Ultimate List of Must-Have Family Camping Gears

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Love exploring national parks, wilderness, and commercial campgrounds? But have you packed the best camping gear?


Well, camping is all about fun, action, and adventure. However, to enhance your camping venture, you’ll need some camping supplies that will cater to your camping survival needs. But instead of browsing the entire camping store, have a cool camping gear list up and ready.


Camping is, without doubt, one of the most adventurous options for being close to nature. The breathtaking sights, fresh air, and silence of nature have a magnetic pull. Some camping sites will have picnic tables, a specific spot for setting up your tent and much more. But some are truly wild and offer the real camping experience. For that, you’ll need to pack all the cool camping gears.


So what are camping gears?

Camping gear includes accessories such as camping tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, and much more. These camping accessories will help you have a safe and optimal stay, mainly because you will not have the option to buy them on site. So it is crucial that your backpack is sufficiently packed with all the best camping gears you need.


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Camping with family?

Camping is a marvellous way to have a quality fun time, away from the city’s clutter. Solo travellers prefer to carry minimal camping accessories and gear. But when there are kids involved, its the best to have a convenient camp stay, whether you are in the woods or on the mountain tops.


When with family, you are extra cautious of everyone’s safety and comfort. Also, carrying the best camping gears will only help in easing your purpose. However, you must not let the packing and preparation take a toll on your nerves. So take note of the cool camping gears mentioned in our list and let ‘fun’ reign supreme.


Must have camping gears

Best camping gears are a must for an ultimate camping experience. You’ll need so many things for staying overnight, eating, wearing and much more. It’s way beyond the usual camping tents, goggles, sleeping bags, and other camping gadgets, and camping accessories.


So if you are travelling solo, with friends or family, check this cool camping gear list, and you won’t miss out on having the best time of your life. Just read through, make a list, reach the camping store, and buy all your camping supplies.




Best Camping Gear for the Campsite

best camping tents and sleeping bags
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When talking about camping, the first thing that hits the mind is camping tents. Tents will probably be the most important camping accessories to carry, but nowadays you can easily find camping tents that can be packed inside smaller backpacks. 


Next, among the best camping gear, comes the sleeping bags. You have a wide variety of options out there. Ranging from rectangular, double to mummy bags. Besides, there are many additional features like insulation type, temperature controls, size, weight, etc. So it’s a personal choice you have to make.


Some other must-have camping supplies are pillows, camp chairs, tables and cots for a sound sleep at night. Besides, you must also carry your camping gadgets. Do not forget to carry flashlights and first aid kits too.


Apart from these you must try and figure out any personal camping gears, that you may need.


2. Camp Cooking Gear

Cool camping cooking gear
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Apart from camping tents and sleeping bags, another big deal will be your cooking gear. This is where your cooking skills will be tested, for real. Cooking in camps also turns out to be a surprising and fun element, because you never know how it will taste. But all of this is not possible without the best camping gear for cooking.


You will need camping accessories like a water bucket, thermos, portable icebox, propane stove, lighter or matches, lots of newspapers, paper plates, trash bags (never forget them). You will get a few of these from the camping store.


Other than this, you can carry along the cooking ingredient, or you can also buy them off from any shop that comes in your way. This way, you will carry only what you need and nothing extra. Also, include pans, oven mitts, tongs, knife, spoons and a few other utensils that you usually use in your house kitchen.



Camp Clothing Gear


most suitable camp clothes
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Packing the right clothes are also a critical checkbox to tick off in your cool camping gears list. However, you must pack it light. The very essence of a camping trip is to experience the freedom and converse with mother nature. So, make sure to keep it thin.


You can add a couple of jeans, a belt, and t-shirts. More importantly, include other necessary clothing items too. This includes hats, bandana, underwear, raincoats, and no matter the weather, always keep a sweatshirt inside your backpack.


You also need to add a few shorts, your best shoes (make sure they are sturdy and can handle rough trek). You can also take along sleeping clothes, but that is merely a choice and not a necessity.



Camp Games Gear

cool camp games for kids and adults
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If you have plans of camping out under the sunny sky, you will need to take along some gaming gears. Frisbees are one option. An excellent game of catching the frisbee with siblings, family or even your dog has all the fun. Just be sure to find the right spot which is plain and filled with lush green grass. You may also carry along smaller camping gadgets for kids, like videogames and stuff, for the night time.


Another option is to carry along board games. There cannot be a better time than sitting under the starlight and playing scrabbles or D&D. Perhaps, even a family game of Monopoly will add much more fun to your trip. So don’t forget to include these in your cool camping gear lineup. 



Toiletries & Personal Stuff

camping toiletries and personal stuff
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Toiletries are often skipped out when making a list of essential and best camping gears. But on the contrary, they are the most significant. If you are camping out in the mountains or sunny planes, you won’t be able to go running for your favourite sunscreen. So it is better to carry it along in your Dopp kit, or rather say your camping survival kit. Also, make sure to add your toothbrush, deodorant, razor, and do not forget your medications. You may also visit a camping store and check for smaller packages for packing these items.


Among the toiletries, you need to take along toilet paper, towels (one for each passenger is enough). If you are hesitating to include all the feminine stuff in your checklist, don’t. Pack it up in your camping gear, right away.


Plus, take along shampoos, soaps, small packets of detergents. Because you never know where they might come in handy. Shampoos and soaps can also serve various purposes on a camping trip.


Other Camping Supplies

camping supplies
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Camps are laid out in the open, and that is why what you need the most are insect repellents. Surely, insects and other bugs will be everywhere no matter the location of your camping site. That is why you will need to carry all sorts of repellents in your camping gear kit. To have a good night sleep it is a must.


For emergency purposes, make sure to carry first-aid-kit, a whistle, maps of the area, and lanterns. While camping gadgets like GPS, binoculars, and most importantly, a pocket knife are also a necessity. A parachute chord might be just another camping gear that might come in handy. All in all, these tick off some of your camping survival skills.


Ready to rock?

So once you are up and ready with all the essential and best camping gears, you are all set for your journey. Find your self a decent camping store, and buy or rent everything to tick off your camping gear shopping list.

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