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3 Hair Care Essentials When Traveling Abroad


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Cherin Ng

back view shot of a women in denim jacket and pretty blonde hair
Image by Hermes Riveria on Unsplash

Never underestimate how climate can have an impact on your hair, especially when you are not used to various climates. It is essential to take extra precautions when preparing your hair care regime. With the right products and practices, you can keep your hair healthy and aesthetically perfect throughout your travels. And if you are planning a road trip with your girlfriends, then hair care essentials have just topped the list. Here are 3 must-have hair products and accessories that you should know:


Pack Travel Sized Shampoo & Conditioner

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or not, you should always have travel-sized shampoo and conditioner in your luggage. These convenient products come in handy when you need to freshen up after a long flight or before an important meeting.


When finding the right conditioner for wavy hair, several options are available in travel sizes. One of the best choices is a product that contains natural ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil. These ingredients can help moisturize your locks and define your waves without weighing them down. Another popular option is a leave-in conditioner that can be applied after washing your hair and left in all day for extra hydration and frizz control. No matter which conditioner you choose, it’s essential to pair it with a shampoo that suits your hair type. 


Prepare Sun and Heat Protection Sprays

Don’t just pamper your skin with sunscreen to protect yourself from those nasty UV rays! Your hair deserves some of it too. Always keep a sun protection hair spray with you that you can spray on every two to three hours. This is extremely important if you have a dry or oily scalp. Constant exposure to the sun can be extremely damaging to your hair and can weaken your overall hair integrity. We’d recommend getting hair sprays that also moisturize and hydrate your hair too. This is because dry climates can easily dehydrate your hair. 


Detangling Tools: Brushes & Combs

Detangling your hair can sometimes be a nightmare, especially if you have thick and curly hair. The detangling process can cause breakage, split ends, and hair loss. However, with the right detangling tools like brushes and combs, this process can become more manageable and less damaging to your hair.


Brushes are great for detangling long hair as they cover more surface area at once. A paddle brush is best for straight or wavy hair, while a round brush works well for those who want to add volume to their hair. For those with curly or oily hair, go for Denman brushes. These brushes have widely spaced bristles that easily glide through curls without causing damage. If not, combs are also an ideal tool for detangling. A quick beauty tip: brushes and combs should only be used on dry hair because wet hair is more prone to breakage.