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7 Interesting Things To Do In Warsaw, Poland


Modified: January 3, 2024

by Vivette Kajal

Colourful Old Town, Warsaw
© skitterphoto, Pixabay

Once upon a time, Warsaw was known as the ‘Paris of the East’, until it got tarnished by the gruesome World War II. But nothing could stop Warsaw from rising like a phoenix from the ashes, and rebuilding itself again to one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. However, planning a trip to Poland and yet not stepping in Warsaw, can leave a very deafening void in future, because you are missing a wonderful city, that can leave you mesmerised with every single element the city holds. 


For all the history lovers, Warsaw comes with end number of museums that talk about the dark colonial era of Warsaw. It is a revelation of what the country had faced long ago and a reflection of the cruelty imposed by the Germans & Russians before World War. 


But, do not worry, since the country had fought the harsh obstacles by standing strong like a warrior, there are many fun and interesting things to do in Warsaw. All these deserve a pat on the shoulder of the citizens for working towards the goal of a well-structured rising economy.


If you are unaware of what to do in Warsaw? That’s the sheer reason why we have decided to compile this article with the most captivating sites. Even after the rebirth of Warsaw from a traumatic event, the city has managed to strengthen its roots with a well maintained old town, state of the art museums and sumptuous Polish food. 


So let’s dive deep into the main attractions of Warsaw and why its a must-visit?


Things To Do In Warsaw


Feel The Architectural Marvel Of The Royal Castle 

The wonderful Royal castle, Warsaw

© Dennis Jarvis, Flickr


A brilliant man-made structure that was once home to the monarchs of Poland to carry out their official duties. Unfortunately, the architectural genius you behold now is not the original castle. This is because the abode of the monarchs was destroyed by the Germans and it was reconstructed later in 1980. 


Yet, the present structure blends well with the Old Town’s picturesque locations and buildings. It stands out as a wonder for all the tourists who pay their visit to the castle. With amazing portraits of the kings who ruled the country and several other paintings that were very close to the last king, the Royal Castle is an eye-opener to the richness the country cradled once.  



Take A Stroll Through The Colourful Old Town

Colourful Old Town, Warsaw

© skitterphoto, Pixabay


A picture-perfect town to help you walk in style, to pose happily in front of the flashing cameras and flaunt your vibrant outfits to your heart’s content! What more do you want from this flamboyant colourful town in the lovely little Warsaw? 


With buildings draped beautifully in tints of orange, yellow and brown, it is a surprise for the tourists when they comprehend that the entire area was once destructed by war. However, Warsaw again deserves applause for reconstructing themselves to breathtakingly beautiful buildings that make people wonder in awe. 


Old town ripens with historical museums, pocket-friendly shopping markets, enchanting churches and much more. Spend an entire day in this picturesque location and you wouldn’t regret it all. 



Know The History At Polin Museum

Polin Museum in Warsaw

© bekey, Pixabay


Whenever you hear ‘museum’ you always associate it to having a rich history that dates back to 50 years or more! Well, that’s not the case with the Polin Museum. Opened in 2014, the museum is one of the most recent to its contemporaries in the country.


But that cannot be considered as a downside since it has a rich collection which talks about the history of Jews in Poland. 


With so many artefacts, interactive videos and paintings the museum is a one-stop guide to know how Europe’s largest community, Jews, came into existence in Poland. The galleries explain about the religious tolerance of the 16th and 17th centuries at length. However, it also gives information about the hardships and obstacles faced by the Jewish community in the past. 



Some Time For Science At Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Museum, Warsaw

© Wikimedia commons


Science lovers can never get enough of this place because this is the right place for you. With so many diligent science exhibitions and theories explained, it clarifies the doubts of so many curious souls. 


There are specific zones within the museum for nature, light, motion etc. At the environment zone, people get to know more about the urban ecosystems and advancements of technology and constructions. 


There is also a 3D planetarium which always brims with students from different schools surrounding the area. Well, this place is not just confined to the theories of space and cosmos. The planetarium has shows which explain about human cultures and the nature of the mother earth. Similarly, the kids and adults have shown great interest in these shows and have given rave reviews about it. This makes the shows more popular among tourists. 



Relax At The Lazienki Park

Lovely Lazienki Park, Warsaw

© pepperminting, Pixabay


Filled with soothing greenery that embalms your eyes, Lazeinki Park is considered as one of the biggest parks of Warsaw. Who wouldn’t crave for a perfect escapade from the strenuous life and relax at the cosy benches of this Warsaw park? Huddle with your families amidst the lush green surroundings and create your own happiness.


The park was once the royal bath to the kings of the past. This pretty much sums up why the name Laziennki (which means bath) was bestowed on this park. 


Lazienki Park has much more than what we could ever think of. Accommodating some orangeries, planetarium, amphitheatre and plenty of monuments this 76-hectare park is something to witness when you are in Warsaw. 



Take In The Grandeur Of Wilanow Palace

Wilanow Castle in Warsaw

©czu_czu_PL, Pixabay


The magnificent home of King Jan III Sobieski, ornamented with the finest of jewels, gems and paintings! He stayed here with his beloved wife. But they stayed here only during summers. 


This is definitely a structure to marvel at because it’s quite distinct compared to other palaces you have ever been. The rooms are designed with a strong inspiration drawn from the Dutch and Chinese.


Tourists always yearn to get a glimpse of the King’s Library, North Gallery and the well-appraised ceiling frescoes that make the entire stroll around the palace worth a visit.


The exterior of the Palace is surrounded by many Baroque style monuments and statues, which makes it a perfect spot for some lovely pictures. Witness the magnitude of elegance and royalness standing outside this palace and carry home some great memories.



Have Fun At The Palace Of Culture & Science

Palace of culture & science, Warsaw

© wikimedia commons


The tallest tower of Poland and the sixth tallest tower of Europe, that’s the palace of culture & science for you!


Don’t get fooled by the term Palace, since it is by no means a palace. This tall tower houses almost everything which has a close association with arts.


From cinema theatres and libraries to sports clubs, you have everything in this 232 metres huge building. With total floors of 42, the palace of culture and science has even museums inside it. This spot is the most famous and sought after by the locals and university students of Poland. 


This famous building is well known amongst people since it was a gift by the Soviet Union to Poland in the year 1955. 


Warsaw is well known to the world by the most popular warsaw pact during the time of cold war. So this building always stands as a gentle reminder of it.


Apart from the war and several treaties of the past, Warsaw may not be known to the world as a major tourist attraction of Poland. But let’s assure you that the less explored places are the most beautiful and perfect spots to create some memories. So pack your bags and hop onto the next immediate flight for a perfect vacation.