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Where And What To Eat In New Orleans: 6 NOLA Restaurants To Stuff Your Face


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Jolynn Granado



Welcome to New Orleans, the culinary capital of the United States! With its rich cultural heritage and vibrant food scene, the city offers a gastronomic adventure unlike any other. From soulful Creole dishes to mouthwatering seafood, New Orleans has something to satisfy every palate.


In this article, we will take you on a virtual food tour of the city, highlighting six must-visit restaurants where you can indulge in the flavors of New Orleans. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler looking to explore the local cuisine, these dining spots will leave you craving for more.


New Orleans is famous for its unique blend of French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences, which is reflected in its diverse food culture. The city is renowned for its seafood, gumbo, jambalaya, po-boys, and delicious beignets. Each dish tells a story and carries a legacy that stretches back centuries.


As you explore the streets of New Orleans, you’ll be enticed by the tantalizing aroma of spices, the sounds of jazz music filling the air, and the warm hospitality of the locals. The city’s vibrant food scene has earned it a reputation as a hub for food enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs from around the world.


So, sit back, relax, and let your taste buds be your guide as we delve into the best restaurants in New Orleans. From world-famous establishments to hidden gems, these culinary delights will take you on a flavor-packed journey that you won’t soon forget.


Café du Monde

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Café du Monde is an iconic New Orleans institution that has been serving up its famous beignets and chicory coffee since 1862. This bustling café is a must-visit for every food lover.


As you step inside Café du Monde, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of freshly fried beignets, fluffy pillows of dough dusted with powdered sugar. These golden pastries are crispy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside, creating a delightful contrast of textures. They are so beloved that people often line up for their chance to savor these tasty treats.


Pair your beignets with a cup of Café au lait, a classic New Orleans coffee made with a blend of coffee and chicory. This unique flavor combination creates a rich and slightly bitter taste that perfectly complements the sweetness of the beignets.


One of the highlights of visiting Café du Monde is the vibrant atmosphere. The outdoor seating allows you to soak in the sights and sounds of the bustling French Quarter while enjoying your delicious treats. The café is open 24/7, so you can satisfy your cravings at any time of the day or night.


While beignets are the star of the show at Café du Monde, the menu also offers other delectable options, such as traditional New Orleans-style hot chocolate and iced coffee. Don’t forget to take home a can of their famous coffee to enjoy the taste of New Orleans long after your visit.


Whether you start your day with a visit to Café du Monde or indulge in a late-night craving, this iconic café is a quintessential New Orleans experience that should not be missed. Treat yourself to the melt-in-your-mouth beignets and savor the rich flavors that have captivated locals and visitors for decades.


Commander’s Palace

If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience that showcases the elegance and sophistication of New Orleans cuisine, look no further than Commander’s Palace. Located in the Garden District, this historic restaurant has been a beloved institution since 1880.


As you step into Commander’s Palace, you’ll be greeted by the gracious charm of the stunning Victorian-era building and the warm hospitality of the staff. The restaurant exudes a sense of grandeur, with its ornate chandeliers, vibrant wallpaper, and white-tablecloth adorned tables.


Commander’s Palace is renowned for its innovative Southern cuisine, blending traditional Creole flavors with modern culinary techniques. The menu features a range of indulgent dishes, including the famous Turtle Soup, a rich and flavorful dish made with tender turtle meat and a robust combination of spices.


Another must-try dish at Commander’s Palace is the Pecan Crusted Gulf Fish. This succulent fish fillet is coated in a crunchy pecan crust, adding a delightful nutty flavor to the tender meat. Served with a side of sweet potato puree and seasonal vegetables, this dish is a harmonious symphony of taste and texture.


Aside from the exquisite food, Commander’s Palace is also known for its exceptional service. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive, ensuring that every guest is treated like royalty. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to indulge in a memorable dining experience, Commander’s Palace will exceed your expectations.


Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! Try the Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé, a fluffy and decadent creation that combines the flavors of classic bread pudding with a light and airy soufflé. Served with a warm whiskey sauce, it’s the perfect sweet ending to your meal.


Commander’s Palace also offers an impressive selection of wines and craft cocktails to complement your meal. From classic New Orleans favorites like the Sazerac to innovative concoctions created by their talented mixologists, there’s a libation to suit every taste.


Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a lover of fine dining, or simply seeking a memorable culinary experience, Commander’s Palace is a must-visit destination in New Orleans. Prepare to awaken your taste buds and embark on a gastronomic journey that celebrates the rich flavors and heritage of this vibrant city.



For a taste of authentic Louisiana flavors with a modern twist, look no further than Cochon. Located in the Warehouse District, this renowned restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


Cochon, which means “pig” in French, pays homage to the rich tradition of Cajun and Southern cuisine. The menu is a celebration of pork, offering a variety of dishes that highlight different cuts and preparations of this flavorful meat.


One standout dish at Cochon is the Cochon de Lait, a succulent slow-roasted suckling pig served with crackling skin and tender, juicy meat. The combination of smoky flavors and the natural sweetness of the pork creates a truly unforgettable dining experience.


In addition to the exceptional pork dishes, Cochon also offers a range of other dishes that showcase the best of Louisiana’s culinary heritage. From mouthwatering seafood gumbo to crispy boudin balls, every bite at Cochon is a journey into the heart of Cajun cooking.


One dish that should not be missed is the Louisiana Cochon with Mustard Greens. This hearty plate features slow-cooked pork served with a side of flavorful mustard greens, creating a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.


While the focus at Cochon is on the food, the restaurant also boasts a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The rustic décor, with its reclaimed wood accents and warm lighting, creates a casual yet elegant ambiance that is perfect for a relaxed meal with friends or a special occasion.


Pair your meal with a craft cocktail or a selection from their extensive wine list to enhance your dining experience. The knowledgeable staff at Cochon can recommend the perfect libation to complement your meal.


If you’re looking to take a piece of Cochon home with you, the adjoining Cochon Butcher is a must-visit. This artisanal butcher shop offers a range of house-made meats, sandwiches, and charcuterie, allowing you to savor the flavors of Cochon even after your visit.


With its dedication to showcasing the best of Louisiana cuisine, Cochon has become a culinary destination in New Orleans. Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavors and embark on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the culinary heritage of the South.


Johnny’s Po-Boys

When it comes to quintessential New Orleans fare, you can’t go wrong with a po-boy sandwich. And if you’re looking for an authentic po-boy experience, Johnny’s Po-Boys is the place to be. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, this humble eatery has been serving up delicious sandwiches since 1950.


As you walk into Johnny’s Po-Boys, you’ll be greeted by the savory aroma of freshly baked French bread and the sound of sizzling meats on the grill. The menu boasts an impressive selection of po-boys, ranging from classic fillings like roast beef and fried seafood to unique options like hot sausage and alligator sausage.


One must-try sandwich at Johnny’s Po-Boys is the Surf and Turf Po-Boy. This mouthwatering creation combines tender roast beef with succulent fried shrimp, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. Served on a soft and crusty French bread, it’s a true taste of New Orleans.


What sets Johnny’s Po-Boys apart is the quality and generosity of their fillings. The sandwiches are piled high with the freshest ingredients and dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayonnaise. Each bite is a burst of flavors that will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.


While the po-boys steal the show at Johnny’s, the menu also features other New Orleans classics like gumbo, red beans and rice, and jambalaya. These soulful dishes are perfect for those looking to explore the rich flavors and comforting dishes of the city.


Despite its popularity, Johnny’s Po-Boys has managed to maintain its humble and down-to-earth atmosphere. The no-frills dining space is adorned with vintage signs and quirky decor, giving it an old-school charm that transports you back to a bygone era.


Whether you’re a newcomer to po-boys or a seasoned fan, Johnny’s Po-Boys offers an authentic and mouthwatering experience that is difficult to beat. So, grab a seat at one of the counter stools, order your favorite sandwich, and enjoy the simple pleasure of a delicious po-boy in the heart of New Orleans.


Domilise’s Po-Boys

For a taste of old-school New Orleans charm and some of the best po-boy sandwiches in the city, head over to Domilise’s Po-Boys. Located in the Uptown neighborhood, this family-owned and operated establishment has been serving up mouthwatering sandwiches since 1924.


Step into Domilise’s Po-Boys and you’ll be transported to a time when things were simpler. The no-frills decor and friendly atmosphere create a welcoming environment for locals and visitors alike. This neighborhood gem has become a go-to spot for those in the know.


The menu at Domilise’s features a variety of po-boys, each made with love and attention to detail. Whether you prefer seafood, roast beef, or hot sausage, you’ll find a sandwich that will satisfy your cravings. The portions are generous, ensuring that you’ll leave feeling full and content.


One standout po-boy at Domilise’s is the Shrimp Po-Boy. Bursting with perfectly fried shrimp, dressed with lettuce, tomato, and pickles, and served on a soft French bread, it’s a flavor explosion in every bite. Pair it with a side of crispy fries, and you have a meal that is both comforting and delicious.


In addition to their famous po-boys, Domilise’s also offers a selection of other New Orleans favorites, such as gumbo, red beans and rice, and jambalaya. These dishes showcase the rich and flavorful Creole cuisine that the city is known for.


What sets Domilise’s apart is their commitment to tradition and quality. The bread used for their sandwiches is baked in-house, ensuring a fresh and satisfying bite every time. The toppings and fillings are carefully chosen to complement the bread and create a balanced and harmonious flavor profile.


Don’t expect fancy garnishes or elaborate presentations at Domilise’s. This place is all about good food, friendly service, and a no-nonsense approach to dining. It’s the perfect spot to grab a quick and delicious meal or to take a break from exploring the city.


So, if you’re looking for an authentic taste of New Orleans in a relaxed and unpretentious setting, make your way to Domilise’s Po-Boys. Prepare to satisfy your cravings with their mouthwatering sandwiches and experience a true taste of New Orleans culinary history.


Central Grocery

If you’re in the mood for a taste of New Orleans history and an iconic sandwich, look no further than Central Grocery. Located in the French Quarter, this old-fashioned grocery store is home to the original and legendary muffuletta.


Central Grocery opened its doors in 1906 and has been serving up their world-famous sandwich ever since. The muffuletta is a true New Orleans classic, made with a round loaf of Italian bread that is generously filled with layers of Italian cold cuts, cheese, and a tangy olive salad.


Ordering a muffuletta at Central Grocery is a unique experience. As you enter the store, you’ll see a counter where the friendly staff assembles the sandwiches. You can watch as they carefully layer the ingredients, creating a masterpiece that is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.


Each bite of the muffuletta is a mouthwatering explosion of flavors and textures. The combination of the cured meats, like salami and ham, the creamy cheese, and the briny olive salad creates a symphony of taste that is both savory and tangy.


Central Grocery offers the true taste of New Orleans because they stick to their original recipe, passed down through generations. The quality and freshness of the ingredients shine through in every bite, ensuring that your muffuletta experience is nothing short of exceptional.


Aside from the famous muffuletta, Central Grocery also offers a variety of Italian specialty items, such as olives, cheeses, and pastas. Browsing the shelves of this historic store is like taking a step back in time, and you may find yourself tempted to pick up some additional treats to take home.


Keep in mind that the muffuletta is a substantial sandwich, so consider sharing it with a friend or saving half for later. But be warned, once you take that first bite, you may find it hard to stop!


A visit to Central Grocery is a pilgrimage for food lovers and history enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this culinary masterpiece that celebrates the rich Italian and New Orleans heritage. Take a seat at one of the nearby benches in Jackson Square and enjoy a taste of New Orleans history.



New Orleans is a city that tantalizes the taste buds and satisfies the soul. From the iconic beignets at Café du Monde to the legendary muffuletta at Central Grocery, the culinary scene in New Orleans is a vibrant tapestry of flavors and traditions.


Throughout our food tour of the city, we’ve explored six exceptional restaurants that showcase the rich and diverse culinary heritage of New Orleans. From the upscale dining experience at Commander’s Palace to the humble charm of Domilise’s Po-Boys, each restaurant offers a unique culinary journey that captures the essence of the city.


Whether you’re indulging in the soulful flavors of Cajun cuisine at Cochon or savoring the simplicity of a po-boy at Johnny’s Po-Boys, every bite in New Orleans tells a story. The blend of cultural influences, the dedication to quality ingredients, and the dedication to tradition all lend themselves to the exceptional food experience that awaits visitors.


But New Orleans is more than just food. It’s a place where music fills the air, where festivities abound, and where the spirit of hospitality is woven into the fabric of everyday life. It’s a city that invites you to let loose and indulge, to savor every moment and every flavor.


So, whether you’re a passionate foodie or an adventurous traveler, make it a point to explore the culinary delights of New Orleans. Take a bite out of history, immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors, and let your taste buds guide you on a journey through this food lover’s paradise.


New Orleans is more than just a destination; it’s an experience that will leave you craving for more. As the saying goes, “Laissez les bons temps rouler” – let the good times roll!