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My Stay At The Mizpah Hotel, The Most Haunted In America


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Veronica Mccallister



Welcome to the Mizpah Hotel, located in the heart of Tonopah, Nevada. Known as “The Most Haunted Hotel in America,” this historic landmark attracts thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts from around the world. With its rich history and eerie reputation, the Mizpah Hotel offers a unique and spine-chilling experience for guests.


The Mizpah Hotel was originally built in 1907 and quickly became a popular destination for miners during the famous Tonopah silver rush. Over the years, it has served as a hub for visitors seeking a taste of the Wild West and a glimpse into the past. However, it is the hotel’s reputation for being haunted that truly captures the imagination of those who step through its doors.


Throughout the years, numerous reports of supernatural encounters have circulated among guests and staff. From spectral apparitions to inexplicable noises, the paranormal activity experienced at the Mizpah Hotel is both intriguing and eerie. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the stories surrounding this hotel are enough to send shivers down your spine.


This article delves into the haunted tales of the Mizpah Hotel, exploring the ghostly encounters reported by previous guests and staff members. From mysterious figures in the hallways to inexplicable occurrences in the rooms, each story adds to the hotel’s haunted reputation. So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a bone-chilling journey into the eerie world of the Mizpah Hotel.


History of the Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Constructed in 1907 by entrepreneur George Wingfield, the hotel quickly became a luxurious and extravagant getaway for miners and visitors to Tonopah. Its name, “Mizpah,” is derived from the Hebrew word meaning “watchtower” or “refuge.”


During its heyday, the Mizpah Hotel hosted many prominent guests, including politicians, businessmen, and celebrities. The lavish design and opulent amenities made it a magnet for socialites and high-profile personalities.


Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last forever. The decline of the mining industry led to a gradual decline in the hotel’s popularity. By the 1980s, the Mizpah Hotel was in a state of disrepair and faced the possibility of demolition.


However, in 2011, the hotel underwent a massive restoration effort and reopened its doors to the public. The renovations meticulously preserved the Mizpah’s original charm while introducing modern amenities to ensure the comfort of guests.


Today, the Mizpah Hotel stands as a testament to Tonopah’s rich history. Its elegant Victorian architecture, antique furnishings, and historical photographs transport visitors back in time to the golden age of mining and hospitality.


But it’s not just the hotel’s grandeur that attracts visitors—it’s the stories of its haunted past that truly capture the imagination.


So, whether you’re a history buff, a paranormal enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique and memorable experience, the Mizpah Hotel promises to offer a fascinating journey through time and a chance to encounter the paranormal.


Stories of Hauntings

The Mizpah Hotel is renowned for its paranormal activity, with countless stories of ghostly encounters reported by guests and staff members. These tales add to the hotel’s mysterious and eerie reputation, making it a magnet for those fascinated by the supernatural.


One of the most famous stories revolves around Room 502, known as “The Lady in Red.” Legend has it that a woman who worked as a prostitute in the early days of the hotel was tragically murdered by a jealous lover in that very room. Guests who have stayed in Room 502 often report seeing a ghostly woman dressed in a red gown, roaming the hallways or standing at the foot of their beds. The figure is said to exude an overwhelming feeling of sadness and has been known to interact with guests, leaving them with an unforgettable and eerie experience.


Another haunting tale comes from Room 505, where guests have reported hearing the faint cries of a child late at night. The origin of the crying child is unknown, but some speculate that it could be the spirit of a child who met an untimely demise in the hotel. The sound of the child’s cries is said to be hauntingly realistic and has sent shivers down the spines of those who have had the misfortune of hearing it.


The Silver Queen Suite, named after the famous Silver Queen Mine, is another area of the hotel with paranormal activity. Guests have reported feeling unexplainable chills, hearing disembodied voices, and witnessing objects move on their own. Some are convinced that the spirit of a former miner lingers in the suite, protecting his precious silver and making his presence known to those who dare to stay.


Yet the hauntings aren’t confined to specific rooms. Strange occurrences have been reported in the lobby and hallways of the Mizpah Hotel as well. Guests have witnessed flickering lights, sudden drops in temperature, and the feeling of being watched when no one else is around. Some believe that these unexplained phenomena are the result of the spirits of past guests and staff continuing to reside within the hotel.


Even the basement of the Mizpah Hotel holds its share of ghostly encounters. Guests exploring the lower levels have reported hearing whispers, seeing shadowy figures, and feeling an oppressive presence. Some have even claimed to have been touched or pushed by an unseen force. Whether these experiences are the result of overactive imaginations or something more paranormal remains a mystery.


These stories are just a glimpse into the countless tales of hauntings at the Mizpah Hotel. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, one thing is certain: a stay at this historic hotel is bound to leave you with a lasting impression and a few spine-tingling moments.


Room 502: The Lady in Red

Room 502 of the Mizpah Hotel holds a dark and tragic tale that has captivated guests and sparked countless paranormal experiences. The room is infamous for its encounters with a ghostly figure known as “The Lady in Red.”


According to the legend, a woman who worked as a prostitute in the early days of the hotel was mercilessly murdered by a jealous lover in Room 502. Since then, guests who have stayed in the room have reported seeing a spectral woman dressed in a flowing red gown. The apparition is often described as ethereal and translucent, emitting an aura of sadness and despair.


Witnesses have reported waking up in the middle of the night to find The Lady in Red standing at the foot of their bed. Startled and terrified, they watch as she glides through the room before disappearing into thin air. Some guests have even claimed to feel a gentle touch or breeze as she passes by.


While the presence of The Lady in Red can be unsettling, many who have encountered her describe a sense of melancholy and empathy. Some believe her restless spirit still roams the halls of the Mizpah Hotel, seeking peace or perhaps solace from the tragic end she met.


To add an extra layer of mystery, some guests have reported finding old photographs of women in red dresses mysteriously placed in their room. These photographs are believed to be remnants of the hotel’s past, evidence of the spirits that continue to inhabit the Mizpah Hotel.


Visitors interested in experiencing the supernatural can request Room 502 specifically. However, be prepared for an encounter that will leave you in awe and wonder. The Lady in Red is known to make her presence felt, and those brave enough to stay in this room must be prepared for a potentially chilling and unforgettable experience.


Room 502 is just one of the haunted rooms within the Mizpah Hotel, but its story of tragedy and the mysterious Lady in Red adds to the hotel’s reputation as one of the most haunted places in America.


Room 505: The Crying Child

In the depths of the Mizpah Hotel, Room 505 holds a haunting story that revolves around the inexplicable cries of a child. Visitors staying in this room and even those wandering the hallways have reported hearing the faint sounds of a child crying late at night.


The origin of the crying child remains a mystery, but there are theories and speculations among guests and staff. Some believe that the spirit may be that of a child who died in tragic circumstances within the hotel’s walls. Others suggest that the cries are echoes of a sorrowful event that took place long ago.


The cries of the child are described as hauntingly realistic, sending shivers down the spines of those who have experienced them. The soft sobs can be heard echoing through the corridors in the dead of night, leaving guests feeling a mix of sadness and unease.


Reports of the crying child have become so prevalent that the Mizpah Hotel has earned a reputation as a paranormal hotspot for those seeking encounters with the supernatural. Those hoping for a bone-chilling experience can request a stay in Room 505, but be prepared for a potentially unsettling encounter with the apparition of the crying child.


Whether the cries are the residual energy of a tragic event or the presence of a restless spirit, the unexplained phenomenon of the sobbing child adds another layer of eerie fascination to the haunted history of the Mizpah Hotel.


So, if you’re feeling brave and curious, book a stay in Room 505 and listen carefully. You may find yourself transported to a time when the cries of a grieving child still echo through the walls of this infamous hotel.


The Silver Queen Suite: Ghostly Presences

The Silver Queen Suite, named after the famous Silver Queen Mine, is a luxurious accommodation within the Mizpah Hotel. However, beyond its elegance and historical significance, this suite is known to harbor ghostly presences that have left guests both intrigued and unnerved.


Guests who have stayed in the Silver Queen Suite often report strange and unexplained phenomena. Many have experienced sudden drops in temperature, even during warm seasons, accompanied by an eerie feeling of being watched. Some have claimed to hear disembodied voices or whispers echoing through the room, while others have witnessed objects moving on their own accord.


One prevalent theory regarding the paranormal activity in the Silver Queen Suite is that the spirit of a former miner still lingers within its walls. This theory suggests that the presence in the suite could be the restless spirit of someone who dedicated their life to the Silver Queen Mine, seeking to protect their precious silver even in the afterlife.


While encounters in the Silver Queen Suite may startle and unnerve, reports indicate that the presence is not necessarily malevolent. Many guests describe a feeling of being in the company of a watchful guardian or benevolent force. Others find the experiences intriguing and consider them a unique connection to the hotel’s history and the spirits that reside within.


The Silver Queen Suite offers an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in a haunted stay, where they can feel the energy of the past and potentially encounter the ghostly presences that call this suite home. Exploring the connection between the spirit realm and the mining history of the area can be a fascinating and spine-tingling experience.


So, if you’re prepared to embrace the unknown and seek a closer connection to the paranormal, a stay in the Silver Queen Suite might just be what you’re looking for. Experience the thrill of being in the presence of ghostly entities and unravel the mysteries that surround this luxurious and haunted accommodation.


The Lobby and Hallways: Strange Occurrences

While the haunted tales of the Mizpah Hotel often revolve around specific rooms and suites, paranormal activity is not limited to these areas. The lobby and hallways of the hotel have also been the stage for numerous strange occurrences that have left guests and staff questioning what they have witnessed.


One common phenomenon reported in the lobby is the sudden and unexplained flickering of lights. Visitors have shared stories of lights dimming or flickering on and off without any discernible reason. These incidents often happen when no one else is around, adding an eerie and ghostly element to the experience.


In addition to the lights, guests have reported a distinctive drop in temperature as they enter certain areas of the lobby and hallways. They describe feeling an unexplainable chill creeping over them, even in a warm and comfortable environment. This temperature change is often accompanied by a sense of being watched or not being alone, heightening the feeling of being in the presence of something otherworldly.


As guests navigate the hallways, they have also reported seeing shadowy figures out of the corner of their eyes. These apparitions appear and disappear in an instant, leaving behind a sense of unease and curiosity. Some have described these shadow figures as fleeting glimpses of strange shapes or movements just beyond their peripheral vision.


In addition to the lights, temperature shifts, and shadowy figures, there have also been reports of disembodied footsteps echoing through the hallways when no one else is present. The sound of footsteps can range from faint and distant to distinct and unmistakable, adding an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to the hotel’s haunted reputation.


These strange occurrences in the lobby and hallways of the Mizpah Hotel further enhance its reputation as one of the most haunted places in America. Whether it’s the flickering lights, drops in temperature, shadowy figures, or mysterious footsteps, these experiences contribute to the eerie atmosphere that permeates the entire hotel.


So, as you explore the lobby and corridors of the Mizpah Hotel, keep your senses sharp and your eyes open. You never know what paranormal encounters await you in these haunted spaces.


Exploring the Basement: Ghostly Encounters

If you’re feeling particularly brave and curious, a journey into the basement of the Mizpah Hotel will expose you to a whole new realm of ghostly encounters. The dark and mysterious basement holds its fair share of paranormal activity, making it a bone-chilling experience for those who dare to venture into its depths.


Guests and staff members who have explored the basement have reported a range of eerie encounters. Whispers and disembodied voices have been heard echoing through the cold, dimly lit hallways, giving the impression of unseen entities conversing in hushed tones.


Some have claimed to see shadowy figures darting from one corner to another, their forms flickering in and out of view. These shadow figures seem to move with an ethereal grace, leaving witnesses questioning their own eyes and the reality of what they’ve just witnessed.


In addition to the visual and auditory phenomena, there have been reports of physical contact. Some visitors have described feeling a chill in the air followed by a gentle touch or a slight nudge from an unseen presence. These encounters can send shivers down your spine and leave you questioning the nature of reality.


Explorers of the basement have also mentioned an overwhelming sense of unease and heaviness. The atmosphere in the lower levels of the hotel is often described as oppressive, as if the air is thick with the energy of the past. This uneasy feeling adds to the overall sense of being in a haunted space.


While the basement of the Mizpah Hotel can be a chilling and unnerving place to explore, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with the spirits that may still reside within the walls. Whether you’re seeking personal validation or simply drawn to the allure of the unknown, a visit to the basement can be an unforgettable and spine-tingling experience.


As you descend into the depths of the Mizpah’s basement, proceed with caution and remain open to the possibility of encountering the supernatural. The basement of the Mizpah Hotel is a gateway to the unknown, where ghostly encounters can both thrill and terrify those who cross its threshold.



The Mizpah Hotel, known as “The Most Haunted Hotel in America,” offers an eerie and captivating experience for guests seeking a brush with the supernatural. From the tragic tales of Room 502’s Lady in Red to the mysterious cries of a child in Room 505, the hotel’s haunted reputation leaves a lasting impression on those who dare to stay within its walls.


Whether you are a believer in the paranormal or a skeptic, the stories and encounters reported by guests and staff cannot be easily dismissed. The unexplained phenomena that have been witnessed in the lobby, hallways, basement, and even the luxurious Silver Queen Suite only add to the hotel’s haunted mystique.


The Mizpah Hotel’s rich history as a gathering place for miners and socialites in the early twentieth century provides the perfect backdrop for tales of ghostly encounters. Each room, hallway, and hidden corner seems to hold its own haunted past, imparting a sense of both wonder and trepidation for those who immerse themselves in the hotel’s haunted lore.


Visiting the Mizpah Hotel allows guests to delve into history, explore the supernatural, and push the boundaries of their comfort zones. Whether it’s the curious energy in the lobby, the whispered voices in the basement, or the lingering spirits in the rooms, the hotel offers a unique and captivating experience that goes beyond a simple stay.


So, if you’re seeking a thrilling adventure and an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the past, consider a visit to the Mizpah Hotel. Whether you encounter chilling specters or simply appreciate the ambiance of a bygone era, the Mizpah Hotel is sure to leave an indelible mark on your memory.


Remember, though, that the Mizpah Hotel is not just a place you sleep—it’s an invitation to explore the unknown and embrace the tantalizing allure of the paranormal. Open your mind, steel your nerves, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the haunted history of the Mizpah Hotel.