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10 Ways To Write A Good and Engaging Blog Post


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Racheal Koh

©Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

There are uncountable blogs and articles being written every second. While it’s not a surprise that beginners or even expert travelers struggle to put their unique stories into words, but what if there are simple adjustments to make stands out from the rest?


With this in mind, we’ve gathered a few simple tips to guide you on writing a good and engaging blog post. 

Regardless of your intention to write, these tips ensure your travel stories are heard loud and clear. So, take in these tips; make some adjustments to your article and be prepared for your story to be chosen for our site!



Set an End Goal

The biggest mistakes prior to any blog post is not setting a goal. Whether if you’re a complete amateur writer or a professional, having a solid goal is an excellent sign of starting on the right foot. Plus, one thing for sure, having a clear goal makes everything so much more organized and manageable.
Let’s say your goal is to inspire people to pick up the courage and travel away, convey them in your words. To properly pass on the message, the key is to be specific! Don’t be the one who is carried away by many other little things, or the one trying to overly-cramp everything in a blog post. For example, if your goal is to inspire more female to travel, your message should be consistent throughout the blog post. 
Instead of cramping everything in one post, ideally, separate them into different articles or blog posts. This way, you can be more focused on structuring your article to fulfill your audience’s needs. Trust us, the last thing you want is your readers to be put-off by your complexity. The more you engage, the better the end results. Though the road might be bumpy sometimes, stick to your goal, your hard work will eventually be paid off.



Originality is the key

It’s undeniably hard to compete with a million other blogs and articles while preserving your originality. Bear in mind, it all comes down to the end product. As long as it’s genuine, nothing can beat it! Prior to any write-up, ask yourself; what is this article for? Who are you targeting? Is this genuinely what you’re ready to put it up online to share?
The simplest way to convey your message loud and clear is through a clear voice. Similar to reading a novel or even a magazine, if the introduction doesn’t even make any sense, would you spend time reading it?
The point is, if you’re writing about a destination, there are many other ways to make them sound interesting rather than sticking to basic. Break the mold, expand and explore the destination with unique stories that keep your audiences wanting for more. Instead of sticking to the generic topics, try catching the public’s attention with catchy topics like Top 10 Hidden Bars in Singapore or The Secret Ways of Flying Business Class At A Cheap Price.
If it’s your creativity, great; researches, excellent; personal experience, even better! So, cut the chase and don’t be afraid to voice out. The more authentic it is, the better it is.



Engage, Engage, Engage!

Don’t judge a book by its cover. No articles is excellent on its own without any aesthetic touch up to spice up the reading material. That means said, if you’re heading to your destination, make sure you’ve done your homework right. Let’s say you know the attraction is popular, and it’s crucial to be included within your article; make sure you know where it is and arrive earlier for your perfect shot.
If there are any interesting events or story needed to be featured, and you find it difficult to convey in words; photos is the perfect make-up to mask through any possible flaws. Plus, who doesn’t love a good photo? People a photo speaks a thousand words. To make your words even more impactful, these images are a great back up you should consider.



Do Your Research

Believe it or not, blogging is all about creativity. If you have any interesting ideas, it’s great to lay them out. But to put together a good blog post, you need to be thorough and make sure not to miss out anything.
The best way to do it is to write with empathy. Try your best to accommodate your audiences by answering all the possible questions. So, put yourself in a traveler’s shoe, write as if you’re the traveler who has a million questions popping out from their head.
In addition to that, if you’ve learned something from your tour, don’t forget to include them. Everybody loves to unravel some little secrets like best-hidden bars, where’s the best spot for a photograph and etc. However, if you needed a little help to refresh up your memory, readers wouldn’t mind if you get a little help from the internet. Remember, these insider tips might be interesting and it’s especially helpful for those who are planning to visit the place. And that’s what makes you distinguishable from the rest.



Be Creative on Your Title

As the cliché goes, the title is the first thing that captivates your audience’s attention. To stand out from the rest, a short, engaging yet sweet title is absolutely essential. If you’re scratching your head for a captivating title, there are multiple suggested titles online for you to use it as a reference. Tools like Spotibo or SEM Rush title generator is a great little minion to help you out.
Generally, keep it clear and it’ll help with your page SEO naturally. For a more dramatic effect, add on some interactive words like ‘Things You Can’t-Miss…” or “Stunning Hidden Places..”. If you don’t believe, try it, you’ll see a difference.



Write As If You’re A Reader

The last thing you want is your audiences to leave your page the second they enter. That means said, having a good structure of your travel article is crucial. For any kinds of a blog post, it’s recommended to give your audiences a general idea at the introduction. Followed by an informative guide in the body of the paragraph. 
However, often time writers just couldn’t hold back the horses by over-sharing a huge block of text right at the beginning. Though there is no wrong or right in this context, however, most audiences prefer a clear and short introduction. Whereas in the body of the article, feel free to include some tips & tricks you’ve learned from the trip for better a reading experience. Alongside, your on-page SEO will be great naturally with these interactive voices throughout the article.
Ideally, end it with an engaging text like asking your readers to comment or share their thoughts of the blog post or get them to share their personal experiences.



Design Your Page Layout

Though the content might be one of the most important gateways in achieving a good result. No one should ignore the fact that the page layout plays an important role too. Consider using a user-friendly layout to direct and guide your readers on the page. Try to incorporate a more suitable font size, headings, sub-headings, links to pinpoint the importance of your sentences. For best results, reduce the use of repetitive words and sentences that’ll drag down the overall impression of your site.



Proof-read and Grammar Check

How you structure your sentences is another factor you can’t omit. Each paragraph should be kept at an optimum word count and all sentences shouldn’t be too long. Imagine if you’re reading 3 lines of words that are clustered in one sentence, not only it’s hard to complex; it’s a real struggle to get what the sentence really means.
Try to read your article aloud as you write, this way you’ll know where went wrong instantly. If not, get your friends and family to read them through before summarising your article. It’s no harm to get a spare pair of eyes. Plus, they are free-of-charge! (Literally.) If you’re not confident with grammars or simply just want to double-check, try using software like Grammarly, ProWritingAid to run through all the possible mistakes.



Linking and Sourcing Photos

Sourcing an image is a great alternative when you don’t have that particular image or photo you require for the attractions. While there are many professional websites that offer quality stock photos, these are our favorites — Shutterstock and Getty Images. However, if you seek a royalty-free stock image, Unsplash is a great alternative. 


For a better reading experience, consider adding links to the landmarks and attractions. Although it might direct your traffic away from your main page, just make sure the links are ‘open in a new window’ so that your readers know when to come back after they’re done. Also, don’t forget to check if the link is up to date. Take note on the links, avoid those sketchy links that might give a negative impact on the reader experience.



SEO Optimisation

Even if you get all the above right, if your article is not SEO optimized, your article wouldn’t go far. So, spend some time to promote your posts via social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and etc. The more exposure it is, the better.

However, if you needed a guideline to optimize your SEO, invest in YOAST plugin on WordPress. You’ll at least know if there are any missing keywords, misleading meta-descriptions or anything wrong with your titles, headings and etc. 


Final Thoughts

As editors for Touristsecrets, there is a huge amount of travel story submission of various quality. If your article is unique enough to break the mold or photos are simply outstanding, we want you! However, due to the high volume of submissions, we seek quality submission with little to no edit required. This detailed guideline strives to help anyone of you to produce articles that is not only interesting but engaging enough to captivate and retain public eyes.


Whether if you’re considering to write for us or simply just want to improve your blogging skills, here are your answers. Please consider these tips before submitting a story. If you fulfill these listed requirements and want to get more exposure, please drop us an email now! We thank you for being a part of our travel adventures and we can’t wait to hear from you.


If you have any other suggestions on how to write a good post, don’t hesitate to comment down below. We love to hear from you!