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Who Owns Enchantment Resort


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Annelise Clemente



The ownership of a hotel plays a significant role in shaping its identity, direction, and operations. One such hotel that has seen its fair share of ownership changes is the renowned Enchantment Resort. Situated in the stunning red rock mountains of Sedona, Arizona, Enchantment Resort has solidified its reputation as a premier destination for relaxation, adventure, and luxury.


With its picturesque location and world-class amenities, Enchantment Resort has become a favorite among travelers looking to escape the bustling city life and immerse themselves in nature’s wonders. From its inception, the resort has captivated guests with its enchanting beauty and exceptional service, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit.


Over the years, Enchantment Resort has undergone various ownership changes, each bringing its unique vision and contributions to the property. These changes have not only shaped the resort’s present identity but have also influenced its future growth and development. Understanding the owners behind Enchantment Resort provides valuable insights into the resort’s history, values, and aspirations.


History of Enchantment Resort

The story of Enchantment Resort begins in the late 1980s when it was originally established by an innovative entrepreneur, John Klein. Klein envisioned a unique and awe-inspiring retreat that would seamlessly integrate with the natural splendor of Sedona’s rugged landscape. With its breathtaking surroundings and proximity to renowned landmarks like Boynton Canyon and Oak Creek, Enchantment Resort quickly became a cherished destination for travelers seeking tranquility and adventure.


From its early days, Enchantment Resort set itself apart by offering a range of distinctive activities and amenities that catered to the diverse interests of its guests. Whether it was hiking the scenic trails, indulging in spa treatments inspired by Native American traditions, or savoring gourmet cuisine amidst stunning panoramic views, Enchantment Resort aimed to provide an unparalleled experience.


Under the initial ownership of John Klein, Enchantment Resort flourished and gained recognition for its commitment to preserving the natural environment and honoring the rich cultural heritage of the region. This appreciation for sustainability and authenticity would become integral to the resort’s identity, even as ownership changed hands.


Ownership Changes Over Time

Since its inception, Enchantment Resort has experienced a number of ownership changes that have shaped its trajectory and contributed to its evolution as a premier destination. In 1995, the resort was acquired by the Mii amo group, a partnership between Boynton Canyon Investors and Enchantment Group, which added a luxurious spa experience to the property.


Over the years, Enchantment Resort continued to thrive under the Mii amo group’s ownership, gaining recognition and accolades for its unparalleled service, stunning accommodations, and commitment to wellness. However, in 2012, Enchantment Resort underwent another ownership change when it was acquired by Enchantment Group, a leading international luxury resort and spa management firm.


Under the ownership of Enchantment Group, the resort underwent a series of significant upgrades and renovations aimed at enhancing the guest experience and maintaining the property’s status as a world-class destination. These improvements included the addition of new dining options, upgraded amenities, and the expansion of the resort’s wellness programs.


Most recently, in 2018, Enchantment Resort once again experienced an ownership transition when it was acquired by a partnership between Cedar Capital Partners and Rockpoint Group. This partnership brought together the expertise of Cedar Capital Partners, a privately owned investment firm specializing in hotel acquisitions, and Rockpoint Group, a global real estate investment management firm.


Throughout these ownership changes, Enchantment Resort has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing guests with an unforgettable experience that embraces the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Each ownership group has brought their unique perspective and resources to further enhance the resort’s offerings, ensuring it remains a premier destination for luxury, relaxation, and adventure.


Current Ownership of Enchantment Resort

As of the latest updates, Enchantment Resort is currently owned by a partnership between Cedar Capital Partners and Rockpoint Group. Cedar Capital Partners, founded in 2004, is a European-based real estate investment firm focused on acquiring and managing luxury hotels and resorts. With a successful track record in the hospitality industry, Cedar Capital Partners brings extensive expertise and a commitment to enhancing the guest experience.


Rockpoint Group, on the other hand, is a global real estate investment management firm that specializes in opportunistic and value-oriented investments. With offices in the United States and Europe, Rockpoint Group has a diverse portfolio of real estate assets and a deep understanding of market dynamics. Their involvement in Enchantment Resort signifies their recognition of its potential and their commitment to maximizing its value.


Together, Cedar Capital Partners and Rockpoint Group have combined their resources and expertise to drive strategic initiatives and maintain Enchantment Resort’s reputation as a world-class destination. Their shared vision is to continually elevate the guest experience, enhance the property’s amenities, and maintain the resort’s commitment to sustainability and authenticity.


The current ownership embodies a dedication to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Sedona while offering guests a luxurious and immersive experience. By leveraging their collective knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, Cedar Capital Partners and Rockpoint Group are focused on positioning Enchantment Resort as a leading destination in the luxury resort market.


With a strong commitment to maintaining the resort’s awe-inspiring natural surroundings and offering unique amenities and services, the current ownership of Enchantment Resort is poised to provide guests with unforgettable experiences and solidify the resort’s status as a premier destination in the years to come.


Key Players in the Ownership Structure

The ownership structure of Enchantment Resort involves key players who contribute their expertise, vision, and resources to ensure its success and growth as a premier destination. Let’s take a closer look at the individuals and organizations involved:

1. Cedar Capital Partners: As a privately owned real estate investment firm, Cedar Capital Partners plays a pivotal role in the ownership structure of Enchantment Resort. With a focus on acquiring and managing luxury hotels and resorts, Cedar Capital Partners brings extensive industry knowledge and a commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences. 2. Rockpoint Group: A global real estate investment management firm, Rockpoint Group has partnered with Cedar Capital Partners in the ownership of Enchantment Resort. With a strong background in opportunistic investments, Rockpoint Group brings strategic insights and financial expertise to the table. 3. Enchantment Group: Enchantment Group is a leading international luxury resort and spa management firm that previously owned Enchantment Resort. Although no longer the direct owner, their influence and expertise continue to shape the resort, as Enchantment Group provides ongoing management and operational support. 4. John Klein: The founder and original owner of Enchantment Resort, John Klein’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit were instrumental in the establishment and early success of the resort. Although he is no longer directly involved in the ownership, his legacy is deeply ingrained in the resort’s identity and commitment to quality. These key players bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources to the ownership structure of Enchantment Resort. Through their collaboration, they ensure that the resort continues to offer an outstanding guest experience, maintains its commitment to sustainability, and remains at the forefront of the luxury hospitality industry.


Impact of Ownership on Enchantment Resort’s Operations

The ownership of Enchantment Resort has a profound impact on its operations, shaping everything from its strategic direction to the guest experience. Each ownership group has brought their unique vision, resources, and expertise, leaving their mark on the resort’s day-to-day operations. Let’s explore the key ways in which ownership impacts Enchantment Resort:

1. Strategic Planning and Development: The ownership group plays a crucial role in setting the strategic direction for Enchantment Resort. They determine the long-term goals, identify areas for growth and improvement, and allocate resources accordingly. This includes decisions on property renovations, new amenities, and market positioning to ensure the resort remains competitive in the industry. 2. Financial Investment: The ownership group’s financial resources are essential for supporting the operation and growth of Enchantment Resort. They provide the capital necessary for upgrades, maintenance, and expansion projects to enhance the guest experience. Their investment also contributes to maintaining the resort’s high standards of service and amenities. 3. Management and Leadership: Depending on the ownership structure, the management and leadership of Enchantment Resort may be directly or indirectly influenced by the owners. Ownership may involve the appointment of experienced hospitality professionals or the engagement of a management company to oversee the day-to-day operations. This ensures effective administration, efficient staffing, and the implementation of quality standards. 4. Branding and Marketing: Ownership has a significant impact on how Enchantment Resort is positioned in the market and how it is promoted to potential guests. Owners with expertise in branding and marketing can leverage their industry knowledge to drive brand awareness and attract the desired target audience. This includes developing a compelling brand identity, implementing effective marketing strategies, and forging partnerships to enhance the resort’s visibility. 5. Guest Experience and Service: The ownership’s commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences and delivering quality service influences every aspect of Enchantment Resort’s operations. They set high standards for customer service, prioritize guest satisfaction, and ensure the resort’s offerings align with the desires and preferences of its clientele. This includes providing luxury accommodations, unique amenities, and personalized experiences tailored to guests’ needs. 6. Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship: Ownership can also shape the resort’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Many owners prioritize eco-friendly practices, energy conservation, and community involvement to ensure Enchantment Resort’s operations have a positive impact on the local ecosystem and community. Overall, the ownership of Enchantment Resort has a profound influence on its operations, encompassing strategic planning, financial investment, management, branding, guest experience, and sustainability. Through their expertise and resources, the owners strive to create a unique and unforgettable experience for every guest who visits the resort.



The ownership of Enchantment Resort has played a pivotal role in shaping its history, operations, and overall success. From its humble beginnings under the visionary leadership of John Klein to its current ownership by Cedar Capital Partners and Rockpoint Group, each transition has brought new perspectives, resources, and opportunities for growth.


Throughout its journey, Enchantment Resort has maintained its commitment to providing a unique and immersive experience for its guests. The dedication of the ownership groups to enhancing the guest experience, preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings, and embracing sustainability has solidified the resort’s reputation as a premier destination.


The impact of ownership can be seen in various aspects of Enchantment Resort’s operations. From strategic planning and financial investment to branding and marketing efforts, each ownership group has left their mark on the resort’s identity and direction. The integration of luxury accommodations, exceptional service, and diverse amenities has helped to create a truly enchanting atmosphere for guests.


Furthermore, the commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship reflects the values of the ownership groups, contributing to the long-term success and relevance of Enchantment Resort. By prioritizing eco-friendly practices and community involvement, the resort serves as both a haven for travelers and a responsible member of the local community.


In conclusion, the ownership of Enchantment Resort has been instrumental in shaping its trajectory, ensuring that it remains a sought-after destination for luxury, relaxation, and adventure. With each ownership change, the resort has evolved and grown, always striving to provide guests with unforgettable experiences amidst the breathtaking beauty of Sedona’s red rock mountains.