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Best Places To Visit In April In Europe: Cities, Beaches & Easter


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Alfie Redman



April is a perfect time to explore Europe, as the weather starts to warm up, and the continent comes alive with blooming flowers and vibrant festivities. Whether you’re a city explorer, a beach lover, or someone looking to immerse themselves in local traditions, Europe offers a variety of options for a memorable April getaway.


In this article, we will delve into the best places to visit in April in Europe, divided into three sections: cities, beaches, and Easter celebrations. From bustling metropolises to idyllic coastal towns and unique cultural festivities, Europe has something to offer every kind of traveler.


In the cities, you’ll discover architectural wonders, historical landmarks, and a buzzing atmosphere. From the charming canals of Venice to the Gothic splendor of Prague, or the cosmopolitan streets of Barcelona, Europe’s cities offer a blend of history, culture, and modern delights.


If you’re seeking a more relaxed and sun-soaked escape, Europe’s beaches beckon. From the breathtaking coastlines of the French Riviera to the volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands or the crystal-clear waters of the Greek islands, there’s a beach paradise to suit every taste.


Lastly, we can’t ignore the significance of April’s religious celebrations in Europe. Easter is celebrated with great fervor in many European countries, providing a unique and captivating cultural experience. From religious processions to colorful local traditions, Easter celebrations in Europe offer a chance to witness centuries-old customs and immerse yourself in the local culture.


So, whether you’re looking to soak up the history and architecture of European cities, unwind on stunning beaches, or immerse yourself in Easter festivities, brace yourself for an unforgettable April adventure in Europe.


Cities to Visit in April

In April, Europe’s cities come alive with a vibrant energy as the winter chill subsides and spring takes hold. Here are some of the best cities to visit during this time:

  1. Paris, France: Known as the “City of Love,” Paris blooms in April with cherry blossoms adorning the picturesque streets and parks. Take a stroll along the Seine, visit iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and indulge in delicious French cuisine at charming street-side cafés.
  2. Rome, Italy: April is an ideal time to explore Rome, with mild temperatures and fewer crowds. Wander through the ancient ruins of the Colosseum, marvel at the architectural wonder of the Pantheon, and toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain for good luck.
  3. Barcelona, Spain: With April heralding spring, Barcelona’s sunny weather is perfect for exploring its unique blend of architecture, culture, and vibrant street life. Visit Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Família, stroll along the bustling Las Ramblas, and soak up the ambiance in the charming Gothic Quarter.
  4. Prague, Czech Republic: Known as the “City of a Hundred Spires,” Prague dazzles visitors with its stunning architecture and rich history. In April, the city is a little less crowded, allowing for a more intimate experience as you wander through the medieval lanes of the Old Town, visit Prague Castle, and enjoy panoramic views from Charles Bridge.
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands: In April, Amsterdam bursts into color with blooming tulips, making it a prime time to visit the city’s famous Keukenhof Gardens. Take a cruise along the picturesque canals, explore the world-class museums like the Van Gogh Museum, and rent a bike to experience the city like a local.

These cities offer a mix of history, culture, and captivating sights, making them perfect destinations to explore in April. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, or just looking to immerse yourself in a vibrant urban atmosphere, these cities will provide an unforgettable experience.


Beaches to Visit in April

April is an excellent time to enjoy the stunning beaches of Europe as the weather starts to warm up, and tourist crowds are still relatively low. Here are some of the top beaches to visit in April:

  1. Costa del Sol, Spain: The Costa del Sol, stretching along the southern coast of Spain, boasts beautiful beaches with warm temperatures in April. Relax on the golden sands of Marbella, enjoy water sports in Fuengirola, or explore the quaint villages of Nerja.
  2. Algarve, Portugal: The Algarve region in Portugal offers breathtaking coastal scenery and an array of stunning beaches. Visit Praia da Marinha, known for its dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters, or soak up the sun at Praia da Rocha in Portimão.
  3. French Riviera, France: The French Riviera is synonymous with glamour and beauty. With destinations like Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez, you can bask in the Mediterranean sun, lounge on pristine sandy beaches, and indulge in exquisite seafood and French Riviera chic.
  4. Amalfi Coast, Italy: The Amalfi Coast offers a picturesque setting with its colorful cliffside towns and azure waters. Explore Positano, soak in the beauty of Ravello, and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of Spiaggia del Fornillo or Marina Grande Beach.
  5. Greek Islands, Greece: The Greek Islands are a paradise for beach lovers, with their breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear waters. In April, you can experience the beauty of Santorini, party on the beaches of Mykonos, or relax on the secluded shores of Zakynthos.

These beach destinations offer a perfect combination of natural beauty, warm temperatures, and tranquil surroundings in April. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a beach getaway, these European beaches will leave you with unforgettable memories.


Easter Celebrations in Europe

Easter is a significant religious holiday in Europe, and many countries celebrate it with unique and captivating traditions. Here are some of the most remarkable Easter celebrations in Europe:

  1. Seville, Spain: Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Seville is a grand spectacle that showcases the deep-rooted religious traditions of the city. Processions featuring large floats known as pasos, adorned with religious statues and carried by hooded penitents, wind through the streets, creating a solemn and impressive atmosphere.
  2. Corfu, Greece: In Corfu, Easter is celebrated with an incredible tradition called “Pot Throwing.” On Holy Saturday morning, locals throw clay pots out of their windows, smashing them on the streets to ward off evil spirits and symbolize the renewal of life.
  3. Warsaw, Poland: The Polish capital embraces Easter with the “Śmigus-Dyngus” tradition. On Easter Monday, people engage in a water fight, playfully splashing water on each other to symbolize cleansing and rebirth. It’s a fun and lively celebration enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.
  4. Florence, Italy: Florence hosts the spectacular “Scoppio del Carro” (Explosion of the Cart) ceremony on Easter Sunday. A cart filled with fireworks is ignited in front of the Duomo to ensure a good harvest and prosperity for the city. It’s a mesmerizing display of pyrotechnics and a beloved tradition.
  5. Krakow, Poland: Krakow celebrates Easter with a unique custom known as “Święconka.” On Holy Saturday, people bring baskets filled with traditional foods to the church to be blessed by the priest. The blessed food, including eggs, bread, and sausage, is then shared with family and friends as a symbolic meal.

These Easter celebrations in Europe offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and traditions of each country. From solemn processions to joyous festivities, witnessing these unique customs during the Easter season is a truly captivating experience.



April in Europe is a magical time to explore diverse destinations, from vibrant cities to picturesque beaches and captivating Easter celebrations. Whether you’re a culture aficionado, a nature lover, or simply seeking a memorable holiday, Europe offers something for everyone during this time of year.


The cities of Europe come alive in April, offering a blend of history, architecture, and vibrant street life. From the romantic streets of Paris to the ancient wonders of Rome and the artistic beauty of Barcelona, these cities offer a myriad of experiences for travelers.


If you prefer beach getaways, Europe’s coastline is dotted with stunning beaches. Whether you choose the sandy shores of the Costa del Sol in Spain, the dramatic cliffs of the Algarve in Portugal, or the glamour of the French Riviera, April is an ideal time to soak up the sun and enjoy the natural beauty of the European beaches.


Lastly, experiencing Easter celebrations in Europe is a unique and immersive cultural experience. From Semana Santa in Seville to the Pot Throwing tradition in Corfu, these celebrations provide a glimpse into the religious and cultural heritage of each country.


So, whether you choose to wander the streets of European cities, relax on breathtaking beaches, or immerse yourself in Easter festivities, April offers an ideal time to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Europe. Embrace the charm, beauty, and rich traditions of the continent this April and create memories that will last a lifetime.