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How Long Is The Ferry Ride To Block Island?


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Jackelyn Biggers



Welcome to the beautiful state of Rhode Island, where stunning coastal landscapes, charming towns, and vibrant culture await. Among the many hidden gems that Rhode Island has to offer, Block Island stands out as a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike. Known for its pristine beaches, picturesque lighthouses, and tranquil ambiance, Block Island is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of Rhode Island.


One of the most common questions among travelers planning a trip to Block Island is, “How long is the ferry ride to Block Island?” The answer depends on various factors, including the departure point, the type of ferry, and the weather conditions. In this article, we will explore the different ferry options available, the routes and durations, the ferry schedule, factors affecting ride duration, and tips for a smooth ferry ride.


Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for a peaceful getaway, Block Island has something for everyone. Its unspoiled beaches, scenic hiking trails, and charming New England vibe make it a popular destination for day trips or longer stays. So, grab your sunscreen, pack your camera, and get ready to embark on a memorable journey to Block Island!


Ferry Options to Block Island

When it comes to getting to Block Island, there are several ferry options available, each offering a unique experience. The most popular ferry services to Block Island are provided by two companies: Block Island Ferry and Viking Fleet.


Block Island Ferry operates year-round, providing both traditional ferries and high-speed catamarans to transport passengers to and from the island. Their traditional ferries offer a more relaxed and scenic ride, while the high-speed catamarans provide a speedy journey, perfect for those looking to maximize their time on the island. With multiple departures throughout the day from several locations in Rhode Island, including Point Judith and Newport, Block Island Ferry offers convenience and flexibility to travelers.


Viking Fleet, on the other hand, primarily operates during the summer season. Their ferry service runs from Montauk, New York, to Block Island, offering a unique option for those traveling from the northeastern region.


Both ferry services provide comfortable seating, onboard amenities, and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride or a quicker trip, these ferry options ensure a pleasant journey to Block Island.


In addition to these main ferry services, private charters and water taxis are available for those seeking a more personalized and private transportation experience. These options are perfect for larger groups or for those looking to customize their travel plans.


It is important to note that the availability of ferry services may vary based on the season, so it’s advisable to check the schedules and make reservations in advance, especially during peak tourist periods.


Now that you are familiar with the different ferry options to Block Island, let’s explore the routes and durations of these ferry rides in the next section.


Ferry Routes and Durations

Block Island is located approximately 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, making it accessible by ferry from various departure points. The duration of the ferry ride to Block Island depends on the route and the type of ferry you choose.


If you opt for the traditional ferry offered by Block Island Ferry, the most common departure point is Point Judith, Rhode Island. The ferry ride from Point Judith to Block Island typically takes around 55 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on sea conditions. This route is popular among travelers due to its convenient location and frequent departures.


Another route offered by Block Island Ferry is the ferry from Newport, Rhode Island, to Block Island. This route takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, providing passengers with scenic views of the Newport coastline before reaching Block Island.


If you prefer a faster journey, Block Island Ferry also operates high-speed catamarans. The catamaran ride from Point Judith to Block Island takes around 30 minutes, while the catamaran ride from Newport to Block Island takes approximately 1 hour.


Viking Fleet offers a unique route from Montauk, New York, to Block Island. The ferry ride from Montauk to Block Island takes approximately 2 hours. This route is a popular choice for travelers from Long Island and the surrounding area.


It’s important to keep in mind that these durations are approximate and can be affected by various factors such as weather conditions and sea traffic. Additionally, the ferry rides themselves can be an enjoyable part of the Block Island experience, offering stunning views of the coastline and the opportunity to spot marine wildlife along the way.


Now that you know the routes and durations of the ferry rides to Block Island, let’s explore the ferry schedules in the next section to help you plan your trip accordingly.


Block Island Ferry Schedule

Planning your trip to Block Island requires careful consideration of the ferry schedule. Both Block Island Ferry and Viking Fleet operate on specific schedules, which may vary depending on the season and the departure point.


Block Island Ferry offers daily departures from Point Judith, Rhode Island, throughout the year. During the summer season (typically from mid-June to Labor Day), the ferry schedule is more frequent, with departures every 1-2 hours. Outside of the summer season, the schedule may be reduced, but there are still multiple departures per day. It’s advisable to check the Block Island Ferry website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date schedule.


For those departing from Newport, Rhode Island, Block Island Ferry typically operates from late June to early September. The ferry schedule from Newport is not as frequent as from Point Judith, with fewer departures per day. It’s recommended to check the schedule in advance to plan your trip accordingly.


Viking Fleet operates its ferry service from Montauk, New York, to Block Island during the summer season, usually from May to September. The ferry schedule from Montauk may have limited departures, with a frequency of a few times per week. If you plan to travel from Montauk, it’s essential to check their schedule and make reservations ahead of time.


It’s important to note that ferry schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to verify the schedule before your scheduled departure to avoid any inconvenience.


Both Block Island Ferry and Viking Fleet provide online booking services, allowing you to secure your tickets in advance. This is especially recommended during peak tourist seasons to ensure availability and to save time waiting in line at the ticket booth.


Now that you have an understanding of the ferry schedules, let’s explore some factors that can affect the duration of your ferry ride to Block Island in the next section.


Factors Affecting Ferry Ride Duration

While the estimated durations provided earlier give a general idea of how long the ferry rides to Block Island may take, it’s important to note that several factors can affect the actual duration of your journey. These factors can vary from trip to trip and may influence the overall travel time.


1. Weather Conditions: The weather plays a significant role in ferry ride duration. Rough seas, strong winds, or inclement weather can slow down the ferry and potentially lead to delays. It’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared for potential changes in the schedule due to adverse conditions.


2. Sea Traffic: During peak tourist seasons, the number of boats and ferries traveling to Block Island increases, which can result in congestion and potentially affect the duration of your ferry ride. While efforts are made to ensure smooth operations, it’s possible to experience slight delays during busier periods.


3. Type of Ferry: The type of ferry you choose can also impact the duration of your ride. High-speed catamarans are generally faster than traditional ferries, allowing for quicker travel times. However, it’s important to consider personal preferences and comfort levels when selecting a ferry type.


4. Departure Point: The departure point can affect the length of your ferry ride as it determines the route taken. For example, ferries departing from Point Judith, Rhode Island, typically have shorter travel times compared to those departing from Newport or Montauk due to the proximity to Block Island.


5. Special Events or Occasions: Block Island hosts various events and occasions throughout the year, such as festivals, concerts, or boat races. During these times, there may be increased ferry traffic and potential delays in departure or arrival times. It’s recommended to check for any special events that may coincide with your planned trip and make arrangements accordingly.


Despite these factors, rest assured that the ferry operators strive to provide a safe and efficient transportation experience. If you have concerns or questions about the duration or potential delays, feel free to reach out to the ferry companies for more information.


Now that you’re aware of the factors that can affect the duration of your ferry ride, let’s explore some tips for a smooth and enjoyable journey to Block Island in the next section.


Tips for a Smooth Ferry Ride

Embarking on a ferry ride to Block Island can be an exciting part of your trip. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, here are some tips to keep in mind:


1. Arrive Early: It’s recommended to arrive at the ferry terminal at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. This allows you to check-in, pick up your tickets, and board the ferry without any last-minute rush.


2. Make Reservations: During peak tourist seasons, ferry rides to Block Island can be in high demand. To secure your spot and avoid potential disappointment, it’s advisable to make reservations in advance. This applies to both ticket reservations and vehicle reservations if you plan on bringing your car to the island.


3. Check the Schedule: Ferry schedules can change due to weather conditions or other factors. Before heading to the ferry terminal, double-check the schedule online or contact the ferry company to ensure there are no delays or cancellations.


4. Pack Essentials: Bring some essentials for the ferry ride, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a light jacket or sweater for cooler moments, snacks, and water. You can also consider bringing some entertainment, like a book or headphones, to make the journey more enjoyable.


5. Follow Safety Guidelines: Pay attention to safety instructions provided by the crew, such as guidelines for boarding and disembarking, emergency procedures, and location of life jackets. Safety should always be a priority during your ferry ride.


6. Be Mindful of Sea Sickness: If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s a good idea to take precautions to minimize any discomfort. Consider taking motion sickness medication or wearing acupressure bands. Choosing a seat near the center of the ferry can also help reduce sensations of motion.


7. Enjoy the View: As you sail towards Block Island, take the opportunity to admire the scenic views of the coastline and the open sea. Keep your camera ready to capture any picturesque moments along the way.


8. Plan Ahead: Before your trip, research and plan out your activities and attractions on Block Island. This will help you maximize your time on the island and ensure you don’t miss out on anything you’re interested in exploring.


By following these tips, you can have a smooth and enjoyable ferry ride to Block Island, setting the stage for a memorable experience on this beautiful island.


Now that you’re well-prepared for your ferry journey, let’s conclude our guide to the ferry ride to Block Island.



The ferry ride to Block Island is a captivating experience that sets the tone for your adventure on this picturesque island. With multiple ferry options, including traditional ferries and high-speed catamarans, you have the flexibility to choose the ride that suits your preferences and time constraints.


Block Island Ferry and Viking Fleet are the primary ferry operators, offering departures from various locations such as Point Judith, Newport, and Montauk. The duration of the ferry ride varies based on the route and the type of ferry, ranging from approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours.


Factors such as weather conditions, sea traffic, and departure point can influence the duration of the journey. It’s important to stay aware of these factors and check the ferry schedules in advance to plan your trip accordingly.


To ensure a smooth ferry ride, arrive early, make reservations, and follow safety guidelines provided by the crew. Packing essentials and being mindful of potential sea sickness can enhance your comfort during the journey.


As you sail towards Block Island, take the time to appreciate the stunning coastal views and prepare for the adventures that await. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a longer stay, Block Island offers a mix of natural beauty, historic landmarks, and a relaxed island vibe.


Remember to explore the sandy beaches, visit the iconic lighthouses, and immerse yourself in the island’s unique charm. With its rich history, fascinating wildlife, and vibrant community, Block Island is a destination that truly captivates the senses.


Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to plan your trip to Block Island and embark on an unforgettable ferry ride to discover the beauty and tranquility of this hidden gem in Rhode Island.