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A Scot Works Up The Courage To Try A Deep-fried Mars Bar


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Tiffi Nickles



Food and travel go hand in hand when it comes to exploring different cultures and experiencing the flavors of the world. One aspect of food travel that often captures the attention of adventurous eaters is the indulgence in unique and sometimes peculiar local delicacies. One such curiosity that has gained fame in recent years is the deep-fried Mars Bar.


Originating from Scotland, the deep-fried Mars Bar is a treat that combines two beloved indulgences: chocolate and deep-frying. It has become somewhat legendary, attracting both intrigue and skepticism from food enthusiasts around the globe.


The concept is simple but undeniably fascinating. A Mars Bar, wrapped in batter and deep-fried to crispy perfection, transforms a regular chocolate bar into a decadent creation. While it may sound unusual, the deep-fried Mars Bar has gained a cult-like following and has become synonymous with Scottish cuisine.


Scotland, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich history, also has a culinary scene that reflects its unique heritage. From haggis to whisky, the country boasts a range of traditional dishes that embrace bold flavors and local ingredients. It is within this culinary tapestry that the deep-fried Mars Bar found its home.


Before delving into the world of deep-fried Mars Bars, I must admit that I approached the idea with a mix of curiosity and reservation. The notion of deep-frying a chocolate bar was something entirely new and unfamiliar to me, and I held some reservations about indulging in such a decadent treat.


In the next section, we will explore the origins of the deep-fried Mars Bar and trace its journey from a local specialty to international fascination. Join me as I navigate the world of deep-fried delights and discover whether the deep-fried Mars Bar lives up to the hype.


Origins of the deep-fried Mars Bar

The origins of the deep-fried Mars Bar can be traced back to the small town of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is believed that the idea first emerged in the 1990s at a local fish and chips shop, where the owner decided to experiment with deep-frying various treats, including Mars Bars.


Soon, word of this indulgent creation spread, capturing the attention of locals and visitors alike. The deep-fried Mars Bar quickly became a hot topic of conversation and sparked a curiosity among adventurous eaters.


While there is no concrete evidence to confirm the exact creator of the deep-fried Mars Bar, it is undeniable that its popularity grew rapidly within the Scottish community. Local chip shops across the country soon adopted the dish and started offering it on their menus.


As news of this peculiar treat traveled beyond Scotland’s borders, international media outlets picked up the story, leading to a surge of interest and intrigue from food enthusiasts around the world. The deep-fried Mars Bar captured the imagination of curious eaters and became a symbol of the indulgence and creativity found in Scottish cuisine.


The idea of deep-frying a Mars Bar may seem peculiar to some, but it is not uncommon in Scottish culinary traditions. In fact, Scotland has a long-standing tradition of deep-frying various foods, a concept known as “chippy” or “chip shop” culture. Deep-fried fish, haggis, sausages, and even pizza can be found on the menus of chip shops throughout the country.


The deep-fried Mars Bar is a testament to this culinary culture, a symbol of Scottish ingenuity and willingness to try new and unconventional flavors. While it may not be the healthiest of treats, it has become an iconic dish that represents the bold and indulgent side of Scottish cuisine.


Intrigued by the deep-fried Mars Bar’s origins and its place in Scottish culinary history, I decided to dive deeper into the world of deep-fried delicacies. Join me in the next section as I explore the deep-fried food culture that permeates Scotland and confront my reservations about indulging in this unique treat.


The Scottish deep-fried food culture

Scotland is undeniably known for its deep-fried culinary delights. The country’s love affair with all things deep-fried has led to the establishment of countless chip shops, where locals and visitors can indulge in a variety of deep-fried treats.


This deep-fried food culture can be traced back to the working-class communities in Scotland, where chip shops were considered affordable and convenient places to grab a quick and satisfying meal.


Traditional deep-fried dishes such as fish and chips, sausage suppers, and deep-fried haggis have long been popular staples in Scottish cuisine. These dishes have become ingrained in the country’s culinary fabric and are often associated with comfort food.


The deep-frying process involves dipping food in a batter or breadcrumb coating and then frying it in hot oil until crispy and golden. This method creates a satisfying texture and adds a rich, indulgent flavor to the food.


While deep-fried Mars Bars may have gained international attention, they are just one example of the unique deep-fried creations that can be found across Scotland. From deep-fried pizza to deep-fried black pudding, chip shops in Scotland have become laboratories of innovation when it comes to deep-frying.


The Scottish deep-fried food culture is not without its controversies and debates. Some argue that deep-frying mars the original flavors of the ingredients and contributes to an unhealthy diet. Others view it as an integral part of Scottish culinary history and a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Scottish cuisine.


Regardless of opinions, it cannot be denied that the deep-fried food culture in Scotland has become an iconic aspect of its culinary landscape. It has garnered attention and fascination from food enthusiasts around the world, and chip shops that serve deep-fried delicacies have become must-visit destinations for adventurous eaters.


In embracing the deep-fried food culture, Scotland has also managed to create an image that is both quirky and intriguing. It embraces its indulgences, knowing that sometimes the most satisfying meals come from indulging in the unorthodox.


With an understanding of the deep-fried food culture in Scotland, I began to challenge my own hesitations and fears regarding the deep-fried Mars Bar. In the next section, I will delve into my thoughts and reservations as I mustered the courage to try this intriguing Scottish creation.


Hesitations and fears before trying the deep-fried Mars Bar

Before taking the plunge and trying the deep-fried Mars Bar, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of hesitations and fears. The concept of deep-frying a chocolate bar seemed like a peculiar and potentially overwhelming indulgence.


One of my main concerns was the impact on my health. Deep-fried foods are often associated with high calorie and fat content, which can lead to weight gain and other health issues. Knowing this, I questioned whether indulging in a deep-fried Mars Bar would be wise or responsible.


Additionally, I was worried about the potential overpowering sweetness of the deep-fried Mars Bar. Considering Mars Bars are already known for their rich and sweet taste, I feared that deep-frying it might intensify the sweetness to an overpowering level.


Furthermore, I wondered if I would be able to appreciate the unique flavors of a deep-fried Mars Bar. Would the frying process alter the taste and texture of the chocolate bar in a way that would detract from the original experience?


Lastly, I had to grapple with the fear of trying something entirely unfamiliar. As someone who typically opts for more traditional and familiar foods, the deep-fried Mars Bar represented a departure from my usual culinary preferences. The fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of whether I would enjoy this unconventional treat loomed over me.


Despite these hesitations and fears, I recognized the importance of stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing new culinary experiences. Food travel is about immersing oneself in different cultures and trying unique dishes that may challenge preconceived notions.


With an open mind and a sense of adventure, I ultimately resolved to gather the courage to give the deep-fried Mars Bar a fair chance. The next section will reveal my final decision and the journey that awaited me as I embarked on this intriguing culinary experience.


The ultimate decision to try the deep-fried Mars Bar

After careful consideration and overcoming my initial hesitations, I finally made the bold decision to try the deep-fried Mars Bar. I realized that this experience was an opportunity to embrace the spirit of food travel and indulge in a unique aspect of Scottish cuisine.


My curiosity outweighed my concerns, and I convinced myself that this was a chance to expand my culinary horizons and create a memorable experience. With a mix of excitement and trepidation, I set out to find a chip shop in Scotland that offered the deep-fried Mars Bar on their menu.


After asking locals for recommendations, I discovered a renowned chip shop located in the heart of Edinburgh. With its reputation for serving up perfectly crispy fish and chips, I felt confident in their ability to produce a delicious deep-fried Mars Bar.


As I walked into the chip shop, the inviting aroma of frying oil filled the air. The chip shop was bustling with customers, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere.


With a sense of anticipation, I approached the counter and placed my order for a deep-fried Mars Bar. The friendly staff nodded with understanding, acknowledging that I was about to embark on a culinary adventure.


As I waited for my order to be prepared, I couldn’t help but observe the chip shop’s bustling activity. The staff expertly moved between the fryers, gracefully dipping various foods into the hot oil. It was clear that deep-frying was not just a cooking method, but a true art form.


Finally, my deep-fried Mars Bar arrived, presented on a simple paper plate. The chocolate bar was enrobed in a golden-brown batter, still glistening from its time in the fryer.


With both excitement and a touch of trepidation, I took my first bite. The crisp batter gave way to the warm, gooey center of the Mars Bar. The contrasting textures were delightful, and the creamy chocolate melted in my mouth.


As I savored each bite, I realized that my fears and hesitations had been unfounded. The deep-fried Mars Bar was not overwhelmingly sweet, but instead offered a harmonious blend of flavors. The batter added a satisfying crunch while allowing the rich chocolate to shine through.


In that moment, I understood the allure of the deep-fried Mars Bar. It was more than just a novelty; it was a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Scottish cuisine. The dish represented the willingness to push boundaries and create unique flavor experiences.


With my ultimate decision to try the deep-fried Mars Bar, I had overcome my reservations and embraced a new culinary adventure. The taste of this indulgent treat lingered on my palate, and I was filled with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


My experience with the deep-fried Mars Bar challenged my preconceived notions and expanded my appreciation for the diversity of global cuisine. It reminded me that sometimes the most remarkable culinary experiences lie just beyond our comfort zones.


With newfound confidence and an eagerness to explore more unique culinary creations, I continued my food travel journey, ready to embrace whatever flavors and surprises were yet to come.


The first bite and initial reactions

With a mix of anticipation and curiosity, I brought the deep-fried Mars Bar to my lips and took my first bite. The initial sensation was a delightful crunch as my teeth broke through the crispy batter.


As the warm chocolate center spread across my taste buds, I was immediately struck by the combination of textures. The outer layer was perfectly fried, offering a satisfying crunch that contrasted with the smooth and creamy filling.


The flavors of the deep-fried Mars Bar were surprisingly balanced. While the chocolate remained the star, the frying process had transformed it into something unique. The heat had softened and intensified the sweetness, creating a luscious and indulgent experience.


Initially, I had worried that the deep-frying process would overpower the original flavor of the Mars Bar, but I was pleased to find that it enhanced the taste rather than masking it. The crispy batter provided a savory note that complemented the sweet chocolate, resulting in a harmonious bite.


The blend of sweet and savory was a delightful contrast, making every mouthful an explosion of flavors. It was a symphony of textures and tastes, offering a unique sensory experience.


As I continued to savor the deep-fried Mars Bar, I couldn’t help but appreciate the artistry that went into creating it. The skill and precision required to achieve the perfect balance of crispy exterior and gooey interior were evident with each bite.


My initial skepticism and reservations melted away with each delicious mouthful. The deep-fried Mars Bar had exceeded my expectations, transforming from an unconventional concept into a delightful indulgence.


I found myself caught between moments of guilty pleasure and sheer satisfaction. It was a treat that defied expectations, shattering preconceived notions and reminding me of the joy that comes from embracing culinary discoveries.


With each successive bite, my fear of the unknown gave way to an appreciation for the ingenuity and creativity of Scottish cuisine. The deep-fried Mars Bar was a testament to the willingness to take risks, to push boundaries, and to bring unexpected flavors to life.


As I finished the last bite of the deep-fried Mars Bar, I felt a profound sense of culinary adventure and discovery. It was a small yet significant moment that reminded me of the beauty and delight that can be found in trying new foods, even those that initially seem unconventional.


The first bite of the deep-fried Mars Bar had left a lasting impression, challenging my assumptions and broadening my palate. It was a reminder that culinary exploration is as much about embracing the unexpected as it is about savoring the familiar.


With newfound excitement and a sense of culinary adventure, I was ready to continue my food travel journey, eager to uncover more hidden gems and indulge in the wonders that awaited me.


An unexpected delight: the taste of a deep-fried Mars Bar

The taste of a deep-fried Mars Bar was truly an unexpected delight. It defied my initial reservations and surpassed my expectations, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for this unique indulgence.


The combination of the crispy batter and the warm, gooey chocolate center was simply addictive. The contrast in textures created a delightful experience with each bite. The outer layer provided a satisfying crunch that gave way to the smooth and velvety chocolate interior.


What surprised me the most was the way the frying process transformed the Mars Bar. The heat caramelized the sugars, intensifying the sweetness and creating a depth of flavor that was unlike anything I had tasted before.


The deep-fried Mars Bar was not overpoweringly sweet, as I had initially feared. Instead, the flavors were perfectly balanced, allowing the chocolate to shine through while the frying process added a subtle savory note. It was the harmonious marriage of sweet and savory that made each bite so enjoyable.


The indulgence of the deep-fried Mars Bar was undeniable, but it was not just about the taste. It was about the experience of savoring something unique, something that pushed the boundaries of traditional culinary norms.


I found myself captivated by the complexity of flavors and the sheer indulgence of the deep-fried Mars Bar. It was a treat that demanded to be savored slowly, allowing every nuance of taste to unfold on the palate.


As I continued to indulge in the deep-fried Mars Bar, I couldn’t help but appreciate the skill and artistry that went into perfecting this creation. The chip shop’s mastery in achieving the ideal balance of crispy exterior and melty interior was evident with each bite.


The experience was not just about the taste; it was about breaking barriers and expanding my culinary horizons. It reminded me that the world of food is endlessly diverse and surprising, full of unexpected delights waiting to be discovered.


The deep-fried Mars Bar had become more than just a novelty; it had become a symbol of the joy that comes from embracing culinary adventures. It had challenged my assumptions and opened my mind to the infinite possibilities that exist within the realm of food travel.


As I savored the last morsel of the deep-fried Mars Bar, I felt a sense of gratitude for this unexpected delight. It was a reminder that sometimes the most extraordinary experiences can be found in the simplest of things.


With the taste of the deep-fried Mars Bar lingering on my palate, I was inspired to continue my food travel journey, eager to explore more culinary gems and embrace the unexpected pleasures that awaited me.


Overcoming stereotypes and embracing culinary experiences

Trying the deep-fried Mars Bar was not only a culinary adventure but also a lesson in overcoming stereotypes and embracing new experiences. It defied preconceived notions and challenged the idea that certain foods or preparations are inherently “good” or “bad.”


Before my encounter with the deep-fried Mars Bar, I had harbored stereotypes about deep-fried foods as being solely unhealthy and indulgent. However, this experience taught me that indulgence can be found in unexpected places and that it’s important to approach food with an open mind.


The deep-fried Mars Bar shattered my preconceptions about what a culinary delight should be. It was a reminder that food is not just about sustenance but also about culture, creativity, and the human desire for flavor exploration.


Embracing culinary experiences means going beyond what we know and venturing into the unknown. It involves sampling unfamiliar foods, discovering new flavor combinations, and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures through their culinary traditions.


Challenging stereotypes allows us to connect with people on a deeper level. It promotes empathy, understanding, and acceptance of different ways of life. Food has the power to break down barriers and foster connections, and by embracing culinary experiences, we can become global citizens united by our love for flavors and spices.


When we open ourselves up to new culinary experiences, we gain a greater appreciation for the richness and diversity of the world. It allows us to taste and celebrate the cultural heritage of different regions, unraveling the stories behind each dish and creating lasting memories.


Overcoming stereotypes also means acknowledging that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to enjoy food. It’s about finding a balance that suits our personal preferences and respecting the choices of others. A deep-fried Mars Bar may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but by embracing the diversity of tastes and preferences, we can celebrate the uniqueness of each culinary experience.


As I reflect on my journey with the deep-fried Mars Bar, I am reminded of the importance of letting go of preconceptions and embracing food with an open heart and mind. It’s about challenging ourselves to explore beyond our comfort zones, to indulge in the unexpected, and to savor every bite with curiosity and appreciation.


By breaking free from stereotypes and embracing culinary experiences, we pave the way for a more inclusive and enriched food culture. It’s a reminder that the joy of food lies not only in its taste but in the stories, connections, and personal growth that come with every bite.


So, let us venture forth, free from the confines of stereotypes, and immerse ourselves in the diverse tapestry of flavors and experiences that the world has to offer. Through food, we can bridge gaps and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the vibrancy of global gastronomy.



The journey of trying a deep-fried Mars Bar has been a fascinating exploration of culinary adventure, embracing new flavors, and challenging stereotypes. It was a journey that took me from hesitation to curiosity, and ultimately to a place of appreciation and delight.


The deep-fried Mars Bar, with its combination of crispy batter and gooey chocolate center, proved to be an unexpected delight. It shattered my preconceived notions and showcased the creativity and ingenuity of Scottish cuisine.


This experience taught me the value of stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing new culinary experiences. It reminded me that the world of food travel is about more than just tasting delicious dishes; it’s about immersing oneself in different cultures and embracing the stories and traditions behind each bite.


Throughout this journey, I learned the importance of challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers. Food knows no boundaries or borders, and by embracing diverse culinary experiences, we can celebrate the flavors that bring us together and appreciate the differences that make each cuisine unique.


The deep-fried Mars Bar was a symbol of the joy and discovery that can be found in exploring the unknown. It reminded me that sometimes the most memorable and unexpected culinary delights are waiting just beyond our comfort zones.


As I continue my food travel journey, I am inspired to seek out new adventures, savor unfamiliar flavors, and celebrate the richness and diversity of the global gastronomic tapestry.


So, fellow culinary explorers, let us be bold, let us be adventurous, and let us open ourselves to the joys and surprises that await us in every plate, every bite, and every new culinary experience. Bon appétit!