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8 Best Appliance Power Strip for 2024


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Pippa Stalnaker


Are you tired of dealing with multiple appliances cluttering up your space and tripping over countless cords? Look no further than the "8 Best Appliance Power Strip for 2023." In this modern age of technology, having a reliable and efficient power strip is essential for keeping your devices organized and protected. With the advancements in smart home technology and connectivity, these power strips are designed to accommodate various appliances while offering features like surge protection and USB charging ports. From compact designs for tight spaces to versatile options with a high number of outlets, these power strips are a must-have for any household or office space in 2023.

Top Picks:

Overall Score: 9/10

The CRST 6 Outlet Heavy Duty Power Strip is a must-have accessory for travelers. With 6 individual switches and a master switch, you have the flexibility to turn on/off each equipment independently, saving you energy and money. The power strip features a 1.5mm extra-thick aluminum alloy housing and reinforced engineering plastics covers, making it extremely strong and durable. It offers full protection with 1200 joules of protection against surges, spikes, and power outages. The 15 amp circuit breaker ensures instant response to catastrophic events and overloads for maximum protection. The power strip also comes with a 6ft UL listed extension cord with hook & loop fasteners and hanging slots for installation support. It is an environmentally friendly product and comes with an 18-month warranty.

Key Features

  • 6 individual switches and a master switch
  • 1.5mm extra-thick aluminum alloy housing
  • 1200 joules of protection
  • 15 amp circuit breaker
  • 6ft UL listed extension cord with hook & loop fasteners
  • Environmentally friendly & 18-month warranty


  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Dimension: 13.77Lx2.55Wx0.01H
  • Size: 13.7*2.6*1.6 inch


  • Flexible control of equipment
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Full protection against surges
  • Convenient user-friendly design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 18-month warranty


  • No mounting holes

The CRST 6 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector is a reliable and versatile accessory for travelers. With its individual switches, durable construction, and full protection against surges, it offers convenience and peace of mind. The user-friendly design and environmentally friendly features make it a standout product. Although it lacks mounting holes, this minor drawback is overshadowed by its overall performance. With its 18-month warranty, you can trust in the quality and reliability of this power strip. Whether you need it for your office, home, workshop, or garage, the CRST 6 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector is a worthwhile investment.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The CCCEI Heavy Duty Power Strip Surge Protector is a must-have accessory for all your workshop and garage power needs. This metal industrial power strip features a sturdy yellow aluminum housing with black outlets, making it easy to hook up all your gadgets at work. With 8 outlets and a rating of AC 15A 125V 60HZ 1875W, this power strip provides ample power for all your appliances. It is equipped with reset On/Off power and a 15A circuit breaker for overload protection. The power strip also has a 1200J surge protector and a 6-foot power cord for added convenience. The wide-spaced outlets allow for using bigger plugs, and the two hanging holes and wall mountable design make storage and mounting a breeze. The CCCEI Heavy Duty Power Strip Surge Protector is ETL Listed and is perfect for use in workshops, garages, and shops.

Key Features

  • Metal industrial power strip with yellow aluminum housing and black outlets
  • 8 outlets power strip with 15A circuit breaker and overload protection
  • 1200J surge protector with 6FT 14AWG/3C power cord
  • Three wide spaced outlets and two hanging holes for easy storage
  • ETL Listed and suitable for workshop garage shop use


  • Color: Yellow
  • Dimension: 9.40Lx5.51Wx1.85H
  • Size: 6FT


  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Visible color for easy identification
  • Helps organize cables with cord wrap velcro design
  • Wide spaced outlets accommodate bigger plugs
  • Easy to mount on the wall for convenient storage


  • Body made of thin metal that warps easily
  • Sensitive and trips below the stated 15A limit
  • Plugs can get warped and unusable
  • Rocker switch is touchy going to OFF

The CCCEI Heavy Duty Power Strip Surge Protector is a reliable and well-made accessory for any workshop or garage. Its sturdy construction, wide-spaced outlets, and 6-foot power cord make it a convenient and durable choice. However, some users have noted issues with warping and sensitivity, which may be a drawback for heavy-duty use. Overall, this power strip offers great value for its price and is highly recommended for those in need of a reliable power solution.

Overall Score: 8/10

The GE Pro Mini 3-Outlet Power Strip is a compact and stylish solution for powering devices in any space. With 3 outlets and a 6-inch power cord, it can easily charge your iPhone, Android, laptop, tablet, Nintendo Switch, Fitbit, smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker, TV, sound system, or lamps. The braided fabric power cord features a black and gray chevron pattern, adding a personalized touch to your home or office decor. The flat plug design allows you to keep furniture and media close to the wall without blocking the other outlet. With UL listing and a hassle-free replacement policy, this power strip ensures the highest standards of safety and performance. It is perfect for indoor use with most household electronics.

Key Features

  • Power strip with 3 outlets and 6-inch power cord
  • Braided fabric power cord with black and gray chevron pattern
  • Flat plug design for low-profile extension cord
  • UL listing and hassle-free replacement policy
  • Suitable for indoor use with most household electronics


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 1.70Lx3.20Wx7.30H
  • Size: 6 Inch


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Durable braided fabric power cord
  • Convenient flat plug for tight spaces
  • UL listed for safety
  • Hassle-free replacement policy


  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Adhesion may be weak

The GE Pro Mini 3-Outlet Power Strip is a reliable and convenient accessory for managing your devices. Its compact size, braided extension cord, and grounded outlets make it a perfect choice for any workspace or home. The flat plug design is a clever solution for keeping furniture close to the wall. With its sleek black and gray chevron pattern, it seamlessly blends into any decor. Although it may not be completely waterproof and the adhesion may be weak, these minor drawbacks are outweighed by its overall performance. If you’re looking for a power strip that combines style, functionality, and safety in one package, this is definitely worth considering.

Overall Score: 8/10

Upgrade your power strip to the 8 Outlet Metal Power Strip with Individual Switches. This heavy-duty power strip comes with 8 wide-spaced AC outlets, allowing you to power all of your household devices with ease. The 8 individual switches provide convenient power control, allowing you to power up your devices separately and avoid the hassle of plugging and unplugging them. With a flat plug design, this power strip can easily hide behind furniture like drawers, bookshelves, and desks, saving space in your home or office. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy metal, this power strip is safe and durable, protecting circuits from fire, impact, and rust. With a 6.56ft extension cord and 1200J surge protection, this power strip is perfect for home, office, school, shop, and industrial use.

Key Features

  • 8 outlet power strip with individual switches
  • 6.56ft 16AWG extension cord
  • 1200J surge protector
  • Flat plug design for easy hiding behind furniture
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Suitable for home, office, school, shop, and industrial use


  • Color: White
  • Size: 8 Outlet


  • Individual control over each plug
  • Ideal for charging multiple batteries at once
  • Can power electronics without drawing electricity
  • Perfect for rebooting multiple devices in sequence
  • Includes surge protection


  • Spacing between outlets not as advertised
  • Build quality could be improved

The 8 Outlet Metal Power Strip with Individual Switches is a versatile and convenient accessory for anyone needing multiple power outlets. With its individual switches and flat plug design, it offers both safety and space-saving features. The durable aluminum alloy construction ensures longevity, while the surge protection provides peace of mind. Although there may be some minor drawbacks such as the spacing between outlets and build quality, overall, this power strip is a reliable and efficient solution for home, office, and industrial use. Upgrade your power strip today and enjoy the convenience of individual power control with the 8 Outlet Metal Power Strip with Individual Switches.

Overall Score: 9/10

The J.VOLT 4 Outlet Power Strip is a versatile and compact accessory for your home and travel needs. With its 3-line basic 90 joules surge protection rating, this power strip allows you to turn one outlet into four, providing you with more power options. The 20-inch short power cord ensures a tangle-free experience and is ideal for using in tight spaces. The plug is angled at a 60-degree angle, making it easier to use in hard-to-reach areas. Safety is a priority, as this power strip is ETL listed and features a lighted switch to indicate power status. With its small and portable design, it's perfect for powering all types of electronics, from computers to smartphones. The J.VOLT 4 Outlet Power Strip is a reliable and convenient accessory for your power needs.

Key Features

  • Turns one outlet into four
  • 20-inch short power cord for tangle-free experience
  • 60-degree angled plug for use in tight spaces
  • ETL listed and built-in circuit breaker for safety
  • Small and portable design


  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 170.00Lx40.00Wx30.00H


  • Compact and portable design
  • Provides surge protection
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Lighted switch for easy power indication


  • May not handle high power consumption (1000W+)

The J.VOLT 4 Outlet Power Strip is a reliable and convenient option for all your power needs. Its compact and portable design, along with the 20-inch short power cord, make it perfect for both home and travel use. The angled plug adds a level of flexibility in hard-to-reach areas. With surge protection and a built-in circuit breaker, you can power your electronics with peace of mind. The lighted switch provides a quick and easy way to check the power status. The only limitation is its ability to handle high power consumption, so ensure that it suits your power requirements. Overall, the J.VOLT 4 Outlet Power Strip is a practical and reliable choice.

Overall Score: 9/10

The BSEED Surge Protector Power Strip is a versatile power surge protector that is ideal for use with a wide range of home appliances. It features three outlets, making it suitable for air conditioners, freezers, washing machines, coffee machines, and more. The power strip is equipped with LED indicators that display the status of the power supply, including normal output, overvoltage, undervoltage, and delay. It also has a delay function that protects the appliance by providing output during voltage fluctuations. The power strip automatically interrupts the current when the voltage is too high or too low, protecting your electrical equipment from damage. With its compact design and easy-to-use features, the BSEED Surge Protector Power Strip is a reliable and convenient accessory for any home.

Key Features

  • Suitable for a wide range of home appliances
  • LED indicators for power supply status
  • Delay function for voltage fluctuation protection
  • Automatic current interruption for voltage spikes
  • Compact design for easy use


  • Color: 008120V1PACK
  • Dimension: 3.11Lx4.49Wx2.24H


  • Versatile and suitable for various appliances
  • LED indicators for easy monitoring
  • Delay function prevents damage from voltage fluctuations
  • Automatic current interruption for voltage spike protection
  • Compact design for convenience


  • Limited number of outlets
  • Not suitable for high-power appliances

The BSEED Surge Protector Power Strip is a reliable and convenient accessory that provides protection for your home appliances. With its versatile features and easy-to-use design, it is a great addition to any home. The LED indicators and delay function ensure that your appliances are protected from voltage fluctuations, while the automatic current interruption safeguards against voltage spikes. The compact size makes it easy to use and store, although the limited number of outlets may be a drawback for some users. Overall, the BSEED Surge Protector Power Strip is a highly recommended product for those looking to protect their home appliances from power surges and fluctuations.

Overall Score: 7/10

The 7 Piece Replacement Plug Extension Cord Plug is a set of 2 prong, 125V 15A electric plug rotatable electrical plug replacement ends. With 7 pieces in each set, this product is ideal for small appliances, power strips, and lamps. The plugs are designed with two poles, two prongs, and a straight blade, making them lightweight and practical for daily home usage. They are suitable for most small appliances and provide a reasonable power supply of 15 AMP, 125 V. The rotatable feature allows you to adjust the angle of the plug to your needs. These versatile plugs can be used with small hair dryers, refrigerators, electric fans, and more. They are a convenient replacement accessory for DIY crafts and can be shared with those in need.

Key Features

  • Sufficient Quantity: you will get 7 pieces of 2 prong 125V 15A extension cord replacement plug ends, which can meet daily use and replacement needs, you can apply them in different rooms, convenient enough
  • Practical Design: featuring 2 poles, 2 prongs, straight blade and light weight, this electrical plug replacement is useful in your daily home usage, suitable for most small appliances such as power strips and lamps
  • Suitable Power Consumption: 2 prong male plug end replacement is 15 AMP, 125 V, reasonable power supply can be safely applied for daily usage, and you can use it with confidence, no unnecessary worries
  • Rotatable Feature: extension cord plug replacement can be rotated 90 degrees, meeting your multiple requirements, you can adjust it to the angle you need according to actual conditions
  • Versatile Usage: electrical cord plug replacement can be widely applied to diverse small appliances, like small hair dryer, small refrigerator, small electric fan and so on; Also you can share some with those who need them


  • N/A


  • Convenient quantity of 7 replacement plug ends
  • Practical design suitable for most small appliances
  • Reasonable power supply for daily usage
  • Rotatable feature for adjustable angles
  • Versatile usage across various small appliances


  • Not polarized as stated in description
  • Flimsy construction

The 7 Piece Replacement Plug Extension Cord Plug is a practical and versatile accessory for small appliances, power strips, and lamps. With 7 pieces in each set, it provides a convenient quantity for replacements and DIY crafts. The plugs are lightweight and designed for everyday usage. The reasonable power supply ensures safe and confident usage. The rotatable feature adds flexibility to adjust the plug’s angle according to your needs. While some users noted that the plugs were not polarized as stated and had a flimsy construction, overall, this product offers a useful solution for replacing old or faulty plugs. It is a reliable option for those in need of replacement plug ends.

Overall Score: 9.2/10

The CRST 6 Outlet Heavy Duty Power Strip with Switch is a highly durable and versatile power strip suitable for various settings. It features a 1.5mm extra-thick aluminum alloy housing and reinforced engineering plastic covers, making it extremely strong and durable. With 2100 joules of protection and a 15 Amp circuit breaker, it effectively safeguards your electronics from damage caused by surges, spikes, or outages. The power strip also offers user-friendly features such as wide-spaced outlets for bulky plugs, a 45° angled flat plug, and mounting supported hanging slots. It is an eco-friendly product with an easy-to-recycle aluminum profile housing and a controlled switch. The CRST power strip comes with a generous 18-month warranty, $3,000,000 product liability insurance, and friendly customer service.

Key Features

  • Metal Heavy Duty
  • All-round Protection
  • Humanized Design
  • Versatility
  • ECO-friendly & 18-month Warranty


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 14.48Lx1.58Wx0.10H


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Wide-spaced outlets for bulky plugs
  • Excellent surge protection with 2100 joules
  • Versatile for various settings
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Generous 18-month warranty


  • Power cord could be longer
  • No USB or RJ45 jacks

The CRST 6 Outlet Heavy Duty Power Strip with Switch is a top-notch choice for anyone in need of a reliable and durable power strip. Its heavy-duty construction and wide-spaced outlets make it perfect for both home and workshop use. The 2100 joules of surge protection offer peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your valuable electronics. While it lacks USB or RJ45 jacks, its essential functionality and environmentally friendly design make it a great investment. With an 18-month warranty and excellent customer service, you can trust that this power strip will meet your needs. Overall, the CRST power strip delivers outstanding performance and durability, making it a must-have for any household or workspace.

Appliance Power Strip Buyer's Guide

Appliance power strips are essential tools for managing the power supply to your appliances. They provide multiple outlets and often offer additional features, such as surge protection and energy-saving options. However, with the wide range of options available in the market, finding the right appliance power strip can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, we have prepared this comprehensive buyer's guide. So let's dive right in!

Key Considerations

When selecting an appliance power strip, keep the following factors in mind:
  1. Outlets: Determine the number of outlets you need based on the number of appliances you intend to connect. Consider power strips with a higher outlet count to accommodate future additions.
  2. Power Rating: Ensure that the power strip can handle the total wattage of your appliances combined. Check the power strip's rating (usually stated in amps or watts) to avoid overloading it.
  3. Surge Protection: Look for power strips with built-in surge protection. These safeguards protect your appliances from sudden voltage spikes and surges, reducing the risk of damage.
  4. Cord Length: Consider the distance between your outlets and your appliances. A power strip with a longer cord allows for flexible placement and avoids the hassle of using extension cords.
  5. Safety Features: Look for power strips with features like child-proof outlets, fire-resistant materials, and overload protection. These features enhance safety, especially in households with kids or pets.
  6. Energy-Saving Options: Some advanced power strips offer energy-saving features, such as automatically shutting off outlets when appliances are not in use. These options can reduce your energy consumption and lower your electricity bill.

Types of Appliance Power Strips

Understanding the different types of appliance power strips will help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Here are some common types:
  • Standard Power Strip: These power strips provide multiple outlets with no extra features. They are ideal for basic appliances and devices without specific power needs.
  • Surge Protector Power Strip: These power strips include surge protection to safeguard your appliances from power surges and voltage spikes. They are a great option if you live in an area prone to electrical fluctuations.
  • USB Power Strip: USB power strips feature built-in USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices directly without using an adapter. This eliminates the need for extra charging blocks and cables.
  • Smart Power Strip: Smart power strips connect to your home's Wi-Fi network, enabling you to control the outlets remotely through a smartphone app or voice commands. They offer convenience and energy-saving features.
  • Travel Power Strip: Designed for travelers, these compact power strips are lightweight and have a universal plug adapter. They allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously using a single outlet.

Additional Features to Consider

Some appliance power strips come with extra features to enhance functionality and convenience. Consider these features based on your specific requirements:
  • Individually Switched Outlets: Power strips with individually switchable outlets allow you to turn off specific appliances while leaving others powered on. This can help save energy and prevent standby power consumption.
  • Timers and Programmable Outlets: Power strips with programmable outlets let you set schedules for turning appliances on and off automatically. This feature is useful if you want to create a routine or limit power usage during certain hours.
  • Coaxial and Ethernet Protection: If you have devices that require a coaxial or Ethernet connection, consider a power strip with built-in protection for these connections. It will protect your equipment from electrical damage.
  • Mounting Options: Some power strips come with mounting holes or adhesive pads, allowing you to attach them to walls or furniture. Mountable power strips keep your outlets organized and free up valuable workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions about 8 Best Appliance Power Strip for 2023

Can I plug one power strip into another to extend the number of outlets?

It is generally not recommended to plug one power strip into another as it can overload the circuits and pose a fire hazard. Instead, use a power strip with a higher outlet count or consider a power strip with individually switched outlets.

How do I know if a power strip is surge protected?

Surge-protected power strips typically mention surge protection on their packaging or in the product specifications. Look for specifications like “surge protection,” “Joules rating,” or “voltage spike suppression” to ensure your appliances are protected.

Can I use an appliance power strip outdoors?

It is not advisable to use a standard appliance power strip outdoors as they are not designed to withstand outdoor conditions. However, some power strips are specifically made for outdoor use, so look for those if you need outdoor power options.

How long does surge protection last in a power strip?

Surge protectors have a limited lifespan. They typically provide protection for several years, but their effectiveness can diminish over time. It is recommended to replace your surge-protected power strip every 2-3 years or after a significant surge event.

Is it safe to leave a power strip plugged in all the time?

It is generally safe to leave a power strip plugged in if it is of good quality and not overloaded. However, it is a good practice to unplug the power strip during electrical storms or if you will be away for an extended period for added safety and energy-saving purposes.

Can a power strip prevent electrical fires?

While power strips with safety features can reduce the risk of electrical fires, they alone cannot guarantee complete prevention. It is essential to use power strips responsibly, avoid overloading them, and regularly check for any signs of wear or damage.

Can I use a power strip for high-power appliances like air conditioners or refrigerators?

No, power strips are generally not suitable for high-power appliances. These appliances require dedicated circuits due to their large power consumption. It is best to connect them directly to a wall outlet to ensure proper and safe operation.

Can I plug a power strip into an extension cord?

Plugging a power strip into an extension cord is generally not recommended as it can cause overload and pose safety risks. It is better to use the power strip directly in a wall outlet or opt for a power strip with a longer cord to reach your appliances.

What should I do if my power strip gets wet or submerged in water?

If your power strip gets wet, immediately unplug it from the power source without touching it with wet hands. Allow it to dry thoroughly before attempting to use it again. If the power strip has been submerged in water, it is safer to replace it to avoid potential electrical hazards.

Are all power strips energy-saving?

No, not all power strips are energy-saving. Energy-saving features like individually switched outlets, timers, and automatic power cutoff are available in advanced power strips. Make sure to check the product description or packaging for energy-saving capabilities if that is a priority for you.

Can I use a power strip with appliances from different countries?

It depends on the power strip and the appliances involved. Power strips with universal adapters can accommodate devices from different countries. However, to ensure compatibility, verify that the power strip can handle the voltage and plug type of your specific appliances.

Can I use a power strip with a power strip?

It is not recommended to daisy-chain power strips (plugging one power strip into another) as it can lead to power overload and an increased risk of electrical fires. Instead, use a power strip with a higher outlet count or consider alternate options like individually switched outlets.