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Is The Sky Lagoon Iceland Worth It? A Detailed Review.


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Chandra Shackleford



Welcome to the world of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation at the Sky Lagoon Iceland. This breathtaking attraction has gained international acclaim for its spectacular geothermal pools, stunning views, and tranquil atmosphere. If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience, the Sky Lagoon is the perfect destination.


Situated in the heart of Iceland, this luxury spa is nestled amidst the natural beauty of the Reykjanes Peninsula. With its strategic location, it offers visitors a mesmerizing panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, the twinkling lights of Reykjavik, and the majestic surrounding mountains.


Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend retreat or a traveler seeking an extraordinary spa experience, the Sky Lagoon offers a range of amenities and activities to suit every taste. From indulging in the warm geothermal waters to enjoying a delicious meal with a view, there’s something for everyone at this enchanting oasis.


The Sky Lagoon Iceland has quickly become a must-visit attraction for spa enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Its unparalleled beauty and tranquil ambiance provide a perfect escape from the stresses of daily life. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the soothing waters and embrace the serenity of the Sky Lagoon.


In this detailed review, we will take a closer look at the location, accessibility, pricing, facilities, and the overall experience of the Sky Lagoon Iceland. Whether you’re considering a visit or simply curious about what this extraordinary place has to offer, read on to uncover the enchantment that awaits you.


Location and Accessibility

The Sky Lagoon Iceland is conveniently located just a short drive from Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. Situated on the Reykjanes Peninsula, it offers easy accessibility to both locals and tourists. The spa is nestled in the town of Kársnes, providing a peaceful and scenic escape from the bustling city life.


Getting to the Sky Lagoon is a breeze, thanks to its close proximity to Keflavik International Airport. If you’re arriving in Iceland by air, you can easily reach the spa within a 15-minute drive from the airport. This makes it an ideal spot for those seeking relaxation after a long flight or a layover.


For those staying in Reykjavik, reaching the Sky Lagoon is equally convenient. The spa offers shuttle services from various locations in the city, allowing visitors to enjoy a stress-free journey to the oasis. Alternatively, you can opt for a self-drive option, as the spa has ample parking facilities.


Once you arrive at the Sky Lagoon, you’ll instantly be captivated by the breathtaking location. Surrounded by volcanic rocks, the spa provides an immersive and natural environment that complements the healing properties of its geothermal waters.


Moreover, the strategic positioning of the Sky Lagoon offers stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby mountains. Whether you’re relaxing in the pools, enjoying a meal on the terrace, or simply taking a leisurely stroll around the spa grounds, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring views that truly enhance the overall experience.


In terms of accessibility for individuals with mobility issues, the Sky Lagoon strives to provide inclusive facilities. The spa is equipped with ramps, handrails, and elevator access to ensure that everyone can enjoy the facilities comfortably.


Overall, the location of the Sky Lagoon Iceland is not only convenient but also showcases the natural beauty that Iceland is renowned for. Its accessibility and proximity to Reykjavik and the airport make it a must-visit destination for locals and travelers seeking an extraordinary spa experience amidst breathtaking scenery.


Pricing and Entrance Fees

Before embarking on your journey to the Sky Lagoon Iceland, it’s important to be aware of the pricing and entrance fees. The spa offers various options to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring that everyone can experience the magic of this unique destination.


The base entrance fee includes access to the geothermal pools, saunas, and the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. This fee provides a generous amount of time to relax and enjoy the facilities, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the serenity of the Sky Lagoon.


In addition to the base fee, the Sky Lagoon also offers premium packages that provide additional amenities and exclusive experiences. These packages may include perks such as access to private relaxation areas, complimentary towels, robes, and slippers, as well as priority booking for dining options.


It’s worth noting that the pricing of the entrance fees may vary depending on the time of day and the season. Peak hours and popular times such as weekends and holidays may have slightly higher rates compared to weekdays and off-peak hours. It’s advisable to check the spa’s website or contact their customer service for up-to-date information on pricing and availability.


When considering the pricing, it’s important to keep in mind that the experience offered by the Sky Lagoon is truly one-of-a-kind. The breathtaking views, luxurious facilities, and the therapeutic properties of the geothermal waters make it a worthwhile investment for indulging in self-care and relaxation.


In comparison to other spas and wellness retreats, the pricing at the Sky Lagoon is competitive and reflective of the high-quality experience it offers. Whether you opt for the base entrance fee or choose to splurge on a premium package, you can be assured that your visit will be extraordinary and well worth the cost.


Additionally, the Sky Lagoon may offer special promotions or discounts during certain periods, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any deals that may be available. By taking advantage of these offers, you can make your visit to the Sky Lagoon even more enticing and affordable.


Overall, while the pricing and entrance fees of the Sky Lagoon Iceland may vary, the experience and relaxation it offers are truly priceless. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or seeking a luxurious indulgence, the spa provides a range of choices to ensure that your visit is tailored to your needs and preferences.


Facilities and Amenities

The Sky Lagoon Iceland prides itself on offering a range of top-notch facilities and amenities to enhance your spa experience. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be treated to luxury and comfort at every turn.


One of the key highlights of the spa is the geothermal pools. These naturally heated pools provide a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for visitors. Immerse yourself in the warm waters and feel the stresses of daily life melt away as you take in the magnificent surroundings.


In addition to the pools, the Sky Lagoon also boasts a variety of saunas. Indulge in the soothing heat and allow it to detoxify your body and relax your muscles. The carefully designed saunas offer different temperature options, ensuring that you can find the ideal balance for your personal comfort.


For those seeking a more exclusive and private experience, the spa offers secluded relaxation areas where you can unwind in peace. These serene corners provide a tranquil oasis within the already serene environment of the Sky Lagoon.


When it comes to conveniences, the Sky Lagoon has you covered. The spa provides complimentary towels, robes, and slippers for your comfort during your visit. There are also changing rooms and locker facilities available to store your belongings securely.


For refreshments and nourishment, the Sky Lagoon offers a range of dining options. Whether you’re craving a light snack or a full meal, you’ll find a variety of delicious dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The dining areas not only provide delectable cuisine but also offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, further enhancing your dining experience.


Additionally, the Sky Lagoon Iceland ensures that the spa is accessible to all visitors. The facilities are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, including ramps, handrails, and elevator access. This commitment to inclusivity allows everyone to enjoy the wonders of the Sky Lagoon.


Overall, the facilities and amenities provided at the Sky Lagoon Iceland ensure that your visit is nothing short of extraordinary. From the geothermal pools and saunas to private relaxation areas and dining options, every aspect of your experience has been meticulously thought out to provide ultimate relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment.


Sky Lagoon Experience

The Sky Lagoon Iceland offers a truly exceptional spa experience that combines relaxation, natural beauty, and healing properties. From the moment you step into this enchanting oasis, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.


One of the main highlights of the Sky Lagoon experience is the opportunity to soak in the geothermal pools. These mineral-rich waters have been renowned for their healing properties for centuries. Immerse yourself in the warm water while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views, and feel the stress and tension melt away.


As you relax in the pools, you’ll also have the chance to explore the various saunas available at the spa. Each sauna offers a different temperature and atmosphere, allowing you to tailor your experience to your personal preferences. Let the soothing heat envelop your body and release toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.


The Sky Lagoon is designed to provide a holistic experience, catering to both physical and mental well-being. The tranquil ambiance, surrounded by volcanic rocks and beautiful landscapes, enhances the overall sense of peace and serenity. The combination of the natural elements and top-quality facilities creates an environment that is truly unique and invigorating.


Throughout your visit, you’ll have access to a range of amenities to enhance your experience. The spa provides comfortable towels, robes, and slippers for your convenience, ensuring that you can fully relax and indulge in the moment. There are also private relaxation areas where you can retreat for some intimate solitude amidst the stunning surroundings.


The dining options at the Sky Lagoon further add to the overall experience. Enjoy a meal or a light snack while taking in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Reykjanes Peninsula. The carefully crafted menus showcase the best of Icelandic cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


Whether you choose to visit the Sky Lagoon during the day or in the evening, the experience is equally captivating. During the day, the spa is bathed in natural light, creating a serene and uplifting atmosphere. In the evening, you’ll be treated to a magical ambiance as the sun sets and the twinkling lights of Reykjavik illuminate the night sky.


The Sky Lagoon experience is truly one-of-a-kind, combining the elements of nature, relaxation, and luxury to create a memorable spa experience. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a solo retreat, or a fun outing with friends, the Sky Lagoon has everything you need to unwind and revitalize your mind, body, and soul.


Views and Atmosphere

The Sky Lagoon Iceland offers an unparalleled experience when it comes to breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. From the moment you step foot into this enchanting oasis, you’ll be captivated by the natural beauty that surrounds you.


One of the main attractions of the Sky Lagoon is its panoramic views. Situated on the Reykjanes Peninsula, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, the rugged coastline, and the majestic mountains in the distance. The juxtaposition of the natural elements creates a sense of awe and tranquility that is truly unique.


Whether you’re lounging in the geothermal pools, relaxing in the saunas, or enjoying a meal on the terrace, you’ll have the opportunity to soak in these breathtaking views. The experience is heightened during sunrise or sunset, when the sky is painted with vibrant colors that reflect off the water, creating a magical ambiance.


The Sky Lagoon is designed to immerse visitors in a serene and calming atmosphere. The spa’s surroundings are adorned with volcanic rocks, creating a sense of harmony with the natural landscape. The carefully manicured gardens and pathways add to the overall sense of tranquility, providing a peaceful setting for ultimate relaxation.


As you soak in the geothermal pools or unwind in the saunas, you’ll be greeted by a sense of serenity. The warm waters, coupled with the stunning views, create an atmosphere that encourages mindfulness and inner peace. The Sky Lagoon provides the perfect environment to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with nature.


The spa is also known for its attention to detail when it comes to creating a peaceful and luxurious ambiance. The decor is chic and modern, with calming earth tones and natural materials. From the stylish seating areas to the soft ambient lighting, every aspect of the spa is designed to enhance relaxation and create a sense of tranquility.


Whether you’re visiting the Sky Lagoon for a solo retreat, a romantic getaway, or a day out with friends, the views and atmosphere will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. The combination of the stunning vistas, the serene ambiance, and the top-notch facilities create an experience that is both rejuvenating and unforgettable.


Prepare to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring views and the peaceful atmosphere as you embark on a journey of relaxation and self-care at the Sky Lagoon Iceland.


Geothermal Pools and Saunas

The geothermal pools and saunas at the Sky Lagoon Iceland are at the heart of the spa experience, offering a therapeutic and revitalizing journey for visitors. Immerse yourself in these soothing waters and feel your worries and stresses melt away.


The geothermal pools at the Sky Lagoon are a true oasis of relaxation. Filled with mineral-rich waters that are naturally heated by geothermal energy, these pools provide a range of benefits for your body and mind. The warm temperature helps to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote overall well-being.


As you soak in the geothermal pools, you’ll also be treated to stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The juxtaposition of the warm waters and the picturesque views creates a sense of pure tranquility. Whether you’re gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean, the rugged coastline, or the mountains in the distance, the scenery is sure to leave you in awe.


In addition to the geothermal pools, the Sky Lagoon also offers a selection of saunas to further enhance your spa experience. The saunas provide a dry, heat-based therapy that aids in detoxification, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The carefully designed saunas at the spa offer varying temperatures and atmospheres, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences.


Each sauna at the Sky Lagoon provides a different experience. From traditional Finnish saunas to steam saunas infused with essential oils, there’s a sauna for every preference. Step inside and feel the heat envelop your body as you release toxins, improve circulation, and let go of any tension or stress.


The combination of the geothermal pools and saunas at the Sky Lagoon offers a unique and holistic spa experience. Spend time alternating between the warm pools and the saunas, allowing your body to reap the benefits of both therapies. This contrast therapy can help to invigorate your senses, promote relaxation, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


The Sky Lagoon Iceland takes great pride in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of its geothermal pools and saunas. The water undergoes regular testing and filtration to ensure that it is of the highest quality, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.


Whether you’re seeking relaxation, physical rejuvenation, or simply a moment of tranquility, the geothermal pools and saunas at the Sky Lagoon are guaranteed to deliver. Let the healing properties of the warm waters and the therapeutic heat of the saunas envelop you as you embark on a journey of self-care and well-being.


Dining Options

When it comes to culinary delights, the Sky Lagoon Iceland offers a range of dining options to satisfy every palate. From light snacks to full meals, you’ll find an array of delicious dishes that showcase the best of Icelandic cuisine while enjoying breathtaking views.


For those seeking a quick bite or a light snack, the spa offers a selection of grab-and-go options. You can indulge in a variety of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and pastries, perfect for a quick refuel between relaxation sessions. These gourmet treats are made with the finest ingredients, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful experience.


If you’re looking for a more substantial meal, the Sky Lagoon has you covered. The spa features a restaurant that offers a diverse menu, incorporating both Icelandic specialties and international flavors. From fresh seafood to succulent meats and vegetarian options, there’s something to please every palate.


One of the highlights of dining at the Sky Lagoon is the opportunity to enjoy your meal with a breathtaking view. The restaurant is strategically positioned to provide panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, including the Atlantic Ocean, mountains, and picturesque scenery. There’s nothing quite like savoring a delicious meal while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Iceland.


Furthermore, the spa also offers a bar where you can indulge in a selection of refreshing beverages. Treat yourself to a perfectly crafted cocktail, a glass of fine wine, or a specialty Icelandic drink. The bar also serves non-alcoholic options, ensuring that everyone can find a beverage to suit their preferences.


In addition to the restaurant and bar, the Sky Lagoon offers private dining options for those seeking a more intimate experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a romantic evening, you can reserve a private dining area and enjoy a tailored menu to suit your preferences.


It’s worth noting that the dining options at the Sky Lagoon prioritize using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This commitment to quality ensures that you’ll enjoy flavors that are authentic and reflective of Icelandic culinary traditions. Immerse yourself in the local cuisine while supporting sustainable practices.


Whether you’re seeking a light snack, a leisurely meal, or a romantic dinner, the dining options at the Sky Lagoon Iceland provide a delightful culinary experience. Treat your taste buds while feasting your eyes on the captivating views, creating a truly memorable and multisensory dining experience.


Customer Reviews

The Sky Lagoon Iceland has garnered rave reviews from customers who have experienced its unique offerings. Visitors from all walks of life have praised the spa for its stunning location, exceptional facilities, and unparalleled relaxation.


Many customers have been captivated by the breathtaking views that the Sky Lagoon has to offer. The panoramic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, the mountains, and the surrounding landscapes have left visitors in awe. Customers have described the views as majestic, awe-inspiring, and truly unforgettable.


The geothermal pools and saunas at the Sky Lagoon have received high praise from customers who have enjoyed their therapeutic benefits. Many have mentioned how the warm waters and the heat from the saunas have helped them relax, rejuvenate, and relieve muscle tension. Customers have expressed how the combination of the geothermal pools and saunas has provided a truly holistic and healing experience.


The facilities and amenities at the Sky Lagoon have also received accolades from customers. The well-maintained pools, clean changing rooms, comfortable towels, and luxurious private relaxation areas have all contributed to the overall positive experience reported by visitors. Many have commended the attention to detail and the high level of service provided by the staff.


The dining options at the Sky Lagoon have impressed customers with their delicious flavors and stunning presentation. Visitors have enjoyed a range of dishes, from fresh seafood to local specialties, and have praised the quality of the ingredients used. The opportunity to savor a meal while taking in the captivating views has been described as a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.


Overall, customers have been thrilled with their experiences at the Sky Lagoon Iceland. The spa’s combination of natural beauty, top-notch facilities, and exceptional customer service has left a lasting impression on visitors. Many have expressed a desire to visit again, recommending the Sky Lagoon to friends and family as a must-visit destination in Iceland.


While there may be the occasional constructive feedback from customers, the overwhelming number of positive reviews is a testament to the outstanding experience provided by the Sky Lagoon Iceland. Customers have praised the spa for its ability to create a sense of tranquility and relaxation, allowing them to escape the stresses of everyday life and immerse themselves in a truly rejuvenating environment.



The Sky Lagoon Iceland offers an extraordinary spa experience that combines natural beauty, relaxation, and luxury. From its breathtaking location and panoramic views to its geothermal pools, saunas, and exceptional facilities, the spa provides a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation.


Located just a short drive from Reykjavik and with easy accessibility from Keflavik International Airport, the Sky Lagoon is a convenient and must-visit destination for both locals and travelers. Its strategic positioning on the Reykjanes Peninsula allows for mesmerizing views of the Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding mountains, and the enchanting landscapes.


With various pricing options and premium packages, the Sky Lagoon caters to a range of budgets and preferences. Whether you opt for a basic entrance fee or indulge in the exclusive amenities of the premium packages, each visit promises an unforgettable experience.


The geothermal pools and saunas at the Sky Lagoon provide a truly therapeutic and rejuvenating journey. The mineral-rich waters, naturally heated by geothermal energy, offer numerous benefits for the body and mind. Whether you choose to relax in the warm pools or unwind in the saunas, you’ll feel the stresses of daily life melt away.


The spa’s facilities and amenities have been designed with utmost comfort and luxury in mind. From the comfortable towels, robes, and slippers to the private relaxation areas, every aspect ensures that your visit is nothing short of exceptional. The dining options at the Sky Lagoon further enhance the overall experience, offering delectable dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


Customer reviews have overwhelmingly praised the Sky Lagoon Iceland for its stunning views, serene atmosphere, and transformative experiences. Visitors have found solace and relaxation in the spa’s harmonious environment, often describing their visits as unforgettable and rejuvenating.


In conclusion, the Sky Lagoon Iceland is a true paradise for spa enthusiasts and nature lovers. It invites you to immerse yourself in its geothermal pools, embrace the captivating views, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re seeking a solo retreat, a romantic getaway, or a day of relaxation with loved ones, the Sky Lagoon is the perfect destination to escape, renew, and recharge.