gratitude, but it also helps future travelers make informed decisions when choosing a place to stay.


Remember, clear and open communication with your host sets the foundation for a pleasant and hassle-free experience throughout your Airbnb stay.


Tip 2: Read the listing thoroughly

Before booking an Airbnb listing, it is essential to read the listing description, house rules, and other important details thoroughly. This step will help you make an informed decision and ensure that the listing meets your specific needs and expectations.


Pay special attention to the amenities provided, such as Wi-Fi, parking, kitchen access, or laundry facilities. Understand what is included in the booking and what may require an additional fee.


Take note of the location details as well. Is the listing close to public transportation, shopping centers, or tourist attractions? Consider the proximity to your intended destinations and ensure it aligns with your travel plans.


Another crucial aspect to review is the house rules set by the host. This helps you understand their expectations and any specific policies for the property. Are there any restrictions on smoking or pets? Is there a quiet hours policy? Being aware of these rules ensures that you can abide by them during your stay and avoid any conflicts with your host.


If you have any questions or concerns about the listing, don’t hesitate to reach out to the host for clarification. It’s better to address any uncertainties before booking rather than being surprised upon arrival.


By taking the time to read the listing thoroughly, you can make an informed decision, have realistic expectations, and ensure a more enjoyable and fitting experience during your stay.


Tip 3: Follow the house rules

Respecting and adhering to the house rules set by your Airbnb host is crucial to maintaining a positive relationship and ensuring a harmonious stay. The house rules are typically outlined in the listing description or provided separately by the host.


First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the property. This may include guidelines on noise levels, smoking, pets, or even footwear policies. By understanding and respecting these rules, you can create a comfortable environment for both yourself and the host.


Additionally, be considerate of the property and its furnishings. Treat it as if it were your own home, or even better! Clean up after yourself, avoid causing damage to the property, and report any issues or damages to the host promptly.


It’s also important to respect any rules pertaining to shared spaces if applicable. Be mindful of other guests or tenants and maintain cleanliness and tidiness in common areas.


Remember, these rules are in place to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests and to protect the property. By following the house rules, you not only show respect for your host’s property but also contribute to a positive Airbnb community and foster a welcoming environment for future guests.


Tip 4: Respect the property

Respecting the property is an essential aspect of being a considerate Airbnb guest. When you enter someone’s home or rental space, it’s important to treat it with care and respect, just as you would your own.


Firstly, be mindful of the cleanliness of the property. Clean up after yourself, whether it’s in the kitchen after cooking a meal or in the bathroom after use. Leaving the space in the same condition as you found it is a simple gesture that goes a long way in showing respect for your host and their property.


Take care when using appliances, furniture, and other amenities in the property. Follow any instructions or guidelines provided by the host to avoid damaging any equipment. If you notice any issues or damages during your stay, be sure to inform your host promptly so that they can address the problem.


Respecting the property also includes being mindful of energy and water usage. Be conscious of turning off lights, air conditioning, or heating when you’re not in the room, as well as conserving water during your stay.


Furthermore, refrain from rearranging or moving furniture unless explicitly permitted by the host. The property is set up in a certain way for both functionality and aesthetics, so it’s best to avoid making any major changes without approval.


By respecting the property, you not only show your appreciation for your host’s space but also contribute to maintaining the quality and integrity of the accommodation for future guests. It’s a simple yet significant way to be a responsible and considerate Airbnb guest.


Tip 5: Keep noise levels in check

One of the most important aspects of being a respectful Airbnb guest is keeping noise levels in check. Whether you are staying in a private room or an entire home, it’s crucial to be mindful of the noise you create to ensure a peaceful environment for both yourself and the host.


Firstly, familiarize yourself with any quiet hours specified by the host. These hours may vary depending on the property and location, but they typically represent designated times during which guests are expected to keep noise to a minimum. Adhering to these quiet hours shows respect for both your host and other guests or neighbors.


Be aware of the volume of conversations, music, or television during your stay. Keep noise levels at a considerate level, especially if the property is in a residential area or if there are shared walls with other units.


If you plan to have guests or visitors during your stay, it’s important to inform your host and obtain their permission. Be mindful of any restrictions or limitations on the number of guests or any additional fees that may apply. Remind your visitors to also be respectful of noise levels and the property.


If you encounter noisy neighbors or disruptive noise outside the property, try to address the issue calmly and respectfully. If needed, contact your host for guidance or assistance in resolving the situation.


By keeping noise levels in check, you contribute to a pleasant and peaceful environment for everyone involved. It shows consideration for your host, other guests or neighbors, and allows everyone to enjoy their stay without unnecessary disturbances.


Tip 6: Clean up after yourself

One of the simplest yet most important ways to be a responsible Airbnb guest is to clean up after yourself during your stay. Leaving the property in a clean and tidy condition not only shows respect for your host and their property but also ensures a positive experience for future guests.


Start by cleaning up any mess you make in the common areas or shared spaces. This includes washing dishes, wiping down countertops, and disposing of any trash or food waste properly. If there are specific instructions provided by the host regarding cleaning or recycling, be sure to follow them accordingly.


In your private room or the space you are occupying, maintain cleanliness by keeping your belongings organized and tidy. Use any provided storage areas, such as closets or drawers, to keep your belongings neat and out of the way.


Be considerate when using the bathroom facilities. Clean up after yourself, wipe down sinks and countertops, and keep the area tidy for the next user.


If your stay is for an extended period, consider doing some light cleaning to freshen up the space. This may include vacuuming or sweeping the floors, dusting surfaces, and changing linens if necessary.


Lastly, before checking out, take a final look around the property to ensure you haven’t left any personal belongings behind. Double-check the drawers, closets, and bathroom to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.


By cleaning up after yourself, you show respect for your host and their property. It also helps create a welcoming and comfortable environment for both yourself and future guests who may stay at the same listing.


Tip 7: Be mindful of shared spaces

If you’re staying in an Airbnb listing with shared spaces, such as a kitchen, living room, or bathroom, it’s crucial to be considerate and mindful of other guests or tenants. By being respectful of shared spaces, you create a harmonious environment for everyone.


First and foremost, be aware of the common etiquette when using shared spaces. Clean up after yourself, put away any personal belongings, and leave the space as you found it. This helps maintain cleanliness and order for other guests to enjoy.


When using the kitchen, be mindful of other guests who may also need to prepare meals. Clean up any dishes or utensils you use and ensure that counters and appliances are left clean and ready for others to use.


Be considerate of the shared bathroom as well. Keep your grooming products organized and tidy. Wipe down countertops and sinks after use, and make sure to flush the toilet and leave it in a clean state for the next person.


If there are shared living areas, respect the space and be mindful of noise levels. Be considerate of other guests who may want to relax or work in those areas. Keep your personal belongings contained within your designated area and avoid cluttering common spaces.


Remember to be mindful of shared spaces outside the property as well, such as hallways, staircases, or entranceways. Keep these areas clear and free from obstructions to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests.


By being mindful of shared spaces, you contribute to a positive and respectful atmosphere in the Airbnb listing. It allows all guests to enjoy their stay and make the most of the shared amenities without any unnecessary inconveniences.


Tip 8: Be considerate of neighbors

When staying in an Airbnb, it’s important to be considerate of the neighbors surrounding the property. Being respectful of the local community helps maintain a positive relationship between guests and the neighborhood.


One of the main considerations is noise levels. Be mindful of the time and volume of any activities, especially during late hours or early mornings. Keep conversations, music, or any other noise to a reasonable level to avoid disturbing the neighbors.


Respect parking regulations and be mindful of where you park your vehicle. If the Airbnb has designated parking spaces, be sure to park in the assigned area. If street parking is necessary, follow any local parking rules and be considerate of neighboring properties.


Remember to be mindful of the property’s exterior as well. Avoid causing any damage to walls, fences, or landscaping. Dispose of any trash or cigarette butts properly and avoid littering in the area.


If you encounter any neighbors during your stay, be courteous and respectful in your interactions. Keep noise to a minimum when entering or leaving the property, and maintain a friendly and considerate demeanor.


If there are any specific guidelines provided by the host regarding neighbor interactions or community rules, be sure to follow them accordingly. This may include avoiding certain areas or being aware of any local customs or traditions.


By being considerate of neighbors, you not only contribute to a positive image of Airbnb guests but also help maintain a good relationship between hosts and the local community. It ensures a pleasant and respectful environment for everyone involved.


Tip 9: Leave a review

Leaving a review is not only a way to express your gratitude to your host but also helps future travelers make informed decisions when choosing an Airbnb listing. Taking the time to leave a thoughtful and honest review is a valuable contribution to the Airbnb community.


When leaving a review, highlight the positive aspects of your stay. Was the listing accurately described? Were the amenities satisfactory? Did the host provide excellent communication and hospitality? Sharing these positive experiences can encourage other travelers to choose the same property and support a host who goes above and beyond.


On the other hand, if you encountered any issues during your stay, provide constructive feedback in your review. This helps the host identify areas for improvement and ensures that future guests have realistic expectations. Be tactful and polite in your feedback, focusing on the specific issue rather than making personal attacks. This creates a fair and helpful review for both the host and prospective guests.


When writing your review, remember to be honest and genuine. Share your personal experience and any standout moments or details that made your stay memorable. This helps future travelers get an authentic sense of what to expect and can assist them in making an informed decision.


Lastly, if there were any outstanding or exceptional aspects of your stay, make sure to highlight them in your review. Did the host go above and beyond to accommodate a special request? Was there an unexpected gesture of hospitality that made your stay remarkable? Sharing these positive experiences can inspire hosts and create a positive feedback loop within the Airbnb community.


By leaving a review, you contribute to the transparency and trust within the Airbnb platform. Your feedback can help improve the overall guest experience and assist hosts in enhancing their listings. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in supporting the Airbnb community and ensuring that future travelers have a great experience.


Tip 10: Follow the check-out instructions

As your stay comes to an end, it’s important to follow the check-out instructions provided by your host. These instructions are designed to ensure a smooth and efficient departure process for both you and the host.


Start by carefully reviewing the check-out time specified by your host. Plan your departure accordingly to allow enough time to gather your belongings, clean up, and return any keys or access cards as instructed.


If there are any specific cleaning tasks required before check-out, such as stripping the beds or taking out the trash, make sure to complete them. Leaving the property in a tidy state shows respect for your host and simplifies their preparations for the next guest.


Follow any instructions regarding the return of keys or access cards. Some hosts may provide a drop-off location or specific arrangements for their return. Be sure to return them on time to avoid any inconvenience or additional charges.


Before you leave, double-check all areas of the property to ensure you haven’t forgotten any personal belongings. Open cabinets, drawers, and closets to ensure you haven’t left anything behind.


If you have time, consider leaving a thank-you note or a small gesture of appreciation for your host. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows your gratitude and leaves a positive impression.


Lastly, make sure to communicate with your host regarding your check-out and any specific instructions they may have. Inform them of your departure and any issues or concerns encountered during your stay. This helps maintain open lines of communication and allows the host to address any outstanding matters.


By following the check-out instructions, you not only ensure a smooth departure but also leave a positive final impression with your host. It contributes to a pleasant experience for both you and future guests, and helps host prepare for the next arrivals.



Being a responsible and considerate guest is essential when staying in an Airbnb. By following these 10 tips for Airbnb etiquette, you can ensure a positive experience for yourself, your host, and future guests.


Effective communication with your host sets the foundation for a seamless stay, while thoroughly reading the listing helps manage expectations and make informed decisions. Following the house rules and respecting the property and shared spaces demonstrate your respect for your host’s space and the community.


Keeping noise levels in check and cleaning up after yourself are simple gestures that contribute to a harmonious environment for all. Being considerate of neighbors and leaving a review helps maintain positive relationships and fosters transparency within the Airbnb community.


Finally, following the check-out instructions ensures a smooth departure and leaves a lasting positive impression. Overall, these tips help create a respectful and enjoyable experience for both guests and hosts.


Remember, being a responsible Airbnb guest not only enhances your own travel experience but also helps contribute to the thriving Airbnb community. By following these tips, you can become the best Airbnb guest you can be, creating lasting memories and fostering positive connections along the way.