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Best Dive Sites In Belize: Our Top 8 Picks


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Kirsti Soukup



Embarking on an adventure below the water’s surface can be an exhilarating and awe-inspiring experience. For those seeking a truly remarkable diving destination, Belize undoubtedly stands out as a must-visit location. With its crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and diverse underwater landscapes, it offers a plethora of stunning dive sites to explore.


Located on the eastern coast of Central America, Belize is home to the second-largest barrier reef system in the world, known as the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. This, coupled with its numerous atolls, cayes, and marine reserves, makes Belize a haven for divers of all skill levels.


In this article, we will dive into the best dive sites in Belize, showcasing the top eight locations that capture the essence of this underwater paradise.


From the iconic Great Blue Hole to the breathtaking Lighthouse Reef Atoll, each dive site in Belize offers its own unique wonders and surprises. Whether you are a seasoned diver or just starting out, these sites will leave you in awe of the beauty and diversity found beneath the surface.


So strap on your gear, take a deep breath, and let’s explore the best dive sites that Belize has to offer!


Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is a world-renowned dive site and an iconic natural wonder located off the coast of Belize. This massive underwater sinkhole, which stretches over 300 meters in diameter and more than 120 meters deep, is a sight to behold.


Descending into the depths of the Great Blue Hole is like entering another world. The crystal-clear azure waters reveal stunning stalactites, limestone formations, and an abundance of marine life. Divers can explore the inner walls of the sinkhole, drifting among the schools of colorful fish and encountering unique species like Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks.


While the Great Blue Hole is an advanced dive site, with depths reaching beyond recreational limits, it offers a truly unforgettable experience for those seeking an adrenaline rush and a chance to witness geological wonders. The descent into the Blue Hole is a thrilling experience, and exploring its hidden corners is like exploring a mysterious underwater cathedral.


It is worth mentioning that the Great Blue Hole is part of the larger Lighthouse Reef Atoll, which also offers exceptional diving opportunities. So, consider combining your trip to the Blue Hole with exploring other nearby dive sites, such as Half Moon Caye or the beautiful coral gardens of Long Caye.


Overall, the Great Blue Hole is a bucket-list dive site for any adventure-seeking diver. Its mesmerizing beauty and unique geological features make it an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of the wonders that lie beneath the surface.


Glover’s Reef Atoll

Glover’s Reef Atoll is a pristine and remote dive site located off the southern coast of Belize. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System and offers some of the most pristine and untouched diving experiences in the country.


What sets Glover’s Reef Atoll apart is its incredible biodiversity and abundance of marine life. The atoll is teeming with vibrant coral gardens, colorful reef fish, and larger pelagic species. Divers can explore the numerous channels, canyons, and drop-offs that make up the reef, encountering a fascinating array of marine creatures along the way.


One of the highlights of diving in Glover’s Reef Atoll is the opportunity to see large schools of fish, including jacks, snappers, and groupers. The rich currents and healthy ecosystem provide a perfect environment for these marine creatures to thrive. Lucky divers may even have the chance to spot majestic eagle rays or graceful sea turtles.


In addition to the abundant marine life, Glover’s Reef Atoll is also known for its striking dive sites, such as the famous “Aquarium.” This site lives up to its name, with its crystal-clear waters and an astonishing array of colorful fish and corals. It’s like diving into a giant tropical fish tank.


Whether you are an experienced diver or just starting out, Glover’s Reef Atoll offers something for everyone. The calm and warm waters, coupled with the diverse marine life, make it an ideal destination for both underwater photography and unforgettable diving experiences.


For those looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Glover’s Reef Atoll, consider joining a liveaboard trip. These multi-day diving excursions allow for an immersive experience, giving you ample time to explore the different dive sites and fully appreciate the wonders of this remote paradise.


Diving in Glover’s Reef Atoll is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The untouched beauty, thriving ecosystems, and abundance of marine life make it a must-visit destination for any avid diver.


Half Moon Caye

Located within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Half Moon Caye is a small and picturesque island that offers incredible diving opportunities. This protected marine reserve is not only a haven for marine life, but it also boasts a unique natural attraction – the spectacular Great Blue Hole.


Diving in Half Moon Caye is like exploring a vibrant underwater oasis. The clear turquoise waters reveal a stunning coral reef teeming with life. Large schools of tropical fish gracefully swim among the corals, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Divers can also encounter majestic eagle rays, curious nurse sharks, and even the elusive hammerhead sharks.


One of the highlights of diving in Half Moon Caye is the chance to witness the annual gathering of the magnificent red-footed boobies. These seabirds make their nests on the island, creating a unique and unforgettable sight. After a dive, you can take a break on the pristine beaches and enjoy the company of these curious and friendly birds.


For those who are not avid divers, Half Moon Caye also offers snorkeling opportunities. Just a few meters from the shore, you can witness the beauty of the coral gardens and swim alongside colorful reef fish.


Another must-see attraction on Half Moon Caye is the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. This protected area is home to an impressive red-footed booby sanctuary, providing a safe habitat for the birds. Visitors can take a walk along the boardwalk and observe these magnificent creatures up close.


Overall, Half Moon Caye is a paradise for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts alike. Its unmatched beauty, diverse marine life, and unique bird sanctuary make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a memorable Caribbean adventure.


Turneffe Atoll

Turneffe Atoll, located off the coast of Belize, is the largest and most diverse coral atoll in the Western Hemisphere. Offering a wide range of dive sites, it attracts divers from all over the world with its pristine reefs, thrilling wall dives, and abundant marine life.


Exploring Turneffe Atoll is like diving into a marine playground. The shallow reefs are a kaleidoscope of color, with vibrant corals and an array of tropical fish. Divers can encounter graceful spotted eagle rays, nurse sharks, and sea turtles gliding through the crystal-clear waters.


One of the highlights of diving in Turneffe Atoll is the opportunity to explore its famous wall dives. These vertical drop-offs extend to depths of over 300 meters and offer a jaw-dropping experience. As you descend along the wall, you’ll witness a stunning display of marine life, including colorful sponges, majestic sea fans, and large predators such as barracudas and reef sharks.


Turneffe Atoll is also known for its underwater caves and unique blue holes. These submerged sinkholes attract divers with their mysterious allure and the possibility of discovering hidden treasures within their depths. Exploring these caves requires proper training and experience, but for those up to the challenge, it is an unforgettable adventure.


Aside from the incredible diving opportunities, Turneffe Atoll is also a hotspot for fly fishing and snorkeling. The mangrove-lined creeks and flats provide a perfect habitat for bonefish, tarpon, and permit, making it a dream destination for anglers.


Whether you are a novice diver or an experienced enthusiast, Turneffe Atoll has something to offer. With its diverse dive sites, fascinating marine life, and extraordinary natural formations, it is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a true diving paradise in Belize.


Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Located off the coast of Ambergris Caye, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a protected area that boasts some of the most spectacular diving in Belize. “Hol Chan” means “little channel” in Mayan, and this aptly describes the incredible underwater ecosystem that awaits divers.


The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is divided into four zones, each offering its own unique diving experience. The main attraction is the Hol Chan Cut, a natural channel in the barrier reef where divers can drift along with the current and witness a vast array of marine life.


As you descend into the crystal-clear waters of Hol Chan Marine Reserve, you’ll encounter vibrant corals, schools of tropical fish, and fascinating sea creatures. Keep an eye out for graceful stingrays gliding along the sandy bottom, as well as turtles and nurse sharks patrolling the reef.


The reserve also encompasses Shark Ray Alley, a popular dive site where divers can get up close and personal with nurse sharks and southern stingrays. These friendly creatures have become accustomed to divers and will swim right alongside you, creating a truly unforgettable experience.


In addition to the incredible marine life, Hol Chan Marine Reserve also offers opportunities for night dives. Explore the reef after the sun goes down and witness an entirely different underwater world coming to life. Encounters with octopuses, lobsters, and other nocturnal creatures make for an exciting and memorable dive.


For those who prefer snorkeling, Hol Chan Marine Reserve is equally remarkable. Snorkelers can explore the shallower areas of the reserve and still encounter an abundance of colorful fish, coral formations, and other marine species.


As a popular dive site in Belize, it is important to note that the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a protected area, and visitors are required to follow the guidelines to ensure the preservation of the marine ecosystem. Diving with a certified guide is highly recommended to fully appreciate and respect the delicate balance of this underwater sanctuary.


With its rich biodiversity, thrilling underwater encounters, and stunning natural beauty, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a must-visit destination for divers and snorkelers seeking an unforgettable experience in Belize’s waters.


Lighthouse Reef Atoll

Lighthouse Reef Atoll is a remote and pristine dive site located off the coast of Belize. As part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, it offers unparalleled diving experiences and is home to some of the most breathtaking underwater landscapes in the country.


One of the main attractions of Lighthouse Reef Atoll is the famous Great Blue Hole. This massive sinkhole, measuring over 300 meters in diameter and more than 120 meters deep, is a diver’s paradise. Descending into its depths offers a surreal experience, with ancient stalactites and limestone formations creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Divers can admire the unique structures while swimming alongside fascinating marine life, including Caribbean reef sharks and a variety of colorful fish.


Aside from the Great Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef Atoll boasts an array of other incredible dive sites. The Half Moon Caye Wall is a favorite among divers, with its sheer drop-offs and extraordinary underwater topography. The vibrant coral formations and diverse marine life make every dive a memorable experience.


Another notable dive site in Lighthouse Reef Atoll is Long Caye Aquarium. As the name suggests, this site resembles an aquarium, with its crystal-clear waters and an abundance of marine species. Snorkelers can also enjoy exploring the shallow coral gardens and encountering a myriad of tropical fish.


For those seeking a unique and thrilling experience, Lighthouse Reef Atoll offers the opportunity to explore the underwater caves and tunnels that lie beneath the surface. However, it is important to note that cave diving requires specialized training and equipment, and should only be undertaken by experienced divers.


Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, Lighthouse Reef Atoll offers a variety of dive sites suitable for all skill levels. The unparalleled beauty, diverse marine life, and awe-inspiring geological formations make this atoll a must-visit destination for any diving enthusiast.


When planning your trip to Lighthouse Reef Atoll, consider joining a liveaboard expedition to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of this remote and pristine dive site. Spend multiple days exploring the different dive sites and marveling at the wonders that Lighthouse Reef Atoll has to offer.


Experience the magic and adventure of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, and discover why it is regarded as one of the most spectacular dive sites in Belize.


Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize and serves as a gateway to some incredible diving opportunities. Situated just off the coast, this charming island is not only known for its picturesque beauty but also its world-class dive sites.


The waters surrounding Ambergris Caye are part of the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second-largest barrier reef system in the world. This makes it an ideal location for divers of all levels, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts.


One of the most popular dive sites near Ambergris Caye is Shark Ray Alley. Located within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, this site offers a thrilling encounter with nurse sharks and southern stingrays. Divers can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures, creating unforgettable memories.


Ambergris Caye is also home to the Tres Cocos dive site, which features coral gardens, swim-through tunnels, and an abundance of marine life. Exploring the colorful reefs here will introduce you to an array of tropical fish, sea turtles, and even the occasional eagle ray.


For the more experienced divers, the nearby Mexico Rocks is a must-visit site. This underwater wonderland showcases impressive coral formations, towering sea fans, and an array of marine species. Keep your eyes peeled for schools of snappers, grunts, and barracudas as they navigate their way through the colorful reefs.


Aside from the fantastic diving opportunities, Ambergris Caye offers a vibrant island atmosphere with charming beachside cafes, lively bars, and a rich cultural heritage. After a day of diving, you can unwind by strolling along the sandy beaches, indulging in delicious seafood, or exploring the unique shops and galleries of San Pedro Town.


Whether you’re seeking thrilling underwater adventures or a laid-back island getaway, Ambergris Caye has it all. With its stunning dive sites, breathtaking marine life, and lively island atmosphere, it’s no wonder this destination is a favorite among divers visiting Belize.


Silk Cayes

Situated off the coast of Placencia in southern Belize, the Silk Cayes are a hidden gem waiting to be explored by divers. These pristine and uninhabited islands offer an idyllic setting for underwater adventures, boasting some of the most incredible dive sites in the region.


Known for their crystal-clear turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs, the Silk Cayes are a haven for marine life. Diving here provides a chance to encounter a rich variety of species, from colorful tropical fish to majestic sea turtles and even the majestic whale sharks during their seasonal visit.


The main dive site in the Silk Cayes is called “Laughing Bird Caye,” and it’s a Marine National Park featuring a vast variety of coral formations. The shallow reef provides the perfect habitat for a multitude of marine species, making it ideal for snorkeling and diving. Exploring the coral gardens will reveal a mesmerizing world of tropical fish, sea fans, and brain corals.


For more experienced divers, there are deeper dive sites surrounding the Silk Cayes. These sites offer the opportunity to explore dramatic drop-offs, underwater canyons, and swim-through tunnels. The healthy and thriving reef ecosystem serves as a sanctuary for numerous fish species, sharks, and rays.


What sets the Silk Cayes apart is not only the incredible marine life but also the serene and untouched environment. With no permanent human presence, the islands offer a sense of solitude and tranquility that is rarely found in other dive locations. You can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the white sandy beaches and relax in between dives in this pristine paradise.


Visiting the Silk Cayes is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, immersing you in a natural paradise where you can disconnect and appreciate the wonders of the marine world. Whether you’re an avid diver or a snorkeler, the Silk Cayes are a must-visit destination in Belize for those seeking unforgettable underwater experiences.


So, grab your snorkel or scuba gear and prepare to be amazed by the incredible biodiversity and untouched beauty that the Silk Cayes have to offer.



Belize truly stands out as a remarkable destination for diving enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its stunning underwater landscapes, diverse marine life, and protected dive sites, it offers a wealth of opportunities for unforgettable diving experiences.


From the world-famous Great Blue Hole to the remote and pristine atolls, the dive sites in Belize cater to both beginners and seasoned divers. Whether you’re exploring vibrant coral gardens, swimming alongside graceful sea turtles, or encountering majestic sharks, each dive offers a unique and awe-inspiring adventure.


Beyond the incredible underwater world, Belize offers a tropical paradise on land, with its white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. After a day of diving, you can immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of the coastal towns, indulging in local cuisine or exploring ancient Mayan ruins.


To make the most of your diving adventure in Belize, it is recommended to join certified dive operators or professional guides who know the best dive sites and can ensure your safety. They can also provide valuable insights into the marine life and ecosystems that make Belize such a unique diving destination.


So whether you’re an experienced diver seeking thrilling and challenging dives, or a beginner looking to discover the wonders of the underwater world, Belize has something to offer everyone. Dive into the beauty of the Great Blue Hole, explore the vibrant coral reefs, and witness the rich marine biodiversity that makes Belize a true diver’s paradise.


With its captivating dive sites, warm tropical waters, and breathtaking natural wonders, Belize is not just a destination for adventure, but a place where memories are made and where the magic of the underwater world comes alive.


So pack your bags, grab your diving gear, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the depths of Belize’s stunning underwater realm. Dive in, and let the wonders of the sea engulf your senses.