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Staying At The Knickerbocker Mansion In Big Bear


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Colene Thorn



Welcome to the enchanting world of the Knickerbocker Mansion, nestled in the picturesque town of Big Bear. This historic gem is more than just a place to stay – it’s an experience that transports you back in time to the elegance and charm of another era.


Stepping into the Knickerbocker Mansion is like entering a time capsule of refined luxury. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be surrounded by the grandeur of a bygone era, with its majestic architecture, exquisite furnishings, and impeccable attention to detail.


But don’t let the historic façade fool you – behind those doors lies a haven of modern comfort and convenience. The Knickerbocker Mansion seamlessly merges the past and the present, providing guests with a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary amenities.


Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a place to host an unforgettable event, the Knickerbocker Mansion has everything you need to create lasting memories. From its luxurious accommodations to its world-class dining options and diverse array of activities, this iconic destination promises an experience like no other.


Immerse yourself in the rich history and splendor of the Knickerbocker Mansion as we take you on a journey through its storied past, the luxurious accommodations and amenities it offers, the exciting activities and attractions in the surrounding area, helpful tips for booking and reservations, and more. So sit back, relax, and let us be your guide to an unforgettable stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion in beautiful Big Bear.


History of the Knickerbocker Mansion

The Knickerbocker Mansion holds a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. Built in 1892, this stunning Victorian-style mansion was originally constructed as a private residence for the prominent Knickerbocker family.


Over the years, the mansion has witnessed a myriad of events and transformations. From serving as a summer retreat for the Knickerbocker family to being a revered guesthouse for esteemed visitors, the mansion has played a significant role in the history of Big Bear.


During the Great Depression, the mansion was temporarily converted into a boarding house, providing refuge for those affected by the economic downturn. It served as a place of solace and community during challenging times.


In the 1950s, the mansion went through an extensive renovation, restoring its original splendor and transforming it into a boutique hotel. Since then, it has been a beloved destination for travelers seeking a unique and memorable experience.


Today, the Knickerbocker Mansion stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of the past. Its historic charm has been impeccably preserved, with intricate woodwork, stained glass windows, and elegant furnishings that transport guests back to a bygone era.


As you walk through the hallways adorned with vintage photographs and antique decor, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe and admiration for the rich heritage that lives within these walls. Each room tells a story, and every corner whispers echoes of the past.


When you stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion, you become a part of its illustrious history. You have the opportunity to create your own memories within these hallowed halls while immersing yourself in the captivating narrative of this iconic landmark.


Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the timeless appeal of a historic property, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers a truly unique and enchanting experience that will transport you to a bygone era.


Accommodations and Amenities

At the Knickerbocker Mansion, every guest is treated to the highest level of comfort and luxury. The accommodations reflect the elegant style of the mansion while providing modern amenities for a truly exceptional stay.


Choose from a variety of well-appointed rooms and suites, each uniquely decorated with classic furnishings and charming touches. Whether you opt for a cozy room or a spacious suite, you can expect plush bedding, comfortable seating areas, and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.


Wake up each morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and indulge in a delectable complimentary breakfast. From homemade pastries to locally sourced ingredients, the culinary experience at the Knickerbocker Mansion is unparalleled.


After a day of exploring Big Bear’s natural wonders, rejuvenate in the mansion’s spa facilities. Enjoy a soothing massage, relax in the steam room, or take a dip in the outdoor hot tub. The mansion’s wellness amenities provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and pamper yourself.


In addition to the inviting accommodations and pampering amenities, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers a range of services to ensure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. Take advantage of the concierge service for assistance with reservations, recommendations, and any other special requests you may have.


For those looking to host a special event or celebrate a milestone, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers elegant event spaces to accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger parties. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or corporate retreat, the mansion’s experienced staff will work closely with you to create a memorable and seamless event.


When it comes to amenities and services, the Knickerbocker Mansion goes above and beyond to cater to your every need. Whether it’s arranging outdoor activities, providing transportation services, or ensuring a seamless check-in and check-out process, the dedicated staff is committed to ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.


Experience the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern comforts at the Knickerbocker Mansion. Immerse yourself in the elegant surroundings, indulge in luxurious amenities, and let the attentive staff take care of your every need. Your stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion will be a truly unforgettable experience.


Activities and Attractions in Big Bear

Big Bear offers a myriad of activities and attractions for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil escape. When you stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion, you’ll have easy access to all the wonders this mountain paradise has to offer.


Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted by the range of activities available in Big Bear. Explore the surrounding forests by embarking on a scenic hike or bike ride along the many trails that crisscross the area. From leisurely walks to challenging summit treks, there’s a trail for every skill level.


For those who prefer to take to the water, Big Bear Lake offers plenty of opportunities for boating, fishing, and kayaking. Spend a relaxing afternoon on the lake, enjoying the serene beauty of the surrounding mountains and the cool breeze on your face.


In the winter months, Big Bear transforms into a snowy wonderland. Hit the slopes at one of the nearby ski resorts, where you can enjoy a day of skiing, snowboarding, or tubing down the powdery slopes. The Knickerbocker Mansion can assist in arranging equipment rentals and transportation to the ski resorts.


If you’re interested in exploring the local culture and history, make sure to visit the Big Bear Historical Museum. Learn about the early settlers of the area, browse through artifacts and exhibits, and gain a deeper understanding of the unique heritage of Big Bear.


No trip to Big Bear is complete without a visit to the quaint village. Stroll through the streets lined with charming shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes. Sample local cuisine, shop for souvenirs, or simply take in the vibrant atmosphere of this mountain town.


For a truly unique experience, consider taking a helicopter tour to get a bird’s-eye view of Big Bear’s stunning landscapes. Soar over the mountains, valleys, and forests, and marvel at the breathtaking scenery below.


Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Big Bear has it all. From thrilling outdoor activities to cultural experiences, there’s something to suit every interest. Let the Knickerbocker Mansion be your gateway to all the wonders that Big Bear has in store.


Dining Options at the Knickerbocker Mansion

Indulge in a culinary journey at the Knickerbocker Mansion, where dining is an art form. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and innovative flavors, the dining options at the mansion offer a memorable experience for every palate.


Start your day with a delicious complimentary breakfast served in the elegant dining room. Feast on a spread of freshly baked pastries, seasonal fruits, savory dishes, and a variety of beverages to kickstart your day on a delectable note.


For lunch, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers a selection of light and refreshing options. From salads bursting with vibrant flavors to gourmet sandwiches made with the finest ingredients, there’s something to satisfy every craving.


As evening descends, embark on a culinary adventure with the mansion’s exquisite dinner menu. Experience the artistry of the chefs as they create culinary masterpieces inspired by both traditional and contemporary flavors.


Indulge in delectable dishes made with locally sourced produce, fresh seafood, and premium cuts of meat. From succulent steaks to delicate seafood creations and vegetarian delights, the menu at the Knickerbocker Mansion caters to every taste and preference.


Pair your meal with a selection from the mansion’s extensive wine list, featuring both renowned labels and hidden gems. The knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the perfect wine to complement your meal and enhance your dining experience.


If you’re looking for a more intimate dining experience, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers private dining options. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a special celebration with loved ones, the skilled culinary team will create a personalized menu that exceeds your expectations.


After dinner, retire to the mansion’s cozy lounge area for a nightcap. Sip on handcrafted cocktails, fine spirits, or a glass of port as you unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures.


The Knickerbocker Mansion focuses not just on creating extraordinary meals, but on providing a complete dining experience. Immerse yourself in the refined ambiance and impeccable service, and let your taste buds be tantalized by the culinary creations that await you.


Whether you’re a discerning food lover or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers a gastronomic journey that is sure to delight your senses.


Booking and Reservation Information

Booking your stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion is a seamless and straightforward process, ensuring that your experience from the moment of reservation to your departure is stress-free and enjoyable.


To reserve your accommodations at the Knickerbocker Mansion, you can conveniently book online through the official website. The user-friendly interface allows you to select your preferred dates, view available room options, and customize your stay based on your preferences.


Alternatively, you can reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Knickerbocker Mansion via phone or email to assist you with your reservation. They will provide personalized recommendations, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that your reservation is handled with care and attention to detail.


When making your reservation, it’s advisable to book well in advance, especially during peak seasons or if you have specific dates in mind. This will help secure your preferred room type and ensure a seamless planning process.


The Knickerbocker Mansion also offers exclusive packages and promotions throughout the year, providing you with added value and enticing incentives to enhance your stay. These packages may include special rates, added amenities, or unique experiences, so be sure to check the website or inquire with the staff for any available offers.


Upon arrival at the Knickerbocker Mansion, you can expect a warm and personalized welcome. The attentive staff will ensure that your check-in process is efficient, and they will be readily available to assist you with any requests or needs throughout your stay.


In the event that your plans change, the Knickerbocker Mansion has a clear and fair cancellation policy. Be sure to review the specific terms and conditions of your reservation to avoid any potential fees or charges.


Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking for a memorable getaway, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers a range of options to cater to your specific needs. From rooms and suites to event spaces, there’s a perfect setting for everyone.


Secure your reservation at the Knickerbocker Mansion and embark on a remarkable journey filled with history, refined luxury, and exceptional service. Plan your stay with ease and anticipate an unforgettable experience at this exquisite gem in Big Bear.


Tips for a Memorable Stay

To ensure that your stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion is truly unforgettable, here are some helpful tips to enhance your experience:

  1. Plan Ahead: Take advantage of the concierge service and pre-plan your activities and dining options. This way, you can secure reservations and make the most of your time in Big Bear.
  2. Embrace the History: Take the time to appreciate the rich history and architectural beauty of the Knickerbocker Mansion. Explore the property, learn about its past, and immerse yourself in the elegant ambiance.
  3. Indulge in the Culinary Offerings: Make sure to dine at the mansion’s restaurant and try different dishes from the diverse menu. Don’t hesitate to ask the knowledgeable staff for recommendations and wine pairing suggestions.
  4. Enjoy the Amenities: Take full advantage of the spa facilities, outdoor hot tub, and other amenities offered at the Knickerbocker Mansion. Relax and pamper yourself after a day of exploring the wonders of Big Bear.
  5. Explore the Outdoors: Big Bear is known for its natural beauty, so make sure to take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities available. Go hiking, biking, kayaking, or skiing, and immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes.
  6. Take a Helicopter Tour: For a unique perspective of Big Bear, consider taking a helicopter tour. Experience the breathtaking scenery from above and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  7. Pack Accordingly: Depending on the time of year, the weather in Big Bear can vary. Pack clothing suitable for the season and don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes for outdoor activities.
  8. Capture the Moments: Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the beauty and memories of your stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion. The stunning surroundings and elegant architecture make for great photo opportunities.
  9. Engage with the Staff: The knowledgeable and attentive staff at the Knickerbocker Mansion are there to enhance your experience and ensure your stay is exceptional. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations, inquire about local attractions, or seek assistance with any needs you may have.
  10. Relax and Unwind: While there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Big Bear, make sure to also take time to relax and appreciate the serene beauty of the area. Find a cozy spot in the mansion’s gardens or lounge area, and simply embrace the tranquility of the surroundings.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion. Embrace the history, indulge in the culinary delights, explore the outdoors, and create memories that will last a lifetime in this enchanting destination.



Your journey at the Knickerbocker Mansion in Big Bear is not just a stay, but an immersive experience that transports you to a time of elegance and refinement. From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be captivated by the historic charm, luxurious accommodations, and impeccable service that await you.


The Knickerbocker Mansion seamlessly blends the elegance of the past with modern comforts and conveniences, ensuring that your stay is both nostalgic and comfortable. The rich history of the mansion, dating back to the late 19th century, adds an unparalleled allure to your visit, allowing you to walk in the footsteps of those who came before.


With a range of well-appointed rooms and suites, each with its own unique character, you’ll find the perfect space to relax and unwind. The dining options at the mansion tantalize your taste buds with culinary creations made from locally sourced ingredients, while the spa facilities provide a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Beyond the mansion’s walls, Big Bear awaits with its awe-inspiring natural beauty and abundance of outdoor activities. Whether you choose to hike through the forests, take to the waters of Big Bear Lake, or hit the slopes in the winter, adventure and tranquility are at your fingertips.


From the historical significance of the mansion to the personalized service and attention to detail, every aspect of your stay at the Knickerbocker Mansion is designed to create memories that last a lifetime. This majestic destination is more than a place to rest your head – it’s a haven of luxury, charm, and timeless appeal.


Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a place to host a special event, the Knickerbocker Mansion offers an experience like no other. From the rich history that comes alive within its halls to the breathtaking beauty of Big Bear that surrounds it, this is a destination that promises to exceed your expectations.


Discover the allure of the Knickerbocker Mansion in Big Bear – a place where history, luxury, and natural beauty intertwine to create an unforgettable escape. Embark on a journey that will transport you to a world of refined elegance and create memories that will be cherished for years to come.