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How To Clean A Kanken Backpack


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Elke Chowdhury



Welcome to the world of travel essentials and accessories! Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or have just caught the wanderlust bug, having the right travel essentials can make all the difference in your journey. From packing efficiently to staying organized, there are a plethora of items that can enhance your travel experience and ensure that you’re well-prepared for any adventure.


In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of travel essentials and accessories, exploring the must-have items that can make your trips more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. From luggage and backpacks to travel organizers and gadgets, we will cover a wide range of products that are essential for any traveler.


But it’s not just about the products themselves – we’ll also delve into their practical uses and benefits. You’ll learn how to choose the right backpack or suitcase, how to pack effectively, and how to make the most of your travel accessories. Whether you’re jetting off on a weekend getaway, embarking on a business trip, or planning an exotic vacation, these travel essentials will ensure that you’re well-prepared for whatever the world throws at you.


As we explore the world of travel essentials and accessories, we’ll also touch upon the latest trends and innovations in the industry. From eco-friendly options to tech-savvy gadgets, we’ll keep you updated on the newest and most exciting products that can enhance your travel experience.


So, whether you’re a frequent flyer or a novice adventurer, join us as we delve into the world of travel essentials and accessories. From the practical to the luxurious, we’ll help you discover the must-have items that will elevate your travel game and make your journeys smooth and hassle-free.


Necessary Supplies

Before diving into the process of cleaning a Kanken backpack, it’s important to gather the necessary supplies. Having these items on hand will make the cleaning process more efficient and ensure that you achieve optimal results. Here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need:

  1. Mild detergent or backpack-specific cleaner: Choose a gentle detergent or a cleaner specifically formulated for backpacks. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach as they can damage the fabric.
  2. Soft brush or sponge: Use a soft-bristle brush or a sponge to scrub away dirt and stains without causing any damage to the backpack.
  3. Warm water: Fill a basin or sink with warm water to wash the backpack. Avoid using hot water as it can cause the colors to fade.
  4. Microfiber cloth: Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the backpack and remove excess moisture.
  5. Towel or drying rack: Have a towel or drying rack handy to dry the backpack after washing.
  6. Optional: Waterproofing spray: If your backpack is not already waterproof, you may want to consider using a waterproofing spray to protect it from moisture.

Having these supplies ready will ensure that you have everything you need to clean your Kanken backpack effectively. Now that you’re prepared, let’s move on to the step-by-step cleaning process.


Step 1: Emptying the Backpack

Before you begin cleaning your Kanken backpack, it’s important to empty out its contents. Remove all items, including any loose objects, papers, and personal belongings. Check all pockets and compartments to make sure that nothing is left behind.


This step is crucial because it allows you to thoroughly clean the inside of the backpack without any obstructions. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to evaluate the condition of your items and determine if anything needs to be repaired or replaced before your next adventure.


Once the backpack is empty, shake it gently to remove any loose dirt or debris. Use your hands or a soft brush to brush away any stubborn dirt, crumbs, or lint. Pay special attention to the corners and crevices of the backpack, as dirt tends to accumulate in these areas.


By emptying and cleaning out your Kanken backpack, you’re creating a clean slate to work with. You’ll be able to focus on deep cleaning the backpack’s exterior and interior without any hindrance. With your backpack now empty and ready to be cleaned, let’s move on to the next step of the cleaning process.


Step 2: Removing Loose Dirt and Debris

Now that you have emptied your Kanken backpack, it’s time to tackle the loose dirt and debris that may have accumulated on its surface. This step is essential to ensure that you have a clean canvas to work with before diving into the deeper cleaning process.


Start by taking a closer look at the exterior of your backpack. Use a soft brush or a clean cloth to gently brush off any loose dirt, dust, or debris. Pay particular attention to areas like the bottom of the backpack, the pockets, and the straps, as these tend to accumulate more dirt.


If you encounter any stubborn stains or marks, you can try using a damp cloth or sponge to gently blot the affected area. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously, as it may damage the fabric or cause the color to fade.


If the exterior of your Kanken backpack is made of a water-resistant material, you can also consider using a mild detergent or a backpack-specific cleaner to spot clean any stains. Dilute the detergent in warm water according to the instructions on the packaging, and use a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub the affected area. Rinse the area with clean water to remove any soap residue.


Remember to be gentle while cleaning the exterior of your backpack to avoid causing any damage. The goal of this step is to remove loose dirt and debris, so you can move on to a more thorough cleaning process in the next steps.


With the loose dirt and debris removed from the surface of your Kanken backpack, you’re now ready to move on to step 3: handwashing the backpack.


Step 3: Handwashing the Backpack

Now that you have removed the loose dirt and debris from your Kanken backpack, it’s time to give it a thorough handwashing. Handwashing is the recommended method for cleaning your backpack, as it allows you to have more control over the cleaning process and helps prevent any damage that could occur in a machine wash.


Before you begin, fill a basin or sink with warm water. The water should be warm, but not hot, as hot water can cause the colors of your backpack to fade. Add a small amount of mild detergent or a backpack-specific cleaner to the water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as these can damage the fabric.


Submerge your Kanken backpack in the soapy water and gently agitate it to ensure that the detergent reaches all areas. Use your hands or a soft brush to lightly scrub the fabric, paying special attention to any areas with stains or dirt buildup.


As you wash the backpack, be sure to clean both the exterior and interior surfaces. Pay attention to the straps, zippers, and pockets, as dirt and grime tend to accumulate in these areas. Use a soft brush or cloth to spot clean any stains or marks.


Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your Kanken backpack, drain the soapy water and refill the basin or sink with clean, warm water. Rinse the backpack thoroughly to remove any soap residue. Repeat the rinsing process if necessary.


When handwashing your backpack, it’s important to remember not to wring or twist the fabric, as this can cause damage. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water and use a microfiber cloth to pat dry the backpack and remove any remaining moisture.


If your Kanken backpack has a removable foam insert or a detachable back panel, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning these components. Some backpacks may allow you to handwash or spot clean these parts separately.


With step 3 completed, your Kanken backpack is now clean and ready for the next step: cleaning the straps and zippers.


Step 4: Cleaning the Straps and Zippers

While handwashing your Kanken backpack in the previous step, you may have given the straps and zippers a general clean. However, it’s important to pay special attention to these areas, as they tend to accumulate dirt and grime.


To clean the straps, start by dampening a soft cloth or sponge with the remaining soapy water used to wash the backpack. Gently scrub the straps, starting at the top and working your way down. Pay attention to any stains or marks and repeat the process if necessary.


For stubborn stains on the straps, you can use a soft brush to lightly scrub the affected area. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the straps.


After cleaning the straps, rinse them thoroughly under clean, running water to remove any soap residue. Squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a microfiber cloth or towel. Allow the straps to air dry completely before reassembling the backpack.


To clean the zippers, use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently brush away any debris or dirt that may be lodged in the zipper teeth. Be gentle to avoid damaging the zipper mechanism. If the zippers are particularly dirty, you can dip the brush in soapy water and lightly scrub the zippers. Rinse with clean water and pat dry.


Once the straps and zippers are clean, take a moment to inspect them for any signs of wear or damage. Check for fraying threads, loose stitches, or any issues with the zipper mechanism. If you notice any problems, it’s a good idea to address them before using the backpack again.


With the straps and zippers of your Kanken backpack now clean and in good condition, you’re ready to move on to the next step: drying the backpack.


Step 5: Drying the Backpack

After washing and cleaning your Kanken backpack, it’s crucial to properly dry it to prevent any mold or mildew from forming. Here are the steps to ensure your backpack dries thoroughly:

  1. Start by gently squeezing out excess water from the backpack. Be careful not to wring or twist the fabric, as this can cause damage.
  2. Use a clean, absorbent towel or cloth to pat dry the exterior of the backpack. Press the towel against the fabric to absorb as much moisture as possible.
  3. If possible, hang your Kanken backpack on a drying rack or clothesline in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to choose a location away from direct sunlight, as this can fade the colors of the backpack.
  4. Alternatively, you can lay the backpack flat on a clean, dry towel or on a drying rack. Ensure that the backpack is in an open position to allow air to circulate inside and aid in the drying process.
  5. Allow your Kanken backpack to air dry completely. This may take a few hours or even overnight, depending on the humidity levels in your environment.
  6. Avoid using a dryer or applying direct heat to speed up the drying process, as this can damage the fabric and cause shrinkage.
  7. Once your backpack is completely dry, give it a final inspection to ensure it is free from moisture. Check the interior and exterior for any damp spots.

Properly drying your Kanken backpack is essential for maintaining its shape, preventing odors, and prolonging its lifespan. Taking the time to allow your backpack to air dry will ensure that it is ready for your next adventure.


With your Kanken backpack now dry, it’s time to move on to the final step: reassembling the backpack.


Step 6: Reassembling the Backpack

Now that your Kanken backpack is clean and dry, it’s time to reassemble it so that it’s ready for your next adventure. Follow these steps to properly reassemble your backpack:

  1. Start by examining the interior of your backpack. Check for any loose threads or damage. If you notice any issues, address them before proceeding.
  2. If your Kanken backpack has a removable foam insert or a detachable back panel, reinsert it into the appropriate compartment.
  3. Begin folding and placing your items back into the main compartment of the backpack. Consider using packing cubes or organizers to keep your belongings neat and organized.
  4. As you organize your items, distribute the weight evenly to ensure proper weight distribution and balance when carrying the backpack.
  5. Place any smaller items such as charging cables, pens, or small accessories into the smaller pockets and compartments of the backpack.
  6. Secure any loose straps or cords using the appropriate buckles or attachments.
  7. Once everything is in place, close the main zipper of the backpack. Ensure that the zipper is fully closed from end to end.
  8. Adjust the straps of the backpack to your desired length and fasten all straps securely.
  9. Take a moment to double-check that all compartments and pockets are properly closed and secured.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Kanken backpack is ready to go for your next adventure. Taking the time to reassemble and organize your backpack properly will make your travels more convenient and hassle-free.


Remember to regularly clean and maintain your Kanken backpack to keep it in optimal condition. This will not only ensure that it looks great, but also extend its lifespan so that it can accompany you on many more memorable journeys.


With your Kanken backpack now clean, dry, and reassembled, you’re ready to hit the road, explore new destinations, and embark on your next adventure!



Traveling is an exciting and enriching experience, and having the right travel essentials and accessories can greatly enhance your journey. From spacious suitcases to versatile backpacks and helpful gadgets, the world of travel essentials is filled with products designed to make your adventures more comfortable and convenient.


In this comprehensive guide, we have explored the necessary supplies and step-by-step process of cleaning a Kanken backpack. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your backpack is clean, fresh, and ready for your next adventure.


Remember to gather the necessary supplies like mild detergent, a soft brush or sponge, warm water, and a microfiber cloth before you start cleaning. Emptying the backpack and removing loose dirt and debris is the first step, followed by handwashing the backpack using a gentle detergent or backpack-specific cleaner. Cleaning the straps and zippers thoroughly is essential in achieving a clean and well-maintained backpack.


After cleaning, it’s crucial to dry the backpack properly to avoid mold or mildew growth. Allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. Lastly, reassemble the backpack, making sure all items are properly organized and secured.


With the right maintenance and care, your Kanken backpack will continue to be a reliable travel companion, ready to accompany you on your future adventures.


So, embrace the world of travel essentials and accessories, and let these products enhance your travel experience. Happy travels!