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Sumilon Island In Cebu: Everything You Need To Know


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Malvina Alley



Sumilon Island, located in the beautiful province of Cebu in the Philippines, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventure seekers. This breathtaking island is known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. Whether you are a nature lover, a history buff, or simply in search of relaxation and tranquility, Sumilon Island has something to offer for everyone.


With its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and lush greenery, Sumilon Island provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. As you step foot on the island, you will be instantly captivated by its natural beauty and serene atmosphere. Whether you choose to lazily lounge on the beach, embark on an adventurous hike, or explore the underwater world through snorkeling or diving, Sumilon Island guarantees an unforgettable experience.


Aside from its natural wonders, Sumilon Island also offers a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Philippines. The island is home to significant historical sites and landmarks, where visitors can learn about the island’s past and the influence of various cultures throughout the years.


Sumilon Island is also a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The island is home to a diverse range of fauna and flora, as well as an abundance of marine life. From colorful coral reefs to playful dolphins and majestic sea turtles, Sumilon Island provides a unique opportunity to witness and interact with nature up close.


Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Sumilon Island is sure to exceed your expectations. With its stunning natural landscapes, fascinating history, and warm local hospitality, this island paradise should be at the top of your travel bucket list.


In the following sections, we will take a closer look at the location of the island, how to get there, accommodation options, the activities and attractions available, as well as practical tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to Sumilon Island.



Sumilon Island is situated in the southeastern part of Cebu, Philippines. It is part of the Municipality of Oslob and is approximately 125 kilometers away from Cebu City, the province’s capital. The island spans an area of about 24 hectares and is surrounded by the shimmering blue waters of the Cebu Strait.


With its strategic location, Sumilon Island is easily accessible and makes for the perfect destination for both local and international travelers. The island’s proximity to Cebu City also means that it can be reached within a few hours by land and sea.


The island’s coordinates are approximately 9.4913° N latitude and 123.3842° E longitude. Its location provides stunning panoramic views of the surrounding seascape and allows for a tropical paradise experience like no other.


Sumilon Island is part of the larger Sumilon Island Marine Protected Area (SIMPA), which was established in 1974 to conserve and protect the island’s diverse marine ecosystem. This designation ensures that the island’s natural beauty and wildlife are preserved for generations to come.


Whether you are looking for a quick getaway or a longer vacation, the location of Sumilon Island makes it a convenient and accessible destination. Its proximity to Cebu City and other popular tourist spots in the area, such as Oslob’s famous whale shark watching, further enhances its appeal as a must-visit destination in the Philippines.


How to Get There

There are several ways to reach Sumilon Island depending on your preferred mode of transportation. Here are the most common options:

1. By Air: The easiest and fastest way to reach Sumilon Island is by flying into Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB). From the airport, you can take a taxi or a private car to the town of Oslob, which is approximately a 3-hour drive. Once in Oslob, you can arrange for a boat transfer to Sumilon Island. 2. By Ferry: If you prefer a scenic journey, you can take a ferry from Cebu City to Liloan Port in Santander, Cebu. The ferry ride takes around 3 hours, and from Liloan Port, you can take a tricycle or a private car to Sumilon Island. 3. By Bus: You can also opt to take a bus from Cebu City to Oslob. Several bus companies, such as Ceres and Sunrays, operate daily trips to Oslob. The travel time is around 4-5 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Once in Oslob, you can then arrange for a boat transfer to Sumilon Island.

It’s important to note that boat transfers to Sumilon Island are usually arranged through the resorts on the island. It’s recommended to book your accommodations in advance and inquire about the boat transfer options available. The resorts typically provide private transfers for their guests, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free journey.


Once you reach Sumilon Island, you’ll be greeted by the captivating beauty of its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. The island’s resorts also offer a range of activities and amenities to make your stay enjoyable, allowing you to fully experience the wonders of Sumilon Island.


Accommodation Options

Sumilon Island offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you are looking for a luxurious beachfront villa or a cozy beachside cottage, there is something for everyone on the island.

1. Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort: This upscale resort is the only accommodation option on the island. It offers luxurious rooms and villas with stunning views of the ocean or the lush greenery. The resort features an infinity pool, a spa, a restaurant, and various recreational activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding. The staff at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort provides excellent service and ensures a memorable stay for guests.

When staying at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort, guests can choose from different room types, including Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Garden Cottages. Each room is tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

2. Day Tour and Camping: If you prefer a more adventurous experience, you can opt for a day tour or camping on the island. This allows you to explore the beauty of Sumilon Island during the day and enjoy the tranquility of the island at night. The resort offers day tour packages that include activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and picnicking. Camping equipment can also be rented for those who wish to spend the night under the stars.

Regardless of the accommodation option you choose, you are guaranteed a memorable experience at Sumilon Island. The combination of natural beauty, comfortable accommodations, and warm hospitality creates an unforgettable getaway.


It’s important to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred choice. The resort staff can also assist with organizing boat transfers, arranging activities, and providing information about the island’s attractions.


Whether you are a couple on a romantic getaway, a family on a vacation, or a solo traveler seeking solitude, Sumilon Island’s accommodation options cater to all needs and provide a perfect base to explore the island’s wonders.


Activities and Attractions

Sumilon Island offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. From thrilling water sports to serene nature hikes, there is something for everyone to experience on this beautiful island.

1. Snorkeling and Diving: Explore the vibrant coral reefs surrounding Sumilon Island through snorkeling or diving. The crystal-clear waters provide excellent visibility, allowing you to witness a colorful array of marine life including tropical fish, sea turtles, and vibrant corals. The resort can arrange snorkeling and diving trips, including equipment rental and guidance from experienced instructors. 2. Island Hopping: Embark on a scenic island hopping tour and visit nearby islands such as Siquijor and Pescador Island. Marvel at their stunning landscapes, enjoy snorkeling in their pristine waters, and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding sea. 3. Nature Trails and Treks: Sumilon Island boasts scenic nature trails and treks that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty. Explore lush forests, discover hidden waterfalls, and enjoy panoramic views of the island and surrounding seascape. 4. Wildlife and Marine Life: Sumilon Island is rich in biodiversity, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for various species of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife that call the island home. If you’re lucky, you may spot dolphins playing in the waters surrounding the island. 5. Beaches and Swimming Areas: Relax and unwind on Sumilon Island’s stunning white sandy beaches. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters, lounge under the shade of palm trees, and savor the peaceful atmosphere. 6. Historical Sites: Immerse yourself in history by visiting Sumilon Island’s historical sites. Explore the watchtower, built in the 19th century, that once served as a lookout point for pirates. Learn about the island’s colonial past and the influence of various cultures on its development. 7. Local Culture and Traditions: Engage with the locals and learn about their way of life. Experience traditional dances, participate in local festivals, and try delicious Filipino cuisine. The warm and welcoming community on the island will make you feel like a part of their culture.

These are just a few of the many activities and attractions that Sumilon Island has to offer. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or an opportunity to connect with nature and local culture, Sumilon Island guarantees a memorable and fulfilling experience.


Snorkeling and Diving

One of the highlight activities on Sumilon Island is snorkeling and diving. With its clear turquoise waters, diverse marine life, and vibrant coral reefs, the island is a paradise for underwater enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snorkeler or diver, Sumilon Island offers an unforgettable experience beneath the waves.


Snorkeling is a popular activity among visitors to Sumilon Island. You can easily rent snorkeling gear from the resort or bring your own. The snorkeling spots around the island are teeming with marine life, including colorful tropical fish, sea turtles, and various species of corals. The most recommended snorkeling area is the Marine Protected Area (MPA) on the southeastern side of the island.


If you’re a certified diver, you can explore the underwater wonders of Sumilon Island through diving. The island boasts several dive sites suitable for all levels of divers. Whether you prefer shallow reefs or deeper drop-offs, there is something for everyone. The popular dive spots include Coral Landscape, Garden Eel Plaza, and Nikki’s Wall. Experienced divemasters and instructors are available on the island to guide you and ensure a safe and enjoyable dive.


For those who have never tried diving before, Sumilon Island is a great place to get certified. The resort offers PADI Open Water courses and other dive training programs. You can learn the basics of diving in the resort’s pool before venturing into the open water. With the guidance of experienced instructors, you will soon discover the joy of exploring the underwater world.


Whether you choose snorkeling or diving, Sumilon Island provides a remarkable opportunity to witness the beauty of the marine ecosystem. The clear waters offer excellent visibility, allowing you to see a wide variety of fish, coral formations, and other fascinating marine creatures. You can also participate in coral planting activities organized by the resort to contribute to the conservation efforts on the island.


It’s important to practice responsible snorkeling and diving while visiting Sumilon Island. Remember to respect the marine life and refrain from touching or damaging the coral reefs. Follow the guidelines provided by the resort or instructors regarding proper snorkeling and diving techniques.


Snorkeling and diving on Sumilon Island provide a chance to immerse yourself in the enchanting underwater world and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity beneath the waves of this spectacular island.


Resort Facilities

Sumilon Island offers a range of resort facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for visitors. From luxurious accommodations to recreational amenities, the resort provides everything you need for a memorable island getaway.

1. Accommodations: The main resort on Sumilon Island, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort, offers a selection of rooms and villas that provide a luxurious and cozy haven. From spacious beachfront villas to charming garden cottages, each accommodation option is designed with comfort and style in mind. The rooms are well-appointed and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a pleasant stay for guests. 2. Dining Options: The resort features a restaurant that serves a variety of local and international dishes. From fresh seafood delicacies to flavorful Filipino specialties, there is something to satisfy every palate. You can enjoy your meals while overlooking the stunning views of the ocean or choose to have a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach. 3. Swimming Pool: The resort boasts an infinity pool where guests can take a refreshing dip while enjoying panoramic views of the ocean. The poolside area is equipped with comfortable loungers and umbrellas, perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. 4. Spa and Wellness Center: Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment at the resort’s spa and wellness center. Indulge in a soothing massage or choose from a range of wellness therapies that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 5. Recreational Activities: The resort offers a variety of recreational activities to keep guests entertained during their stay. You can go kayaking or paddleboarding in the calm waters surrounding the island, play beach volleyball, or join guided nature walks and bird watching tours. The resort also has a game room where you can enjoy billiards or board games. 6. Event Facilities: If you’re planning a special event or a destination wedding, the resort has event facilities that can accommodate your needs. With its stunning natural scenery as a backdrop, your event is sure to be memorable and magical. 7. Private Beach: The resort has a private beach area exclusively for its guests. You can unwind on the soft white sand, take a leisurely stroll along the shore, or simply relax under the shade of palm trees. The beach area offers a tranquil setting where you can enjoy the beauty of Sumilon Island in privacy.

These resort facilities on Sumilon Island ensure a comfortable and luxurious experience for visitors. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a romantic escape, the resort provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable island vacation.


Island Hopping

Island hopping is a popular activity for visitors to Sumilon Island, allowing them to explore the nearby islands and experience the beauty of the surrounding seas. With its strategic location in the Cebu Strait, Sumilon Island serves as an excellent starting point for island hopping adventures.


There are several nearby islands that you can visit during an island hopping tour from Sumilon Island:

1. Siquijor Island: Known as the “Island of Fire,” Siquijor is a mystical and enchanting island that offers a unique and cultural experience. Explore the island’s pristine beaches, waterfalls, and lush forests. You can also visit traditional healers and witness traditional rituals that are part of the island’s rich folklore. 2. Pescador Island: Pescador Island is a renowned dive spot located near Moalboal. It is famous for its impressive marine life, including large schools of sardines, turtles, and a variety of colorful coral formations. Snorkel or dive to discover the vibrant underwater world surrounding the island. 3. Camotes Islands: Just a boat ride away from Sumilon Island, the Camotes Islands offer a tranquil retreat with pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Explore caves, visit waterfalls, or simply relax on the untouched beaches of this island paradise. 4. Badian Island: Badian Island is known for its beautiful beaches and the famous Kawasan Falls. Take a refreshing dip in the cool turquoise waters of the falls and explore the natural beauty of this serene island.

During an island hopping tour, you will have the opportunity to witness the stunning landscapes, explore hidden coves, and enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding seascape. The boat rides between the islands also offer breathtaking vistas and a chance to feel the refreshing sea breeze.


Make sure to bring your snorkeling gear with you as some of the islands have fantastic snorkeling spots. Dive into the clear waters and marvel at the vibrant coral reefs and the diverse marine life that inhabit them. You may encounter tropical fish, colorful corals, and even sea turtles.


Island hopping tours can be arranged through the resort on Sumilon Island, and they typically include transportation, guides, and snorkeling equipment. Choose the islands you want to visit based on your preferences and the duration of your tour. You may opt for a full-day tour or multiple days of island hopping to fully experience the beauty of the surrounding islands.


Island hopping from Sumilon Island provides a perfect opportunity to explore the wonders of the neighboring islands, discover their unique charms, and create memories to last a lifetime.


Nature Trails and Treks

Sumilon Island is not only known for its stunning beaches and marine life but also for its lush forests and scenic nature trails. Exploring the island’s nature trails and embarking on treks is a fantastic way to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty.


The island offers several nature trails that cater to different levels of fitness and preferences. Here are some popular trails you can explore:

1. Sumilon Island Loop Trail: This trail takes you on a loop around the island, allowing you to witness the various ecosystems that exist on Sumilon Island. As you traverse the trail, you’ll pass through dense forests, open grasslands, and rocky coastal cliffs. Along the way, you’ll also have the opportunity to spot local wildlife and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding sea. 2. Mangrove Forest Trail: Venture into a serene mangrove forest with a guided trek. Learn about the importance of mangroves in the ecosystem and witness their unique ecological features. The trail showcases the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in this protected habitat. 3. Waterfall Trek: Discover hidden waterfalls on Sumilon Island with a guided trek through verdant forests. The trek takes you to these cascading wonders, where you can cool off in their crystal-clear pools and admire the natural beauty surrounding you.

During these nature trails and treks, you’ll have the opportunity to observe a variety of plant and animal species that call Sumilon Island home. Keep an eye out for colorful birds, butterflies, and even monkeys as you explore the trails. The knowledgeable guides will provide insights into the island’s flora and fauna, making the experience educational and enriching.


It is recommended to wear proper trekking shoes or sandals and bring drinking water during your nature trails and treks. The trails can be uneven and challenging in certain areas, so it’s important to be prepared and cautious. Remember to follow the designated paths and heed any safety instructions provided by the guides.


Nature trails and treks on Sumilon Island offer a chance for adventure, serenity, and connection with the natural world. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a casual nature enthusiast, exploring these trails will undoubtedly leave you awestruck by the island’s abundant beauty.


Wildlife and Marine Life

Sumilon Island is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and marine life enthusiasts alike. The island is teeming with diverse fauna and offers an array of opportunities to observe and interact with the natural wonders that call this island home.


When it comes to wildlife, Sumilon Island is home to a variety of species. Explore the lush forests and you may encounter various birds, including colorful kingfishers, herons, and even the majestic Brahminy Kites soaring through the skies. Butterflies of different shapes and hues flutter around, adding a touch of enchantment to the island.


The island is also known for its resident monkeys, known as long-tailed macaques. These playful creatures can be spotted in the trees or along the shorelines. Keep a respectful distance and observe them as they go about their daily activities.


But it is in the surrounding seas that the true wonders of Sumilon Island lie. Snorkeling and diving provide opportunities to witness a rich marine ecosystem. Swim among vibrant coral reefs that are home to an abundant variety of fish species, including butterflyfish, damselfish, parrotfish, and clownfish, just to name a few. Encounter graceful sea turtles gliding through the water, and if you’re lucky, you may even spot a majestic manta ray or a harmless reef shark.


Sumilon Island’s Marine Protected Area, established to conserve and protect the island’s marine biodiversity, ensures that the underwater habitats remain healthy and thriving. This designation helps maintain the balance of the ecosystem, allowing both marine life and visitors to coexist harmoniously.


It’s important to practice responsible eco-tourism when observing wildlife and marine life on Sumilon Island. Respect the natural habitats and the natural behavior of the animals. Avoid touching or disturbing the coral reefs, as they are delicate and essential to the well-being of the marine ecosystem.


Sumilon Island offers a unique opportunity to witness and appreciate the beauty of wildlife and marine life in their natural habitats. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of the coral reefs or the playful antics of the island’s monkeys, the island’s biodiversity is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Beaches and Swimming Areas

Sumilon Island is blessed with pristine, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers and those seeking a relaxing swim. The island offers several beaches and swimming areas where you can soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip, or simply unwind in a tranquil setting.

1. Sumilon Island Beach: The main beach on Sumilon Island stretches along its eastern side, offering a picturesque setting with powdery white sand and clear azure waters. Relax on the beach, sunbathe, and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding seascape. The gentle waves make it perfect for swimming and wading. 2. Bantay Bukid Beach: Located on the western side of Sumilon Island, Bantay Bukid Beach offers a peaceful and secluded escape. With its soft sand, calm waters, and swaying palm trees, it provides the perfect spot for relaxation. Take a leisurely swim or stroll along the shore, appreciating the tranquility and natural beauty of the beach. 3. Punta Baluarte Beach: Situated on the northern tip of Sumilon Island, Punta Baluarte Beach offers panoramic views of the ocean and nearby islands. The beach boasts pristine white sand and clear waters. It is a less crowded area, making it ideal for those seeking privacy and serenity. 4. Tinggayon Beach: Tinggayon Beach is a hidden gem on Sumilon Island, tucked away on its southern end. It is a secluded strip of shoreline with soft sand and calm waters. The beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs, creating a picturesque and intimate setting for a relaxing day by the water.

Each of these beaches offers a different ambiance, allowing visitors to choose the atmosphere that suits their preferences. Whether you prefer a lively beach with more activity or a quiet spot to enjoy solitude, Sumilon Island has a beach for you.


While enjoying the beaches and swimming areas on Sumilon Island, it is important to observe safety guidelines. Take note of any beach advisories and warnings from the resort staff. Avoid swimming during rough weather or when there are strong currents. Always swim within designated areas and heed any instructions or lifeguard advice.


Sumilon Island’s pristine beaches and inviting waters provide a serene and idyllic setting to unwind, connect with nature, and create unforgettable memories.


Historical Sites

Sumilon Island is not only a picturesque tropical paradise but also a destination rich in history and cultural heritage. The island is home to several historical sites that offer a glimpse into its past and the influence of various cultures throughout the years.

1. Watchtower: The Watchtower of Sumilon Island stands as a reminder of the island’s colonial past. Built in the 19th century, the watchtower served as a lookout point to protect against pirate attacks. It was strategically located on a hilltop, providing panoramic views of the surrounding seas. Visitors can explore the watchtower and appreciate its historical significance. 2. Pirate’s Cave: Located on the southern side of Sumilon Island, Pirate’s Cave is a fascinating site with a legendary tale. It is believed to have been a hideout and stronghold for pirates in the past. Exploring the cave allows visitors to imagine the island’s history and the adventures that once took place within its rocky chambers. 3. Colonial-era Ruins: As you wander through the trails of Sumilon Island, you may come across ruins of colonial-era structures. These remnants provide a glimpse into the island’s history and the architectural styles brought by Spanish colonizers. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these ruins and imagine the stories they hold. 4. Cultural Performances: While not a historical site in the traditional sense, the cultural performances on Sumilon Island offer insights into the island’s traditions and heritage. The talented locals showcase traditional dances and music, providing visitors with an immersive experience of the island’s cultural identity.

It is worth mentioning that the history of Sumilon Island goes beyond its physical sites. The island has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Indigenous groups, Spanish colonization, and subsequent migration from neighboring regions. Engaging with the locals and learning about their customs, traditions, and folklore is an opportunity to delve deeper into the island’s history and its people’s way of life.


Exploring the historical sites on Sumilon Island is a unique way to appreciate the island’s past and gain a deeper understanding of its cultural significance. These sites serve as reminders of the island’s vibrant history and the enduring stories of those who once inhabited this remarkable piece of land.


Local Culture and Traditions

Sumilon Island is not only a place of natural beauty but also a destination that celebrates the vibrant local culture and traditions of the Philippines. When visiting the island, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique cultural heritage of the local community.


The warm and welcoming locals of Sumilon Island are proud of their traditions and are often eager to share their cultural practices with visitors. Here are a few ways to experience the local culture and traditions:

1. Traditional Dances and Music: Watch captivating cultural performances showcasing traditional dances and music. The locals take pride in their cultural heritage and often perform dances like the Tinikling, which involves coordinated bamboo clapper movements, or the Singkil, a dance inspired by the epic story of the princess protected by a magical carpet. 2. Local Festivals: Depending on the time of your visit, you may have the opportunity to witness or participate in local festivals and celebrations. These celebrations showcase the unique customs, rituals, and traditional costumes of the islanders. It is a wonderful chance to immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere and experience the local way of life. 3. Traditional Crafts and Artwork: Engage with local artisans and witness their traditional crafts firsthand. From intricate handwoven baskets and mats to woodcarvings and seashell crafts, Sumilon Island offers a glimpse into the creativity and craftsmanship of the local community. You may even have the chance to learn some of these traditional art forms from skilled craftsmen. 4. Local Cuisine: Indulge in the flavors of Filipino cuisine and savor traditional dishes prepared by local cooks. Enjoy a variety of seafood delicacies, fresh tropical fruits, and local specialties. Participating in a cooking class can also provide insight into the traditional cooking techniques and use of local ingredients.

Engaging in these cultural experiences allows you to not only appreciate the beauty of the island’s nature but also connect with the people and traditions that make Sumilon Island unique. It fosters a deeper understanding of the local way of life, the customs that have shaped the community, and the pride that residents take in preserving their cultural heritage.


As you interact with the locals, be respectful of their customs and show appreciation for their traditions. Learn a few basic greetings and phrases in the local language, as it can help establish rapport and create a more meaningful connection with the community.


Sumilon Island offers a rich cultural tapestry that extends beyond its natural wonders. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions, and you will be rewarded with a deeper appreciation for this enchanting destination.


Dining Options

Sumilon Island offers an array of dining options to satisfy your culinary cravings. From fresh seafood delicacies to flavorful Filipino dishes, there is something to cater to every palate on the island. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a casual beachside meal, Sumilon Island has it all.

1. Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort Restaurant: The main dining option on the island is the restaurant at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. The restaurant serves a variety of local and international cuisine. Indulge in fresh seafood dishes, such as grilled fish, shrimp, and crab, sourced directly from the surrounding waters. You can also sample traditional Filipino dishes that highlight the flavors and culinary traditions of the region. The picturesque ocean views from the restaurant make your dining experience even more memorable. 2. Beach Picnics: Enjoy a unique dining experience with a beach picnic on Sumilon Island. The resort can arrange a private picnic setup for you on the beach, complete with a delicious spread of local delicacies. Soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes, and savor a delightful meal in a picturesque beach setting. 3. Local Eateries and Food Stalls: For a taste of authentic Filipino street food, venture out to the nearby area around Sumilon Island. You can find local eateries and food stalls offering a range of Filipino favorites like grilled skewers (barbecue), traditional noodle dishes (pancit), and flavorful rice meals (silog). Immerse yourself in the local food culture and try different dishes to satisfy your cravings. 4. Fruit Shakes and Refreshments: Cool down with refreshing fruit shakes, coconut water, or other tropical beverages available on the island. Fresh fruits and coconut products are abundant, and the resorts and local food vendors offer a variety of drinks to quench your thirst amidst the tropical heat.

Sumilon Island’s dining options allow you to indulge in both local flavors and international cuisines, all while enjoying the island’s natural beauty. Don’t miss the chance to try the fresh seafood offerings, as the island’s proximity to the sea guarantees the availability of the freshest catch.


It is advisable to make dining reservations, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred dining experience. The resort staff can guide you on the available options and help you plan your dining itinerary on the island.


Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean, a casual beachside meal, or a taste of local street food, Sumilon Island has dining options to satisfy all taste buds and create a memorable culinary experience.


Safety Tips and Guidelines

While Sumilon Island is a paradise waiting to be explored, it’s important to prioritize safety during your visit. Here are some essential safety tips and guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience:

1. Swimming and Water Activities: Only swim in designated areas and heed any instructions or warnings provided by resort staff or lifeguards. Be cautious of strong currents and unpredictable tides. If you’re not a confident swimmer, wear a life jacket or utilize other flotation devices. Follow proper snorkeling and diving protocols, including staying within your dive limits and never diving alone. 2. Boat and Water Transfers: Only use authorized and reputable boat operators for water transfers and island hopping tours. Ensure that life jackets and other safety equipment are available on board. Pay attention to the instructions given by boat crew members and follow their guidance. 3. Sun Protection: Protect yourself from the tropical sun by using sunscreen with a high SPF, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and using sunglasses. Seek shade during the hottest hours of the day to avoid heat exhaustion or sunburn. 4. Hydration and Food Safety: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially in the warm climate. Be cautious of food and water hygiene, opting for bottled water and eating at reputable establishments to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses. 5. Respecting the Environment: Follow the principles of responsible eco-tourism by avoiding littering and disposing of waste properly. Respect the coral reefs and other natural habitats by not touching or damaging them. Refrain from taking any souvenirs or relics from the island that may be protected or culturally significant. 6. Staying on Marked Trails: When exploring nature trails and treks, stick to marked paths and trails to avoid getting lost or disturbing the delicate ecosystem. If venturing on your own, inform someone of your plans and estimated return time. 7. Respecting Local Culture: Embrace the local culture and traditions with respect and sensitivity. Observe and follow any cultural customs or guidelines provided by locals, such as appropriate clothing in religious or sacred sites. 8. Emergency Contact Information: Keep a list of emergency contact numbers, including the local resort and emergency services, readily available. Familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest medical facilities.

Remember, your safety is of utmost importance during your visit to Sumilon Island. By following these safety tips and guidelines, you can enjoy a worry-free exploration of the island’s natural beauty and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Souvenir and Gift Shops

Sumilon Island offers a selection of souvenir and gift shops where you can find unique mementos to commemorate your visit to the island. These shops offer a variety of locally made products, handicrafts, and souvenirs that reflect the island’s culture and natural beauty.

1. Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort Gift Shop: The resort’s gift shop is a convenient and popular option for guests. Here, you can find a range of souvenirs, including clothing, accessories, local artwork, and crafts. Look for handwoven baskets, seashell decorations, or locally crafted jewelry as keepsakes of your time on Sumilon Island. 2. Local Artisans and Vendors: Explore the nearby area around Sumilon Island to discover local artisans and vendors selling their creations. Look out for vendors selling intricately woven mats, bamboo crafts, or seashell ornaments. Supporting local artists and craftsmen not only allows you to bring home unique and authentic souvenirs but also contributes to the local economy. 3. Coconut Products: Sumilon Island is known for its abundant coconut trees. Take the opportunity to purchase coconut-based products such as virgin coconut oil, coconut sugar, or coconut jams and spreads. These items are often found in local markets and souvenir shops. 4. Filipino Handicrafts: Look for items that showcase the rich handicraft traditions of the Philippines. Handmade bags, baskets, and wooden carvings are just a few examples of the intricately crafted souvenirs you can find. These items reflect the skill and creativity of Filipino artisans.

When shopping for souvenirs, take your time to browse through different shops and compare prices. Bargaining may be acceptable in local markets; however, it is always important to do so respectfully and with a friendly attitude. Keep in mind that the goal is to support local businesses and artisans while obtaining a meaningful token of your Sumilon Island experience.


Carry cash with you as not all shops may accept credit cards. ATMs are usually available in nearby towns, so it’s a good idea to withdraw cash before heading to the island. Additionally, consider bringing a reusable bag to reduce plastic waste and support sustainable tourism practices.


By visiting the souvenir and gift shops on Sumilon Island, you can find unique treasures that capture the essence of the island’s beauty and culture. These souvenirs will serve as lasting reminders of your time spent in this enchanting destination.


Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Sumilon Island largely depends on your preferences and the type of experience you are seeking. Sumilon Island enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures and two distinct seasons: the dry season and the wet season.


The dry season in Sumilon Island typically runs from December to May. During this time, you can expect pleasant weather with less rainfall and plenty of sunshine. These months are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and various outdoor activities. The water visibility for diving is also excellent during the dry season, allowing you to fully appreciate the vibrant marine life and colorful coral reefs that surround the island.


The wet season, on the other hand, falls between June and November. During this period, Sumilon Island experiences increased rainfall and occasional storms, as it is in the path of typhoons that commonly affect the region. If you don’t mind some rain showers, the wet season can still be a good time to visit. The island’s lush landscapes become even greener, and you may encounter fewer crowds. However, water-based activities may be affected by weather conditions and ocean currents.


It’s important to note that while typhoons are relatively infrequent, they can impact travel plans and safety on the island. It’s advisable to check weather forecasts and heed any advisories or warnings from local authorities before planning a trip during the wet season.


Peak tourist season in Sumilon Island coincides with the dry season, particularly around December to January, as well as during long holiday weekends and school vacation periods. It’s recommended to book accommodations and activities in advance if you plan to visit during these times.


Ultimately, the best time to visit Sumilon Island is subjective and depends on your preferences. Whether you choose to embrace the sunny and dry weather or don’t mind a bit of rain, Sumilon Island offers its natural beauty and charm year-round. Just be sure to plan accordingly and be flexible with your itinerary to make the most of your visit.



Sumilon Island in Cebu, Philippines, is a true paradise for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and those in search of a tropical getaway. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life, Sumilon Island offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re snorkeling and diving amidst vibrant coral reefs, relaxing on white sandy beaches, or exploring the island’s natural trails, Sumilon Island promises a wealth of activities and attractions to suit every traveler.


The island’s location in the Cebu Strait provides easy accessibility for visitors, making it a popular destination for both local and international tourists. Sumilon Island is not only blessed with stunning natural beauty but also boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. From historical sites and ruins to cultural performances and traditional crafts, the island offers a glimpse into its past and the traditions that shape its identity.


When visiting Sumilon Island, it’s important to prioritize safety and follow the guidelines provided by resort staff and local authorities. From swimming in designated areas to practicing responsible eco-tourism, taking these precautions ensures a secure and satisfying experience.


Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a cultural immersion, Sumilon Island provides it all. The island’s accommodation options cater to different preferences, ensuring a comfortable stay. From luxurious beachfront resorts to rustic camping experiences, there is something to suit every budget and travel style.


Sumilon Island invites you to connect with the natural world, immerse yourself in the local culture, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re exploring the underwater wonders, trekking through lush forests, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the beaches, the island’s awe-inspiring beauty will captivate you at every turn. With its warm hospitality and breathtaking landscapes, Sumilon Island truly stands out as a must-visit destination in the Philippines.