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What To Pack For A Weekend Beach Trip


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Nicola Bunting



Planning a weekend beach trip? There’s no better way to unwind and soak up the sun than spending a few blissful days by the sea. Whether you’re heading to a tropical oasis or a cozy coastal town, packing the right essentials is key to ensuring a memorable and stress-free getaway.


In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on what to pack for your weekend beach trip. From clothing and swimwear to footwear and accessories, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also include suggestions for toiletries, beach gear, entertainment, and miscellaneous items to enhance your beach experience.


Keep in mind that the items you pack will depend on your destination, weather conditions, and personal preferences. So, make sure to check the weather forecast before you start packing to ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected surprises.


Now, let’s dive into the details and help you pack like a pro for your exciting weekend beach trip!



When it comes to clothing, comfort and versatility are key for a beach trip. Here are some essential items to pack:

  • Lightweight, breathable tops and t-shirts: Opt for cotton or linen fabrics that allow your skin to breathe in the hot weather. Pack a mix of short-sleeved and sleeveless tops to suit different occasions.
  • Shorts and skirts: Pack a couple of pairs of comfortable shorts and skirts that can be easily mixed and matched with your tops. Choose lightweight and quick-drying materials for added convenience.
  • Sundresses or maxi dresses: These are perfect for transitioning from beach to dining out. Look for lightweight and flowy dresses that are easy to slip on and off.
  • Lightweight pants: Pack a pair of lightweight pants, such as linen or cotton trousers, for cooler evenings or visits to cultural attractions.
  • Cover-ups: Don’t forget to pack a stylish cover-up or kaftan. It provides protection from the sun and can be worn over your swimsuit when you’re out of the water.
  • Light jacket or cardigan: Even though you’re visiting the beach, temperatures can drop in the evenings. Pack a light jacket or cardigan to keep yourself warm and cozy.

Remember to choose clothing in light colors to reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool. Stick to breathable fabrics that wick away moisture and dry quickly, making your beach experience more comfortable.



Of course, one of the most important things to pack for a beach trip is swimwear. Here’s what you should consider including in your suitcase:

  • Swimsuits: Pack a few swimsuits to ensure you have options for different beach activities. Opt for styles that suit your body type and make you feel confident. Consider bringing a mix of bikinis, tankinis, or one-piece swimsuits.
  • Cover-ups: In addition to your swimsuits, don’t forget to pack cover-ups. These can be in the form of sarongs, beach dresses, or lightweight kimonos. They provide coverage and protection from the sun when you’re not in the water.
  • Rashguards: If you plan on spending a lot of time in the water or engaging in water sports, consider packing a rashguard. These provide protection against the sun’s harmful rays and can prevent skin irritation.
  • Beach towels: Essential for lounging on the sand, make sure to pack a few beach towels. Look for quick-drying and sand-resistant options for added convenience.
  • Beach bag: To carry all your swimwear essentials, invest in a spacious and durable beach bag. Look for one with multiple compartments and waterproof lining to keep your belongings organized and protected from any water splashes.
  • Sun hat and sunglasses: Protect yourself from the scorching sun by packing a wide-brimmed hat and a good pair of sunglasses. Opt for sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays.
  • Sunscreen: Last but certainly not least, sunscreen is a must-have item for any beach trip. Pack a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF rating to protect your skin from sunburn and long-term damage.

Remember to choose swimwear and accessories that make you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially after swimming.



Choosing the right footwear for your beach trip is essential for comfort and protection. Here are the types of footwear you should pack:

  • Sandals or flip-flops: A classic choice for the beach, sandals or flip-flops are lightweight and easy to slip on and off. Opt for waterproof options that can handle sand and water.
  • Water shoes: If you plan on exploring rocky or coral-filled areas, water shoes are a great investment. They provide protection for your feet and offer grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Espadrilles or canvas shoes: These are versatile options for when you’re not at the beach. Espadrilles or canvas shoes are comfortable for walking and exploring nearby towns or markets.
  • Hiking sandals: If you plan on doing any hiking or nature walks, consider packing a pair of sturdy hiking sandals. They provide support and protection while allowing your feet to breathe.
  • Sneakers or trainers: If you plan on engaging in more active beach activities, such as beach volleyball or jogging, pack a pair of sneakers or trainers. Look for lightweight and breathable options.

Remember to choose footwear that is comfortable, waterproof, and suitable for the activities you have planned. It’s also a smart idea to bring a small bag or tote to carry your footwear when you’re not wearing them.



Accessories can add a touch of style and functionality to your beach trip. Here are some essential accessories to consider packing:

  • Sun hat: A wide-brimmed sun hat not only looks fashionable but also provides shade and protection from the sun. Opt for a hat with a chin strap to keep it secure on windy days.
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare by packing a good pair of sunglasses. Look for sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays.
  • Jewelry: Keep your jewelry minimal to avoid damage from saltwater and sand. Pack a few versatile pieces like a pair of stud earrings, a delicate necklace, or a simple bracelet to add a touch of elegance to your beach outfits.
  • Beach cover-ups: In addition to swimwear cover-ups, consider packing a lightweight and breathable beach cover-up or sarong that you can easily wrap around yourself when you’re walking along the shore or enjoying beachside cocktails.
  • Beach hat clips: To keep your hat from flying away with a strong breeze, invest in hat clips. These handy accessories clip onto your hat and keep it secure on your head.
  • Beach bag: A spacious and durable beach bag is essential for carrying your belongings to the beach. Look for one with multiple pockets or compartments to keep your items organized.
  • Waterproof phone case: If you plan on taking your phone to the beach, consider investing in a waterproof phone case to protect it from water damage and sand.
  • Beach blanket: A large beach blanket or mat is perfect for lounging on the sand. Look for options that are lightweight and easy to fold for compact packing.

These accessories will not only add aesthetic appeal to your beach ensemble but also enhance your overall beach experience.



When it comes to toiletries, it’s important to pack the essentials to keep yourself clean and refreshed during your beach trip. Here are some key toiletries to include:

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by packing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF rating. Apply sunscreen generously and reapply every few hours, especially after swimming or sweating.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: Opt for travel-sized bottles of your favorite shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean and nourished.
  • Body wash or soap: Pack a small bottle of body wash or a bar of soap to keep your body clean and fresh.
  • Facial cleanser and moisturizer: Don’t forget to take care of your face. Pack a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizer suitable for your skin type.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Maintain your oral hygiene by packing a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Deodorant: Stay fresh and odor-free in the hot weather by packing your favorite deodorant.
  • Hairbrush or comb: Keep your hair tangle-free with a compact hairbrush or comb.
  • Razors: Don’t forget to pack razors if you prefer to keep your skin smooth and hair-free.
  • Feminine hygiene products: If needed, pack an ample supply of feminine hygiene products.
  • Medications: If you take any prescription medications, remember to pack them along with any necessary over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers or motion sickness pills.

Remember to pack these toiletries in travel-sized containers to comply with airline regulations and to save space in your luggage. Additionally, consider bringing biodegradable options to minimize the impact on the environment.


Beach Gear

Having the right beach gear can make your beach trip even more enjoyable and comfortable. Here are some essential items to consider packing:

  • Beach umbrella or tent: Provide yourself with shade on hot days by bringing a beach umbrella or a portable beach tent.
  • Beach chairs or loungers: Pack lightweight and foldable beach chairs or loungers to relax and soak up the sun in comfort.
  • Beach mat or blanket: A beach mat or blanket is perfect for lounging on the sand or enjoying a picnic by the shore.
  • Cooler: Keep your drinks and snacks chilled by bringing a cooler. Look for a portable and insulated cooler that is easy to carry.
  • Beach toys and games: If you’re traveling with kids or enjoy beach games, pack beach toys, such as buckets, shovels, frisbees, or beach balls.
  • Snorkeling gear: If you plan on exploring the underwater world, bring your own snorkeling gear, including a mask, snorkel, and fins.
  • Beach umbrella anchor: To secure your beach umbrella and prevent it from getting blown away by the wind, consider bringing a beach umbrella anchor.
  • Portable speaker: Create a beach ambience by playing your favorite music with a portable and waterproof speaker.
  • Beach tote or backpack: Carry your essentials to the beach with a durable and waterproof beach tote or backpack.

Make a checklist of the beach gear you’ll need based on your planned activities and the number of people in your group. Remember to pack these items on top of your suitcase for easy access when you arrive at the beach.



While the beach itself provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment, it’s always a good idea to pack some form of entertainment to enhance your beach trip. Here are some entertainment options to consider:

  • Books or e-reader: Lose yourself in a captivating novel or enjoy a collection of short stories while lounging on the beach.
  • Magazines or newspapers: Catch up on the latest news, trends, and articles with your favorite magazines or newspapers.
  • Beach games: Pack a deck of cards, a travel-sized board game, or a beach-friendly game like beach volleyball or beach tennis for some fun in the sand.
  • Waterproof camera: Capture the beautiful moments and vibrant underwater scenes with a waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone.
  • Binoculars: If your beach destination has stunning views or wildlife, bring a pair of binoculars to observe birds, marine life, or distant landscapes.
  • Art supplies: Unleash your creativity by packing a sketchbook, watercolors, or colored pencils to create art inspired by the beach.
  • Music or podcasts: Create a chilled-out beach playlist or download your favorite podcasts to listen to while relaxing under the sun.
  • Frisbee or beach ball: Engage in friendly beach activities with a frisbee or beach ball for some active fun on the sand.

Consider the preferences of your group and pack entertainment options that will keep everyone engaged and entertained during your beach trip. Remember to keep these items safe from sand and water.


Miscellaneous Items

Aside from the essential clothing, swimwear, accessories, toiletries, beach gear, and entertainment, there are a few miscellaneous items that can enhance your beach trip experience. Here are some additional items to consider packing:

  • Cash and identification: Have some cash on hand for beachside vendors or any unexpected expenses. Additionally, carry your identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, in a waterproof bag or pouch.
  • Reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle. Look for one that is durable, leak-proof, and easy to carry.
  • Snacks: Pack some healthy and energizing snacks like granola bars, fruits, or trail mix to keep you fueled throughout the day.
  • Mini first-aid kit: Prepare for minor scrapes, cuts, or blisters by packing a mini first-aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary medications.
  • Insect repellent: Depending on your beach destination, insects may be present. Protect yourself from bug bites by bringing a reliable insect repellent.
  • Plastic bags: Have a few plastic bags on hand for storing wet bathing suits, sandy items, or garbage to keep your beach area tidy.
  • Portable phone charger: Ensure your phone stays charged so you can capture memorable moments and stay connected. Pack a portable phone charger to keep your devices powered up.
  • Travel adapter: If you’re traveling to a different country, pack a universal travel adapter to charge your electronics.
  • Travel insurance: Consider obtaining travel insurance to provide peace of mind in case of any unforeseen events or emergencies.

These miscellaneous items may seem small but can make a big difference in your overall beach trip experience. It’s always better to be prepared for any situation that may arise during your vacation.



Preparing for a weekend beach trip requires thoughtful planning and packing the right essentials. By packing the right clothing, swimwear, footwear, accessories, toiletries, beach gear, entertainment, and miscellaneous items, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Remember to choose lightweight and breathable clothing made of materials suitable for the beach climate. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and protective accessories like hats and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun’s rays. Bring versatile swimwear, cover-ups, and beach towels for your beach outings.


Footwear should prioritize comfort and suitability for beach activities, such as sandals or water shoes. Accessories like beach hats, sunglasses, and beach bags add both style and functionality to your beach ensemble.


Essential toiletries, including sunscreen, shampoo, body wash, and basic hygiene items, are a must. Pack beach gear like umbrellas or tents, beach chairs, coolers, and beach toys for added comfort and entertainment.


To make your beach trip even more enjoyable, bring along entertainment options like books, games, cameras, or art supplies. Lastly, don’t forget miscellaneous items such as cash, identification, reusable water bottles, and first aid kits.


With all the right essentials in your suitcase, you’ll be ready for a fantastic weekend beach trip. So, take the time to pack wisely, and get ready to relax, soak up the sun, and create lasting memories at the beach!