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When Did Camelback Resort Open


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Guendolen Nave



Welcome to the captivating world of Camelback Resort, a premier destination for adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences. Nestled in the heart of the scenic Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Camelback Resort has made a name for itself as one of the top resorts in the region. Offering a plethora of activities and amenities, this resort is a haven for thrill-seekers, nature enthusiasts, and families looking for the ultimate getaway.


With its rich history and commitment to providing exceptional service, Camelback Resort has become a beloved destination for travelers from near and far. Whether you’re craving adrenaline-pumping adventures on the slopes or seeking tranquility in the midst of nature, this resort has it all. From world-class skiing and snowboarding in the winter to thrilling waterpark adventures and scenic mountain hikes in the summer, there is never a dull moment at Camelback.


But how did Camelback Resort come to be the iconic destination it is today? In this article, we will explore the background of Camelback Resort, including its opening, growth, and development. Join us as we take an exciting journey into the past and present of this remarkable resort.


Background of Camelback Resort

Before Camelback Resort became the renowned destination it is today, it was initially established as Camelback Ski Area in 1963. The vision for the resort came from Arthur Berry III, who recognized the potential of the picturesque Pocono Mountains for skiing and outdoor recreation. With its scenic beauty and proximity to major metropolitan areas, the Poconos was the perfect location for a ski resort.


Camelback Ski Area quickly gained popularity among winter sports enthusiasts, offering a variety of trails for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Over the years, the resort expanded its offerings, adding more lifts, improving infrastructure, and enhancing its amenities to cater to the growing number of visitors.


In 2005, Camelback Ski Area underwent a major transformation and rebranding, becoming Camelback Resort. This marked a significant turning point for the resort, as it expanded beyond its winter sports focus to become a year-round destination. With the addition of an indoor water park, Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark, the resort became a hotspot for summer fun as well.


The resort’s commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences is the driving force behind its continuous growth and innovation. Camelback Resort has always aimed to stay ahead of the curve and offer activities and amenities that appeal to a diverse range of guests. From luxurious spa treatments to exciting adventure courses, the resort caters to varying interests and age groups.


Camelback Resort’s dedication to environmental sustainability is also worth highlighting. The resort has taken numerous initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices. This includes investments in energy-efficient technologies, water conservation programs, and responsible waste management practices.


Today, Camelback Resort stands as a premier destination that combines outdoor adventure, relaxation, and unparalleled service. With its rich history, breathtaking natural surroundings, and commitment to providing exceptional experiences, the resort continues to captivate the hearts of visitors, making it a go-to choice for a memorable getaway.


Opening of Camelback Resort

The opening of Camelback Resort in 1963 marked the beginning of a new era for outdoor recreation in the Pocono Mountains. Arthur Berry III, the visionary behind the resort, saw the potential of the region’s scenic beauty and decided to create a ski area that would cater to winter sports enthusiasts.


On December 21, 1963, Camelback Ski Area officially opened its doors, offering skiers and snowboarders access to 14 trails spanning over 35 acres of skiable terrain. The resort featured four lifts, allowing guests to easily navigate the mountain and enjoy uninterrupted downhill adventures.


From its inception, Camelback Resort provided top-notch facilities and amenities to ensure a seamless and enjoyable winter sports experience. The resort’s snowmaking capabilities were a game-changer, allowing it to maintain ideal skiing conditions even in times of limited natural snowfall.


Camelback Resort quickly gained popularity among avid winter sports enthusiasts and families looking for a fun-filled getaway. Its proximity to major urban centers, including Philadelphia and New York City, made it easily accessible for weekend trips and day visits.


As the years went by, Camelback Resort continued to expand and improve its offerings. In the 1970s, the resort introduced night skiing, allowing guests to hit the slopes even after the sun went down. This innovation further solidified Camelback’s reputation as a top-notch ski area.


Recognizing the need to cater to all skill levels, Camelback Resort also invested in a comprehensive ski school, offering lessons and programs for beginners and advanced skiers alike. This commitment to providing quality instruction helped thousands of individuals and families discover the joy of skiing and snowboarding.


With the success of Camelback Ski Area, the resort realized the potential for year-round activities in the Pocono Mountains. In 2005, the resort underwent a major transformation, rebranding as Camelback Resort to reflect its expanded offerings beyond winter sports.


The opening of Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark was a major turning point for the resort. This sprawling water park spans over 37 acres and features thrilling water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and interactive play areas. Camelbeach quickly became a popular summer destination, attracting visitors from far and wide.


Thanks to continuous investments in infrastructure and facilities, Camelback Resort has thrived over the years and has become a premier year-round destination. The dedication of its founders and staff to creating exceptional experiences for guests has played a significant role in the resort’s growth and success.


Today, the opening of Camelback Resort remains a milestone in the history of outdoor recreation in the Pocono Mountains. With its diverse range of activities, state-of-the-art facilities, and breathtaking natural surroundings, the resort continues to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.


Growth and Development of Camelback Resort

Since its humble beginnings in 1963, Camelback Resort has experienced significant growth and development, solidifying its position as a premier destination in the Pocono Mountains. The resort’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences for guests has been a driving force behind its continuous expansion and innovation.


One of the key milestones in the growth of Camelback Resort was the addition of Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark in 2005. This sprawling water park covers over 37 acres and offers a wide array of thrilling water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and interactive play areas. The waterpark’s opening marked the resort’s transition to a year-round destination, attracting visitors seeking summer adventures.


Understanding the importance of offering diverse activities, Camelback Resort expanded its offerings beyond skiing and water park adventures. The resort introduced Camelback Mountain Adventures, an exhilarating outdoor adventure park. Visitors can now enjoy activities such as zip-lining, rock climbing, mountain biking, and ropes courses, providing unparalleled thrills amidst the stunning mountain landscape.


Camelback Resort’s commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences also led to the development of luxurious amenities. The resort boasts a range of accommodation options, from cozy rooms and suites to spacious villas and townhomes, ensuring that guests can find the perfect retreat for their needs. Additionally, the resort offers world-class dining options, spa services, and on-site entertainment, further enhancing the overall guest experience.


In recent years, Camelback Resort has continued to raise the bar in terms of innovation and sustainability. The resort has made significant investments in energy-efficient technologies, water conservation programs, and responsible waste management practices. Their commitment to environmental stewardship has earned them recognition and certifications for their sustainable practices, contributing to the overall appeal of the resort.


Another sign of growth and development at Camelback Resort is its ongoing commitment to improving and expanding its ski facilities. The resort has continually invested in state-of-the-art snowmaking systems, slope grooming equipment, and lift upgrades to ensure optimal skiing conditions and guest satisfaction. These advancements have solidified Camelback Resort as a premier winter sports destination.


Moreover, Camelback Resort has embraced technology to enhance the guest experience. The resort offers a user-friendly website and mobile app that allow guests to book activities, check real-time snow conditions, and access exclusive offers. This integration of technology has streamlined the guest experience, making it easier than ever to plan a visit to the resort.


With each passing year, Camelback Resort continues to grow and evolve, consistently maintaining its reputation as an exceptional destination. Its dedication to providing top-notch amenities, thrilling activities, and unparalleled service has ensured that guests return year after year. As the resort looks to the future, it is poised to continue its upward trajectory, introducing new innovations and experiences that will captivate visitors for generations to come.



Camelback Resort stands as a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and a commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences. From its early days as a ski area to its transformation into a year-round destination, the resort has captured the hearts of visitors from near and far.


With its breathtaking natural surroundings, unparalleled amenities, and a wide range of activities, Camelback Resort offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the slopes, relaxing by the pool, or immersing yourself in the beauty of nature, this resort has it all.


Through continuous growth and development, Camelback Resort has remained at the forefront of innovation in the hospitality industry. The addition of the Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark and Camelback Mountain Adventures has elevated the resort to new heights, providing thrilling experiences for guests of all ages.


The resort’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly practices sets it apart from others in the industry. Investments in energy-efficient technologies, water conservation programs, and responsible waste management showcase its commitment to preserving the natural beauty that surrounds the resort.


Camelback Resort’s success can be attributed to the hard work and passion of the founders, staff, and all those who have contributed to its growth over the years. Their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and unforgettable experiences has made Camelback Resort a beloved destination.


As Camelback Resort looks ahead to the future, it is clear that the journey of growth and development will continue. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and guest satisfaction, the resort is poised to remain a premier destination in the Pocono Mountains for years to come.


So, whether you’re planning a winter getaway to hit the slopes or a summer adventure in the water park, consider Camelback Resort for an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a desire to return time and time again.