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12 Hidden Gems To Explore In Woodbury, Minnesota


by Page Delgadillo


Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, Woodbury is a vibrant city brimming with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From serene natural landscapes to captivating cultural attractions, this charming locale offers a wealth of experiences for locals and visitors alike. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, history buff, or food connoisseur, Woodbury has something special in store for you.

In this article, we'll unveil 12 hidden gems that showcase the diverse tapestry of Woodbury. These carefully curated destinations and activities will take you off the beaten path, allowing you to uncover the lesser-known treasures that make this city truly unique. So, get ready to embark on a journey through Woodbury's best-kept secrets, where every corner reveals a new story and every experience leaves an indelible mark. Let's dive into the enchanting world of Woodbury, where adventure and discovery await at every turn.

Tamarack Nature Preserve

Nestled in the heart of Woodbury, the Tamarack Nature Preserve offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. This hidden gem spans over 58 acres and boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. The tranquil walking trails meander through lush wetlands and woodlands, providing a perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty of Minnesota's natural landscapes.

HealthEast Sports Center

The HealthEast Sports Center is a premier sports and recreation facility that caters to athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Boasting state-of-the-art amenities, including ice rinks, turf fields, and a fitness center, this expansive complex hosts a myriad of sporting events, tournaments, and community programs. Whether you're a sports aficionado or simply seeking an active outing, the HealthEast Sports Center offers a dynamic environment for recreation and wellness.

Woodbury Lakes Shopping Center

For a delightful shopping and dining experience, look no further than the Woodbury Lakes Shopping Center. This vibrant retail destination features an array of upscale boutiques, popular retailers, and delectable dining options. Whether you're in search of the latest fashion trends, unique gifts, or a delectable meal, Woodbury Lakes provides a diverse and inviting atmosphere for leisurely strolls and satisfying retail therapy.

Ojibway Park

Ojibway Park stands as a picturesque retreat, offering a blend of natural beauty and recreational amenities. The park encompasses sprawling green spaces, scenic walking trails, and a charming pond, creating an idyllic setting for picnics, leisurely walks, and family gatherings. With its playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic shelters, Ojibway Park is a beloved destination for outdoor enjoyment and community events.

Eagle Valley Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts can indulge in a round of golf at the Eagle Valley Golf Course, an exquisitely designed 18-hole championship course. Set amidst the rolling hills and pristine landscapes of Woodbury, this renowned golfing destination provides a challenging yet rewarding experience for players of all skill levels. The course's picturesque surroundings and well-maintained fairways make it a must-visit for avid golfers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Carver Lake Park

Carver Lake Park offers a delightful blend of natural splendor and recreational opportunities. The park features a serene lake, scenic trails, and lush greenery, making it an ideal spot for outdoor activities such as fishing, picnicking, and hiking. With its tranquil ambiance and abundant wildlife, Carver Lake Park beckons visitors to unwind and immerse themselves in the tranquility of Minnesota's great outdoors.

Woodbury Dog Park

Furry friends and their owners can revel in the expansive grounds of the Woodbury Dog Park, a dedicated space for canine companions to frolic and socialize. The park provides fenced areas for both large and small dogs, agility equipment, and ample open space for playful interactions. Whether your four-legged pal enjoys a spirited game of fetch or simply romping around with newfound friends, the Woodbury Dog Park offers a tail-wagging good time for all.

Central Park

Central Park serves as a vibrant hub for community gatherings, cultural events, and outdoor recreation. This sprawling park features picturesque landscapes, walking paths, and a charming amphitheater that hosts concerts and performances during the warmer months. With its inviting atmosphere and diverse array of activities, Central Park stands as a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike.

Prestwick Golf Club

Golf aficionados can tee off at the prestigious Prestwick Golf Club, an esteemed 18-hole course renowned for its challenging layout and scenic vistas. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Woodbury, this premier golfing destination offers a memorable experience for players seeking both leisure and competition. The club's well-manicured fairways and tranquil surroundings create an inviting setting for a day on the greens.

Bielenberg Sports Center

The Bielenberg Sports Center stands as a premier venue for sports competitions, recreational programs, and community events. Boasting an impressive array of amenities, including ice arenas, turf fields, and a multi-purpose dome, this expansive complex hosts a wide range of sporting activities and tournaments throughout the year. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or a spectator cheering on local teams, the Bielenberg Sports Center offers an energetic and inclusive environment for sports enthusiasts.

Tamarack Village

Tamarack Village presents a dynamic shopping and dining destination, featuring an eclectic mix of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment options. This bustling retail center invites visitors to explore a diverse selection of shops, savor delectable cuisines, and partake in engaging events and activities. Whether you're seeking a leisurely shopping excursion or a memorable dining experience, Tamarack Village offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for all.

Powers Lake

Powers Lake beckons nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers with its pristine shores, scenic trails, and opportunities for water-based recreation. The tranquil lake provides an idyllic setting for fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, allowing visitors to bask in the natural splendor of Woodbury. With its serene ambiance and captivating vistas, Powers Lake stands as a hidden gem for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst Minnesota's captivating landscapes.


Woodbury, Minnesota, is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be explored. From the serene Tamarack Nature Preserve to the vibrant Woodbury Lakes shopping center, this city offers a diverse range of attractions for locals and visitors alike. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a foodie, Woodbury has something special to offer. By venturing off the beaten path, you can discover the charm and allure of these lesser-known destinations. So, grab your camera, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to uncover the 12 hidden gems that make Woodbury a truly remarkable place to explore.


Q: Are these hidden gems suitable for families with young children?
A: Yes, many of the hidden gems in Woodbury are family-friendly. Parks, nature reserves, and interactive museums provide engaging experiences for visitors of all ages.

Q: Can I access these hidden gems year-round?
A: Most of the hidden gems are accessible throughout the year, but it's advisable to check for any seasonal variations in opening hours or accessibility, especially for outdoor attractions.