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Lightweight Traveling Made Easy: Tried-and-True Ways to Backpack Around the World Happily


by Simon

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The concept of compact traveling has been in the spotlight for years. For one, carrying all the necessary stuff on your back makes you mobile and flexible. Besides, it saves you plenty of financial resources, as you don’t have to carry multiple trolley bags, so there is no place for compulsive purchases. But the problem is that no matter how many backpackers are on the road these days, it’s often their first and last backpacking trip for many reasons.


Backpacking is a unique way of traveling, frequently romanticized by people. Although it gives you the ultimate freedom to explore even the most distant places, backpacking comes at a cost. It may not be for you, with weight being the most prominent reason suppressing your eagerness to travel. Many have refrained from backpacking after a horrible experience carrying dozens of pounds on their shoulders. It’s no wonder such a burden might also influence your journey.


If you’re reading this article, you’re likely planning a backpacking trip. Let us help make your tour the beginning of an awe-inspiring and neverending backpacking journey.

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Understanding Your Nature

Any trip includes meticulous planning, and so is backpacking. Before anything else, it’s crucial to understand yourself. Your habits, routine, and hobbies must be analyzed to understand the essentials to bring along. Besides item-related aspects, it will help you work around various challenging scenarios and prepare for them. 


If you work remotely, analyzing what items are crucial and what are not is also part of the process. For example, bringing a mirror camera will only burden you if you’re not a photographer. 


But a backpacking tour is your chance to unwind and experience new emotions, so packing a camera might sound reasonable. However, these extra 200 grams and 30-plus ounces are a big deal on the road. After all, why bother with that if you can take terrific snaps using your smartphone? Make people jealous of your surroundings by publishing eye-catching IG posts. Use any instagram post template by VistaCreate and attune it to your page; enhance custom images, play with filters, and set the timer so more people see where you’re when having a work break.


Taking time to acknowledge yourself will help you determine what you’ll need on the road, what challenges you might face, and how to enjoy the backpacking trip.

Deciding On the Backpack

With so many brands and options, selecting a time-and-trusted backpack model is a real challenge in itself. The best way to decide on a backpack is to try it before buying it. Visit brick-and-mortar stores in your proximity and try various models. Pay attention to the size, quality, purpose, and comfort, and take notes, including feedback on whether the bags are comfortable, affordable, etc. Compare the characteristics at home to find your best pick.


You can also ask the assistant to fill the backpack with additional weight to understand how you will feel when on the road. Work around as many real-life scenarios as possible. 


Finally, don’t fall into the trap of buying a too-large backpack. Doing so leads to putting unnecessary items inside and struggling during the trip consequently. We recommend aiming at a 45-60L bag. And whether it’s Columbia, Osprey, the North Face, Patagonia, or Regatta, it’s for you to decide.

Essentials to Bring Along

Backpack contents often predetermine the quality of your trip. Strive to make it as lightweight as possible while including all the essential items to make your trip comfortable. 


First and foremost, clothing. As enticing as it might be to bring a dozen pairs of socks and underwear, opting for fewer but better quality items is best. Bring a couple of cotton T-shirts, a warm long sleeve, and two pairs of jeans. Instead of bringing too many clothes, keep them clean by washing them more regularly. 


Next, hygiene. A toiletry bag is a must. You can’t bring a huge bottle of shampoo. Use small bottles for essential gels and creams. If you’re a man, ensure to obtain a solid hair clipper. It is a universal tool for cutting hair and shaving the beard in any circumstances. Electronics depend on your occupation and preferences. Create a list of devices and decide which to bring along. 


Ultimately, equip yourself with a good rain jacket or poncho to prevent the rain from spoiling your trips.

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Investing In Durable, Top-Notch Boots

While you can withstand a missed head cap, uncomfy boots are a pain in the neck that will ruin your journey. Luckily, the market offers many top-notch, durable boots. From Merrells to Lowas, there is something good to choose from. Likewise, try different models and analyze and compare them. Investing in snug boots will make walking and sightseeing your least demanding activities when traveling. 

Learning Packing Techniques

Many packing techniques vary by purpose, backpack volume, and contents. We advise you to pack and unpack your carryall multiple times, designing the most beneficial method. Use pockets by purpose, maintain the center of gravity, and don’t overpack. 

Being Prepared for Crises

Finding yourself in challenging circumstances is stressful, especially if you’re lost. It shouldn’t make you panic and hyperventilate, though. All it takes is downloading offline maps. Pin down important locations before visiting a place to be ready to reach it in case something unexpected occurs. If you plan hiking, stocking up on extra food and water is another crucial thing to do beforehand.


Additionally, ensure you have some cash. Regardless of your whereabouts, a hundred dollar bill is a life rat that can help you immediately get to a particular place or buy something vital. 

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Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Your carryall friend is critical, but there are many other things to pay close attention to for a memorable travel experience. Other than physical comfort, it’s crucial to sponge emotions that come your way when hitting the road. Observing what’s around and interacting with people will yield things you will cherish and remember for years.


Try learning and comparing things you observe, and don’t forget to ponder what you’ve seen. Take notes as you travel, documenting your visual, emotional, and psychological experiences. Keeping a travel log has a long way to go, from casting your mind back to particular places and moments and re-experiencing your emotional state to understanding yourself better and even creating a blog for a broader public. 


And with that, you’re now ready to embark on a memorable backpacking trip and savor every bit of it. Far, wide, deep, and happy travels to you!