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Traveler Gift Guide: Gifts For Backpackers


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Venita Mcelwee



Are you looking for the perfect gift for the adventurous traveler in your life? Look no further! In this comprehensive gift guide, we will explore a range of travel essentials and accessories that will delight backpackers and ensure they have a smooth and enjoyable journey.


Backpackers are well-versed in the art of minimalistic travel, prioritizing practicality, functionality, and durability in their gear. Whether it’s a multi-day hike in the mountains or a globetrotting adventure, having the right gear and accessories can make all the difference in their overall travel experience.


From essential equipment to practical gadgets, comfort items to travel accessories, there is a wide array of gift options available that are sure to impress even the most seasoned backpacker. So, let’s dive in and explore the best gifts to make every backpacker’s journey more memorable and convenient.


Note: Keep in mind that these gift suggestions cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences. You can choose the ones that align with your traveler’s needs while ensuring that the quality and functionality are top-notch.


Essential Gear

When it comes to backpacking, having the right gear is crucial. Here are some essential items that every backpacker needs:

  1. Backpack: A high-quality backpack is the backbone of any backpacking trip. Look for one that is lightweight, durable, and has ample storage space.
  2. Tent: A reliable and lightweight tent is essential for overnight trips. Consider factors like weather resistance, ease of setup, and weight when choosing a tent.
  3. Sleeping Bag: A good sleeping bag will provide warmth and comfort during chilly nights in the wilderness. Look for one that is suitable for the expected temperatures and is lightweight.
  4. Travel Towel: A quick-drying and compact travel towel is a must-have for backpackers. It takes up minimal space and is ideal for drying off after a swim or shower.
  5. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is paramount while traveling. Opt for a durable and leak-proof water bottle that can be easily refilled to reduce plastic waste.

These essential gear items are the foundation of a successful backpacking trip. Ensure that the quality and functionality of each item meet the traveler’s needs, as they will rely on these essentials throughout their journey.


Practical Gadgets

Traveling can be made easier and more enjoyable with the help of practical gadgets. Here are some gadgets that backpackers will find useful:

  1. Solar Charger: A solar charger is a game-changer for keeping electronic devices powered up while on the go. It harnesses the power of the sun to charge smartphones, cameras, and other USB-powered devices.
  2. Portable Power Bank: A compact and high-capacity power bank ensures that backpackers never run out of battery while exploring. Look for one with multiple USB ports and fast-charging capabilities.
  3. Headlamp: A lightweight and hands-free headlamp is an essential gadget for backpackers, especially for camping or hiking at night. Opt for one with adjustable brightness settings and a long battery life.
  4. Universal Travel Adapter: A universal travel adapter is a must-have for international travelers, allowing them to charge their devices in different countries. Look for one that is compact and compatible with multiple plug types.
  5. Multi-Tool: A versatile multi-tool comes in handy for various tasks during backpacking trips. Look for one with essential tools like a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, and scissors.

These practical gadgets can significantly enhance the backpacking experience by providing convenience, functionality, and peace of mind. Whether it’s staying connected, finding your way in the dark, or handling unexpected situations, these gadgets have got you covered.


Comfort Items

Although backpacking is often associated with rugged adventures, that doesn’t mean comfort should be overlooked. Here are some comfort items that can make a backpacker’s journey more enjoyable:

  1. Inflatable Travel Pillow: A compact and inflatable travel pillow provides much-needed comfort during long journeys or when resting in transportation.
  2. Earplugs and Sleep Mask: Getting a good night’s sleep is essential while traveling. Earplugs and a sleep mask can help block out noise and light for a more peaceful rest.
  3. Travel Blanket: A lightweight and compact travel blanket offers warmth and comfort during chilly nights or long bus or train rides.
  4. Compression Socks: Long hours of travel can take a toll on the legs. Compression socks improve circulation and reduce swelling, keeping legs feeling refreshed.
  5. Travel Pillowcase: A soft and hypoallergenic travel pillowcase is a hygienic and cozy addition to any travel pillow.

These comfort items may seem small, but they can have a big impact on the overall travel experience. By prioritizing comfort, backpackers can rejuvenate and recharge, ensuring they are ready for their next adventure.


Travel Accessories

Travel accessories can enhance organization, security, and convenience during backpacking trips. Here are some must-have travel accessories for backpackers:

  1. Travel Packing Cubes: Packing cubes help keep belongings organized and maximize space in the backpack. They come in various sizes and are ideal for separating clothing and accessories.
  2. Travel Locks: Protecting belongings is crucial while traveling. TSA-approved travel locks provide peace of mind by securing backpack zippers and preventing unauthorized access.
  3. RFID-Blocking Wallet: An RFID-blocking wallet helps protect sensitive information on passports and credit cards from unauthorized scanning and identity theft.
  4. Portable Luggage Scale: A compact luggage scale enables backpackers to weigh their bags and avoid excess baggage fees at the airport.
  5. Reusable Silicone Bottles: These leak-proof and TSA-approved silicone bottles are perfect for carrying toiletries in a compact and eco-friendly way.

These travel accessories may seem small, but they can make a big difference in the organization and security of a backpacker’s belongings. By investing in these items, backpackers can have a smoother and more stress-free travel experience.


Books and Guides

Books and guides are valuable companions for backpackers, offering inspiration, knowledge, and practical tips for their journeys. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Travel Guidebooks: Guidebooks specific to the destinations or regions backpackers plan to explore are excellent sources of information. They provide insights into local culture, attractions, and practical tips for navigating the area.
  2. Inspirational Travel Memoirs: Travel memoirs written by seasoned backpackers can inspire and ignite wanderlust. These stories offer a glimpse into different travel experiences and can be a great source of motivation.
  3. Language Phrasebooks: Learning a few key phrases in the local language can enhance the backpacking experience. Phrasebooks help with basic communication and show respect for the local culture.
  4. Outdoor Survival Guides: For backpackers venturing into remote or wilderness areas, outdoor survival guides provide essential knowledge on navigation, first aid, and emergency preparedness.
  5. Cookbooks for Camping: Backpackers who enjoy cooking their meals while camping will appreciate cookbooks specifically designed for outdoor cooking. These books provide recipes and tips for delicious campfire meals.

Books and guides not only serve as sources of information but also offer entertainment and inspiration during downtime. Backpackers can immerse themselves in stories of adventure, learn about new cultures, and gain valuable insights that enrich their travel experiences.


Sustainable Gifts

In today’s world, sustainable travel is becoming increasingly important. Here are some eco-friendly gift options that align with the principles of sustainability:

  1. Reusable Water Bottle: Help reduce single-use plastic by giving a high-quality, reusable water bottle. Look for options made from stainless steel or BPA-free materials.
  2. Reusable Shopping Bag: A compact and durable reusable shopping bag eliminates the need for plastic bags while exploring local markets or grocery stores.
  3. Solar-Powered Portable Charger: Help backpackers stay connected while minimizing their carbon footprint with a solar-powered portable charger. It harnesses solar energy to charge electronic devices and reduces reliance on traditional power sources.
  4. Bamboo Cutlery Set: A lightweight and reusable bamboo cutlery set is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic cutlery. It is perfect for on-the-go meals and reduces waste.
  5. Eco-Friendly Toiletries: Look for travel-sized toiletries that are eco-friendly, such as shampoo bars, solid toothpaste tablets, or refillable containers for body wash and lotion.

These sustainable gift options not only promote eco-consciousness but also encourage responsible travel practices. By giving these gifts, you can help your backpacker friends reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Budget-Friendly Options

Gift-giving doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are some budget-friendly options that are perfect for backpackers:

  1. Travel Journal: A simple and affordable travel journal allows backpackers to document their adventures, memories, and reflections along the way.
  2. Travel Adapter: A basic travel adapter is a practical and budget-friendly gift that is essential for international travelers.
  3. Microfiber Towel: A compact and quick-drying microfiber towel is an affordable and useful gift for backpackers who value space-saving and lightweight options.
  4. Carabiner Clips: Carabiner clips are versatile and handy accessories for backpackers. They can be used to attach gear to backpacks or secure items together.
  5. Travel Size Toiletries: Miniature-sized toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, are practical and budget-friendly gifts that come in handy during travel.

These budget-friendly options may be smaller in price, but they can still make a meaningful impact on a backpacker’s journey. With creativity and thoughtfulness, you can find affordable gifts that are practical, useful, and appreciated by your adventurous friends.



Choosing the right gifts for backpackers can be a fun and rewarding experience. By considering their needs, preferences, and the nature of their adventures, you can find the perfect travel essentials and accessories to enhance their journeys.


From essential gear like backpacks and tents to practical gadgets such as solar chargers and portable power banks, there are a plethora of options available that cater to every backpacker’s requirements. Comfort items like travel pillows and sleep masks can provide much-needed rest during long journeys, while travel accessories like packing cubes and luggage locks contribute to organization and security.


Books, guides, and sustainable gifts offer both practical knowledge and the opportunity to travel responsibly and sustainably. And for those on a budget, there are still plenty of affordable options that are thoughtful and useful.


No matter which gifts you choose, remember that it’s the sentiment behind them that matters most. By giving a gift that aligns with a backpacker’s passions and needs, you’ll show that you understand and support their adventurous spirit.


So go ahead and explore the wide range of travel essentials and accessories available, and find the perfect gift that will make the backpacker in your life feel ready to conquer the world!