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10 Airbnb San Diego Rentals To Consider For Your Trip


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Yu Ting

Make sure you have a comfortable place to rest for the night once you’re done with sight-seeing, like a San Diego Airbnb rental
Photo by Arek Socha on Pixabay

Planning a vacation but not sure where to go? Here’s why you should give California’s second largest city, San Diego, a shot. From stunning beaches perfect for sunbathing to a bustling nightlife perfect for letting your hair loose, San Diego offers a myriad of fun. Furthermore, if you’re a foodie, San Diego will tantalize your taste buds with a wide variety of scrumptious food. To top it off, San Diego enjoys lovely weather all year round. You don’t have to fear drenching your shirt with perspiration nor shivering in your bones at San Diego.


Excited for your trip to San Diego now?  Hold on a moment, don’t jump head-first into packing just yet! Everyone who has travelled before can agree: accommodation is important. After expending all your energy on a fun day out, it’s important that you get ample rest at a comfortable abode. But hotels, as we know them, can sometimes be really unfriendly to the traveler with a budget. Looking for cheap apartments to rent is also often a tedious task, requiring the dedication of a full-time researcher! Rest easy now, as I have scoured the net for you to find attractive yet (relatively) affordable rooms for rent.


Read on for my compiled list of 10 cozy Airbnb San Diego rentals!


Airbnb San Diego Rentals for Those on a Tight Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, rather than looking for entire apartments for rent, looking to book a private room within an apartment might be cheaper. Contrary to popular belief, cheap rooms for rent are actually pretty aplenty. What’s more, you don’t necessarily have to make a compromise between comfort and price. Here are 3 Airbnb San Diego room rentals that are both attractive and affordable.



Private Room in Carmel Valley

Photo of bed in room for rent

Photo by Li Ling on Airbnb


At just $19 per night, this room for rent is so affordable your bank account will barely notice that any money has been withdrawn! Despite its incredibly cheap price point, this Airbnb San Diego room is anything but cheap. Well furnished with essential amenities like WiFi, this room will be a paradise for travelers tight on finances.



Private Room in House in North Pacific Beach

Photo of living room of a room to rent

Photo by Craig on Airbnb


Located at the foot of Mt. Soledad, surrounded by lush greenery, a stay at this Airbnb San Diego promises a night of tranquility. Furthermore, this Airbnb San Diego is situated close to Mission Beach, making it extremely convenient for you to visit the famed beach of San Diego! A stay in this room will only set you back by a mere $28 per night.



The Blue Room with Breakfast

Bedroom with blue walls

Photo by Margo on Airbnb


Not only does this Airbnb San Diego include a room for rent, but complimentary breakfast is also part of the deal! Yogurt, coffee and fresh juice are just some of the scrumptious options on the breakfast menu that the hosts have graciously offered. Furthermore, cable TV and Netflix are also provided. With so much entertainment in the grasp of your hands, you’ll definitely not have any chance to be bored in this accommodation! The host of this particular Airbnb San Diego has also been rated an Airbnb Super Host, so you can rest assured that your stay will be a smooth one with close to no hiccups. Rates are priced at a reasonable $45 per night.


Airbnb San Diego Rentals That’ll Put The Great Gatsby’s Mansion to Shame

We’ve talked about travelers on a budget who are looking for cheap apartments to rent. But, of course, on the other hand of the spectrum, we’ve got rich folks who don’t mind splurging big money for a luxurious stay! For those looking to indulge in an opulent lifestyle, here are my top picks:



Airbnb San Diego with Private Rooftop Jacuzzi

This Airbnb San Diego penthouse can fulfill all your fantasies about living life like a Hollywood celebrity

Photo by Doing Right Rentals on Airbnb


For $349 per night, this Airbnb San Diego penthouse can fulfill all your fantasies about living life like a Hollywood celebrity.  Enjoy some me-time as you soak yourself in the luxurious private rooftop jacuzzi, with the beautiful views of San Diego right before your very eyes.



Airbnb San Diego with Pool, Hot Tub and BBQ Pit

Photo of pool and hot tub of house to rent

Photo by Valentina & Pierre on Airbnb


Think languidly relaxing in a hot tub, munching on a barbequed chicken wing straight off the grills. This apartment for rent allows you to do just that! Their huge backyard houses not only a pool, but also a hot tub. There’s also a BBQ pit where you can spend quality time bonding with your loved ones over some piping hot food. Moreover, with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, this spacious house for rent can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably. This Airbnb San Diego is definitely the perfect venue for a luxurious family vacation! Rates are priced at $401 per night.



Airbnb San Diego for The Sport Lovers

Photo of a room to rent

Photo by Luis on Airbnb


We love people that go the extra mile. Likewise, we love a good Airbnb that goes the extra mile for customers. Beyond just providing you with a room for rent (that’s pretty artistically decorated, if I say so myself!), a stay at this Airbnb also includes complimentary usage of their beach cruisers, kayaks and stand up paddleboards. If you’re a huge fan of water sports, the free equipment will definitely come in handy! With all these extra amenities, this Airbnb’s rate of $99 per night is quite reasonable, considering that the renting or buying of these sports equipment usually cost quite a bomb.


Quirky Airbnb San Diego Rentals


Remodeled Vintage Camper

Photo of the interior of a remodelled RV Airbnb

Photo by Tanja on Airbnb


Fancy staying in a van? This Airbnb San Diego is a remodeled vintage RV and promises a one-of-a-kind experience. Fully furnished with air-conditioning and WiFi, a night in this Airbnb is sure to be comfortable. Furthermore, at just $53 per night, this accommodation is extremely affordable as well. This sweet accommodation is also located just a 10-minutes’ drive away from various local attractions including San Diego SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo.



70’s Playhouse Loft

A house for rent decorated like the 70s

Photo by Rene on Airbnb


Experience a blast to the past in this Airbnb San Diego that has been painstakingly designed to replicate the usual décor of the 70s. Think funky diamond-patterned wallpapers and vibrant colours. This house for rent promises a uniquely good time at a reasonable rate of $109 per night.


Airbnb San Diego Rentals for When You Want a Dose of Serenity


The Cottage

House for rent amidst greenery

Photo by Theresa on Airbnb


San Diego may be California’s second-largest city but it doesn’t mean that you have to reside amongst the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re looking for apartments to rent far away from the noise of the city, look no further. Nestled in a peaceful canyon, The Cottage provides you the respite you need. Imagine: you’ve spent an entire day exploring San Diego. You’re satisfied and happy, but now all you really want to do is to rest your tired feet. What better way could you wrap up your day than reclining in a comfortable chair, a glass of wine in your hand as you watch the sunset right from the porch of this cozy cottage. Prices start at $93 per night; this Airbnb San Diego is usually quite popular (and rightfully so!), so book earlier to avoid any disappointment.



Central and Serene Secret Garden Guesthouse

Apartment for rent with potted plants

Photo by Suzie on Airbnb


If you love nature, you’d fall in love with this Airbnb San Diego apartment. With a breathtaking patio decorated with gorgeous Californian plants, the lush greenery is sure to set your mind at peace. This house for rent is also decorated with a vibrant colour palette that instantly sets you in a good mood. Prices start at $86 per night.  


Major Tourist Attractions In San Diego

San Diego SeaWorld

Get up close and personal with various marine animals, including the crowd favourite: Dolphins! San Diego SeaWorld is a long-time family-friendly destination that promises a day of fun. Apart from their famous aquarium where visitors can be greeted by various sea animals like sharks, Seaworld also gives the thrill-seekers a run for their money with exciting roller coasters.


Mission Beach

Of course, a visit to any coastal city definitely dictates a trip down to the beach! Mission Beach can be said to be one of San Diego’s finest offerings. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon sunbathing on the pristine beach with the calming melody of waves in your ears. Adventure seekers can also try their hand at surfing. For those who can’t sit still for too long, Mission Beach is located close to Belmont Park, an amusement park fully equipped with roller coasters and eateries. Mission Beach has something to offer for everyone and should definitely be on your list of To Go places when you visit San Diego!


San Diego Zoo

One of the largest zoos in the United States, San Diego Zoo is home to numerous exotic animals. The highlight of this famous zoo would definitely be their pandas! 


Final Thoughts

There’s so much to see and do in San Diego. Make sure you have a comfortable place to rest for the night once you’re done with sight-seeing. If you’ve chanced upon this article while surfing the net for cheap rooms for rent, I hope this list of 10 cosy Airbnb San Diego rentals has made your research work much easier!