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Top Beats To Get You Ready For Rainbow Serpent Festival


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Morissa Traynor



Music has the incredible power to transport us to different worlds and create a sense of unity and connection. And when it comes to festivals, there’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of immersing yourself in the beats and melodies of live performances. One festival that embodies this experience is the Rainbow Serpent Festival, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse musical lineup.


As you prepare for the Rainbow Serpent Festival, it’s crucial to curate a playlist that will get you in the right headspace and capture the essence of this unique celebration. Whether you’re a die-hard techno fan or a lover of eclectic sounds, there’s something for everyone at this festival. In this article, we’ll explore the top beats from various genres that will undoubtedly get you ready to dance the night away at Rainbow Serpent.


So, slip on your dancing shoes and let’s dive into the world of pulsating rhythms, mesmerizing melodies, and infectious grooves that await you at the Rainbow Serpent Festival.


Techno Beats

When it comes to electronic music, techno is an iconic genre known for its pulsating basslines, hypnotic rhythms, and immersive soundscapes. At Rainbow Serpent, techno beats reign supreme and keep the energy levels high throughout the festival.


One of the standout techno artists to catch at Rainbow Serpent is Boris Brejcha. His unique blend of melodic techno, characterized by driving kicks and ethereal melodies, will transport you to another dimension. Get ready to lose yourself in the hypnotic cadence of tracks like “Happinezz” and “Purple Noise.”


Another artist who knows how to deliver powerful techno sets is Amelie Lens. Known for her relentless energy and impeccable track selection, Lens has become a crowd favorite in the techno scene. Her hit tracks like “Exhale” and “Follow” will undoubtedly ignite the dancefloor at Rainbow Serpent.


If you’re looking for a taste of old-school techno with a modern twist, don’t miss Charlotte de Witte’s set. Her captivating style combines heavy basslines with intricate melodies, creating a dynamic sonic experience. Get ready to be blown away by tracks like “Sgadi Li Mi” and “This.”

These are just a few of the incredible techno artists you can expect to encounter at Rainbow Serpent. Whether you’re a seasoned techno enthusiast or new to the genre, the pulsating beats and infectious energy of the techno stage will leave you wanting more.


Deep House Grooves

For those who prefer the smoother and more soulful side of electronic music, deep house is the genre to explore at Rainbow Serpent. With its laid-back beats, soothing melodies, and groovy basslines, deep house sets the perfect vibe for chilling out and connecting with fellow festival-goers.


An artist who has mastered the art of deep house and is a must-see at Rainbow Serpent is Lee Burridge. Known for his legendary sunrise sets, Burridge seamlessly blends melodic elements and deep grooves, creating a enchanting atmosphere. Tracks like “Lost Desert & Lee Burridge – Lingala (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix)” will transport you to a place of pure bliss.


If you’re in the mood for a more atmospheric and emotional deep house experience, make sure to catch the spellbinding DJ set of Rodriguez Jr. His melodic and emotive tracks like “Radian” and “Mistral” will take you on a journey through deep and introspective soundscapes.


Another artist to watch out for is Maya Jane Coles. With her distinctive blend of deep house and garage influences, Coles delivers sets that are both groovy and captivating. Tracks like “What They Say” and “Something In The Air” are guaranteed to get your body moving and your soul swaying.


Whether you want to dance your heart out or simply groove to the rhythm, deep house at Rainbow Serpent will provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments of connection and relaxation.


Psytrance Jams

For those seeking a more high-energy and mind-altering experience, psytrance is the genre that will propel you into a different realm at Rainbow Serpent. With its fast-paced beats, intricate layers, and psychedelic soundscapes, psytrance is the perfect soundtrack for letting go and immersing yourself in the rhythm.


One of the veterans of the psytrance scene who never fails to deliver an unforgettable performance is Infected Mushroom. With their unique fusion of electronic music and rock influences, Infected Mushroom creates a dynamic and captivating sound. Tracks like “Becoming Insane” and “Converting Vegetarians” will have you dancing and transcending the physical plane.


Another psytrance artist who is bound to take you on a wild journey is Vini Vici. Known for their energetic and euphoric beats, their tracks like “Great Spirit” and “Universe Inside Me” will ignite the dancefloor and leave you in a state of pure euphoria.


If you’re looking for a more progressive twist to your psytrance experience, make sure to catch Ace Ventura’s set. His unique blend of psytrance and progressive elements creates a perfect balance of groove and psychedelia. Tracks like “Presence” and “Rebirth” will surely elevate your spirit and set you in motion.


Psytrance at Rainbow Serpent is a sonic journey into the realms of consciousness, where you can let loose, connect with others, and experience the transformative power of music.


Drum and Bass Bangers

If you’re craving high-octane beats and infectious energy, look no further than the drum and bass stage at Rainbow Serpent. Known for its fast tempo, intricate drum patterns, and heavy basslines, drum and bass is guaranteed to get your heart pounding and your feet moving.


An artist who is synonymous with drum and bass and a must-see at Rainbow Serpent is Andy C. With his flawless mixing skills and relentless energy, Andy C knows how to command the crowd and create an electric atmosphere. Tracks like “Heartbeat Loud” and “New Era VIP” will keep you on your toes and craving more.


If you’re a fan of liquid drum and bass, make sure to catch the soulful sounds of Etherwood. His smooth melodies, lush vocals, and rolling beats create a sublime and uplifting atmosphere. Tracks like “Begin By Letting Go” and “Spoken” will wash over you like a wave of pure euphoria.


For those who prefer darker and more hard-hitting drum and bass, Noisia is the act to watch out for. Their intricate sound design, heavy basslines, and relentless energy will hit you like a sonic assault. Tracks like “Collider” and “Dead Limit” will leave you in awe of their sheer intensity.


The drum and bass stage at Rainbow Serpent is the ultimate destination for bass lovers and adrenaline junkies. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fast-paced beats and electrifying atmosphere that only drum and bass can deliver.


Ambient Vibes

In the midst of the high-energy sets and pulsating beats, sometimes you need a moment of tranquility and introspection. That’s where the ambient stage at Rainbow Serpent comes in, providing a space where you can unwind, relax, and be carried away by ethereal melodies and soothing soundscapes.


One artist who is known for creating captivating ambient music is Brian Eno. With his unique approach to sound and composition, Eno manages to create immersive sonic landscapes that resonate with listeners on a deep level. Tracks like “An Ending (Ascent)” and “Thursday Afternoon” will envelop you in serenity and contemplation.


If you’re looking for more experimental and avant-garde ambient sounds, don’t miss the performances of Tim Hecker. Hecker’s intricate layering of textures and atmospheric elements creates a mesmerizing and otherworldly experience. Tracks like “Virgins” and “Radio Amor” will take you to the outer reaches of your imagination.


Another ambient artist to watch out for is Hammock. With their dreamy guitar melodies, lush orchestration, and subtle electronic touches, Hammock creates a warm and soothing atmosphere that invites you to simply float away. Tracks like “Mono No Aware” and “I Can Almost See You” will transport you to a place of peace and tranquility.


The ambient stage at Rainbow Serpent provides a much-needed sanctuary amidst the festival’s vibrant energy. Take a moment to let the ambient vibes wash over you, allowing you to relax, recharge, and prepare for the next dancefloor adventure.


Tribal Rhythms

At Rainbow Serpent, the world music stage celebrates the rich heritage of ancient cultures and brings the infectious rhythms of tribal music to life. These captivating beats and soul-stirring melodies create a powerful connection between individuals and the collective spirit of the festival.


One artist who embodies the essence of tribal rhythms is Beats Antique. Blending elements of world music, electronic beats, and mesmerizing visuals, Beats Antique creates a truly immersive and transformative experience. Their tracks like “Beauty Beats” and “The Lantern” fuse tribal percussion with modern production techniques, resulting in a captivating sonic journey.


Another act that brings tribal rhythms to the forefront is Nahko and Medicine for the People. With their energetic performances and conscious lyrics, they create a unifying experience that celebrates diversity and the power of music to transcend boundaries. Songs like “Aloha Ke Akua” and “Manifesto II” are infused with tribal elements and will have you moving to the rhythm of unity.


If you’re looking for a fusion of tribal and electronic music, don’t miss the performances of Desert Dwellers. Their unique blend of global sounds, ambient textures, and pulsating beats creates a mystical and enchanting atmosphere. Tracks like “Saraswati’s Twerkaba” and “Bodhi Tree Dub” bring together ancient melodies and modern production techniques.


The tribal rhythms of Rainbow Serpent provide a captivating journey into the roots of music and the power of rhythm to bring people together. Lose yourself in the pulsating beats, connect with the primal energy, and let the tribal music move your body and soul.


Funky Disco Tunes

When it’s time to groove and let loose on the dancefloor, nothing beats the infectious rhythms and feel-good vibes of funky disco music. At Rainbow Serpent, the disco stage is a haven for those who want to channel their inner dancing diva and get down to some classic jams.


An artist who knows how to get the party started with funky disco tunes is Nile Rodgers & Chic. With their iconic hits like “Le Freak” and “Good Times,” Nile Rodgers’ infectious guitar riffs and the groovy basslines of Chic will transport you to a disco wonderland. Get ready to boogie down and experience the essence of pure funk.


If you’re looking for a more contemporary take on disco, don’t miss the dynamic performances of Daft Punk. With their blend of electronic elements and disco influences, Daft Punk creates a sound that is irresistibly catchy and undeniably funky. Tracks like “Get Lucky” and “One More Time” will have you dancing with an infectious rhythm that simply can’t be resisted.


For a disco-infused set that incorporates elements of house and soul, make sure to catch the DJ stylings of The Black Madonna. Known for her eclectic track selection and infectious energy behind the decks, The Black Madonna creates a dancefloor experience that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Tracks like “He Is The Voice I Hear” and “Alright This Morning” will transport you to a time when disco ruled the clubs.


The funky disco tunes at Rainbow Serpent will have you strutting your stuff and dancing like nobody’s watching. So put on your finest sequined outfit, channel your inner disco diva, and let the infectious rhythm of funky disco music take over.


Progressive House Anthems

For those who enjoy the seamless blend of hypnotic melodies, driving beats, and euphoric builds, the progressive house stage at Rainbow Serpent is the ultimate destination. Known for its uplifting and energetic sound, progressive house captivates listeners with its infectious grooves and unforgettable anthems.


An artist who has been at the forefront of the progressive house genre for years is Sasha. With his impeccable mixing skills and ability to take the crowd on a musical journey, Sasha’s sets are a mesmerizing experience. Tracks like “Xpander” and “Dance Department” create an immersive atmosphere that will transport you to another dimension.


If you’re craving a deeper and more underground progressive sound, look no further than Hernan Cattaneo. With his signature blend of progressive, melodic, and tribal influences, Cattaneo creates a sonic landscape that keeps the dancefloor grooving. Be prepared for tracks like “Malaguena” and “Radio Capital” to captivate your soul and get your body moving.


Another artist who has made a significant impact on the progressive house scene is Guy J. Known for his progressive, melodic soundscapes and intricate productions, Guy J has carved out a unique space in the genre. Tracks like “Lamur” and “Moderate” will transport you into a dream-like state, where the music becomes an extension of your being.


The progressive house anthems at Rainbow Serpent will have you immersed in a sea of euphoria, with hands in the air and hearts connected. Lose yourself in the uplifting melodies, pulsating beats, and unforgettable moments that only progressive house can deliver.



The Rainbow Serpent Festival is a celebration of music, creativity, and community, where people from all walks of life come together to immerse themselves in the power of sound. From the pulsating beats of techno to the soulful grooves of deep house, from the mind-altering journey of psytrance to the infectious rhythm of drum and bass, this festival offers something for everyone.


As you prepare for your Rainbow Serpent adventure, curating a playlist that captures the essence of the festival is essential. From the ambient vibes that allow you to relax and reconnect with yourself to the tribal rhythms that awaken a primal sense of unity, the diverse musical genres at Rainbow Serpent create an experience unlike any other.


Whether you find yourself lost in the mesmerizing world of psychedelic trance or grooving to the funky disco tunes that make you feel alive, the music at Rainbow Serpent becomes the heartbeat of the festival. It creates a sense of connection, a shared experience that transcends boundaries and unites strangers as one community.


The artists mentioned in this article are just a glimpse of the incredible talent that awaits you at Rainbow Serpent. Be open to exploring new sounds, discovering emerging artists, and allowing the music to guide you on an unforgettable journey.


So, as you pack your bags and get ready for the adventure ahead, remember to embrace the beats, let the rhythms move your body and soul, and immerse yourself in the magic of Rainbow Serpent. Dance, connect, and create memories that will last a lifetime.