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12 Breathtaking Road Trips In Provo, Utah


by Nike Layton


Provo, Utah, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Nestled in the heart of the state, this charming city offers a myriad of breathtaking road trip opportunities that cater to every adventurer's soul. From majestic mountain vistas to serene lakes and picturesque canyons, Provo's surroundings are a playground for road trip enthusiasts.

Whether you're a nature lover, history buff, or simply seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Provo's diverse landscapes and attractions promise an unforgettable journey. Embark on a road trip through Provo, and you'll find yourself immersed in stunning scenery, intriguing landmarks, and the warm hospitality of the locals.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore 12 awe-inspiring road trips that showcase the best of Provo, Utah, and its surrounding areas. Each journey offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and discovery, making it the perfect destination for your next road trip escapade.

The Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

Nestled in the Uinta National Forest, the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway offers a captivating drive through rugged canyons, verdant meadows, and breathtaking mountain vistas. This 20-mile route, accessible from Provo, Utah, winds through American Fork Canyon and Provo Canyon, treating travelers to a kaleidoscope of natural beauty. As you traverse this scenic byway, be prepared to encounter stunning landmarks such as the Cascade Springs, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, and Mount Timpanogos. The vibrant autumn foliage and vibrant wildflowers during spring make this road trip a visual feast for nature enthusiasts.

The Nebo Loop Scenic Byway

Embark on a journey along the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, a picturesque route that meanders through the southern end of the Wasatch Mountains. This 38-mile drive, accessible from Payson, Utah, showcases the awe-inspiring grandeur of Mount Nebo, the highest peak in the range. Travelers can revel in the panoramic views of rugged canyons, dense forests, and alpine meadows, offering ample opportunities for photography and outdoor exploration. The vibrant hues of autumn foliage and the blooming wildflowers in spring add a touch of enchantment to this captivating road trip.

The Provo River Scenic Byway

Traverse the Provo River Scenic Byway, a captivating 25-mile drive that follows the meandering course of the Provo River. This scenic route, accessible from Provo, Utah, offers a serene journey through the Uinta National Forest, where travelers can relish the tranquility of the alpine landscapes and the soothing sounds of the rushing river. The road trip presents opportunities for fishing, picnicking, and wildlife viewing, making it an ideal escape for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

The Mount Timpanogos Scenic Byway

Discover the allure of the Mount Timpanogos Scenic Byway, a 27-mile route that winds through captivating landscapes, including the Uinta National Forest and American Fork Canyon. Accessible from Provo, Utah, this road trip offers breathtaking views of Mount Timpanogos, rugged cliffs, and verdant meadows. Travelers can explore notable attractions such as the Timpanogos Cave National Monument and Cascade Springs, immersing themselves in the natural splendor of the region.

The Diamond Fork Canyon

Embark on a scenic drive through the captivating Diamond Fork Canyon, located near Spanish Fork, Utah. This picturesque route treats travelers to stunning vistas of towering cliffs, lush forests, and the meandering Diamond Fork River. The area is renowned for its natural hot springs, offering a rejuvenating experience for those seeking relaxation amidst the scenic beauty of the Utah wilderness.

The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Journey through the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, a captivating 42-mile route that winds through the Uinta Mountains, offering breathtaking views of pristine alpine lakes, dense forests, and majestic peaks. Accessible from Provo, Utah, this road trip provides opportunities for hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the natural surroundings.

The Utah Lake Scenic Byway

Explore the Utah Lake Scenic Byway, a 20-mile route that skirts the shores of Utah Lake, offering captivating views of the expansive water body and the surrounding wetlands. Accessible from Provo, Utah, this road trip presents opportunities for birdwatching, boating, and enjoying the scenic vistas of the lake and its diverse ecosystem.

The Strawberry Valley

Embark on a scenic drive through the picturesque Strawberry Valley, located near Heber City, Utah. This captivating road trip treats travelers to sweeping views of lush meadows, rugged mountains, and the pristine Strawberry River. The area is renowned for its recreational activities, including fishing, camping, and hiking, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Hobble Creek Canyon

Discover the natural splendor of the Hobble Creek Canyon, a scenic route located near Springville, Utah. This captivating road trip offers breathtaking views of the rugged canyon, verdant forests, and the meandering Hobble Creek. Travelers can indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking, immersing themselves in the tranquility of the scenic landscapes.

The Spanish Fork Canyon

Traverse the Spanish Fork Canyon, a captivating route that winds through the Wasatch Mountains, offering stunning views of rugged cliffs, dense forests, and the meandering Spanish Fork River. Accessible from Provo, Utah, this road trip provides opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, camping, and wildlife observation, allowing travelers to connect with the natural beauty of the region.

The Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Explore the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, a natural wonder located in American Fork Canyon near Provo, Utah. This iconic destination offers guided cave tours, allowing visitors to marvel at the intricate limestone formations and learn about the geological history of the area. The monument also features scenic hiking trails that lead to panoramic viewpoints, providing a captivating outdoor experience for nature enthusiasts.

The Bridal Veil Falls

Discover the captivating beauty of the Bridal Veil Falls, a stunning natural attraction located in Provo Canyon, Utah. This iconic waterfall, plunging from a height of 607 feet, offers a mesmerizing sight and a serene ambiance, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and photographers. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks to the base of the falls, immersing themselves in the refreshing mist and the scenic surroundings of the Provo Canyon.


Embarking on a road trip in Provo, Utah, promises an unforgettable adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences. Whether you're seeking the tranquility of nature or the excitement of outdoor recreation, Provo and its surrounding areas offer a diverse range of road trip options to suit every traveler's preferences. From the stunning Alpine Loop Scenic Byway to the historic Pony Express Trail, each route presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Utah. With its majestic mountains, picturesque canyons, and charming towns, Provo is a road trip paradise waiting to be explored.


Q: What are the best times of year to embark on a road trip in Provo, Utah?
A: The best times for a road trip in Provo, Utah, are during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild, and the landscapes are adorned with vibrant colors. Summer is also popular for road trips, but it can be crowded, especially in popular tourist areas.

Q: Are there any specific road trip routes suitable for families with young children in Provo, Utah?
A: Yes, the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway and the Timpanogos Cave National Monument are excellent options for families with young children. These routes offer easy access to family-friendly hiking trails, scenic viewpoints, and educational opportunities, making them ideal for a memorable road trip experience with kids.