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8 Best Local Eateries In Spokane, Washington


by Essa Tillotson


Spokane, Washington, is a vibrant city known for its stunning natural surroundings and a thriving culinary scene. From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, the city offers a diverse array of dining options that cater to every palate. Whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor eager to explore the local flavors, Spokane has something to offer for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at eight of the best local eateries in Spokane, each offering a unique dining experience that showcases the city’s rich gastronomic culture. So, get ready to embark on a delectable journey through the culinary delights of Spokane, Washington.

The Flying Goat

Located in the heart of Spokane, The Flying Goat is a cozy pizzeria that offers a delectable selection of wood-fired pizzas and craft beers. With its warm and inviting ambiance, this local eatery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The Flying Goat takes pride in using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create their mouthwatering pizzas, making it a must-visit spot for pizza enthusiasts in Spokane.

Frank’s Diner

Frank’s Diner is a beloved Spokane institution known for its delicious all-day breakfast and classic train car dining experience. Housed in a historic rail car, this iconic eatery has been serving up hearty meals since Whether you’re craving fluffy pancakes, hearty omelets, or their famous Monte Cristo sandwich, Frank’s Diner promises a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of comfort food in Spokane.

The Wandering Table

For a unique and innovative dining experience, The Wandering Table stands out as a top choice among the 8 Best Local Eateries in Spokane, Washington. This restaurant offers a creative small plates menu featuring a fusion of flavors from around the world. The Wandering Table’s commitment to using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients ensures that every dish is a culinary delight, making it a hotspot for food enthusiasts looking to explore diverse and delectable flavors in Spokane.

Wild Sage Bistro

Nestled in the historic Davenport Hotel, Wild Sage Bistro is celebrated for its upscale yet approachable dining atmosphere and an array of delectable dishes. This award-winning restaurant showcases a menu that highlights the finest regional ingredients, expertly prepared to tantalize the taste buds. Whether it’s for a romantic dinner or a special celebration, Wild Sage Bistro offers an unforgettable culinary journey that captures the essence of fine dining in Spokane.


As one of the 8 Best Local Eateries in Spokane, Washington, Ruins is renowned for its ever-changing menu, creative cocktails, and vibrant ambiance. This eclectic eatery surprises diners with its inventive dishes that reflect a fusion of global influences. With a commitment to showcasing seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, Ruins invites guests to embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates diversity and creativity in the heart of Spokane.


Clover stands out as a charming neighborhood bistro that offers a delightful farm-to-table dining experience. Known for its warm and inviting atmosphere, this local gem prides itself on serving thoughtfully crafted dishes made from the freshest local produce and artisanal ingredients. Whether it’s for brunch, lunch, or dinner, Clover’s dedication to creating memorable culinary experiences makes it a standout destination among the 8 Best Local Eateries in Spokane, Washington.

The Boiler Room

For those seeking a laid-back yet vibrant dining spot, The Boiler Room is a must-visit among the 8 Best Local Eateries in Spokane, Washington. This gastropub offers a diverse menu featuring comfort food classics with a modern twist. From gourmet burgers to flavorful mac ‘n’ cheese, The Boiler Room’s casual yet stylish setting provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying delicious food and handcrafted cocktails, creating an inviting and relaxed dining experience in Spokane.

Incrediburger & Eggs

As one of the 8 Best Local Eateries in Spokane, Washington, Incrediburger & Eggs is celebrated for its inventive and mouthwatering burgers, creative breakfast options, and vibrant atmosphere. This lively eatery takes pride in crafting unique flavor combinations using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a burst of culinary delight. Whether it’s for a hearty breakfast or a gourmet burger experience, Incrediburger & Eggs promises a memorable dining adventure that showcases the best of Spokane’s culinary scene.


Spokane, Washington, is a food lover’s paradise, offering an array of local eateries that cater to diverse palates. From cozy cafes to upscale dining establishments, the city has something to offer everyone. With a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative culinary techniques, these eateries showcase the best of Spokane’s vibrant food scene. Whether you’re craving hearty comfort food, exotic international flavors, or creative fusion dishes, you’ll find it all in this dynamic city. Embrace the opportunity to savor the unique culinary experiences that Spokane has to offer, and let your taste buds embark on a delightful journey through the city’s gastronomic landscape.

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Q: What type of cuisine can I expect to find in Spokane?
A: Spokane boasts a diverse culinary scene, offering everything from classic American comfort food to international cuisines such as Thai, Italian, and Mexican.

Q: Are these local eateries suitable for families with children?
A: Yes, many of the local eateries in Spokane are family-friendly and offer kid’s menus or options that cater to younger diners.

Q: Do these eateries accommodate dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or vegetarian options?
A: Absolutely! Most local eateries in Spokane are sensitive to dietary restrictions and offer an array of options for individuals with specific dietary needs.

Q: Is it necessary to make reservations at these local eateries?
A: While some popular establishments may require reservations, many local eateries in Spokane welcome walk-in guests, especially during non-peak hours.